Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

The next morning we fucked and planned our Friday evening escapade. We went shopping and bought Debbie a thin, semi-sheer white spaghetti strap top and mini-skirt outfit. Her blouse exposed the top of her big, wide set, outward pointing tits to the top of her aureoles and about an inch of the insides of them clear to the bottom of her tits. The color of her aureole and nipples was obvious. It draped seductively between her tits and around the outsides, displaying the full height and width of her tits. Her period was starting Monday and her aureole had swollen, puffing her aureole to twice their normal size (and sensitivity). It went down to two inches above her belly button. The slightly sheer mini-skirt barely went to mid-thigh. With light behind her you could see the silhouette of her legs through it. It draped into her ass crack. We’d found a pussy pink stretch knit, sheer g-string that molded to her pussy. Debbie modeled it in front of the mirror in our room. Half her cunt hair was exposed. Debbie danced in front of the mirror. Her tits jiggled seductively. Her skirt rose up to her g-string, exposing her thighs to the point where they curved inward toward her pussy, making a fucking gap with her thigh-high stockings squeezing the tops of her thighs. We watched in the mirror while we slow danced, me holding her hand in mine, pressing my fingers into the side of her braless tit. She asked how her tit felt. I said, “Naked.” I easily worked her blouse to the outside of her naked nipple. She said it was going to be an extreme turn-on, knowing that they were feeling her braless tits and seeing her naked nipple this time. We fucked. We went shopping again and bought her pair of really tall, black, spike heels and “tall” shear black, stay up by themselves, thigh-high stockings. They went clear up to her crotch and the bottom of her ass cheeks, squeezing her thighs, creating an even larger gap between the top of her thighs and her cunt. Debbie commented that Steve’s big curved porno cock was really going to be able to stroke her pussy the way her stockings squeezed her thighs open. She modeled the outfit and I bent her over the end of the bed, pulled her skirt up, g-string aside, and fucked the shit out of her.

We went to dinner and our waiter, Steve, from the night before, got an eye full of tit. We had a couple glasses of wine and Debbie was loose. As was I. It was 9:00PM. Steve gave us our receipt and said he’d see us there. He saw Debbie’s sheer pink pantied pussy when she got up to leave.


At the club we went to the booth at the back of the dance floor with the same two men at the tables across from it. Two more guys, that our two friends obviously knew, sat at another table close by a while later. They ordered us a round of drinks. I told the waitress, “Scotch on the rocks.” There weren’t many people there yet and we had the whole and back third of the dance floor to ourselves. Debbie danced with the two guys from the evening before. Her braless tits bounced and swayed and jiggled. Her skirt twisted with her hips, rising to the bottom of her crotch, showing the tops of her thigh high stockings. She sat back down with me and asked how she looked. I said, “Fuckable!” We slow danced, our crotches glued together. The guys kept drinks cumming to our table. We were both pretty drunk. She danced a few more fast songs with them and a slow song came on before she got back to the table. I was dancing and watched her partner steer her to the back corner of the dance floor. Two of the guys, dancing, blocked my view of her, except for part of her head. Occasionally I could see her smiling face. Once I saw her upper torso from the side and it looked like the guy she was dancing with’s hand was at her tit level, a slutty grin on her face. The guys blocking my view, whose faces I could see, were grinning. Then I saw them looking down at her ass level, grinning lewdly. I immediately wondered if she was getting her tits and ass felt. I knew Debbie was pretty drunk and how much she liked being felt up. I also knew how well her tits and ass felt. I was struck with jealousy. I also felt an INCREDIBLE ache in my hard fucking cock! Fuck. Was Debbie being felt up? Where did he have his hands? My cock involuntarily ground into the crotch of the girl I was dancing with. She pressed back into me. Debbie went back to our table and bent over, reaching for her drink at the back of the table. We could see the bottoms of her tits and ass.

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