Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

The next night we kissed for a few minutes, stripping each other. I ate her cunt. She watched me eat her cunt and came, telling me to eat her. She came hard, grabbing my head and fucked her cunt into my mouth. We fucked our brains out. For hours. Fuck, Debbie was the tightest fuck ever, and I told her so. We showered and she sucked my cock. She watched herself in my dresser mirror while she sucked my cock. She was a natural. She ate every drop of my come. She said it was bitterer than she expected from talking to her girlfriends, but liked it. We both got off on watching her suck cock. We watched ourselves fuck in the mirror. After I came Debbie turned her spread open cunt toward the mirror and we looked at her cream pie. Fuck! Talk about nasty! She said, “Look at what you did to me!” Debbie had a sluttish grin on her face. She was the wildest fuck I’d ever had. She told me to finger her cum filled pussy and masturbate her. We watched my cum be forced out her cunt by my finger and spread all over her cunt and clit. It ran down onto her virgin ass hole. She came repeatedly. I held her swollen red cunt open and we could see her clit. Her lips were plastered wide open. Her clit was stuck to her right cunt lip. It was half an inch long and an eighth of an inch thick. Debbie masturbated herself for me for the first time. She said she’d been masturbating since she was twelve, but had never seen her clit before or cum that hard before. She bucked her hips into the air when she came.

We looked at her in the mirror. Her crotch was drenched in cunt juice and cum. Debbie pulled my head into her cunt and I ate her while she watched. I could taste my cum mixed with her cunt juice and liked it. It tasted like fucking!!! Debbie exploded. She grasped my head and fucked her cunt with my mouth, grinding it into my face. My tongue was in her cunt. I stuck it as far into her as I could. She exploded again and screamed with orgasmic pleasure. Her crotch was sliding up and down and around on my mouth. I licked and sucked all of her cunt juice. Her virgin ass hole pressed into my mouth and tongue in her gyrations. I could tell from her gasps that it really set her off. Finally she planted her ass hole onto my tongue. She fucked her ass hole directly onto it. It was covered in cum and cunt juice and slid in easily. She pulled my head into her ass like she wanted my whole head up her ass. She screamed for me to eat her ass. She held me there and I worked my tongue in and out. No woman I’d been with had ever cum so hard as Debbie did then.

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