My high school English teacher taught me much more than literature.

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Carol hiked herself up on one ass cheek and rubbed an oily finger around her anus, depositing a bit of oil in her canal. She hopped off the island, grabbed my hand and the olive oil and headed for the living room. “It will be more comfortable in here. My knees are sore.” She set the oil on the coffee table and kissed me again, stroking my dick vigorously as she did. “We don't have to do this. You can say no.”

“Well, I have grease on my dick, so…” I said somberly before breaking into a laugh. “Where do I go?”

“Right here.” Carol knelt on the sofa, elbows on the back of the cushion. She bent lower, pushing her ass towards me. “Keep the oil in reach in case we need more.” If she was worried about oil stains on her leather couch, she didn't show it. She laid her head on the back of the sofa and spread her ass with both hands. Her asshole, now pink from the stretching, was . “ me.” I stepped up behind her, in hand and laid the head against her anus. I started to push. Her asshole was tight, but began to spread against the pressure.

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“Umph…geez…” Carol whispered. Her face was contorted in pain but she didn't protest. “Keep going…aahhh! It's okay. Go slow.” Her anus started to accept the thick head of my cock. My new favorite thing was watching a girl's asshole spread as I push my cock inside. “Owowow!” Carol exclaimed. “It's fine. Keep going. It hurts but it's fine. Shit that thing is thick. Ooooohhhaawww!”

“Okay, the head is all the way in.” The coolest, nastiest hottest thing I'd seen in my life to that point.

“Let me rest a minute. Put some more oil on that thing.” I poured the olive oil in the crack of her ass and watched it run down to where my dick was penetrating Carol's asshole. I massaged it around my shaft. For the next ten years, I got a huge boner every time I cooked with olive oil. I started sliding back and forth and inch or so, working some of the oil into her anal canal. My cock began to slide easier.

“That's it…that's it. Deeper. Go deeper.” Carol's head was thrown back and her long red hair reached down to her Venus dimples. “Okay…good…” Carol's voice was more relaxed and her hips started to push her ass back onto my cock. “Jim…fuck me now. Fuck me . Pull my hair and fuck me hard.” Carol's voice was matter of fact in her demands.

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“OOOmmmmppphhh! Fuck yeah…” Carol grunted loudly as I pulled her ass all the way onto my cock. Carol's was tight, but her bum was tighter still. The oil made it slicker than pussy. I wondered for a millisecond if Missy Yeager took cock in her ass. Carol was now sliding her asshole back and forth the length of my shaft. “MMMmmmMMmmm…fuck me…fuck my slut ass. Tell me Jim. Tell me what a whore I am. Tell me how nasty I am for making you fuck my ass.”

I did not see this coming. Remember that I had just had my first pussy maybe an hour before, and talking shit during —with my —didn't register.

“TELL ME!” Carol said louder. “Am I a cheap whore, Jim? Am I?”

“Ahhh…oooph…” My blood was all in my dick so I just started talking. I yanked Carol's hair hard, leaned over and started whispering in her ear. “Whore. Slut. Feel my dick in your ass? That's what a whore feels like. Taking cock in your ass. You love it, don't you slut? Don't you?” I yanked her hair hard. “You love it!”

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