Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

It was Debbie’s turn to take Steve’s underwear off. The cage was lowered to just below eye level. Debbie opened Steve’s pants and his big cock and balls sprang out. The elastic of his ball and cock sock was really tight and Debbie was having trouble getting it off of him. She knelt in front of him and put both hands on the back of his balls. His huge curved cock was right in front of her face. It was then that I noticed Steve was uncircumcised. Debbie’s hands were all over Steve’s balls as she worked the ball sock off. She unrolled the cock sock off just like a rubber, her hands on his naked cock. Her thumb pressed into the bottom of his prick, milking his precum out the tip of his cock.

Shirley had her hands down my pants and Bob’s, stroking our naked cocks. Steve pulled Debbie’s head into his prick. Debbie licked the precum from Steve’s naked prick head. He forced his hard fucking cock into her mouth. Debbie instinctively sucked Steve’s dick. He came in less than a minute. Everyone cheered. Debbie was embarrassed, but turned on.


Back at our table Shirley told Debbie how sexy she’s looked being felt up and finger fucked in the ass, and especially sucking Steve’s cock. We all went to our car and smoked. Shirley sucked Bob’s cock. And, when she came up she put her lips to Debbie’s lips and forced Bob’s cum into Debbie’s mouth. She told Debbie that now Debbie had eaten two men’s cum in 15 minutes. And we still had an hour to go.

We went back in and Debbie danced with Bob in the cage, letting everyone see her naked cunt. Bob humped Debbie’s cunt and ass. He felt her tits. A lot of women had their naked tits out, being felt up. Debbie limited her dancing to the six guys by our table. They felt her naked tits and pussy and asshole. They all put her hand down their pants, and she stroked their pricks. A woman with D cup tits danced topless in her g-string in the cage. She was felt up and finger fucked. Everyone wanted to watch Debbie and Steve dance again. Debbie finally relented. Debbie was really fucked up. She let Steve fuck his cock against her naked cunt and ass hole. Debbie masturbated with Steve’s prick pressing against her cunt. Steve pulled her halter top up over her tits. She stroked his big curved prick through his pants with her cunt and came. Steve took his naked prick out and Debbie stroked it. He tried to fuck her, lodging his cock head into her fuck hole. She told him “No”. Steve kept pounding into her and got half his cock into her fuck hole. She said, “Fuck yes, fuck me Steve” and wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her. At least seven inches of Steve’s prick was buried up Debbie’s cunt. Everyone was yelling for Steve to fuck Debbie. Steve pounded Debbie’s cunt, gradually impaling her with his entire nine inches. Debbie frantically fucked her cunt into Steve’s thrusting prick. She finally got her wits about her and twisted away from Steve’s prick. Debbie knelt and sucked his cock for the second time, thinking that was better than him fucking her. Everyone cheered her on. She gave Steve her sluttiest blow job ever. When Steve was ready to cum he held her head and fucked her mouth. His cum gushed out of her mouth. She couldn’t swallow it all. And it ran down onto her big tits.

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