My high school English teacher taught me much more than literature.

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“No! I want to you again. I just can't believe you mean it.”

“I haven't had a good fuck buddy since . If you think this felt good, it will only get better. I'm a after all. Just don't tell a soul anything about this and I will fuck you as much as you want.” She paused. “But I'd like you to do something. Maybe you don't want to.” She looked guilty.

“What? “I can't believe I've done half the things we've done, so…”

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“Remember when you put your tongue on my asshole? Just for a second?”

“Yeah, sorry, I got carried away. “I'll never…”

“No silly. You are such a dork sometimes. When you first put your tongue there I winced. I thought it was gross. But since I haven't been able to get it off my mind.”

“I never…” I stammered.

“Would you shut up? I want you to lick my asshole. Make me cum. If you're willing.”

I had first licked her butt hole in a fit of passion you could say, and I wasn't sure about it. But, this woman just said she would fuck me all I wanted, and I want to keep her happy, and we had just showered, except my cum was still dripping from her … A million things going through my mind…but yeah. Of course I'll lick her asshole.

“Get back up on the counter. All fours.” I surprised myself at how bossy I could be with my teacher. Carol smiled back at me and crawled up on the island, ass in the air. She reached back and spread her tight ass for me. Her asshole pulsed a bit, nervously I guessed. I put my tongue on her taint, tasting my own semen for the , and slowly dragged my tongue up across her asshole.

“Ohhh…yeah that's it…” Carol moaned softly. I spread her ass with my hands now, and she rubbed her clit while I ran the flat of my tongue across her clenching anus. I wiggled the tip of my tongue against her opening, trying to work my way inside but her sphincter was tight and . “Heehee! That tickles!” Carol giggled as I flicked my tongue quickly across her asshole. I stopped the motion. “Don't stop. Finger my pussy.”

My tongue pushing against her asshole, she guided my finger to her G-spot and resumed stroking her clit. She pushed her ass hard onto my tongue as her body built to another orgasm.

“Awww…fuuuccckkkk! Geeeezzzzuuuus fuck!” Carol's body convulsed in pleasure as her hips ground onto my tongue and finger. “Yeah! Yeah! God! Oh God! Yeah! Fuck!” She dropped down onto her elbows as the waves of pleasure subsided. Goosebumps rose on her muscular ass. “That was fantastic. Do it some more. Please.” I put my fingers on either side of her asshole and pulled, trying to open her hole a bit for my tongue. I wiggled my tongue a bit into the tiny opening. Her sphincter and ass cheeks tightened reflexively at the attempted violation. Carol giggled with delight. “That feels so good. Weird. But so good.”

On an impulse, I withdrew my tongue and moved my index finger over her anal opening and pushed gently. Her anus spread under the pressure and I pushed my finger inside her ass.

“Whoa! What are…?”

“Shhh…” I shushed Carol. “Let me do this. I'll stop if you tell me.” I pushed my finger in farther, knuckle deep. Carol didn't say anything else. She even moved her hips a bit, gently fucking my finger with her asshole. I didn't know what I was doing, but I withdrew my index finger and started to push two fingers into her relaxed opening. Two fingers of my other hand were still inside her pussy. I could see Carol with her eyes closed, her cheek against the cold granite, concentrating on the feeling.

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