Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

The woman I’d danced with before found me again. She talked dirty to me and said her husband was watching us. And that he wanted to watch me feel her up while we all watched my wife tease. He was next to us and watching us and Debbie. Debbie was at the back of the floor, dirty dancing. My partner and Debbie were shaking their tits and asses. Her husband was watching his and my wife. A slow song came on. Her cunt pressed into my cock. I could tell by the look on Debbie’s face that Steve’s cock had found Debbie’s cunt and ground into it. His hands went half way down her ass and she left them there, all five of them watching. Shirley’s husband, Bob, maneuvered his partner where he had a better view of Debbie.

After the song was over we sat at their table and Bob said Steve had her skirt clear up to the top of her ass for half the song. I told Bob and Shirley the guys didn’t know we knew what they were doing to Debbie. And how they’d looked at her nipples the night before.


The four of us went to our car and smoked a couple of joints at the 1:00AM break. Debbie was fucked up and wanted to know what they said about her. And if they’d seen her ass hole! Shirley said she would to dance with them and ask them about her. Shirley and Bob said they came here all the time and really got off on Shirley exposing herself and being molested. Bob said that on Saturday nights she went totally commando and exposed her tits, pussy and ass to everyone there. She got finger fucked and stroked cocks while a lot of people watched.

Fresh drinks were at our table. Debbie drank half her drink before she was asked to dance again. She was three sheets to the wind and I pretended to be. She danced really sexy in our corner. Tits bouncing and swirling. A few of the guys got girls and danced with them by their table, blocking my view half the time. They took turns with Debbie and I danced with a few girls besides Shirley. I watched and when two of the men got up from their table I disappeared into the men’s room. I hid in the last stall and heard the two of them saying how good her hot ass felt and that she had no idea they were lifting her skirt clear to the top of her ass, by their table, for them to look at. They said her ass hole looked inviting and wondered if she took it up her ass. And that she was drunk enough that she’d let them all run their fingers over her tits and expose her nipple. Steve was going to try to feel her tit and butt hole and pussy. He was going to try to make her cum. Shirley reported that the guys had all felt Debbie’s tits and humped their pricks against her cunt and ass hole and they and wanted to fuck her. And that Debbie liked being felt up and humped by their hard pricks. They all said she humped her cunt into their pricks.

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