Donna moves in with Jack and becomes infatuated with Priya – Part 12

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The cop gathered himself and said, “I guess you are Donna’s fiancé that I heard about. You’re a lucky man.” He hesitated for a moment and then chuckled as he continued, “In more ways than one I see.” He bent lower and looked at Donna, whose face was now beet red from embarrassment. He smiled as he said, “Try to get home safely before you continue what you were doing or finish here and then drive home. Either way. Okay?” I heard him chuckling as he returned to his car. I put my license back in my wallet. He never asked to see it.

The cop drove off and I was about to put my car in gear when Donna burst out laughing at the situation. She got me laughing too as I picked up Donna’s bra and threw it in the backseat. When she saw her bra in my hand she exploded in laughter as she gasped for air. My cock was nearly completely soft by the time I got back on the road. Donna finally got her jeans zipped up. She looked over at me and then down to my lap and said, “I’d help you get back together again but I know that as soon as I touch your dick, I’d be back at it again.”


We rode in silence for a moment and then Donna said, “There’s a funny story about Ron. He’s relatively new in town. All the other local cops grew up here and most of them were thugs and bullies back in school. I was interested in him when he started coming into the diner for breakfast. He was a new face of eligible age and I gave him the once over. I could tell he was more interested than a once over and he came to the diner every day. He always sat in the wrap-around booth alone and he’d move to the middle so I had to lean way over the table to deliver his order. He’d always look down my shirt. I flirted with him a little at first. He’d always order a coffee and a bunch of napkins. I thought it was kind of weird but I gave him what he ordered. He’d slowly drink his coffee as his eyes followed me everywhere. Then he’d stuff the napkins inside the empty cup and leave. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable under his constant gaze. Then one day I found out what the napkins were for. He was jerking off under the table and cumming into the wad of napkins. Then he’d shove the napkins in the coffee cup. One morning, the napkins wouldn’t just fall into the trash so I had to reach in and pull them out. I was really grossed out when I realized my fingers were covered with his cum. I never let on that I knew what he was doing in that booth and I never touched the napkins again either.” She shuddered and said, “Creepy, huh?”

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