My high school English teacher taught me much more than literature.

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“Oh hi, Car—Mrs. B.” I had stepped towards her for a hug but she stepped back.

“Working!” she said brightly. “Summer job. I need the money. What are you looking for?”

“Birthday present. A tie I guess.”

“Oh, that's boring. Come back here,” she said a bit too loudly. “Let me show you some nice pants.”

“Uh, I don't think…”

“What size are you? You look like a 33 by…36 maybe?”

“But it's not for…” she handed me a pair of pants.

“Take these back to the fitting room and try them on. I'll bring back some other styles for you to try in a minute,” she said, still speaking too loudly.

“Mrs. B., I don't think you…” Clueless.

“Are you stupid?” she hissed at me. “Go to the fitting room. I'll be there in a minute. And lose the pants.” The light finally went on for me and I raced back to the fitting room. All the doors to the stalls were open, so no one else was there. I quickly stripped out of my pants and underwear and stroked my to its full glory. I was admiring my in the full length mirror when there was a soft knock at the door.

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“Sir? I have some other items for you to try. May I open the door?”

“Yes. Come in please.” Carol quickly opened the door, through a shirt and pants on the bench and closed the door behind her. She leaned against the door, hands behind her fetchingly, her legs crossed at the ankles. She bit her lower lip as she stared at my rigid cock, throbbing with my pulse.

“God you're dense,” she said with a smile, crossing the small room. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. “I'm glad to see you. I've missed you.” We kissed as she massaged the precum around the head of my cock.

“I've missed you too.”

“I've thought about your dick and you every day. We don't have much time.” She dropped to her knees and swallowed my dick, sucking furiously. I grabbed her hair and held her head, thrusting my cock into the back of her . “Gaa! Gaa! Gaa!” she tried to be quiet but she gagged each time my dick hit her throat. She pulled off. “Don't muss my hair too much. My boss will know I fucked you back here.” She put her head on my cock and resumed sucking, slower and more deliberate this time. Saliva dripped from her onto my balls. My cock was turning red as her lipstick rubbed off onto my shaft. Fucking hot. She stopped again. She lifted my cock and sucked one of my balls into her mouth. That was new. And pushed me over the edge.

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I lifted Carol by the shoulders. She looked at me in surprise. I turned her around and pushed her against the mirror. I lifted her skirt and tugged at her panties.

“What are you doing? We can't! We don't have time!” I ignored her and pushed her panties over her hips. Despite her protests, Carol kicked off her wet panties as they dropped to the floor and spread her legs, bending forward. “Are you crazy?” she whispered. “Someone is going…oh!” Carol gasped as my cock thrusted deep inside her. “Really Jim we can't…” Yet her hips gently fucked my dick, sliding her along my shaft. I pinned her tighter against the mirror. I held her arms over her head as I violently slammed my cock into her pussy.

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