My high school English teacher taught me much more than literature.

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One day she definitely knew the effect she had on me, even if she hadn't before. I was writing an essay on The Grapes of Wrath and asked Mrs. B when she came by if a word was spelled correctly. She leaned over, her silky red hair brushing against my cheek and her breast lay against my left shoulder. My stiffened instantly—and uncomfortably. Without thinking, I reflexively reached down and maneuvered my throbbing dick into a more comfortable position. It did create a sizable tent pole in my pants that I tried to push down and hide, which only drew attention to my crotch. Mrs. B blushed noticeably, stood up while stifling a laugh and muttered an apology.

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“Sorry…I didn't…sorry…I wasn't trying…”

“It's okay,” I mumbled, trying to pretend I was back working on my paper. My face was much redder than hers.

After my boner mishap, either she was getting more daring, or my imagination was running wilder. One day Mrs. B. was wearing one of her short short skirts, no stockings, just muscular shapely legs. She couldn't help but notice me watching her move around the room. She stopped at the desk of the in front of me and bent at the waist to look at her paper. When she slid her hands between her thighs and bent a little farther, her skirt raised exposing her panties. They were red. And lacey. I thought she gave me a sidewards glance to see if I noticed. Maybe not. It really didn't matter, though. As soon as I glimpsed those skimpy panties, I came in my pants. Right then. In class. I'm not proud, but I was only 15, I could cum at a good card trick. I had it bad.

Towards the middle of the semester, Mrs. B. devised an assignment where we had to act out a soliloquy from any Shakespeare play. I chose Marc Antony's “, Romans, Countrymen” speech from Julius Caesar. As we had to be in costume for extra credit, I brought a flat sheet to to fashion into a toga of sorts. There was a supply closet in the front of the room where people could change. Boys would pretend to peek in the closet when were changing. There wasn't much to see for the most part, as girls might throw a long night gown over their clothes to play Juliet. The door locked on the outside when closed completely, so the few kids with major changes could do so with some privacy.

When it was my turn, it didn't really matter if the door was locked, as I was only going to take my shirt off before wrapping myself in my “toga.” I left the door ajar as I went into the closet to change. Outside, I could hear Mrs. B and some of the students joking about my costume.

“What did Romans have under those togas?” Laughter.

“If you have to ask…” More laughter.

“No, stupid, I mean did they have underwear or something?”

“That would be a good term paper topic,” I heard Mrs. B remark.

“I think they were naked. Underwear wasn't invented then? I don't know.”

“Is Jim getting naked in the closet?” Even more laughter.

Mrs. B: “He better not be! I'll check!” Most laughter.

Mrs. B opened the closet door. I had my shirt off, but otherwise dressed of course.

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