Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

Steve got there at 10:45 and the show was on! It was crowded and he danced Debbie in front of his buddies with a lot of other dancers blocking my view. Debbie tried to make eye contact with me, but it was impossible. They took turns dancing with her. Occasionally I got a view of her fast dancing, her skirt swirling up above her cunt and ass, g-string exposed. Them pulling her braless right tit into their left hands when she twirled back to them. I could see their fingers open and knew they were getting a handful of her tit every time. They always slow danced with her by their tables. I saw their hand on the outside of her braless tit. Fuck, were they running their fingers over her braless nipples??!! It looked like they were sliding her skirt up her ass, exposing it for each other. The woman I was dancing with was braless and pressed her tits into me. I imagined Debbie doing the same. She ground into my hard prick.

Debbie was sweating when she got back to the table. She said she needed a break to cool off. It was the 11:00PM break and we went out to the car. I told her I was getting drunk. She said she was well on her way, feeling no pain. She said she’d seen me humping the last chic I’d danced with. I told her it was because I’d just seen her with a lewd, sexy grin on her face. She laughed and said Steve had pressed his hard-on into her crotch and told her he wanted to fuck her. She said it was a real turn on getting to tease them, knowing they’d never see her again. I asked if they’d all told her that. She said he was the only one bold enough. I told her, from the look on her face, it must have turned her on. She said that his hard dick felt really good pressing into her pussy and that Marsha had explained that the greatest compliment a man could give a woman was to get a hard-on and tell her he wanted to fuck her. I told her she had three hours to get complimented all she wanted and to tease all she wanted and then we were going to the room and I would demonstrate her greatest compliment! She asked me if I meant it. I told her I wanted her horny out of her mind when we fucked. She asked if I didn’t mind them wanting to fuck her. I told her I wanted to fuck her the first time I saw her and I expected that any normal guy would want to fuck her, especially in her sexy, revealing outfit. I asked her if they’d all seen her panties getting out of the booth. She said she she’d made sure they had. I asked her if she knew when she bent over, leaning over the table, that her tits and ass were exposed. She said that was the general idea! I told her it was our next to the last night here. She kissed me, deeply.

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