Extremely Erotic Cuckold story – 4

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Hi All
This is imaginary story, don’t take it personally or religiously, I have another story with muslim cuckold and hindu bull.
So just relax and enjoy this extremely erotic Cuckold story.
You can let me know your feedback on [email protected]

Part 4

We will call the last event day as shock day when Shilpa had sex with javed in front of me for the 1st time.

Fast Forward 1 month to Shock day.
Shilpa has become dominant in our relationship. She has started telling me to do daily house chores like sweeping, making morning tea, washing utensils etc. Shilpa now meets javed almost every day either in his office or his flat or in some hotels. Recently even javed started coming to our house.
I’ve resigned from job and started documentation for starting company (as told by javed) to get municipal contracts/tenders, with a condition, Shilpa will be 51% and I should be 49% shareholder in a company. Javed shall have 10% cut from the company.

Fast Forward 3 months to Shock Day.
Now most of house chores except cooking are my responsibility, Shilpa takes care of the cooking part. Javed and Shilpa have stopped meeting outside and are now meeting at our home only.
I’m relieved from the job after serving notice period. Company formation is completed and I’m now waiting to get first work in our company.
The day I was relieved from the job, Javed took me and Shilpa out for a dinner. He asked me to drive and both of them sat behind. Shilpa was dressed in a Sleevless black tight top and blue denim, gifted by javed. They both started kissing, fondling in car. I was looking from the mirror and was getting hard on.
We reached to hotel, Javed order Drinks and starter. Then he informed to agenda of todays dinner meeting. He said, from today onwards you should call me Sir and Shilpa as Mam. From today whenever I will be coming to your place, your duties will be
1. Open door with smile for me.
2. Greeting me and thanking me saying Thank you sir for coming to pleasure my wife.
3. Prepare table and serve us meals.
4. Serve us drinks.
5. Be available all the time when I and Shilpa are having sex for any help we need.
6. We will be calling you cuck from now on.
And be relax all this arrangement is going to be only when three of us are there.

I said angrily, you want to call me cuck? Fuck I’m not agreeing to this. To which Shilpa replied so you are OK with other conditions except being called as cuck? Javed replied he has no option than to agree. I said yes with little reluctance.
We finished our drinks and dinner, Javed asked me to get the car from the parking, I felt like he ordered me like a driver. I obeyed and went to take out car. Javed and Shilpa were coming laughing with Javed’s hand around Shilpa’s waist. Both of them slide in back seat and I drove back to our home. On the way back Javed asked me do you have whiskey at home? I said I don’t. he asked me to stop on a liquor shop and get bottle of whiskey for him and vodka for Shilpa. I Stopped at a liquor shop Javed handed me money, I went and bought whiskey and vodka and returned. We reached home.
Javed asked us to go upstairs and he will follow. I and Shilpa went, we both were sitting on sofa in the living room. After 5 minutes doorbell rang, I opened the door it was Javed, he stepped in, I closed the door and was going inside that when Javed grabbed me by shirt and turned my face to him, he then slapped me very tight, I stumbled and was in anger, I said what’s this behavior. He said did you forget the rules I explained you sometime back. And you had objection in we calling you cuck, right? He held my balls and started squeezing and said do you still have problem?? I was crying in pain and somehow managed to say no I don’t have any problem, please leave me. He released my balls, it too me 30-40 seconds to regain my senses.

Shilpa was looking all this quietly. Javed said now better be a good cuck and recall the rules. I understood I have not option in life now than to agree and obey whatever Javed and Shilpa tells me. Javed said I’m stepping out and will ring the doorbell, hope you follow the rules this time. He went out.

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