Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

We were both totally fucked up and turned on. Our eyes met. Debbie arched her back and pressed her cunt into Steve’s hard curved cock. I could just imagine how his cock felt on her horny spread open, just finger fucked cunt. Debbie’s entire cunt with a hard thick curved prick pressing into it, moving to the music and rubbing into her clit, sticking out of her up turned, prominent pubic mound. Debbie watched me watch her be molested. They all felt her tits and ass, exposing her nipples and ass. They dirty danced and humped their hard cocks into her cunt and her ass crack. She shoved and ground her cunt and ass into their hard cocks while I watched. Everyone watched. Debbie watched other couples grind their crotches together while Steve ground his hard curved prick into her cunt.

We got back to our room and attacked each other. I told her how sexy she looked and how proud I was to be with the sexiest women in the club. Debbie said the guys had felt her tits and ass. And seen her panties up her skirt. She asked if that turned me on as much as it did her. I told her I almost came in my pants. She said every guy she danced with had a hard-on. I said I couldn’t blame them, that I had one all night. We fucked! She said she knew some of the guys were talking to each other about her after she danced with them. And, that it was a good thing none of them knew us. She said she’d love to have heard what they were saying about her. I had her put her bra and blouse on and showed her how they were showing her naked nipple to each other and told her she needn’t worry about other men seeing her nipples any more. She just about shit and wanted to know why I didn’t tell her. I told her I couldn’t get to her and they’d obviously been looking at her naked aureole and nipple for over an hour already. She couldn’t believe they’d done that to her without her knowing. Her nipples were hard as rocks. She devoured my cock while I savaged her tits. I told her what an incredible cock sucker she was and how she had the most perfect tits in the world and how I couldn’t blame them for showing her tits to each other and feeling them. She asked if I was mad about them seeing her nipple. I said “No, of course not!” I told her about them sliding her skirt up her ass and showing each other her practically naked ass. She put her skirt and panties on and I slid her skirt up while we watched in the mirror. We slow danced and she ground into my cock, asking if I’d be pissed if Steve wouldn’t let her back away from his cock and made her cum. I told her it wouldn’t be her fault and I could just imagine the guys watching her have a monumental orgasm right in front of them. We both laughed.

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