Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

All the women had on sexy revealing outfits. Some of the women were being felt up. The men weren’t bothering to hide their hard-ons. They were grinding their crotches together. Women were getting their asses humped when they entered and exited the dance floor.

At the midnight break we went to our car and smoked a joint. Debbie was horny and sucked my cock. I fingered her to three orgasms. Her cunt lips were spread wide open, ready to fuck. She smelled of wanton sex. We commented on how much they could see of her. She said there was no way for her to keep them from seeing up her skirt. I told her they’d already seen her panties and she might as well not worry about it. Debbie said she’d shit if anyone she knew ever saw her like this, or if she ever ran into these guys again. She’d dirty danced and slow danced with them while I danced with various women. She said they all had hard-ons and pressed their cocks into her crotch. She said our waiter had a huge curved cock and it lined up perfectly with her cunt with her platform heels. She said he must not have underwear on because it went between her legs and she could feel it on the entire length on her pussy and clit. And that it was all she could to keep from humping into it.


At the 1:00AM break we smoked another joint. She asked if I’d noticed they were taking her hand in their hands holding it next to her right tit when they slow danced. She said they were pressing the backs of their fingers into the side of her bra and moving it around, trying to feel her tit. She said she let them do it because they could only feel her bra pad, mostly. They occasionally ran their fingers across the whole outside of her tit. And they pushed into the side of her tit a lot. She said one of them was always dancing right next to her, on her left, looking at her chest when they did it. Debbie said they were running their hands across the top of her panties, which was at the top of her ass cheek, right at the top of her ass crack, and feeling to the sides of her panties. She thought they were trying to figure out what kind of panties she had on. Then she said they’d all danced with her right in front of their tables and had slid their hands down her ass half way and she’d pulled their hands up. They’d moved their hands around the top of her ass. She thought they wanted to show each other how much of her tits and ass they could feel. She wanted me to watch them try to feel her up. To watch her tease the fuck out of them.

I disappeared into the crowded dance floor and watched them dance when we went back in. Sure enough, our waiter was pressing his fingers into the side of her tit while one of them, dancing a foot away from her, looked down her blouse. He slid his fingers almost to her nipple and back to the side. Fuck! He’d pulled her blouse open and pushed her tit out of her bra, exposing her entire aureole, nipple and all, to his buddy. His hand went over half way down her ass, right in front of the other two guys watching at the tables. She pulled his hand up while he ground into her cunt. As she pulled his hand up he slid her skirt up, eventually exposing almost her entire ass through her sheer panties, five feet away from the guys at the tables. They took turns on her, dancing and grinding into her cunt and exposing her tits and sheer panties to each other while I watched, hidden in the crowd.

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