My high school English teacher taught me much more than literature.

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Mrs. B. was a great teacher for 10th grade English. Funny, engaging, personable—and a bit flirty. She was in her late-20s, just a couple years out of The University of Michigan, cute, nice body and flaming red hair that cascaded over her shoulders and down her back. She knew the boys all lusted after her and she did nothing to discourage our interest. Students even gave her a nickname, “Bubbles.” The administration was not pleased, but Mrs. B. didn’t seem to mind. She liked the attention. Oh, and I think that we actually learned a lot of English Lit between the horsing around.

This was many years ago, back when teachers could lay an encouraging hand on a student’s shoulder without being labeled a sex offender. Teachers could sit close by a student to help them with a hard concept, and no one thought anything of it. The boys flirted back with Mrs. B. and the girls got valuable lessons in how to attract boys’ attention and drive them crazy. It was fun. And, Mrs. B was married with a couple of young kids, not that it mattered. It was all just innocent fun.

I had the worst crush on Mrs. B. It was in her class that I learned that I have a fatal weakness for redheads. I loved to watch her move through the room. She wore skirts and dresses that were too short for female students, but no one complained. It’s just who she was. She had lovely legs, no reason not to let the world see them. When she wore pants (they were just recently allowed), they were skintight, revealing a cute tight little ass. Tops were also tight, often with some cleavage showing between her pretty B-cup breasts.

Being a horny 15-year-old (almost 16!) with a bad crush I tried to hang around Mrs. B. as much as possible. I went to her office for help with assignments when I didn’t really need it. I took every opportunity to touch her arm to get her attention or sometimes give her a friendly squeeze or hug. She always reciprocated with a smile. I imagined she enjoyed my company.

Looking back on it, I think it was pretty clear that Mrs. B was sending me signals. At the time, I just thought I was imagining things, why would she be sending me signs? I was just a dumb kid. Sure, I was tall, not bad looking with a muscular body for the time. I got some attention from the cute girls but I was just a dumb kid with a stupid grin who was always hanging around stealing glances at her tits or her lovely legs and ass.

Still, she made me nuts. When the class would be working on an in-class assignment, she would float around the room, answering questions and offering advice. She always paused at my desk, squeezed my shoulder or rubbing it a little and ask if I needed help. I thought she kept touching me longer than she did with the other kids, massaging my shoulder or sliding her hand down to the middle of my hunched over back. I would break out in a sweat whenever she touched me, and my cock, which was in the teenage stage of always being semi hard, would become rigid and strain against the fabric of my underwear and pants.

One day she definitely knew the effect she had on me, even if she hadn’t before. I was writing an essay on The Grapes of Wrath and asked Mrs. B when she came by if a word was spelled correctly. She leaned over, her silky red hair brushing against my cheek and her breast lay against my left shoulder. My cock stiffened instantly—and uncomfortably. Without thinking, I reflexively reached down and maneuvered my throbbing dick into a more comfortable position. It did create a sizable tent pole in my pants that I tried to push down and hide, which only drew attention to my crotch. Mrs. B blushed noticeably, stood up while stifling a laugh and muttered an apology.

“Sorry…I didn’t…sorry…I wasn’t trying…”

“It’s okay,” I mumbled, trying to pretend I was back working on my paper. My face was much redder than hers.

After my boner mishap, either she was getting more daring, or my imagination was running wilder. One day Mrs. B. was wearing one of her short short skirts, no stockings, just muscular shapely legs. She couldn’t help but notice me watching her move around the room. She stopped at the desk of the student in front of me and bent at the waist to look at her paper. When she slid her hands between her thighs and bent a little farther, her skirt raised exposing her panties. They were red. And lacey. I thought she gave me a sidewards glance to see if I noticed. Maybe not. It really didn’t matter, though. As soon as I glimpsed those skimpy panties, I came in my pants. Right then. In class. I’m not proud, but I was only 15, I could cum at a good card trick. I had it bad.

Towards the middle of the semester, Mrs. B. devised an assignment where we had to act out a soliloquy from any Shakespeare play. I chose Marc Antony’s “Friends, Romans, Countrymen” speech from Julius Caesar. As we had to be in costume for extra credit, I brought a flat sheet to school to fashion into a toga of sorts. There was a supply closet in the front of the room where people could change. Boys would pretend to peek in the closet when girls were changing. There wasn’t much to see for the most part, as girls might throw a long night gown over their clothes to play Juliet. The door locked on the outside when closed completely, so the few kids with major changes could do so with some privacy.

When it was my turn, it didn’t really matter if the door was locked, as I was only going to take my shirt off before wrapping myself in my “toga.” I left the door ajar as I went into the closet to change. Outside, I could hear Mrs. B and some of the students joking about my costume.

“What did Romans have under those togas?” Laughter.

“If you have to ask…” More laughter.

“No, stupid, I mean did they have underwear or something?”

“That would be a good term paper topic,” I heard Mrs. B remark.

“I think they were naked. Underwear wasn’t invented then? I don’t know.”

“Is Jim getting naked in the closet?” Even more laughter.

Mrs. B: “He better not be! I’ll check!” Most laughter.

Mrs. B opened the closet door. I had my shirt off, but otherwise dressed of course.

“Are you naked, Jim?” she asked playfully. At this point, another student pushed Mrs. B into the closet and closed the door locking us in. Mrs. B stumbled into my arms. Outside the students were hooting, laughing and pounding their desks. Mrs. B looked up at me. Rather than stepping back, she pulled me closer. We looked at each other a little awkwardly. My dick strained against my underwear.

“Uh, yeah…um…” I tried to say something. Nothing came out.

Mrs. B smiled up at me. “Well…?” She put her hand behind my neck, pulled me closer and gave me the best, most sensual kiss I’d had to that time. Definitely in the top three kisses of my life. I pulled her closer and reciprocated as best I could. I felt her naked leg slip between my legs, and she rubbed her thigh against my tortured shaft through my jeans. I so did not want to cum in my pants at that moment. Mrs. B. saved me. While still kissing me hard, Mrs. B. ran her hand down my bare chest and moaned softly.

“Mmmm…nice…” she whispered as she broke from our kiss and captured my gaze in the dim light with beautiful green eyes I can still see in my mind. She watched my face as her hand continued down across my belt buckle until she could clamp her hand around my cock through the straining fabric.

“Mmmm…even nicer…it’s okay…” I reflexively flinched as she ran her hand along the outline of my cock.

“Sorry.” Mrs. B. couldn’t see me blush in the dim light. She grinned up at me. “No one ever touched me there.”

“Well, Jim, that’s about to change.” I could feel her hand searching for my fly. The zipper made a soft ripping sound as she slowly opened my pants and reached inside for my stiff dick. “I am going to take care of this problem for you. You can’t recite Shakespeare with a boner like this.” She kept her gaze fixed on me as she slowly dropped to her knees while gently rubbing my cock. Once she got face-to-face with my member, she swirled the head with her tongue.

“You have a beautiful cock. Has any girl sucked it yet?”

“Uh, no. That was only my second kiss ever.”

My cock is just under 7” but pretty thick, with a slight upward bend. Still watching my face, Mrs. B. cupped my balls in her hand and wrapped her lips around my trembling dick. I watched the head of my cock disappear into her mouth. Her mouth was warm and wet, and she rubbed her tongue along the base of the head. I’d like to say at this point I grabbed her hair and fucked her mouth for half an hour, but I was a horny kid. When her tongue touched the base of my cock, a thick stream of semen jetted into her mouth. I heard her swallow my cum, and I learned that a woman swallowing my load is about the sexiest sound around. Mrs. B. gulped down the next stream and the next as my youthful balls filled her mouth over and over.

“Oh God Mrs. B! Shiiiittt! Fuccckk! Mrs.B!” I exclaimed in a whisper, knowing that the students out in the classroom could hear anything louder. My cock kept spewing cum into her warm mouth, and Mrs. B. guzzled down every drop. When my cock stopped shooting cum, Mrs. B. swallowed my entire shrinking dick, and then gave my balls a lick.

“Yum! Delicious!” she said, licking her lips. “Are you okay?” she was looking at me, now concerned. My legs were wobbly, and all of my blood was in my dick, but my body was glowing like never before.

“I’m fine…sorry…that was quick.”

“Sweetie don’t worry. I wanted your cum and we don’t have all day in here. You’ll do better next time.” Next time? Did she just say next time? “Of course you can’t tell ANYONE about this.” Mrs. B. helped me arrange my toga and made sure my zipper was up. Students hooted when we left the closet.

“False alarm everyone,” Mrs. B. announced. “Jim has pants on. I checked.” More hooting and whistling. The rest of that class is a blur, but I must have done okay. I got an A for that assignment…

I don’t remember a lot about the next couple of days. I couldn’t shake the image of Mrs. B. on her knees gazing up at me while my cock pulsed a geyser of cum into her mouth. Not that I wanted to shake the image. I do remember beating my cock like it owed me money for days after the closet incidence.

Mrs. B. was very different, though. Our class only met once a week, but there were times when she and I would cross paths in the course of a day. I noticed that either she must have changed her path to avoid me or averted her gaze when we did cross paths. She did not appear to be her usual ebullient self. She was noticeably absent from her office during times I would usually drop in to say hello. I guessed the experience was not the life changing event for her as it was for me.

The next time our class met, I tried all period to catch her eye, without success. I dawdled after class to be the last one to leave. As I approached the door, Mrs. B. cut me off and closed the door, leaving the two of us face to face. She looked stern as she faced me. Still hot as fuck but stern.

“We have to talk,” she said sharply.

“I didn’t tell anyone!” I protested. “Promise.”

“Oh, I know,” she replied. “I would be fired or in jail or both if you had. We both know that shouldn’t have happened and can never happen again. I’m sorry, I don’t know what got into me.”

“I’m sorry too. But I like you so much!” I said with typical juvenile lameness.

“Of course you do!” she hissed. “I just gave you your first blow job.”

“Well, yeah, and, well, damn. But we kissed too. You liked it too, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I liked it too much, and that it why it’s not going to happen again,” she said with perhaps too much candor. I stepped toward her and hugged her. She put her hands against my chest as if to push me off, but then changed her mind and let me hold her. Her fingers played with the placket of my shirt. I lifted her chin to face me. “We can’t…” She looked frightened but pressed her lips against mine as we shared another amazing kiss. I dropped my hand and cupped her pretty ass. She didn’t resist. I slowly lifted her short dress and reached inside her lacy panties and caressed her baby smooth ass cheek.

“Ohhh…” I kissed her neck as I ran my fingers along her crack. So soft, so smooth. I slid my hand around her hip and ran my fingers through her soft pussy hair. She pulled her head back and gave me a surprised look but didn’t stop me. I think she even spread her legs a bit as I slipped a trembling finger between her moist labia. Warmest, softest most heavenly place ever.

“What are you doing?” she whispered, eyes closed and head back. “We can’t do this.”

“I want to make you cum like you made me cum. Please let me.” She took my hand, and I thought she was going to pull my hand out of her panties. Instead, she slid her hand down my fingers and touched the finger in her pussy. Gently she guided the tip of my finger to her clit and used my finger to rub a circle around her button of flesh.

“Here. Like that. You’ll make me cum.” She withdrew her hand and began to paw at my belt buckle. She opened my pants roughly and plunged her hands through the waistband of my underwear, grasping my ball sack with one hand, wrapping the fingers of her other hand around my shaft, stroking me hard. If I hadn’t already jacked off twice that day, I would have cum right there. Mrs. B. was staring me in the face, looking stern, but her face was reddening and her breathing more rapid with her oncoming orgasm.

“Look what you’re making me do? I was supposed to stop this and now…Oh fuck!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Yeah, right there…right there…just like that…just like that…just like…oh my fucking God!!” I felt every muscle in her body tense and then release in a rush of pleasure. “Ooooh…ooooh…oh! Yeah!” I pulled her closer until her body stopped trembling. I withdrew my finger from her pussy and licked her juices from it. Mrs. B. was smiling now as she pulled harder on my rigid dick. She started to pull my pants down over my hips and going down to her knees, but I stopped her. She looked up at me, surprised.

“What are you doing? I want to suck your cock baby.”

“I’m not done with you yet, Mrs. B.” I lifted her dress and pulled her panties off her hips. She looked at me quizzically as I dropped to my knees, but she wiggled her hips to help me remove her panties, stepping out of them when I got them down to her ankles. “Turn around. Bend over. Hands against the wall.”

“Jim, we can’t fuck here, not now,” she protested, yet turning to the wall and bending over cooperatively. For the first time I was face to face with her very wet pussy and got my first look at her light brown asshole.

“I know. I’m not.” I grabbed her slim hips and plunged my tongue deep into her warm wet pussy, coating my face with her juices.

“Holy fuck! What are you doing? Where’d you learn about eating pussy?” This was long before the ready availability of porn that exists today. I pulled my face out of her tasty backside.

“I found a book my Dad has about sex and fucking and foreplay and all that stuff. You know I’m a good student!!” I joked. Mrs. B. laughed a bit then reached back and grabbed my hair and pushed my face back into her pussy.

“Show me what you’ve learned then!” With that, she ground her wet pussy into my face. I tongue-fucked her warm soft hole while massaging her clit with my thumb and finger. My nose was practically poking her asshole. It made me think of another section of Dad’s book, but I knew that would be too far. I was plunging her pussy with my tongue, and Mrs. B. was thrusting her hips, pushing herself back onto my tongue. Suddenly her head flew back and her back arched as she came hard in my mouth. Her long red hair tickled my forehead. “Yeeeessss! Fuck…Fuck…Jim…Fuck…” I could feel the goosebumps rise on her skin under my hands as her body trembled with delight.

When her vibration had subsided, I started licking up the copious amount of pussy juice wetting her labia and running down the inside of her muscular thighs. I spread her lips and ran my tongue back and forth the length of her slit, eliciting some soft moans of appreciation. I put my tongue on her taint and let the motion of her hips run my tongue from the edge of her pussy almost to her asshole. Looking back I really can’t believe I did this my first time out, but all thought, such as it was, was coming from my dick. On the next stroke, I spread her ass and ran my tongue across her asshole and the length of her crack. Mrs. B. froze but didn’t say anything. I ran my tongue slowly down her crack stopping to gently rim her butt hole. I remember being surprised that I liked the taste, and there began my lifetime of eating ass.

“Oooooh…” Mrs. B whispered, not pulling away, but neither joining in. “Really, I can’t let you do that. It’s too much.”

“Didn’t you like it?” I asked.

“Nobody ever did that,” she replied, not answering my question. “I have a class in 45 minutes and I’m a mess. And I still haven’t sucked your cock.” I was still on my knees behind Mrs. B., idly running my tongue along her taint. As I stood and grabbed my cock, I noticed that Mrs. B. had bent over further, her elbows on the desk. Her dress was up around her waist, revealing her pretty, cute ass and the legs I had lusted over all year. I knew instantly what I wanted. Mrs. B. started to stand upright, and I pushed her back down.

“Stay there,” I said, maybe a bit too bossily. “There is something else I want to do.”

“Jim! We can’t screw now. We just can’t.” I wasn’t thinking about fucking her, but I liked her use of the qualifier “now.” I didn’t say anything, I just spread her ass and nestled my cock deep in her ass crack. I pushed her cheeks together and began fucking her crack.

“Holy shit, I have got to get a copy of your Dad’s book. It’s got some good moves in it,” she said with a laugh. I was concentrating on the sight of the head of my cock poking out and disappearing back in her crack. I was breathing heavily and was going to cum pretty fast even though I had already relieved the pressure twice that day. Mrs. B. sensed I was close.

“Cum in my mouth, sweetie. I want to swallow your load. You can’t shoot your cum on my dress, everyone will know what it is.” Grunting heavily, trying to hold back my cum, I said nothing but reached up with one hand and unzipped her dress. The fabric fell away, revealing her lacy blue bra and spine. “What ARE you doing? You can’t undress me here. Let me…” She started to straighten up but I pushed her back down.

“Too late….UnhhhhAhhh…” Semen spurted from my cock, the first few shots clearing Mrs. B. almost entirely, landing on some papers on the far side of her desk. Smaller droplets peppered her hair. Once the strong spurts were spent, my cock deposited a sizable puddle of jizz on her back. It settled in the small of her back in the indentation of her spine.

“Now I really have a mess,” she said, handing me the box of tissues she kept on her desk. “That was pretty impressive.”

“Uh, okay,” I said, dropping my flaccid cock into my underwear and fastening my pants. I was fucked pretty stupid, but I started mopping my cum from her back with the tissues.

“You do that again and I am going to make you lick it up.”

I managed a laugh. “I don’t think so,” dabbing at my cum. Mrs. B. impatiently grabbed a handful of tissues and quickly mopped my mess.

“Not like you’re the first guy to cum on me. In college I had four guys cum on me at once.”

“I can arrange that if you like.”

“Yeah, you wish,” she said with a smirk. She pecked me on the cheek. “Just you. But next time I want to be naked.” There she goes again with the “next time” stuff, I thought. “Now get out of here so I can clean up and come back to earth before my next class. I zipped up her dress as we went to the door. She twisted the lock, peeked into the hall to make sure no one was there and pushed me out. “I’ll see you next class.”

Mrs. B. was definitely given to buyer’s remorse. Each time she had sex with me, she would act really distant and embarrassed for awhile, trying to pretend nothing had happened, and trying to avoid being around me. I managed once to be alone in the room with her and I came up behind her and lifted her dress and squeezed her ass. She looked at me with a sad smile (and checked out the bulge in my pants),

“Don’t make me do this today. I really can’t keep doing this.” She pecked me on the cheek, looked at my cock one more time and hurried away.

After that, I assumed that we were not going to have sex anymore, and I went back to masturbating several times a day to cure my teenage horniness. What she did for me was amazing, exciting and very educational and I was grateful for that. I went out with other girls from school, but just making out wasn’t doing it for me anymore.

The school year was coming to an end and I was busying myself with spring sports. I was doing track and field, distance events like the 1,500-meter run. I also tried my hand at pole vaulting, which did not go well. I had to quit vaulting before I really hurt myself. One particularly grueling Friday at practice, I noticed Mrs. B. in the bleachers watching. Faculty often wandered out to watch teams practice or play, but Mrs. B was rarely among them. She lingered when the practice was over, so I went over to say hi. She seemed genuinely happy to see me, even though she had been quite aloof in class or in the hallway.

“Hey Mrs. B., what’s up? Don’t think I’ve seen you here before.”

“Oh Jim, it’s a beautiful day and I wanted to be outside. I wandered over to see what you did after school.”

“Just running like the wind, don’t ya know? Keeps me off the streets.”

“I heard through the grapevine that you were pole vaulting. I guess I missed that.”

“Shit yeah. That was a broken arm waiting to happen. I think my chest is too small and my ass is too big for that.”

Mrs. B laughed. “Your ass is perfect, Jim. I ought to know.”

“Uh, thanks. So is yours?” I tried to give a compliment. “Anyway, I gotta go shower and change or I’ll miss the activity bus.”

“Let me give you a ride, Jim. You don’t even need to change.” I said thanks and grabbed my stuff. I climbed into the passenger side. Mrs. B. was driving one of the massive cars of the day, a Delta 88 or something. She turned out of the school parking lot, turning away from the the way to my house. “I want to pick up something at my house first. Give you a chance to see where I live.”

“Uh, isn’t your family—husband, kids—aren’t they there? Could be awkward.”

“I took the kids to my mother’s house for the weekend. Husband…he’s off on “business”” Mrs. B took her hands off the wheel to make air quotes, “…if you call banging your co-worker business. He and I are pretty much done, just so you know.”

“Oh. I’m sorry. Must be rough.”

“Don’t be sorry. He is a huge dick, and not in a good way. He also has enough money to pay for our house and generous child support, so I am good.” We pulled into her driveway. A modest split-level home in a nice neighborhood. Good place for kids to play. Mrs. B hit the button on the garage door opener and closed it behind us before I could get out of the car. “Nosy neighbors,” she said to no one in particular.

The house was nicely, if modestly furnished. Everything was clean and uncluttered, which fit with Ms. B’s personality. She gave me a tour of the house, including all of the bedrooms. In the master bath, she grabbed a towel from a linen closet and tossed it at me.

“You should shower, big boy. I can’t take you home all sweaty. I’ll make us some drinks—vodka?”

“Uh, sure.” Those were the days…

I retrieved my bag that had some clean running clothes in it and returned to the master shower. I turned on the water, steaming hot, stripped, opened the glass door and stepped in. I thought at the time it was a nice shower, but I know now it was a typical tract house cubical. I was thankful for the opportunity to jack off, as my cock had been rock hard since Mrs. B’s dress rode up, exposing her lovely thighs when she got in the car. I was just soaping up my dick to get some relief when I was startled by the opening of the shower door. Mrs. B. stepped into the shower, naked, holding a plastic cup. She handed me the cup.

“Hold this,” she said. “I’ll hold your dick.” I have since seen many naked women in person, but Mrs. B. was one of the most memorable. Pure white, lightly freckled skin, perky B-cup tits, trimmed, fiery red pussy hair matching her long, red tresses. “Take a drink,” she invited, smiling warmly at me as she stroked my soapy shaft and played with my balls. The drink was vodka and OJ, strong but not incapacitating. I chugged about half and offered it to Mrs. B. She chugged the rest, set down the cup and returned to playing with my cock and balls.

“God, you look beautiful, Mrs. B. So hot.”

“Thank you, Jim. I hope that is not the vodka talking. By the way, you can call me Carol now. I’ve sucked your cock, you’ve fucked my ass crack and I’m stroking your beautiful cock in the shower, naked. I think we are on a first name basis now, don’t you think?”

“Uh…sure…Carol.” At that point I wasn’t thinking much of anything, concentrating as her slippery, soapy hand slid along my shaft and she pulled on the skin on my ball sack. Mrs. B.—Carol—got on her knees and came face-to-face with my throbbing dick, pink from the steamy shower. I thought she was going to blow me, but she had another surprise for me.

“Jim, can I shave your cock and balls? Such a pretty dick should have more exposure. And it will make your cock look bigger—not that it isn’t a perfect size right now.”

Truthfully, I remember being terrified at this moment, images of a crazed black widow cutting off my cock with a straight razor. But, at 15, the prospect of a bigger cock, at least looking bigger, was irresistible.

“Uh, sure. I guess. Never thought about it.”

“You’ll thank me,” she said as she stepped out of the shower, returning with garden variety paper scissors and a disposable razor. She snipped my pubes close with the scissors, not even taking a minute. Then she got a big handful of soapy suds and coated my cock and balls. In just a couple of minutes rinsed me with a handheld sprayer, revealing a totally bald, and, I must say, a more impressive looking penis.

“Waddya think?” Carol said, putting aside her tools and returning her attention to playing with my cock. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and swirled her tongue around it. Her other hand tugged at my balls. The fresh shave made it that much more sensitive. My dick did look bigger. And thicker for some reason. Carol slowly swallowed my cock until it hit the back of her throat. She gagged slightly, then pulled her head off.

“Have you jacked off today?”

“You’re just full of interesting questions! No, by the way.”

“Good. Then you’ll have lots of cum for me tonight.” With that, she began sucking my cock hard, dragging her fingernails across my taint and balls, stretching the skin. As her head bobbed up and down on my shaft, I grabbed her hair and pulled hard, making her motion stop. I pushed my cock into her mouth, she couldn’t dodge me. When the head hit the back of her throat, I held her tight and pushed harder, trying to get my dick down her throat. Suddenly she coughed and gagged and I let her off my cock. When she stopped coughing, she said

“You are a fast learner! I want you to take over. Be rough. Do what you want.” I took two handfuls of hair and began fucking her mouth hard.

“Suck it Carol. You want my jizz in your mouth? Suck it!” My trash talk needed some work, but Carol did as she was told and I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

“Guh! Guh!! Guh!” Carol grunted each time my cock hit the back of her throat. Saliva dripped from her lips and my balls slapped hard against her chin with each thrust. I pulled a fistful of hair hard and held my dick in the back of her throat. Her lips almost touched my newly shaved torso.

“Swallow it! Get my fucking cock down your throat!” I pushed harder and she took another inch before she gagged and started coughing again. She grabbed my dick and stroked it while she controlled her cough. When she slowed coughing, she locked my gaze with those eyes and stroked my saliva slick cock with both hands.

“You’re going to cum. Now.” Never breaking her gaze at me, she wrapped her lips around the head of my shaft and flicked her tongue along the bottom of the head. I couldn’t resist.

“Awww…fuck…yeah…Carol…YEAH!” My cock spewed a jet of semen into Carol’s mouth.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned as her throat muscles pulsed and the first mouthful of my cum slithered down her throat. More streams of cum shot into her mouth as she continued caress the underside of my cock. She gulped down mouthful after mouthful, watching my eyes the entire time.

“Jesus fuck Mrs…Carol. Holy shit…” Carol continued to pull and suck on my dick, coaxing the last bits of semen from my cock into her mouth.

“Mmmmm…that was delicious, Jim. You taste so good.”

“Thanks” was all I could muster as I tried to get my rubbery legs to stop shaking.

Carol turned me into the water stream to clear off any remaining soap. Then she rinsed the saliva and cum from her face before shutting off the shower. She opened the door, grabbed a towel and began to dry me off. She dried my back, playfully dried my butt crack, turned me around stroked my cock with the towel as she dried my cock and balls.

“Let’s see…” She draped the towel over my rapidly stiffening cock. It didn’t fall to the floor. “I’m impressed,” she said with a smirk. “You’re going to be ready to play again in no time.”

“I don’t know…” I mused. I didn’t know if jacking off four or five times a day was different from repeated fucking. I had a feeling it was going to be harder to keep fucking. “I’d better call home. I’m usually there by now. I don’t want them to worry.”

“There’s a phone in the bedroom. What are you going to tell them?” That you are spending the evening fucking your English teacher?” I headed for the phone.

“I might,” I said over my shoulder. “My Dad thought you were really hot when you met on Parents’ Night. He would be all for it.”

“Wow, I see where you got your pervert streak,” Carol said with a laugh.

“I’ll tell them I am going for pizza with some of the guys. We do that a lot.” Carol laid down on the bed as I dialed the phone.

“You should tell them you’re going for tacos.” As the phone started ringing, I looked over at Carol on the bed. She was on her back, facing me, legs spread wide, with two fingers spreading her labia exposing her bright pink labia. She mouthed the words “eat tacos” as I tried to talk to my Mom. Mom was fine with me not being home, but she always tried to tell me all about her life. I have no idea what my Mom said. My eyes were fixed on Carol’s slender fingers massaging her clit. I had dropped my towel and was stroking my now fully hard cock furiously as I watched Carol’s back arch as she came quietly. A significant wet spot appeared on the comforter. Mom prattled on on the phone.

When Carol opened her eyes and looked my way, I waved my stiff dick at her and mouthed the words “Suck my cock.” She smiled, slid across the bed and wrapped her lips around the head of my throbbing dick. She loved watching my face as she gave me the first blow jobs of my young life. “Ma, I gotta go, the guys are waiting.”

I hung up the phone and watched Carol lick and suck the length of my shaft. “I hope that taco is warm because I’m starving.” Carol released my cock and slid back on the bed, spreading her legs. I climbed on the bed and put my head between her legs. She smelled amazing.

“Lick me right here,” she said, spreading her pussy lips and touching her clit with one hand.” “If you lick me here, I will be in heaven.” I reached the tip of my tongue and just touched her clit, flicking my tongue gently. “Oh hell yeah…just keep doing that…” Carol grabbed my hair and held my face in her pussy. She ground her clit against my tongue. My face was covered with her juices. Her pussy smelled wonderful. I think I developed my lifelong love of eating pussy in that moment. “Mmmmm…ohhhh…oh God…mmmm.” Carol moaned, her breathing becoming more rapid. She dug her heels into my back as she rubbed her pussy harder against my tongue and face. “Awwww…yeah…yeah…GOD!!” Carol’s body tensed and thrashed, her back arched sharply as she came in my mouth. “Wow…oh my God…your tongue feels amazing.” She released her grip on my hair and let me come up for air.

“Can I keep going?” I asked innocently. “I loved the feeling of making you cum.”

“I came pretty hard. I don’t know if I can do it again.”

“Can I try?”

“Here, let me show you something. Give me your finger.” Carol sat up, slid a finger inside her pussy and took my finger with her other hand. She guided my finger inside her and touched what I later learned was called the G-spot. “Rub right here, finger me here while you eat my pussy. I’ll cum for sure.” She smiled at me and pecked me on the cheek. “I’m so glad that you want to learn how to do all this. Your girlfriends of the future will thank me.”

“I had always heard what a cool teacher you are. I had no idea how cool!”

“Well, you’re my first and only student for this class. And so far you’ve earned an A.” She laid back on the bed and lifted her legs, holding on to them at the knees. Her wet pink pussy was wide open to me. “Now eat me and make me cum again and you can move up to an A+.”

I was on my knees when I slid two fingers into Carol’s pussy. I watched her face as I found that spot and rubbed gently. Carol moved her hips slightly and ground against my fingers. I slipped my thumb between her labia and started rubbing her clit. I wanted to watch her face when she came, the way she watches my face when she makes me spew my load down her throat. She wasn’t having it. She reached between her legs, pushed my thumb away and spread her pussy lips.

“Your tongue, mister. Lick my pussy.” Keeping the teacher satisfied was always one of my goals, so I laid flat between her legs, put her legs over my shoulders and began licking and sucking and pulling on her pussy. I sucked her soft clit into my mouth where my tongue could reach every spot. “Oh God…” Carol moaned quietly. “Yeah…fuck yeah. Her pussy juices were coating my face and wetting the comforter. She took my hands and placed them on her tits. Her nipples were rock hard. “Play with my boobs. Be rough. Pinch, pull, tw…OW!” I must have pulled too hard. “Ow…that hurt…it’s okay, don’t stop. Just a little easier.”

I put the flat of my tongue on her clit and let Carol grind back and forth on my tongue. That did it. “Oh Geez! Jim! Yeah! Yeah!” I twisted her nipples hard as she came in my mouth again. “Ooooh! Fuck! Oh my… Shit…” Her body broke out in goosebumps again as her orgasm pulsed through her body. “Good one…wow. Can’t believe you are a rookie cunt licker.”

“I had the book, remember?” I said, wiping my face on the comforter. “And a good teacher…”

“No, seriously. My husband can’t eat pussy worth shit. Doesn’t like it, doesn’t want to do it. You know just what to do.”

“That’s easy,” I replied. “You telegraph what feels good. I just do it again. You don’t exactly have a poker pussy. I love feeling you cum when I lick you.”

Carol sat up on the bed. I was kneeling on the bed, stroking my cock. She put her hand behind my neck, drew me close and kissed me hard. Her other hand took over stroking my cock.

“Mmmm…nice and hard again. I love that. C’mon, I have something you can put on that.” She took my hand and climbed off the bed. She reached under the bed and pulled out a pair of bright blue stiletto heels. “These will help me match your height,” she said, bending over to slip them on. She led me downstairs, both of us completely naked, save for her heels.

“Where are we going?” I wasn’t worried, just curious.

“Kitchen. I think it is boring to only fuck in bed. Am I right that you are still a virgin? Never had pussy on your dick?”

“Uh, no.” I said, blushing a bit with embarrassment.

“Ah. Interesting. I don’t think I ever fucked a virgin. You know what to do.” We got to the kitchen, and Carol sat up on the kitchen island and grabbed my cock again. “Good. Your tall enough for this. My short ass husband couldn’t get his dick above the counter.” She laid back on the island, pushing my head down as she did. “Lick me for a minute. I want to be nice and wet when you stretch my pussy.” Carol put her legs on my shoulders as I bent over to lick her already quite wet pussy. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked it into my mouth again, swirling my tongue all around her throbbing nub. “Fuck yeah. You just found my new favorite way to get eaten. Yeah. Don’t stop. Suck on my pussy.” My face was wet again, with her juices running down my chin and dripping onto the cold granite. I paused playing with her clit to lick up around her hole. I slid down and licked the wetness from her taint. She moaned and I lifted her hips a bit and ran my tongue over her nice clean butthole. She moaned again. “Ahhhhh! Bad boy! Save that for later. Fuck me now!”

I stood up straight and moved closer. Carol’s legs were pointing straight up, the green stiletto heels by my ears, pointing towards the ceiling. Carol reached between her legs and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. “Push! Just push it in!” We were watching each other’s faces to see the reaction—me reacting to my first pussy, her reacting to having her pussy stretched. Truthfully, my cock is pretty average length, six inches on a good day. But I have since learned it is pretty thick. Carol’s eyes widened at I entered her, my balls slapping against her taint. I didn’t see any more reaction as I closed my eyes as I felt my dick swallowed by warm wet tight pussy for the very first time. If I hadn’t cum an hour earlier, I would have blown my load right then on the first stroke (as I did with more than a couple girlfriends soon after).

“Ahhhhhh!” we exclaimed in unison. Carol locked her legs on the side of my neck and held me closer. “Don’t move, Jim. Leave it all the way in. Shit you feel good…” I did as I was told, concentrating on not cumming. But her pussy made my dick feel better than it had ever felt before. I felt something near my cock and opened my eyes to see Carol, back arched, eyes closed, rubbing her clit. “Fuck me now…I’m going to cum…cum with me Jim…fuck me.” I moved my hips and started slowly sliding in and out of her pussy. But it felt too good.

“Carol…shit…I’m going to cum…sorry”

“Give me your cum Jim…all the way in…cum inside meeeee!”

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” My balls contracted and my cock pulsed and my first jet of cum spattered against Carol’s cervix.

“Yeah…that’s it…yeah…fuccckkk!” Carol’s muscles contracted around my cock as she came, holding me tight as I felt my cum gushing around my cock, running out of her pussy and dripping down my balls onto the island. We got quiet, hearing only the squishy sound of a dick fucking a cum-filled pussy.

“Oh my God that was good!” was the most profound thing I could muster. I suddenly understood that being “fucked stupid” was a real thing.

Carol laughed as her tight pussy squeezed my flaccid cock out on to the kitchen counter. “Why yes, Jim, yes it was good,” she giggled in a mocking voice. “You’re so cute.” She pulled up her legs and put her feet on the counter, leaning back on her elbows. I was hypnotized watching my semen drip out of her fiery red hole. “You came a lot, didn’t you?” She flexed her pussy muscles sending a healthy gush of cum onto the kitchen counter. “Next time I’m going to make you clean me up.” Again with the “next time…” She spun over onto all fours and slid off the island. “But your cum is so yummy I want every drop.” She leaned over and began eagerly lapping up my jizz. I moved closer behind her to watch her bobbing head. I slapped her ass a couple of times with my limp cock. Not missing a beat as she cleaned the island of my cum, Carol reached back with both hands and spread her ass for me. “Put your dick in my crack. I want you hard again. We’re not done yet.”

Of course I didn’t refuse, but I had just cum twice, harder than ever in my life, in less than an hour. I was pretty certain there was no way I was going to get hard again. But I squeezed her ass around my cock and used her butt cheeks to stroke my cock. Carol moved her hips to help me slide, reaching between her legs to grab my balls. She finished cleaning the island and turned to face me. I bent down and kissed her, and she plunged her tongue into my mouth. It was a sticky, sweet, salty mixture coating her tongue.

“That’s what it’s going to taste like when you clean my pussy next time.”

“You keep saying next time…” She gave me a fake pouty face.

“You don’t want to fuck me again?”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“You’d rather go back to trying to finger Missy Yeager? And getting shot down all the time?”

I blushed. Missy Yeager was this cute cheerleader that everyone wanted to fuck, but she was just a tease. She would get you all hot, rubbing your cock through your pants and talking shit, then send you home. All the guys complained about her. I learned years later that she spent high school blowing the wrestling coach almost daily. Anyway…

“No! I want to fuck you again. I just can’t believe you mean it.”

“I haven’t had a good fuck buddy since college. If you think this felt good, it will only get better. I’m a teacher after all. Just don’t tell a soul anything about this and I will fuck you as much as you want.” She paused. “But I’d like you to do something. Maybe you don’t want to.” She looked guilty.

“What? “I can’t believe I’ve done half the things we’ve done, so…”

“Remember when you put your tongue on my asshole? Just for a second?”

“Yeah, sorry, I got carried away. “I’ll never…”

“No silly. You are such a dork sometimes. When you first put your tongue there I winced. I thought it was gross. But since I haven’t been able to get it off my mind.”

“I never…” I stammered.

“Would you shut up? I want you to lick my asshole. Make me cum. If you’re willing.”

I had first licked her butt hole in a fit of passion you could say, and I wasn’t sure about it. But, this hot woman just said she would fuck me all I wanted, and I want to keep her happy, and we had just showered, except my cum was still dripping from her pussy… A million things going through my mind…but yeah. Of course I’ll lick her asshole.

“Get back up on the counter. All fours.” I surprised myself at how bossy I could be with my teacher. Carol smiled back at me and crawled up on the island, ass in the air. She reached back and spread her tight ass for me. Her asshole pulsed a bit, nervously I guessed. I put my tongue on her taint, tasting my own semen for the first time, and slowly dragged my tongue up across her asshole.

“Ohhh…yeah that’s it…” Carol moaned softly. I spread her ass with my hands now, and she rubbed her clit while I ran the flat of my tongue across her clenching anus. I wiggled the tip of my tongue against her anal opening, trying to work my way inside but her sphincter was tight and hard. “Heehee! That tickles!” Carol giggled as I flicked my tongue quickly across her asshole. I stopped the motion. “Don’t stop. Finger my pussy.”

My tongue pushing against her asshole, she guided my finger to her G-spot and resumed stroking her clit. She pushed her ass hard onto my tongue as her body built to another orgasm.

“Awww…fuuuccckkkk! Geeeezzzzuuuus fuck!” Carol’s body convulsed in pleasure as her hips ground onto my tongue and finger. “Yeah! Yeah! God! Oh God! Yeah! Fuck!” She dropped down onto her elbows as the waves of pleasure subsided. Goosebumps rose on her muscular ass. “That was fantastic. Do it some more. Please.” I put my fingers on either side of her asshole and pulled, trying to open her hole a bit for my tongue. I wiggled my tongue a bit into the tiny opening. Her sphincter and ass cheeks tightened reflexively at the attempted violation. Carol giggled with delight. “That feels so good. Weird. But so good.”

On an impulse, I withdrew my tongue and moved my index finger over her anal opening and pushed gently. Her anus spread under the pressure and I pushed my finger inside her virgin ass.

“Whoa! What are…?”

“Shhh…” I shushed Carol. “Let me do this. I’ll stop if you tell me.” I pushed my finger in farther, knuckle deep. Carol didn’t say anything else. She even moved her hips a bit, gently fucking my finger with her asshole. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I withdrew my index finger and started to push two fingers into her relaxed opening. Two fingers of my other hand were still inside her pussy. I could see Carol with her eyes closed, her cheek against the cold granite, concentrating on the feeling.

“Umph…ahhh…” Carol grunted and drew in her breath as I continued to violate her. I thought she was going to tell me to stop, but she kept gently pushing her ass onto my fingers. I was mesmerized watching her asshole spread and her sphincter relax. After a bit I looked down and saw Carol, cheek still against the granite, looking at me and smiling.

“One more, Jim” she said softly.

“Huh…what?” I said, uncomprehending.

“One more finger. Put one more finger in my ass.”

“Really? You sure?” Her asshole had spread but gripped my two fingers tightly. I didn’t know if another finger would even fit. Carol just nodded, her eyes closed again. Her beautiful red hair cascaded across the island. Her pale skin against the dark granite was lovely. I pulled my fingers out part way and straightened out my ring finger. Forming a triangle with my fingertips, I pushed against her anus again. Already relaxed, her sphincter accepted my third finger with ease. I pushed my fingers in and out, but only to the first knuckle. I thought it might be too thick to push all the way inside. Carol disagreed.

“Farther,” she whispered. “Push it in farther. All the way.” I noticed that her hand brushed against mine, as she rubbed her clit while the fingers of my other hand massaged her g-spot. Carol’s breath was becoming more shallow.

“Won’t it hurt,?” I asked stupidly.

“Of course it will,” she gasped. “It already does. Just do it. I’m gonna cum so hard.” I pushed my fingers all the way into her rectum. I was grossed out at the thought later, but at the time all I could do was watch her ass stretch to take me inside.

“Uuuuuhh…uuuuhh…ooooowwwccchhh” Carol winced softly. “Don’t stop. Keep going.” She was doing much of the work, fucking my fingers with her asshole. Carol was gasping for air. “Ohhhhh…uhuh…aaahhh…Goddamn…aahhh! Aahhh! AAAHHH!” A gush of pussy juice coated my hand as Carol’s body exploded in pleasure. The now familiar goosebumps rose on her ass as I watched her pussy drip onto the granite. I withdrew my fingers from her pussy and ass and bent down to lick her pussy. Carol moaned as my tongue explored her wet hole and played with her clit. “Eat me Jim,” Carol whispered. “Eat all of me.” I bent lower to suck her clit into my mouth, my nose practically inside her pussy. Then as before, I dragged my tongue across her pussy, her taint and across her asshole. Now when I pushed my tongue against her asshole, her anus opened and my tongue slid inside. Again, I was grossed out later, but Carol’s reaction urged me on.

“AAAAHHH…fuck yeah! Keep doing that! Please Jim, keep eating my ass like that!” I grabbed her hips and pulled her towards me. My tongue slid so far inside her my lips surrounded her anal opening. I remember thinking that her ass didn’t taste bad at all. I started plunging my tongue in and out of her asshole. Carol was loving it. “OHHHH…OHHH…OHHHMYGODDDD!” She came again almost instantly, her sphincter squeezing my tongue as she came. I could feel her rapid pulse on my tongue as she squeezed.

Carol pushed herself up onto her hands and looked back at me, dazed. “Good God Jim, I have turned you into such a nasty boy! But I loved it. LOVED IT! I don’t think I ever came that hard, twice, so quickly. Are you okay?”

I guess I looked a little dazed as well. I just did all sorts of things to my teacher’s ass that weren’t in my Dad’s book. I really didn’t know how to feel. Carol sensed my confusion and spun around to sit on the edge of the island. She took my face in her hands and looked me straight in the eye.

“I know that this is all new for you. That last part was new for me too. You made my body feel amazing—better than it ever felt before. Every one of my nerves is still tingling. Please don’t feel bad or guilty—you did exactly what I wanted. I should feel bad for turning you into a…”

“…pervert.” I interjected, but smiling now.

“Well, I was going for sex slave, but now that you mention it, we did some of that too.” She pulled me closer and kissed me hard, slipping her tongue inside my mouth. I wondered if she could taste her ass on my tongue, but I kissed her back. She took her hands from my face and wrapped her fingers around my rock hard shaft, never breaking her kiss. She used her thumb to spread the wad of precum from the tip all around the head.

“Mmmmmm…you’re hard again. Good. You’re amazing. Can you cum again?”

“Probably,” I shrugged. Since I had Carol to fantasize about, I had been jacking off as many as five times a day. Ah youth…

Carol paused and looked down, thinking. I guess she was trying to decide if she wanted to ask me another question. She looked back up at me.

“Jim, will you do one more thing for me tonight? You don’t have to say yes if you don’t want to.”


“God, I can’t believe I am doing this. I never thought in a million years I would be asking this.” This last remark was to herself. Stroking my dick with one hand and playing with my balls with the other, she looked me in the eyes again. I remember in that moment thinking what lovely green eyes she had.

“I want you to fuck me in the ass. Will you fuck my ass…please?”

Remember this is long before 24 hour internet porn. I thought only gay guys fucked ass, and I had the fleeting thought that if I fucked her ass that would make me gay. It wasn’t in Dad’s book, and I had no idea a woman would want to take dick in her ass. I was very confused.

“Please?” Carol asked again before I could say something. “I never thought of being assfucked, but you just made me feel so good, I want to feel you cum in my ass. Please? Before I change my mind?”

“Uh, okay…sure.” I said with little conviction. Carol looked around the island, finally spying what she wanted. She leaned over and grabbed a bottle of olive oil.

“We’re going to need some of this,” she said, unscrewing the cap. “Lubrication,” she said with a smile, seeing the confused look on my face. She poured a generous handful of oil and slathered it onto my shaft and my balls. She spied the label as she set the bottle down. “Hmm…extra virgin. That’s the only thing in this house tonight that is virgin anything.” I laughed nervously. I remember now my clueless mom never figured out why her bottle of olive oil kept appearing in my bathroom.

Carol hiked herself up on one ass cheek and rubbed an oily finger around her anus, depositing a bit of oil in her anal canal. She hopped off the island, grabbed my hand and the olive oil and headed for the living room. “It will be more comfortable in here. My knees are sore.” She set the oil on the coffee table and kissed me again, stroking my dick vigorously as she did. “We don’t have to do this. You can say no.”

“Well, I have grease on my dick, so…” I said somberly before breaking into a laugh. “Where do I go?”

“Right here.” Carol knelt on the sofa, elbows on the back of the cushion. She bent lower, pushing her ass towards me. “Keep the oil in reach in case we need more.” If she was worried about oil stains on her leather couch, she didn’t show it. She laid her head on the back of the sofa and spread her ass with both hands. Her asshole, now pink from the stretching, was beautiful. “Fuck me.” I stepped up behind her, cock in hand and laid the head against her anus. I started to push. Her asshole was tight, but began to spread against the pressure.

“Umph…geez…” Carol whispered. Her face was contorted in pain but she didn’t protest. “Keep going…aahhh! It’s okay. Go slow.” Her anus started to accept the thick head of my cock. My new favorite thing was watching a girl’s asshole spread as I push my cock inside. “Owowow!” Carol exclaimed. “It’s fine. Keep going. It hurts but it’s fine. Shit that thing is thick. Ooooohhhaawww!”

“Okay, the head is all the way in.” The coolest, nastiest hottest thing I’d seen in my life to that point.

“Let me rest a minute. Put some more oil on that thing.” I poured the olive oil in the crack of her ass and watched it run down to where my dick was penetrating Carol’s asshole. I massaged it around my shaft. For the next ten years, I got a huge boner every time I cooked with olive oil. I started sliding back and forth and inch or so, working some of the oil into her anal canal. My cock began to slide easier.

“That’s it…that’s it. Deeper. Go deeper.” Carol’s head was thrown back and her long red hair reached down to her Venus dimples. “Okay…good…” Carol’s voice was more relaxed and her hips started to push her ass back onto my cock. “Jim…fuck me now. Fuck me hard. Pull my hair and fuck me hard.” Carol’s voice was matter of fact in her demands.

“OOOmmmmppphhh! Fuck yeah…” Carol grunted loudly as I pulled her ass all the way onto my cock. Carol’s pussy was tight, but her bum was tighter still. The oil made it slicker than pussy. I wondered for a millisecond if Missy Yeager took cock in her ass. Carol was now sliding her asshole back and forth the length of my shaft. “MMMmmmMMmmm…fuck me…fuck my slut ass. Tell me Jim. Tell me what a whore I am. Tell me how nasty I am for making you fuck my ass.”

I did not see this coming. Remember that I had just had my first pussy maybe an hour before, and talking shit during sex—with my teacher—didn’t register.

“TELL ME!” Carol said louder. “Am I a cheap whore, Jim? Am I?”

“Ahhh…oooph…” My blood was all in my dick so I just started talking. I yanked Carol’s hair hard, leaned over and started whispering in her ear. “Whore. Slut. Feel my dick in your ass? That’s what a whore feels like. Taking cock in your ass. You love it, don’t you slut? Don’t you?” I yanked her hair hard. “You love it!”

“Yes. I…ow…love your cock in my ass.” I pushed in balls deep and held it there. Even after cumming twice, I knew I couldn’t last long against Carol’s ridiculously tight asshole.

“You are such a slut! Teasing me in class. Bending over, showing me your panties. Sucking my cock in the closet. From now on in school, you don’t wear any panties, whore. If you bend over, I was to see your nasty whore cunt!” I have no idea where this was coming from, but I got into it very quickly.

“I can’t. I can’t do that.”

“Yes you can. You show me your cunt in class or I tell everyone what a cheap whore you are. Bringing a student to your house and making him fuck your ass.”

“I didn’t make…ahhhhhh!” I was slamming the full length of my cock into Carol’s ass. It had to hurt, but she kept going. “I’m going to cum.” I could feel her stroking her clit more rapidly.

“Yes you are, slut. And I am going to cum in your nasty slut asshole. You want my cum don’t you?”


“Say it! Tell me you want my cum in your ass!”

“I WANT IT! I WANT YOU TO CUM IN MY ASS!” Carol shouted, just as her orgasm started to sweep her body. “FFFuuuuCCCKKK! Jeeee—sssuuss fuccck! God!” Carol’s asshole squeezed my cock hard as she came. That was it.

“Bbbbrrruuuhhh! God damn! Carol! Fuck!” Stream after stream of thick cum spewed into Carol’s rectum. I may have cum harder in my life, but I don’t know when. My cock pulsed and spewed for a minute or more before my balls were completely empty. Carol looked back over her shoulder at me. She was smiling.

“That was a ton of cum Jim. I don’t know how you do it. Someday I will make you lick it up. Oooh! Maybe we could get Missy Yeager to lick it up. That would be hot.” Carol was delirious, I wasn’t any better.

“Yeah maybe.” My spent cock slid out of Carol’s ass with a wet pop, followed by a creamy gush of my cum. I flopped onto the sofa. Carol plopped down beside me, an instant wet spot started oozing onto the leather cushion. “Should I get a towel or something? That’s quite the mess.”

“I’ll lick it up before I go to bed. Or not. Don’t care. I’ll flip the cushion before my husband gets home.”

“You never did that before?” I asked.

“Not with a real cock. I’ve had a couple toys I’ve used, but nothing as thick as your dick. Did you like it?”

“Uh yeah! That was amazing.” I blushed a bit. “You know I didn’t mean any of those things I said.” Carol laughed.

“Oh I know. But I like to feel trashy when I am doing something…unusual. But, did you mean the part about the panties on Monday?” Now I laughed.

“I don’t know where I came up with that.” Blood was finally returning to my brain. “But if you want to…”

“You’ll just have to wait and see, sailor. Now let’s clean you up before I take you home.” She leaned over and started licking and sucking my cock. Even that wasn’t bringing it back to life. “Better than a shower, no?” Carol said when she came up for air. “Let’s find our clothes.” She stood and walked towards the bedroom, my semen still flowing from her asshole.

I spent that weekend feeling increasingly more guilty. What had I done? Pussy was one thing, but sticking my dick in her ass? Sticking my tongue in her ass? Gross and probably illegal. No cell phones or email, so I couldn’t get in touch with Carol and find out she was okay or have her talk me off the ledge. I was afraid she would realize the next day what I had done and call the police. I went to school on Monday thinking they were going to haul me into the principal’s office or just take me away.

I passed Carol unexpectedly in the hall after first period. To my surprise, she smiled brightly at me and asked how my weekend went. I mumbled a response and hurried away, and the smile disappeared from her face. Later in class, she seemed tense and kept looking my way. I was completely distracted and just doodled on my notebook. Finally the bell rang and we started packing up.

“Jim, can I see you for a minute before you go?” My heart sank. When everybody had left, Carol closed the door and faced me with a stern look. What’s the matter Jim? You look like your puppy just died.”

“I just feel bad about what I did to you. You know, your bum and everything. I hope you’re not mad.” Carol burst out laughing.

“Oh honey!” She came and hugged me hard. “I’m not mad, I am good, really good. I loved everything we did.”


“Everything. It was amazing. You were amazing. You are Rookie of the Year. I never thought I wanted to…you know…take it up the bum, but I loved it! You were gentle and rough, sweet and nasty. My bum was sore all weekend, but I loved it. We are going to do it again if you’re okay. Are you okay?”

I smiled down at Carol. Such beautiful eyes. “Yes. I’m okay. And I want to do it again. But…can I be arrested for that? Isn’t it illegal?” She laughed again.

“Oh you are so adorable! Yes it is illegal in this hick state, but so are blow jobs and probably fucking with the girl on top. Just another reason never to tell anyone.” Her face darkened for a second. “You haven’t told anyone, have you? Anyone?”

“Not a word. Promise. Wouldn’t know how to describe it anyway.”

“Good. We have to keep it that way.” Carol smiled at me slyly. “Want to see how okay I am with everything?”

“Uh, sure.”

“Lift up my dress. Feel my ass.” I did as I was told. No panties. “See? I did as I was told.”

“Not quite. I said I had to see your cunt.”

“Cunt? What a nasty boy you are.” Carol released me and bent over the nearest desk, lifting her dress as she bent over. Her beautiful ass was completely naked and I thought the flaming red pussy hair between her legs looked moist. “Satisfied?”

“Mmm? Yeah. Heck yeah.”

“Good! Now kiss my bare ass and get out of here and go to class.” I did as I was told. As my lips touched her ass cheek I slid a finger between her legs, parting her wet labia. She slapped my hand away. “You are so bad!” she said, straightening up and smoothing her dress. “I think I created a monster! Now go!”

School wrapped up for the year without further contact outside of class. We both wanted something I thought—I did for sure—but it never worked out. We couldn’t just call each other’s houses, and I couldn’t just drop by with her kids and maybe husband there for all I knew. I was resigned to spending another summer trying to convince Missy Yeager to suck my cock.

A month or so later, I was cruising the local shopping mall, as we kids did in those days. I was browsing the men’s department in the regional department store, looking for a present for my Dad’s birthday.

“Can I help you find something sir?” a familiar voice said behind me. I turned to find Carol smiling brightly.

“Oh hi, Car—Mrs. B.” I had stepped towards her for a hug but she stepped back.

“Working!” she said brightly. “Summer job. I need the money. What are you looking for?”

“Birthday present. A tie I guess.”

“Oh, that’s boring. Come back here,” she said a bit too loudly. “Let me show you some nice pants.”

“Uh, I don’t think…”

“What size are you? You look like a 33 by…36 maybe?”

“But it’s not for…” she handed me a random pair of pants.

“Take these back to the fitting room and try them on. I’ll bring back some other styles for you to try in a minute,” she said, still speaking too loudly.

“Mrs. B., I don’t think you…” Clueless.

“Are you stupid?” she hissed at me. “Go to the fitting room. I’ll be there in a minute. And lose the pants.” The light finally went on for me and I raced back to the fitting room. All the doors to the stalls were open, so no one else was there. I quickly stripped out of my pants and underwear and stroked my cock to its full glory. I was admiring my dick in the full length mirror when there was a soft knock at the door.

“Sir? I have some other items for you to try. May I open the door?”

“Yes. Come in please.” Carol quickly opened the door, through a shirt and pants on the bench and closed the door behind her. She leaned against the door, hands behind her fetchingly, her legs crossed at the ankles. She bit her lower lip as she stared at my rigid cock, throbbing with my pulse.

“God you’re dense,” she said with a smile, crossing the small room. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. “I’m glad to see you. I’ve missed you.” We kissed as she massaged the precum around the head of my cock.

“I’ve missed you too.”

“I’ve thought about sucking your dick and fucking you every day. We don’t have much time.” She dropped to her knees and swallowed my dick, sucking furiously. I grabbed her hair and held her head, thrusting my cock into the back of her throat. “Gaa! Gaa! Gaa!” she tried to be quiet but she gagged each time my dick hit her throat. She pulled off. “Don’t muss my hair too much. My boss will know I fucked you back here.” She put her head on my cock and resumed sucking, slower and more deliberate this time. Saliva dripped from her mouth onto my balls. My cock was turning red as her lipstick rubbed off onto my shaft. Fucking hot. She stopped again. She lifted my cock and sucked one of my balls into her mouth. That was new. And pushed me over the edge.

I lifted Carol by the shoulders. She looked at me in surprise. I turned her around and pushed her against the mirror. I lifted her skirt and tugged at her panties.

“What are you doing? We can’t! We don’t have time!” I ignored her and pushed her panties over her hips. Despite her protests, Carol kicked off her wet panties as they dropped to the floor and spread her legs, bending forward. “Are you crazy?” she whispered. “Someone is going…oh!” Carol gasped as my cock thrusted deep inside her. “Really Jim we can’t…” Yet her hips gently fucked my dick, sliding her pussy along my shaft. I pinned her tighter against the mirror. I held her arms over her head as I violently slammed my cock into her pussy.

“You want to be treated like a whore? This is how a whore gets treated. Fucked when and how I want to.” I pulled my cock from her pussy and pushed it into her ass crack, searching for her tight hole. I let go of her arms. “Spread your ass for me.”

“No!” she said sharply. “No way.” I pushed harder against her anus.

“Do it!” Carol whimpered a bit as she dropped her hands and spread her ass wide. I could feel her asshole begin to spread and take my cock inside. I pushed harder. Her ass took the first couple inches.

“Ugh…oof…” she grunted. Once I was inside her, I pinned her arms again and pushed the rest of my dick into Carol’s rectum.

“Now fuck me,” I whispered in her ear. “Fuck me with that tight ass and make me cum.” Carol started sliding her asshole along my cock, slowly at first then more rapidly as her sphincter relaxed and he felt better. She whimpered but said nothing. I couldn’t last long against Carol’s tight ass. I pushed deep inside. “I’m gonna cum…yeah!” My balls contracted and pulsed a stream of semen into Carol’s bum.

“Give it to me Jim. Give me your cum. All of it.”

“Ah fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!” I slammed my cock harder into her ass, lubricated by a hefty load of sperm. “Carol…my God.” My cock began to retreat from Carol’s stretched asshole as the last of my cum spewed into her ass. I released her and stepped back as gobs of cum oozed from her asshole and spattered onto the carpeted floor. Holding her skirt out of the way, she retrieved the shirt off the bench, stuck it in her ass crack and sat down. She looked at me sternly.

“Happy now? What was that anyway?”

I felt totally deflated. “I’m sorry…I just…” Carol laughed again.

“You’re so cute! You know I always want you to take what you want.” She looked towards the stall door. “Even if it gets me fired. Come here.” She took my hand and drew me closer. She stuck out her tongue and licked my now dangling cock at her eye level. She took it all into her mouth. “I just wanted a mouthful of your cum and I get this. My cock obliged by weakly dribbling a few drops of cum into Carol’s warm mouth. “Mmmm….best thing I’ve eaten all day.” She lifted up on one cheek and wiped her bum with the shirt. It was drenched with semen. “I’ll have to hide that one in the trash,” she smirked. “Hand me my panties. I’ve got to clean up in the ladies’ room. I’m supposed to meet my husband for lunch in 20 minutes. I hope he doesn’t notice I’m walking funny.” She pulled her panties on, smoothed her dress and arranged her hair in the mirror. She wrapped her arms around my waist and kissed me on the cheek. “I’ll see you soon.” She disappeared quietly out of the door.

Well, I didn’t see her soon. I didn’t see Carol again. Between vacation and soccer camp I wasn’t around that much, and we could never connect when I was. When school started in the fall, I learned that Mrs. B had to quit. She was pregnant again, and in those days, teachers in our state couldn’t be pregnant. It might give students ideas. If they only knew.

I also heard that she split from her husband that summer too. That made me wonder about that baby…but I never knew.

The rest of the summer wasn’t a complete waste. Missy Yeager was also at soccer camp. I finally got her to suck my cock.

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