Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

We fucked. And fucked. For two more hours. Debbie screamed every time I came in her. She wanted cum in her cunt. I shot off in her until I was depleted. We rested and savored our sex. Debbie sucked my cumcoated prick. And watched herself in the mirror. She said she couldn’t believe I’d cum for her so many times.

It was 2:25AM when we dragged ourselves into Brown’s cafe for much needed nourishment. Mike and Marsha (Mots) Milles were there after being in the White Horse dancing. We sat with them and Marsha could tell, immediately, that Debbie’d gotten her brains fucked out. Marsha had “B” cup bullet shaped tits, with huge puffies. I’d had a hard-on for them from the first time I saw her. Mike loved showing her off and let everyone know he kept her tiny little cunt shaved. He liked fucking her “little girl” pussy. Debbie saw me staring at Marsha’s tits. Marsha had on a stretch knit top that molded to her tits, perfectly, showing their exact size and shape, including her puffies. When we got home she commented on Mike liking to show her off and said I could look all I wanted if it made me horny and I fucked the shit out of her after looking at Marsha’s tits. Which I did. Debbie said she’d been looking at guys’ crotches since she was twelve and it turned her on to see big bulges. The next day half the town knew she was finally putting out. And loving it. Debbie didn’t seem to mind. Half the guys in town were asking her out. She turned them all down. We fucked constantly. I bought her sexier, more revealing clothes than she was used to. She’d always liked guys checking her out and teasing then. It still took her quite a while to become comfortable wearing them. She’d started getting tits when she was ten. She was a large “A” cup at twelve. Boys and men were looking down her blouse at her bra, but she’d never had sexy, revealing bras before. She’d worn short skirts, but with panty hose. I bought her thigh high, stay up by themselves stockings. I hated panty hose. I bought her seamed butt panties and her skirts draped seductively into her ass crack while she danced.


The more Debbie fucked and sucked my cock, the more she liked it. She became insatiable. We fucked when we woke up, her sucking my cock to wake me up. She got off on putting my soft cock in her mouth and feeling it grow hard. We fucked on my lunch hour and when I got home from work. And after dinner. And when we went to bed. Beta Max and VHS had just come out and we rented porns. We both really got off on women sucking huge cocks, stretching their mouths to the limit and getting fucked in the mouth while the guy held their heads and rammed into their mouths. She loved cum shots all over their faces. I’ll never forget the first anal sex video we watched. Debbie said that was the nastiest, sexiest thing she’d ever seen. The woman’s ass hole gaped open and cum gushed out. She’d been taken anally and his cum ran down into her spread open cunt. I liked watching it, but wasn’t into it, as I said before. We watched a gang bang video, five men and one woman, and I told Debbie that as horny as she was she’d probably love being gang fucked and that it would probably take ten guys lining up on her for about four hours to satisfy her. That was the first time I saw Debbie blush. Then she turned crimson! The woman in the video did double and triple penetrations. The woman took at least twelve loads of cum. Debbie was incredibly turned on and fucked my brains out. All five of them had fucked the woman one after the other. She said she couldn’t even imagine being fucked that hard and fast and deep by five huge porno cocks up her pussy and getting those heavy loads of cum shot into her. At the end of the video they all jacked off onto the woman’s face, tits, belly and held open cunt. Debbie masturbated while she watched this scene.

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