Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

Debbie said she was ready to fuck. She wanted her brains fucked out. All the guys were looking at her. Fuck, she was horny and drunk. We watched Steve let the guy he was sitting with smell his fingers. Steve looked at us and licked his fingers. Debbie was embarrassed. Shirley laughed and said they looked like they’d both thoroughly enjoyed themselves as much as we’d enjoyed watching them. She wanted to know if Steve had gotten his fingers up her cunt or ass hole. Debbie said, “No, thank, God.” Shirley wanted to know if she always came that hard and long, saying she was envious.

We fucked immediately at the room. We both exploded almost immediately. She devoured my cock, cleaning it and crammed my face into her cunt and ass hole. I eagerly sucked up my cum from her cunt. Her ass tasted incredible mixed with her cunt juices and my cum. Like fucking! Debbie exploded on my tongue in her ass hole. She said it really turned her on to let them see her in her g-sting. And see her tits jiggle and bounce around. She said Steve masturbating her cunt with his prick and hand at the same time, and feeling her asshole and braless tits and her jacking his huge cock while we all watched was the sexiest horniest thing imaginable. She slid her fingers up her cunt and put them in my mouth. It had really turned me on watching Debbie. And, she hadn’t actually fucked another guy. I could live with her being felt and fingered. Especially by men we didn’t know and wouldn’t see again. Probably. Until tomorrow night!!!


The next day Debbie said she couldn’t wait to go dancing that night. I told her she should leave them something to remember her by. She looked puzzled. I said, “Your final tease of the weekend.” Her panties!! Saturday night was commando night and everyone was supposed to go commando at midnight. And, if anyone was caught with bra or panties or underwear on, their partner had to take them off on the dance floor. Debbie said it would be a real turn on to let me watch Steve reach up under her skirt and take her g-string off in front of everyone. We went to Frederick’s and bought her a totally sheer pale pink stretch nylon g-string that only covered her cunt, barely. All of her cunt hair was exposed. The top came to a point and spread out over her cunt, molding to every wrinkle and her lips, sinking into her cunt. It ended in a point right at the bottom of her fuck hole. Her clit was swollen and obvious. The strings were barely a sixteenth of an inch thick. It came with a matching halter bra. It exposed an inch of tit on the bottom, two inches of the outsides and three inches insides and the top of her tits to the top of her aureoles. We found a sheer white halter top. It covered all of her tits and molded to her swollen puffy nipples. It didn’t distort her tits and allowed them to jiggle and swing as if they were naked. A hot pink, semi-sheer mini wraps skirt. Short, short. No hose and her super high heels. Friday night all the women were really showing off and Saturday night was supposed to be really wilder. When she was sitting the right side of her skirt lay down between her thighs, exposing her entire naked outer thigh and hip. You could hardly see the string of her panties.

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