Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

My mind whirled. I could see them feeling her scrumptious tits and her enjoying it. I could see her exposed ass hole and crotch in her sheer pink g-string, cunt hair sticking out, and them devouring her visually. Wanting to fuck her. I couldn’t blame them. Fuck, I was setting her up to get totally molested and loving it. How far would Debbie let them go? Thank God we’d never see any of them again and no one we knew would ever find out what she did here. Shirley and I danced while we watched Debbie.

Debbie was sitting at the edge of the table, legs spread preparatory to getting up to dance. Steve was blocking her exit, talking to her. Two couples were between us and Debbie and no one noticed us watching. I knew everyone at the tables across from ours had a clear shot of her sheer, soaked, g-string and spread open cunt. Debbie was looking up at him. Then she looked over at the guys at the tables and grinned knowingly at them. He stepped back to let her up and I could see the size of his cock. It stood out in the pleat of his pants. It had to be nine inches. Thick. Curved. She stared at it before she got up to dance with him. She smiled up at him and looked back down at his prick. Debbie studied it. She spread her legs invitingly, giving him, and them, a clear shot of her cunt in her skimpy g-string, half her cunt hair exposed. Debbie got up and Steve was behind her immediately. His hard cock was pressed into her ass crack as they moved to the dance floor. Debbie moved slowly, letting him hump her ass, pressing back into his hard curved cock while they worked their way to the dance floor. And the other guys watched. Debbie’s arms were around his neck and in her five inch heels her cunt aligned perfectly with his hard prick. It sank between her thighs. It was a fairly fast slow song and their bodies moved to the music. He stroked her cunt to the music with his hard fucking prick and she stroked his cock with her sopping wet cunt to the music while the guys at the tables watched. Their hips rotated in a fucking motion. They talked. I could read their lips when they said the word “fuck”. I could read Debbie’s lips saying, “Fuck me”. It looked like she said,” suck your cock”. And, “fuck my ass”. Debbie was oblivious to everyone on the dance floor. Their crotches ground together. His hand went up to her blouse and her eyes closed and her head tilted back in pleasure. His other hand went down the back of her skirt. The guys at the table were enraptured by the show. I could see his hand slide across Debbie’s ass and find her butt hole. Her entire body jerked. She said, “Fuck yes”. She grinned at him. She looked around and found me. She mouthed, “Oh, shit!” He pulled her into his huge curved prick grinding hard into the entire length of her gaping cunt lips and swollen clit while his left hand obviously was molesting her entire tit. Debbie gasped and groaned as Steve’s huge cock stroked her cunt to the music. She ground into his prick and then back into his finger on her butt hole. I was mesmerized, as were the guys at the tables. It was only a minute into the song. Debbie came, hard! Her face contorted into an expression of sheer orgasmic pleasure. She’d been cumming for about five seconds when his hand slid down her ass between her drenched thighs, to her gushing cunt. She rammed her cunt back and forth into his huge cock, masturbating her cunt from the front, and into his fingers ravishing her sopping cunt from the back. His hand slid between her cunt and her ass hole. She convulsed orgasmically, totally immersed in her desire to saturate herself in the exquisite simultaneous pleasure of his prick thrusting against her cunt and his fingers masturbating her cunt and virgin ass hole. He let go of her tit and pulled Debbie’s hand down to his hard prick. She automatically wrapped her hand around it, savoring the length and girth of it. She stroked it. Shit, Shirley had her hand wrapped around my cock, stroking me hard. Thirty seconds later the song ended and we went to Shirley’s table. Debbie’d cum so hard she’d almost collapsed. She shook her head, trying to get her senses back. She staggered back to our table, still shaking with her intense orgasm.

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