Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

The parts about Debbie wearing extremely revealing clothes in Denver are true. She let guys look up her skirt and down her blouse. They did push her nipple out of her bra. The did pull her skirt up her ass, even when she was commando. The did dry hump the fuck out of her cunt

A Nice Visit to my Cousin’s House Pt. 2

A Nice Visit to my Cousin’s House *PART 2* This is a fantasy that I one day intend to make a reality. Characters: Me, Shauna, Kiera Previously, That night we packed into Kiera’s bed and watched our movies. My heart stopped when I realized Shauna was only wearing a matching laced two piece. My dick

A Nice Visit to my Cousin’s House

This is a fantasy of mine that one day I intend on making a reality Characters: Me, Shauna, Kiera It was last summer and I had just finished my end of year exams. My parents had informed me that I would be staying in my cousin’s house while they shared three weeks in Barcelona celebrating