My high school English teacher taught me much more than literature.

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I passed Carol unexpectedly in the hall after first period. To my surprise, she smiled brightly at me and asked how my weekend went. I mumbled a response and hurried away, and the smile disappeared from her face. Later in class, she seemed tense and kept looking my way. I was completely distracted and just doodled on my notebook. Finally the bell rang and we started packing up.

“Jim, can I see you for a minute before you go?” My heart sank. When everybody had left, Carol closed the door and faced me with a stern look. What's the matter Jim? You look like your puppy just died.”

“I just feel bad about what I did to you. You know, your bum and everything. I hope you're not mad.” Carol burst out laughing.

“Oh honey!” She came and hugged me . “I'm not mad, I am good, really good. I loved everything we did.”


“Everything. It was amazing. You were amazing. You are Rookie of the Year. I never thought I wanted to…you know…take it up the bum, but I loved it! You were gentle and rough, sweet and nasty. My bum was sore all weekend, but I loved it. We are going to do it again if you're okay. Are you okay?”

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I smiled down at Carol. Such beautiful eyes. “Yes. I'm okay. And I want to do it again. But…can I be arrested for that? Isn't it illegal?” She laughed again.

“Oh you are so adorable! Yes it is illegal in this hick state, but so are blow jobs and probably with the on top. Just another reason never to tell anyone.” Her face darkened for a second. “You haven't told anyone, have you? Anyone?”

“Not a word. Promise. Wouldn't know how to describe it anyway.”

“Good. We have to keep it that way.” Carol smiled at me slyly. “Want to see how okay I am with everything?”

“Uh, sure.”

“Lift up my dress. Feel my .” I did as I was told. No panties. “See? I did as I was told.”

“Not quite. I said I had to see your cunt.”

“Cunt? What a nasty boy you are.” Carol released me and bent over the nearest desk, lifting her dress as she bent over. Her beautiful ass was completely naked and I thought the flaming red hair between her legs looked moist. “Satisfied?”

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“Mmm? Yeah. Heck yeah.”

“Good! Now kiss my bare ass and get out of here and go to class.” I did as I was told. As my lips touched her ass cheek I slid a finger between her legs, parting her wet labia. She slapped my hand away. “You are so bad!” she said, straightening up and smoothing her dress. “I think I created a monster! Now go!”

wrapped up for the year without further contact outside of class. We both wanted something I thought—I did for sure—but it never worked out. We couldn't just call each other's houses, and I couldn't just drop by with her kids and maybe there for all I knew. I was resigned to spending another summer trying to convince Missy Yeager to my .

A month or so later, I was cruising the local shopping mall, as we kids did in those days. I was browsing the men's department in the regional department store, looking for a present for my Dad's birthday.

“Can I help you find something sir?” a familiar voice said behind me. I turned to find Carol smiling brightly.

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