Sexy married woman seduces his boss

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Cuck lets blonde wife spend night in black boss’s hotel room

Two years or so after my sexy little blonde hotwife got her first taste of the special eroticism of interracial sex, a significant new development occurred when my boss flew down south from Chicago to spend some time working with me. I had an idea that the real purpose of his trip was to have an excuse to visit his aunt, which he pronounced ‘awnt’ in New Orleans. When we’d discussed his trip on the phone, he had hinted at his true intent of wanting to spend more time with his aunt, who was a mother to him. She had raised him, briefly in New Orleans, then through high school in Chicago after emigrating north, before retiring to her hometown and Louisiana heritage.

Eager to be shed of him as quickly as possible, I had circumspectly suggested that I would gladly cover for him by setting appointments in New Orleans and reporting he’d made those calls with me. Grateful for my collusion in his little deceit, he offered to take Blondie and me to dinner.

What makes this story memorable is that Beauregard, or Beau, was black. In the current spirit of diversity in corporate America, he’d been promoted over older, more qualified, white candidates and had been my supervisor for a few somewhat uncomfortable months. Possessing the requisite degrees in business and finance, Beau had no field experience in our specialized marketing of a line of institutional financial products. Having no desire to relocate to cold, crime-ridden Chicago from the Gulf Coast, I did not covet the position myself, and thus made a genuine effort to familiarize my new, so-called supervisor with our market.

While somewhat suspicious of my motives, Beau seemed truly pleased, that I was willing to accept a younger, less experienced black man as my superior and help him learn the business. Not to say, however, that we did not have our differences. Out to prove himself, he frequently came up with ideas he thought were innovative, only to learn the company had previously tried similar programs that hadn’t proved effective. Being the senior, most experienced of Beau’s regional managers, it was generally left to me to show him this, so our relationship was a bit uneven.

Blondie had first met Beau at a managers’ meeting in Colorado a couple of months earlier, where wives had attended. She’d found him attractive and had remarked to me that she’d gladly fuck him if she got the chance. We’d been in a hotwife/cuckold relationship since early in our marriage, so her open lust didn’t surprise me, especially knowing how interracial sex turned her on. Since that trip, we’d fantasized frequently about her fucking Beau but had agreed it was a scenario fraught with risk. He seemed a bit of a puritan, married to an overweight, religious, straight-laced, tea-totaling schoolteacher. They had five, closely-spaced kids, indicating his virility and potency, another turn-on for my bayou belle.

In Colorado, Blondie had lamented that Beau was wasted in such a conventional marriage, so when she learned that he was coming to Mobile, she quickly informed me that if I didn’t want to shepherd him around, she’d gladly keep him occupied. I reminded her that my new boss seemed awfully straight-arrow and any attempt to seduce him might endanger my position. My short, little Cajun cutie smiled knowingly and purred,

“Well, you know, cher, it just might be the other way around if he likes what I do to him, hmm?”

My exasperated glance brought a smug murmur, “An’ have you met any black guys yet who don’t like what I do to them, hmm?”

I just grinned, shaking my head as she continued, “They always seem to want to come back and get some more of it, don’t they, sugar pie?”

“An’ I betcha your big ol’ good-lookin’ boss would be just the same way, don’t you sugar?”

Beau flew in late Sunday and took a cab to the Admiral Semmes, an old but stately downtown hotel. I met him Monday morning and we put in a reasonably pleasant, productive day. About 4:45 he suggested we knock off and return to the hotel. After making several phone calls and discussing more business for another hour, we repaired to the bar to await Blondie.

When she walked in a little before 7:00, she was radiantly beautiful. She’d had her full, shoulder length, platinum hair freshly bleached the previous week and it appeared she’d had her nails done professionally sometime earlier in the day in the same shade as her frosted, hot pink lipstick. Her cream-colored, business suit had a short, tight skirt and her shapely legs looked great in tan pantyhose and pink spike-heeled pumps with dainty ankle straps. She’d accented her pink satin blouse with multistrands of iridescent pearls and matching earrings.

She turned several heads when she strolled in, flashing her dazzling smile at an obviously impressed Beau…giving him a warm hug…noticeably pressing her buxom little body against him longer than necessary. Holding him close, letting him get a good whiff of her intoxicating perfume, she looked up, directly into his eyes, and purred flirtatiously,

“Well I’m just so glad you could finally make it down, Beau. I told Rick after the meeting in Colorado that I sure was hopin’ I’d get an opportunity to get to know you a lot better, cher.”

There was a noticeably suggestive emphasis on “lot” which she drew out in her Cajun-inflected, Louisiana drawl, “laaahhht bettah, shayah.”

We had a couple more rounds of drinks at the hotel bar then decided we’d best get some food. Beau had knocked back four bourbons fairly quickly, more than I’d ever seen him drink before, and was showing signs of their effect. I was surprised at his pronounced difference in demeanor this evening…he was definitely loosening up…it was evident that his very correct business English was lapsing into a more relaxed black idiom. Most tellingly, he hadn’t quit grinning since my gorgeous little Dixie Pixie walked in.

For her part, even though they were both early-thirties, Blondie behaved as if he were the most worldly, sagacious, charming man she’d ever met. She feigned fascination with his every word, smiling warmly at him and gazing into his eyes while listening raptly to his tales of corporate intrigue. She laughed heartily at his every feeble attempt at humor, flirting shamelessly. I foolishly hoped that her behavior could be attributed to nothing more than a good wife’s earnest efforts to be especially nice to her husband’s boss.

The restaurant Blondie selected was in the entertainment complex just down the street. The complex included three differently themed bars, one of which had a dance band playing during happy hour and on into the evening. At the restaurant, the combination of our continued drinking and the muffled, thumping beat down the way was making Blondie tap the table rhythmically with her long pink nails and move her body provocatively to the music. Attentively watching her movements, Beau teased,

“I don’t suppose you like to dance, Blondie?” My Dixie Pixie replied with an unbelievably sexy, hot pink pout of those full lips, sighing with contrived exasperation,

“Well of course! I love to dance but ol’ stick-in-the-mud there doesn’t. All he ever wants to do is sit back and watch me prancin’ around half-naked for his viewin’ pleasure.”

Beau raised an eyebrow at that too-candid revelation and looked at me appraisingly, a crafty smile on his face, and, I was willing to bet, forming an interesting mental picture of my wife “prancing around half-naked.” Tilting her head at him and smiling sexily, Blondie cooed,

“I bet you’re a real good dancer aren’t you, Beau?”

Beau gamely responded with a big grin, “Sure, all us black dudes got natural rhythm, you know.”

Peering into his eyes, Blondie winked suggestively and murmured,

“Mmmm, I just bet you do. An’ I hear tell that comes in real handy for other things, too, tu sais (you know) cher?”

Cutting a sly glance at me, she purred,

“You know, Beau, ever since I was a jeune fille (young girl) growing up over in Baton Rouge, I’ve always heard such interestin’ things about black men, such very interestin’ things.”

Gazing steadily, she smiled seductively and murmured,

“Sure makes a girl curious, you know?”

They held meaningful eye contact for a good ten seconds before he shook his head with disbelief at what he’d just heard. Cocking his head at me with an eyebrow lifted, he tried to laugh it off,

“Hey, Rick, are modern Southern women all this outspoken nowadays?”

I grinned back at his loaded question, “Beau, when my little sweetie is drinking, there is no telling what will come out of that luscious mouth. That little Louisiana belle is liable to say anything at any time to absolutely anybody.”

Blondie was still smiling serenely at Beau as she purred seductively, “Or do anything…”

Again they exchanged a long, significant look. Undeniably, all the alcohol we’d consumed was easing everyone’s inhibitions, although mine not enough to keep me from having misgivings about Blondie’s intentions toward my corporate honcho. Was she just flirting or was she actually trying to seduce him? If she were serious about it and it backfired on us, what then? Facing back to me, smiling prettily, she said,

“It’s still early, Rick, so why don’t we go in after we finish dinner here an’ dance just a little while, d’accord (okay)?” Smiling playfully at Beau she mocked,

“After all, I have never had the opportunity to dance with someone with natural rhythm.”

Holding her eyes on his, Blondie continued meaningfully,

“An’ Dickie boy, if you just wanna sit back and watch, I bet your boss wouldn’t mind showin’ your wife all his best moves tonight, would you, Beau?”

Blondie knew I did not like to be called Dickie in public and only did it to needle me or tease me. It’s what she called me when she was fucking black guys and wanted to play the game of taunting and humiliating the white, cuckold husband. Most black guys ate it up. I’d generally go along with game because, in truth, it did add to the excitement, but I hated being called Dickie out in public. I flashed that my horny mate had just signaled her intentions for the evening.

There was an awkward lull in the conversation as Beau and I sat there pondering Blondie’s question. Sit and watch what, exactly: his best moves on the dance floor or his best moves in bed? Knowing my sweetie’s tastes and tendencies, I’d bet the farm on both. It was a long few seconds before I finally nodded.

“Sure, why not?” said Beau, returning her steady gaze, and flashing me an uncertain smile as he opted for the more innocent interpretation. He continued, “Sure…yes…of course, Blondie… I’d love to dance with you.”

At that very moment the band down the hall struck up the old Elvis song, “Big Boss Man” and Blondie smiled brightly at Beau and cooed,

“Well now, isn’t that just so appropriate, sugar, hmm?”

With a start I realized that ‘sugah’ had been aimed at him not me. It was the first time she’d called him anything but Beau or cher. Blondie started humming the tune…moving her body to the rhythm as she gazed across the table at him. Smiling warmly, she raised her eyebrows and sang softly along with the band,

“Well, I’m gonna get me a boss man, one gonna treat me right, work me hard in the day time,”

She paused here. Then with another wink and a wicked smile, she improvised,

“An’ work me hard all night.”

“Big Boss Man, can you hear me when I call? Oh you ain’t so big, you just tall that’s all!”

“Big Boss Man, gonna work me hard tonight, oh, oh yeah, oh, oh yeah!”

As she sang the words softly, her steady, mocking gaze never left Beau’s face and he grinned back at her gamely but uncertainly.

Despite the relaxing effect of the alcohol, I was getting very uneasy with Blondie’s outrageously flirtatious behavior. After all, the guy was my manager and up until tonight, I’d considered him a prude. I knew full well that my sweetie could be quite brazen and her actions unpredictable when she drank. From the moment she’d greeted Beau at the hotel bar, there had been a mounting air of sexual tension in our little trio, and that sultry reference to being curious about what she’d heard about black men, turned the erotic atmosphere as thick as our Gulf Coast humidity.

Her question about me watching Beau show her his best moves was a glaringly obvious double entendre. Still, having no idea of just how far this might go, I told myself to let it play out. Beau certainly seemed to be enjoying himself, undeniably feeling the booze and clearly unable to keep his eyes from lingering speculatively on my sexy spouse. Who knew? He just might be receptive to a seduction. Looking like she did sitting there, Blondie would be hard for any man to resist.

Holy crap! Was it really possible that my wife was going to fuck my boss tonight?

Beau called for the check and a few minutes later we strolled down the brick cobbled walkway to the bar where the band was playing. As soon as we entered the smoky, dimly lighted club, Blondie hooked her arm through his and said,

“C’mon, Big Boss Man, take me out there an’ show Dickie boy how to keep his woman happy!”

Handing me her purse, she said, “Make yourself useful an’ grab those three open stools at the bar an’ order us a drink. I’ll bring your boss back in a while, d’accord?”

She pulled Beau onto the dance floor and they began to boogie…her without inhibition…him with more restraint…apparently more concerned than Blondie with the many pairs of eyes following them. Blondie always attracted male attention but this was different. This was, after all, the city of Mobile, in South Alabama, where black males, even executive types in expensive suits, still weren’t frequently seen dancing with white women in those days. The lingering existence of that particular social taboo didn’t appear to have any impact on my tipsy babe, who quickly began incorporating a variety of overtly suggestive moves in her dancing. Looking around and seeing no familiar faces, I thought,

“Thank god, the crowd appears to be mostly tourists and business travelers tonight!”

There were only four other blacks in the room; two couples sharing a table between the bar and the dance floor from me. Smiling to myself, I wondered how shocked those watching would be if they knew just how much that beautiful blonde, white woman liked black dick. Blondie had been having sex with other men while I watched since her twenty-fifth birthday and how that came to pass is related in two stories in Loving Wives: How Blondie Became a Hotwife and Blondie Finally Begins Her Hotwife Life.

She’d had her first black lover just two years ago, an event proving to be of major consequence. Impressed with the sexual prowess of black men and the size of their equipment, she’d quickly developed a fondness for the forbidden pleasures of interracial sex. The heightened eroticism of culturally prohibited intercourse made my small, white, Southern sweetie highly responsive to black men, to the extent that she could sometimes achieve orgasm with them during intercourse, something she did infrequently with her white partners, including me.

Blondie looked great with her perfect makeup, her platinum hair, her cream-colored suit with the pink blouse, short skirt and sexy pink, high heels, out there strutting her stuff. Beau’s concerns seemed to be waning as he gradually relaxed, appearing to be mesmerized by my lovely, alluring Southern belle, who was ever more flagrantly flaunting her glowing sexuality. I told myself once again to just let it play out, to wait and see where the evening took us. When Blondie drank like she was drinking tonight, she could become very impetuous and very determined to get what she wanted—and very unhappy with me if I tried to prevent it.

They stayed out on the floor for several numbers before returning to the bar to cool down. Beau was sweating slightly and Blondie’s face was glowing with exertion and obvious pleasure. Slipping her arm around Beau’s waist, she pulled him close…standing with her hip firmly against his thigh. The same height as me, he was a full head taller than her.

She smiled sweetly at me and said, “This guy really has some nice, sexy moves, cher, some real sexy moves.” Smiling at Beau, she gibed mischievously,

“Well, you’re right, sugar—looks like you’ve proved that part of the rumor—you have definitely got rhythm, baby.”

Just then the bandleader announced to the mostly older crowd that it was time to slow the pace a bit, a pronouncement greeted by a number of muted cheers from the older dancers and jeers from the few younger ones. Blondie looked at Beau expectantly, took both his hands in both of hers, cooing seductively,

“Well how ’bout it, handsome? I’d be awfully interested in seein’ what kinda moves you mecs noirs (black dudes) have on the slow numbers, hmm?”

Turning to me, she winked, saying, “How ’bout it, Dickie boy? You mind if your boss takes your wife out there for a little belly-rubbin’ session, hmm, cher?”

When I said nothing, she murmured, “Why don’t you just sit there an’ drink while I see if I can find out a little more about what these mecs noirs are supposed to have, d’accord?”

Beau threw me a look of startled incredulity but didn’t resist as my insistent bayou belle pulled him out into the growing mass of dancers, where they would dance the next five songs without returning to their drinks. Thankfully the crowd was large for a Monday night—a convention the bartender told me—and the place was busy.

From the bar I caught frequent glimpses through the packed, semi-darkened, dance floor and could see that from the start of the first number, Blondie had her body pressed firmly against his, and well before the end of the song she was pushing her pelvis in and rotating it against his thigh. Their significant difference in height put her crotch at the level of his middle thigh and his crotch against her belly.

It was obvious to anyone watching, that my gorgeous, blonde babe was rubbing her hot little body all over my big, black boss. Her shapely legs were enclosing one of his and her lovely bottom was twisting slowly and seductively with the music. They were smiling and talking, and several times, when Beau bent his head down, apparently to hear her better, their faces were so close I thought for a panicky moment that she might actually kiss him. That would incite a riot in this place, I was certain. I’d already noticed a few watching white people nudging each other and whispering back and forth, most probably condemning this vulgar violation of southern culture.

Beau was avoiding eye contact with me, but Blondie connected frequently, winking slyly a number of times. Once, as they slowly turned, Blondie was facing me, her face resting against his chest; she looked straight into my eyes, opened that luscious mouth and ran her tongue suggestively around her lips a couple of times. Smiling impishly, she dropped her chin to her chest, leading my gaze down to her hips just as she pushed her belly into his groin and twisted her hips with a circular grinding movement against his leg. She looked at me again, her eyes smoldering, and her lips pouting in a provocative air kiss.

Beau looked down at her, smiled happily and dropped his hand from her back to a more possessive resting position on her upper buttock. He pulled her closer and she responded by grinding her belly and groin against him again, this time keeping her hips moving in an insistent sexual rotation. All the while, she locked eyes with me, clearly defiant, as if she were daring me and any other observers to do anything about her so openly and obviously rubbing her body against this black man.

Finally looking up at him, she extended her hand to the back of his neck, pulled his head down and put her mouth to his ear. As Beau spun her away, it appeared that she had her tongue in it and I saw that large black hand, in stark contrast against her tight cream-colored skirt, drop more, almost cupping her ass as he pulled her in tighter. I looked around, hoping that, in fact, only those two black couples were paying attention to the fact that my white wife was dry-fucking my black manager on the dance floor.

The band played continuously, segueing from one number to the next until they finally took a break. Blondie and Beau returned to the bar arm-in-arm, both of them now sweating in the coastal humidity despite the air conditioning. As they approached, I could see Beau was trying discreetly to conceal his erection with the hem of his suit jacket. As she perched atop her stool, Blondie looked directly at the rather prominent bulge in his trousers, smiled naughtily at me, then back at him, and teased,

“Oh my, Dickie boy, your boss has some real nice moves on the belly-rubbers. He got this little ol’ Cajun girl all hot and bothered out there, I swear he did, cher.”

Then, looking directly at his erection, she whispered wickedly,

“Well will you just looky here, Dickie boy? Why I do believe your boss has taken a fancy to your little ol’ wife. I think he likes me, cher…” then flicking her eyes back to his groin, she teased, “At least it sure looks like part of him does…”

Then with devilish mirth, “Sure felt like it when we were dancin, too, tu sais (you know)?”

Waiting a long beat for effect, she looked back at me, smiling even more wickedly, and murmured,

“Yeah, cher, I think maybe your boss would like to give your little baby girl a big ol’ bone-us, hmmm?” placing a leering emphasis on bone.

I just stared at the two of them, not sure what to say—clearly they’d been up to a helluva lot more than just sexy dancing out there. I replied quietly, “I think maybe you’ve had too much to drink, Blondie.”

Blondie stuck her tongue out at me, then snickered smugly,

“Oh connerie (bullshit)! Don’t be such an ol’ fuddy-duddy! Tais-toi un instant et écoute (Shut up for a moment an’ listen), Dickie boy!”

With an absolutely diabolical grin, she whispered,

“I can now confirm somethin’ else with first-hand knowledge…you know, that other thing that you always hear about black men? Well, I do believe that’s true, too!”

Grinning naughtily, she waited another beat, looked steadily into Beau’s eyes, her own eyes smoking with sexual heat, as she purred,

“At least it’s sure enough true about this one…” then continued in a whispered growl, husky with unconcealed lust, “An’ I do mean true, absolument vrai mon mari cocu (absolutely true my cuckold husband).”

Praying that Beau didn’t speak any French, I said, “Dial it back, Blondie.” Instead she teased,

“As a matter of fact, your little ol’ South Looziana sweetie knows première main (first-hand) it’s true about this one…oh putain ouais (oh fuck yeah), baby, Blondie knows first-hand, doesn’t she, Big Boss Man?”

With that, she slipped off her stool, crowded in close to Beau and raked her long pink nails up the prominent bulge in his trousers, causing him to shudder involuntarily. We just stood there in an awkward silence until an obviously flustered Beau, drained his drink, asked me to order another round, and then excused himself to go to the men’s room. As soon as he was out of earshot, I asked Blondie just what the hell she thought she was doing. She grinned her bad-girl grin and in a low, husky voice, whispered,

“Détendez-vous, d’accord (Relax okay)?—everything’s cool—I’ve got it under control, cher.”

When I just stared, she smirked confidently and murmured, “Guess what, sugar…your big ol’ black boss just told your little ol’ white wife he wants to take her back to his room an’ fuck her.”

I was speechless so she continued, “Mmm, hmm, an’ he’s cool with you watchin’ us, too.”

Responding to my startled expression, Blondie leered, “Lemme bring you up to speed, sugar, before he gets back, d’accord?” With a smirking smile, she began her update,

“Honey, he got this huge hard-on durin’ the first slow dance, soon as I pushed my belly up against his crotch an’ it embarrassed him so he tried to pull back, to keep it from touchin’ me.”

“But I stayed right up there nice ‘n close, tight against him an’ told him to relax, that at my age it sure wasn’t the first time that had ever happened to me.”

She grinned, “Then I pressed up against his cock even harder an’ told him that I was most definitely impressed…that while it might not be the first one, it sure felt like the biggest one I’ve ever had rubbed on my belly on a dance floor.”

“I told him it just to stay cool, ’cause I thought it was sweet and flattering to get such a response from my husband’s boss, like a sexy compliment and it was making me feel sexy, very sexy.”

“Well, tellin’ that boy somethin like that got him to admit that he thinks I am sexy, very sexy, just about the sexiest woman he’s ever known.”

Blondie gave me a gloating smile and continued, “He called me a fox, confessed he’d been very attracted to me in Colorado, said he thought I was a stone fox the first time he laid eyes on me.”

“I confessed that I had felt the same way about him. Then I looked him right in the eye an’ started rubbin’ up against that hard-on real good, really grindin’ into it an’ rubbin’ my titties on him too. I told him that I was very happy to hear that it was a mutual attraction. I told him, I’d been havin’ some very naughty thoughts about him ever since Colorado an’ that his immediate physical reaction was pretty good evidence he had similar feelin’s.”

Poking me playfully, she grinned, “He actually moaned an’ said, ‘Oh yeah, I do, baby!'”

“I pushed up against his dick an’ told him that it felt good hearin’ him call me baby.”

“Then I gave his dick a hard grind an’ said, ‘Know what I mean, baby?’ an’ all he could say was, ‘Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah.'”

Blondie took a large swallow from her drink, then continued her account, “For the rest of that number, I was layin’ it on him hot ‘n heavy, babe, tellin’ him, over an’ over, ‘Mmmm, it’s so big, so fuckin’ hard, baby, an’ it feels so fuckin’ good, baby, so fuckin’ good.'”

“He ate that up, me sayin’ fuck like that…told me I was a bad girl an’ said he loves bad girls.”

“Then I said to him, ‘Baby, your wife is a very lucky woman…I bet she wants that big ol’ thing all the time, doesn’t she?’ He just snorted, ‘Don’t I wish!’ He said that when they first got married, she couldn’t get enough of it but the fire had gone out after they’d had so many kids an’ she’d put on so much weight.”

“I asked him if he’d ever had sex with a white woman. He said no but he’d always wanted to, always thought it would be very excitin’. I told him that bein’ raised in Baton Rouge, where such a thing was totally taboo, I’d always found the idea very intriguin’.”

“Then I rubbed against his cock again really good and murmured, ‘Mmm, your cock’s so big an’ hard…what a waste, baby…what a shame some lucky woman’s not gettin’ some of that on a regular basis.'”

“Then I ground my pussy on his leg real hard an’ told him, ‘You better believe if I had a husband with a dick like this, I’d be takin’ real good care of it for ‘im, honey, real good…I’d prolly stay horny all the fuckin’ time just thinkin’ about the next time I was gonna get some more of it!'”

“Then, Rick, he grinned at me an’ asked, ‘So, contrary to what most women say, size does make a difference, hunh?'”

“I smiled up at him an’ replied, ‘Baby, I’ll bet the only women who believe it doesn’t are the ones who’ve never had a big one before, know what I mean?'”

“Then he grinned, pushed his big ol’ hard-on into my belly, an’ asked, ‘You just said if your husband had one this big you’d be turned on all the time—does that mean he doesn’t?'”

“I said, ‘Oh no, he’s hung okay, but I have had a lot bigger ones, baby, so little Blondie knows the difference…knows what she’s talkin’ about.'”

Winking at me, she teased, “I told him I’ve had bigguns an’ littluns, an bigguns are definitely more satisfyin’ an’ that a girl just needs to get a little somethin’ extra in her once in a while.”

“That’s when I decided to just go for it, Rick. You should have seen the smile on his face when I rubbed my belly on his dick and whispered in his ear, ‘Yeah, baby, every now an’ then it feels real good to get a little somethin’ extra, an’ compared to my husband’s, your big, ol’ black dick would definitely be fuckin’ extra, oh fuck yeah it would.'”

“An’ I said it just like that, too, cher—I said ‘black dick’ with a lotta emphasis. Then I told him, ‘An’ right this minute, baby, I’m thinking real seriously about goin’ back over to that bar an’ askin’ Rick if he’d like to watch his wife an’ his boss do a different kinda dance tonight.'”

Blondie grinned, “That resulted in a rather startled expression.”

“Then I smiled innocently and said, ‘But of course, I understand the problem with my husband bein’ your employee, so if you just want to dance sexy and talk dirty, just do a little flirtin’ Beau, that’s okay, too…I suppose.'”

“I’d seen some people watchin’ us an’ warned him, ‘But may I suggest, that if we are gonna keep dancin’ like this, we do need to go someplace with a little more privacy. This is South Alabama, you know…people are watchin’ us, baby, an’ we don’t want to be causin’ a scene, now do we?'”

“Then I pulled his head down, flicked my tongue in his ear and whispered, ‘I’ll bet we could find somethin’ to dance to on the radio in your room, lover, think maybe?'”

“Honey, I had him throbbin’ hard by then so I decided to take it up another notch an’ asked him if he smokes dope.”

That brought me off the bar stool as I sputtered, “You fucking what! Goddamnit, Blondie, he’s my fucking corporate supervisor you crazy little bitch!”

Blondie just looked at me levelly, smiling evenly, and replied,

“Chill, Dickie boy—everything’s cool, d’accord? He smokes all right…he said he hasn’t in a while…but that he isn’t opposed to doing it occasionally…in the right company. I asked him if that included his regional manager’s wife an’ he said,

‘Damn straight! You know it, baby—you guys got some?'”

“I told him I had some really good stuff, real sexy dope that always made me feel real hot an’ uninhibited. He laughed an’ asked if I’d already been smokin’ it. I just smiled, shook my head an’ rubbed up against him good again an’ told him real sexy like,

‘Beau, baby, if you wanna see this little Cajun girl really hot an’ uninhibited, just take me on back to your room, okay? We’ll smoke some sexy weed an’ dance the way we both really want to, okay, darlin’? Then we’ll just hafta see where things go from there. Wanna do that right now, baby, hmm?'”

She smiled her bad-girl smile at me, whispering, “An’ of course he does, honey. Oh, he most surely does, but naturally, he was concerned about you.”

“He asked me how you’d fit into that picture an’ I told him not to worry, that you were a very broadminded husband when it came to sex, understandin’ that a girl needs a little somethin’ extra once in a while an’ you’ll go along with whatever I want. I said you aren’t likely to object to our havin’ a little party as long as you get to watch. I asked him if he remembered the look on your face when I made the remark in the restaurant about you watchin’ him show me his moves. I told him you knew then that I wasn’t talkin’ about dancin’.”

“I reassured him you aren’t the jealous type, an’ if we go back to his room an’ smoke some dope, you won’t care if we get sexy an’ play around. I told him it turns you on to see me tease an’ flirt with guys an’ rub it around on them like we were doin’ there on the dance floor.”

“I said that’s why you hadn’t already made any fuss about the way we were dancin’ tonight.”

“I told him to look over at you—you’d been watchin’ us the whole time we we’d been on the floor so you could obviously see how we were rubbin’ it all over each other. I told him this wasn’t the first time I’d danced with guys like this here in this club.”

Blondie grinned at me and continued, “Remember that lawyer from Atlanta we picked up here a few months ago? I told Beau about that—how we’d gone back to the guy’s hotel an’ the three of us had ourselves a very sexy little party.” Looking over her shoulder for Beau, she continued,

“I told him you had me take off my dress as soon as we got in the guy’s room. I described how I’d danced with him in my panties an’ bra an’ you hadn’t raised a bit of fuss when he began kissin’ me an’ feelin’ me up an’ rubbin’ his cock in my crotch. I told him how you’d encouraged the guy to go ahead an’ take my bra an’ panties off an’ dance naked with me.”

Again she glanced back for Beau before going on with,

“I told Beau that was one of the sexy thoughts I’d been havin’, rememberin’ dancin’ like that, an’ I asked him, ‘Baby wouldn’t you like to dance with me that way an’ have your big, ol’ black dick rubbin’ against my bare tummy without all these ol’ clothes in the way?'”

A gleam came into Blondie’s eyes as she smiled and whispered,

“Then I really hooked him when I said, ‘What Rick really likes is for me to put on a garterbelt an’ nylons an’ dance dirty, so I brought an overnight bag with some sexies, Beau. It’s in my car an’ I’ll put ’em on in your room. How ’bout it, honey, you want me to dance for you in a garterbelt an’ nylons tonight?'”

She grinned wickedly at me and said, “Oh, cher, you better believe he wants to see that. He was almost pantin’ by then.” She leaned in closer to me and whispered,

“We were dancin’ over in that dark corner by then an’ I didn’t see anybody watchin’ so I reached in between us an’ started squeezin’ an strokin’ his cock, up an’ down. While I was strokin’ it, I said, ‘Baby, when I start doin’ this up in your room, when my husband sees me strokin’ this big ol’ black cock, he’s gonna want to see me give you a lot more than just a hand job.'”

“I looked into his eyes, licked my lips an’ asked, ‘You understand what I’m sayin’, baby?’ That big ol’ stud moaned, Rick, he actually moaned.”

She smiled wickedly and went on, “Still rubbin’ his dick, I said, ‘Yeah, baby, that’s why we don’t have to worry about Rick, ’cause he gets off on watchin’…my husband likes to watch me do naughty things with other men, the naughtier the better.”

Blondie took another drink, then continued, “I let that sink in for a moment, then said, ‘An’ because this is such a special situation, you bein’ his boss an’ all, I know he’s gonna let us do whatever we want tonight, lover. When he first told me you were comin’ down, I told him I wanted to party with you, baby, but he said no way, not with you bein’ his boss.'”

“I looked into his eyes an’ said, ‘But I’d seen the way you were lookin’ at me in Colorado. An’ I know what men are thinkin’ when they give me that look, so I just decided to push it a little tonight on my own to let you know I’m available.'”

“I smiled at him an’ said, ‘Well, darlin, is what I’m holdin’ in my hand tellin’ me how you feel about it, hmm? Think maybe I’d be correct in assumin’ you’d like to put this big ol’ hard thing in me tonight, honey? Whether my husband works for you or not?'”

“He wanted to know how many times I’d gone all the way with other guys with you watchin’ an’ I looked into his eyes and whispered, ‘Oh baby, lots an’ lots of times an’ it makes me so hot, Beau…I get very, very aroused…just become incredibly responsive to other men when my husband’s watchin’ me with them cause that’s what turns him on…not just some guy fuckin’ his wife but his wife really fuckin’ the guy back.’ Then I told him,

“‘An’, baby, it’s been a while since I’ve had anything extra an’ I’m ready, Beau. I’m ready to do it tonight if you are, baby, okay? An’ I’ll make it really good for you, lover…give my husband just the kinda show he likes.'” I kept grindin’ it on him, looked him in the eye an’ asked him,

“‘You wanna fuck me, tonight, Boss Man?'”

“He said he couldn’t believe this was happenin’ but yes, definitely, he wanted to fuck me, that he’d been fantasizin’ about doin’ it since Colorado. I stuck my tongue in his ear again an’ whispered, ‘So have I, baby, so have I! An’ tonight we’re finally gonna get to do it, lover!'”

“I told him to go to the men’s room when we came back to the bar an’ give me a few minutes to make sure you were cool with everything. I warned him again that the only way you’d go along with the idea was if you actually got to go along an’ watch.”

She grinned that evil grin again and purred, “Even though somethin’s tellin’ me you’d let me go to his room an’ fuck him even if he wouldn’t let you watch.”

When I just looked at her levelly, she chuckled, “Somethin about lettin’ your black boss fuck your white wife really appeals to your cuck side—I can just feel it—it’s like you wanta give me to him like a present, ’cause he is your boss. I’m right aren’t I?”

Tilting her head, she eyed me appraisingly, then taunted, “Well maybe I’ll just give you what that cuck in you is cravin’, sugar bear. Maybe I’ll just let you go on home an’ sleep by yourself while I stay downtown an’ fuck that boy all night, Dickie boy, give that black stud all of little Blondie’s white pussy he can handle.”

“He’s already said he’ll let you watch but I can tell he’s still concerned with the circumstances, with you bein’ one of his employees. He wants to fuck me so bad he’ll agree to it, but maybe we’ll just let you watch for a while then leave us alone for the night.”

Looking at my watch, I said, “Where the hell is he anyhow? He’s been gone a while.”

Blondie said, “He said he might call his wife so he doesn’t have to later an’ interrupt the fun.”

Still giving me that appraising look, she tittered, “You know, the more I think about it the more the idea appeals to me of you givin’ me up to him for the night. With a depraved grin she said, “Kinda puts a different meanin’ on ‘Lettin’ him know who’s boss,’ doesn’t it?”

Twisting the knife she taunted, “Bet I’ll know for sure who’s the big dog, who’s my husband’s superior, anyway, by tomorrow mornin’, don’t you, Dickie boy?”

Tiring of her taunting, I said, “You’re getting ahead of yourself, hotpants—we don’t even know for sure he’ll end up going through with it—he may have changed his mind by the time he gets back here.”

A confidant Blondie said, “Oh, he’ll do it, I’ll make sure of that, just trust me! That horny black stud wants some of your wife’s sweet little ol’ white pussy bad, cher, real bad. He’ll do whatever he has to do to get some of mama’s lovin’ tonight, trust me on that, sugar, trust me.”

She smiled another vixen smile and whispered, “C’mon, Rick, lighten up an’ let’s have some fun tonight. Look, he’s much more intelligent and impressive than any of the other black guys I’ve been with, an’ he’s hung like a horse.”

When I just sat there looking at her thoughtfully, trying to decide if I wanted to kiss her or shoot her, she pledged,

“Go along with me on this an’ I promise I’ll put on a red hot show for you. God, my pussy is soppin’ wet just talkin’ about it! I mean it’s just such a sexy situation with him bein’ your boss, bein’ black and bein’ so well hung, too. You know how hot I get with big-dicked black guys an’ I’ve never spent the night with one by myself. Be honest with yourself, you an’ I both know you’ve wanted let him fuck me ever since you introduced us in Colorado. Now’s your chance to let him do it…all damned night…an’ I love the idea, so don’t be a trouble-fête (spoilsport).”

I just sat there staring at her so she whispered,

“C’mon, baby, now’s our chance. Let’s just go up to his room, smoke a number and see what happens. Who knows, he may chicken out an’ if he does we’ll blame my coming-on-so-strong on too much booze, okay? I mean, he certainly can’t make an issue of anything job-wise for you after the way he’s been rubbin’ his big dick all over me.”

Looking over her shoulder to see if Beau was returning yet she whispered conspiratorially,

“An’ if he does fuck me tonight, you’ll have your corporate supervisor right where you want him, sugar bear, compromised with dope and sex. By the way, I don’t want him to know I’ve screwed any other black guys…I want him to think he’s the first, okay?”

“I mean, he’s your boss, after all, so I might as well be strokin’ his ego while I’m strokin’ his cock, n’est-ce pas (isn’t that so)?”

I honestly didn’t know how to respond: should I be pissed at Blondie for putting the moves on Beau and revealing to him that I like to watch her get fucked…or for suggesting I should just go home and leave her with him for the night? Or should I be excited about what might be about to happen yet tonight. She was right, we had fantasized several times since the Colorado meeting about her having sex with Beau. The more I thought about it the more I liked the idea—both watching them and leaving her to spend the night in his bed—knowing that she would leave him wrung out and probably unconcerned about getting any actual work done.

And Blondie was right: it certainly couldn’t hurt to have my corporate superior compromised with both sex and dope. Besides, I really did want to watch my gorgeous, blond, white wife fuck another black guy. It had been a while since the last one. Seeing Beau returning to the bar, I took a deep breath and muttered,

“Here he comes. Okay, go for it, Blondie. You want to fuck him—spend the night with him? Go for it, hotpants. You make him sound like a player, not nearly as straight-laced as I’d thought.”

Blondie beamed at my approval and gave me a light kiss with a quick flick of warm tongue. As Beau joined us, she took his hand, flashed an absolutely radiant smile at him and said huskily,

“Everything’s cool, baby, let’s go up to your room and have us a little private party, okay?”

Beau raised an eyebrow and looked at me questioningly. Seeing him, Blondie said,

“Beau, it’s okay, baby—I told you it would be fine didn’t I? Rick is cool—he knew from the way we were dancin’ what’s goin’ on an’ he’s cool with goin’ to your room for a while an’ we’ll just see what happens from there.” She winked lewdly at Beau and stage whispered,

“It helped when I told Rick I brought a garterbelt—he’s always up for seein’ me wear one for another man. Now, c’mon, let’s go where I can put on a little show for my two big, handsome studs, okay, mes chéris (my darlings)?”

I looked at Blondie and Beau, innocently wide-eyed and said,

“Hey guys, if you want to fool around, I’m certainly not going to be the party pooper. Right this minute, I think we ought to fire up a doobie before we do anything else and we sure as hell can’t do that in here. Let’s burn one in the room and we’ll just see what comes up, how’s that?”

Blondie looked at Beau’s crotch, smiled at him wickedly and purred,

“Oh yeah, baby, let’s see what comes up and how long I can keep it up, hmmm?”

He looked intently at her and asked, “You sure?”

With her eyes burning into his, she licked those full luscious lips suggestively and cooed softly,

“Beau, darlin’ I think maybe you just need to quit askin’ all these questions an’ take me on up to your room right now, okay?”

She paused and then whispered, “An’ fuck me, baby, okay?”

There it was! No more beating around the bush; my horny wife had put it all on the table, right in front of her husband. Beau looked at me for confirmation and I just grinned. Blondie followed our exchanged looks and smirked,

“While ol’ Dickie boy here watches you do it, stud-muffin.”

Setting his drink on the bar, Beau signed the tab and we headed for the street. Back at the hotel, we had the elevator to ourselves, and as soon as the door closed on the lobby, Blondie slipped her arms around Beau’s waist and pushed her groin up against him. Extending her arms upward, she pulled his face down and kissed him lightly. Peering intently up into his face, she queried,

“You said you an’ your wife don’t have sex very often; when was the last time, baby?”

When he responded that it had been almost a month, she glanced over at me, smiling greedily and asked him, “Has any other lady gotten lucky lately, baby?”

Beau responded weakly, “No, unfortunately.” Blondie looked into his eyes and whispered,

“This is going to be good, baby; I’m going to make you feel real good, lover.”

Smiling confidently she whispered, “Cause I’m nice ‘n tight, sugar…no kids, you know…so I’m nice and tight for an ol’ married broad.”

Turning her self-assured smile to me she purred, “Aren’t I, honey?”

When I just grinned and nodded, she stepped back and put her hand on the huge bulge in Beau’s trousers. Rubbing it slowly, she grinned at me and chuckled,

“Yeah, an’ if I’m tight for you, imagine how tight I’m gonna be for this big ol’ thing…”

The elevator stopped and as the door opened, Blondie turned away from her conquest, puckered her lips at me and whispered,

“Oh god yes, this is gonna be good, Dickie boy! I’m gonna make your boss feel real good.”

When we got to his room, Beau produced a bottle of decent bourbon from his luggage and I took the ice bucket down the hall. When I returned, I detected the distinct aroma of marijuana upon reentering the semi-darkened room, so I quickly closed the door behind me. They’d removed their jackets and were sitting at the small table in front of the windows, passing a joint back and forth in the small golden oval of light from the table lamp. Two small bedside lamps provided the only other illumination. The bedside radio was tuned to an R&B station and you could feel a subtle, insistent, pulsating beat in the background. I made three drinks and sat on the edge of the bed where the joint was passed to me. Beau shook his head disbelievingly, grinned, then said,

“I swear to God, nothing even remotely comparable to this has ever happened to me before, and I honestly don’t know what to say or what to do. One thing for sure: this stays strictly among the three of us, understood? No one else in the company can ever know about this.”

Blondie sat there watching him like he was a big piece of very expensive chocolate candy, moving her body to the soft background music. She chortled,

“Just relax, baby, this is our little secret, our little private company party an’ nobody’s gonna tell anybody anything. Now just sit there an’ give this good grass a little time to work; don’t say anything…just let the dope work for a few minutes, okay? I wanna take our time and enjoy every delicious moment of this very special evening.”

He nodded his agreement and fell silent. We all listened mutely to the music and, sure enough, within a few minutes the marijuana was having its desired, other-worldly effect. I began feeling a languorous sense of dope-induced torpor, interlaced with a heightened sense of sexual arousal and anticipation. As this contrasting sense of laid-backed stimulation spread through my body and mind, I imagined how it must be suffusing the lust-filled minds of those two with both of them anticipating the pleasures they were about to experience. I heard Beau comment distantly, “Good smoke…” Blondie smiled warmly at him, saying dreamily,

“Yeah, baby, it’s some of the sexiest dope we’ve ever found—always makes me feel so sexy an’ it’s startin’ to make me feel real nice, baby, real nice. Is it making you feel sexy, too, darlin’?”

Blondie got up and moved around the table, settling on his lap and putting her right arm around his shoulders. Cupping his chin with her left hand, and with her eyes looking dreamily into his, she smiled and murmured,

“You know, baby, I’m sure glad you got that big ol’ hard-on just as soon we started dancin’ ’cause That was my green light, sweetie, just the reaction I’d hoped for…what told me for sure that my husband’s big ol’ stud of a boss felt the same way about me as I did about him.”

She grinned contentedly and continued in a dreamy voice, “Yeah, darlin’, I knew for sure you wanted some from the way you’d looked at me in Colorado an’ the way you were lookin’ at me tonight, but I wasn’t totally, one-hundred percent positive that you’d be a player.”

“So that big ol’ hard-on was just what this girl needed to give her the nerve to come on to you, baby, an’ ask you to bring me up here. I’d been tellin’ myself for the past week that I had to be very careful since you’re my husband’s manager an’ if I came on too strong an’ it turned out you weren’t a player, then Rick might be in big trouble with the company.”

She squirmed her bottom around slowly on his lap and I was sure she was sitting on a very formidable erection. She smiled somewhat smugly and continued,

“But, Beau, baby, when I felt your big ol’ dick pokin’ me in the belly, I knew you wanted to play around just as much as I did. When you kept pushin’ it into me, even with Rick watchin’, I knew you were lettin’ me know you were interested in gettin’ more from little ol’ Blondie than some dance-floor belly-rubbin’.”

She grinned lewdly, “Oh yeah, baby, that big old hard dick was sendin’ me a clear signal that the boss man wanted to get in my panties.”

She glanced over at me and giggled, “You just couldn’t figure out what we were gonna do about my husband, though, could you, darlin’?”

Beau looked over at me, somewhat startled at hearing my wife come right out and talk so openly about their desires for each other, sitting right there in front of me but I just smiled and nodded.

Blondie gave him a playful kiss on the corner of his mouth, flicking her tongue quickly in and out, and purred, “See, I told you everything would work out just fine, didn’t I, lover? I told you Rick was cool about this kinda stuff. And aren’t you glad he is, cher?”

Then she stood up, walked over to the bedside radio and spun the tuner dial until she found another R&B station playing a slower tempo number. Turning back to face Beau, she smiled invitingly and cooed,

“Come on, Beau, get up—now we can dance the way we’ve been wantin’ to.”

Giving me a quick glance, as if seeking my approval, he stood and moved toward her, an enormous bulge in his trousers. When they embraced, Blondie began rotating her belly against it. She looked up at him, smiled and murmured,

“Oooh, lover, this keeps comin’ up between us again an’ again, n’est-ce pas vrai (doesn’t it)?”

I translated the French meaning for him, immediately tantalized by the thought of what more intimate and indecent translations I would now be making as I served as the interpreter for my boss while my racy-talking, little Cajun beauty succeeded in her seduction.

Continuing to gaze into his eyes, she reached down with her right hand, grasped the large swelling in his slacks and began a slow stroking. When Beau moaned, she turned to me,

“You can’t imagine how much I wanted to do that out there on the dance floor, Rick, right out in the open for all the world to see. I just wanted to reach down there an’ rub this big ol’ cock right there in front of all those people. I’d have given anything to see the looks on their faces, seein’ a white woman rubbin’ a black man’s cock right there on that dance floor.”

Laying her pretty face against his broad chest she looked at me as she crooned,

“Your boss is a real stud, Dickie boy, an’ I do mean stud. Son bite noir ça fait tellement de bien (His black cock just feels so good), cher, tellement bon (so good),” and looking up at him with half-closed eyes, she purred,

“Et grand, bébé (An’ big, baby), it is just soooo big…I’ve never felt one this big before…or this hard either, lover…mon Dieu, it’s so hard!”

As the song ended. Blondie looked at me with her naughty-girl smile, her hand still methodically massaging the bulge in Beau’s pants, and taunted, “Sugar, I feel so damned decadent right now, knowin’ I’m gettin’ ready to fuck your boss with you watchin’ me do it. God, that is just so fuckin’ wicked, n’est-ce pas, (isn’t it) Dickie boy?”

When I just grinned in response, she went on, “I’m goin’ to take my skirt and blouse off and dance with Beau in my panties and bra, d’accord? You’ll like that, won’t you, Dickie boy?”

I smiled, “You know it, Blondie, you fucking well know it you little prickteaser.”

She kissed Beau lightly, purring, “See, baby, didn’t I tell you he wants to watch us be naughty?”

Stepping back from him, she murmured, “Oh yeah, I’m gonna be real nice to Beau, Dickie boy—I’m gonna give him a night he’s never ever gonna forget, vous m’entendez? (you hear me)? We’re gonna have ourselves the best little fête d’entreprise (company party) anyone’s ever had, d’accord, baby?”

Beau looked like he was holding his breath until I grinned and said, “You’re a lucky man, Beau. You’re about to get some of the best pussy you’ve ever had.”

Blondie grinned a smug, victorious grin, first at me, then at Beau as she released her grip on his cock, and moving to the music, unbuttoned her pink blouse, slipping out of it and tossing it to me. Her soft, white breasts were nestled enticingly in the lacy pink bra cups, multiple strands of gleaming pearls resting between them. Smiling seductively at Beau, she reached behind her with both hands and unzipped her short skirt. Jiggling her hips slowly in time to the music, she put her thumbs in the waistband, pulled the skirt down below her knees, and stepped out of it. Kicking it to one side, she stuck her thumbs in the waist of her tan pantyhose and peeled them down to her ankles. Sitting on the bed she removed one sexy pink high-heel at a time then stripped off her pantyhose.

Replacing her shoes, my sexy little Dixie Pixie stood facing Beau in her dainty, pink lace bra, her sheer, pink, bikini panties and her pink ankle strap heels. She was a voluptuous, blond vision as she pirouetted to face away from Beau, her soft, pale body marred only by the reddish mark of constriction the pantyhose left on her waist. Standing with feet spread and arms akimbo, she struck a sexy pose, cooing over her shoulder, through her thick, platinum tresses,

“You like Mr. Boss Man? Think maybe you’d like to break the rules tonight an’ fraterniser avec la femme de votre employé (fraternize with your employee’s wife) just a little, sweetie-pie?”

Beau had been standing beside the table, watching her undress, his eyes never leaving her. Now he broke into a huge grin and said, “Oh yeah, little mama…oh fuck yeah if that’s what we’re calling it–fraternizing! You are a gorgeous little thing, baby, absolutely gorgeous!”

Blondie spun around, sliding into his embrace and they began moving slowly to the music. She began unbuttoning his shirt and had it off in seconds. Tossing it on the dresser, she turned her attention to his trousers and had him out of them very quickly. Stepping out of his loafers and now clad only in long dress socks and red jockey shorts, Beau turned back, the front of his shorts standing out an amazing distance, drawing a gloating smile from my little sex kitten. Slipping back into his arms, she grasped his erection with one hand and stroked it slowly, rubbing it against her belly and pushing it down to rub the top of her filmy pink panties. Looking up into his face she murmured dreamily,

“Now isn’t this better, baby…isn’t this just so much better? I knew you’d like dancin’ with me like this so much more.” Smiling again at me, she continued stroking his cock and sighed happily,

“I’m goin’ to kiss him, Dickie boy, d’accord? Are you ready to see me finally kiss your boss, cher? Es-tu prêt maintenant (Are you ready now) after all those nights of us fantasizin’ about me doin’ it, hmm?”

Feeling unbelievably aroused, I replied, “You bet, baby girl…you kiss him, sweetie…you kiss him all you want. Give him a taste of that sweet mouth and those luscious lips, babe.”

Blondie stage-whispered a mocking, “Merci mon petit cocu (Thank you my little cuckold),” to me, then pulled his face down to hers and gave him an open-mouthed, steamy kiss which they held for several minutes as they shuffled to the music, back and forth between the bed and the dresser. I could see their jaws working as their intertwining tongues made thrusts and parries.

When the long kiss ended she turned to me, her hand still slowly, rhythmically massaging his cock, and said,

“Mon Dieu, Richarde, (My God, Richard-my given name and pronounced Reeshard in Cajun French) this whole scene is just so incroyablement décadent (incredibly decadent), incredibly sexy—you, my husband, just handin’ me over to your boss for the night. I mean here I am, finally, in his room, dancin’ with him in my panties. Can you believe we’re finally doin’ it?”

Beau’s eye’s widened as he asked with a note of pleasant surprise, “For the night?”

“Mmm, hmm,” she purred, “We talked about it down in the club an’ decided that since you’re his boss, we should give you VIP treatment, so he’s goin’ on home in a while…leavin’ me here an’ lettin’ you have his wife all to yourself for the night, baby…just you an’ me in that big ol’ bed ’til tomorrow mornin’, sugar, n’est-ce pas (isn’t that right), Dickie boy?”

When a stunned Beau didn’t immediately respond, Blondie looked up at him, squeezed his cock and teased, “Unless you’d rather have the bed to yourself, honey…”

Looking over at me, a still-shocked Beau said, “Man…I don’t really know what to say. ‘Thank you’ seems a bit inadequate, you know?”

Pulling his face down for a kiss, Blondie purred, “I got some ideas how you can show your gratitude, handsome…” then resumed the kiss, her hand never leaving his erection.

When she finally broke off the kiss, she again looked at me, waggling her eyebrows playfully, “Not only is this stud hung like a horse, he’s a very good, very hot kisser, too!” Still stroking him and looking at me thoughtfully, she said,

“Rick, I did promise you both I’d put on a garterbelt ‘n nylons and dance for you; but, honey, all my stuff is down in my car. We were in such a hurry to get up here I forgot all about it. If you want to see me in my sexies, you’re gonna have to go down and get them, okay? An’ you might as well bring up my hangin’ bag with my work clothes for tomorrow while you’re at it. Be a sweetie, babe…get the keys out of my purse…it’s all in the trunk.” Turning back to Beau, she kissed him again and said,

“I’ll bet Beau will like seein’ me wearin’ what I’ve got in there, dontcha think, Rick? I’m feelin’ super sexy right now, sexier than I’ve felt in a long time an’ I feel like makin’ myself look super sexy just for this hunk, d’accord, cher?”

When I opened the trunk I saw she’d clearly been planning on staying the night when she left home this morning. In addition to the red Samsonite bag she used for her sexies, she had the matching bag she used for makeup and toiletries. I snapped open the sexies bag and saw she’d brought two complete lingerie outfits, black and white, with sexy platform shoes to match each. Unzipping the hanging bag, I found both a black and a white negligee along with work clothes for tomorrow. She’d definitely come prepared to put on a show and share his bed for the night.

When I quietly re-entered the room, they were still slow dancing. There stood my beautiful little blond, Southern belle, in pink panties, bra and heels, rubbing her body against his muscular black body, kissing him open-mouthed, with one pale hand resting on the back of his neck while her other hand gently moved back and forth on his cock, now extended, unrestrained, out of the fly of his jockey shorts.

She was moving the large, purplish, mushroom head up and down her lower belly against the top of her pink panties trying to rub it against her hairy little twat, made difficult by their disparate heights. His large hands were under their thin material, cupping and kneading her soft, white cheeks, pulling her into him, his fingers long and softly grey beneath the gauzy material, contrasted against her paleness. It was a very erotic tableau, made all the more so because of the unique relationships involved here.

Neither of them paid me any attention as I took the bags into the bathroom, then came back in and sat down to watch. As I relaxed with my drink, I could hear them talking between kisses, Blondie playing to his ego and sowing the seeds of deception about her experience with blacks.

“Oh baby, it just feels so big I don’t know whether I’ll be able to take it all—I’ve never had one this big before—it’s fuckin’ huge. We’re gonna hafta take it slow—you won’t hurt me will you?”

Then, “Oooh, Beau, darlin’, I’m goin’ to be nice ‘n tight for you, mon amour, nice and tight, for your big dick, d’accord? I’m gonna make you feel sooo good, baby, so good, oh god yes I am!”

Blondie turned her face to me smiling contentedly as she sought my affirmation of this,

“I will be tight for him, won’t I, cher? I’ll be real nice ‘n tight for him won’t I, honey? I’m tight for you, right?”

When I grunted my agreement, she purred, “Then just think how tight my little ol’ pussy is gonna be for this monster, pouvez-vous imaginer (can you imagine)?”

I grinned; she was playing him perfectly, stroking his vanity along with his cock. The radio abruptly switched to a news update and they slowly, dreamily, pulled apart. Beau shook his head and grinned at me with childish disbelief, as if he couldn’t quite believe this was real. Blondie, in cool control, turned to me…smiling wickedly…still rubbing the head of his cock against the soft, sheer material of her pink panties…slowly stroking it…and said in a husky undertone,

“Baby, this is truly a special situation, dontcha think? I mean the whole idea of a woman makin’ love to another man with her husband watchin’ is so totally decadent, but when it’s her husband’s boss it’s even more erotic,” then gazing directly into Beau’ eyes, she continued,

“Especially when he’s a big, sexy, black stud with a much bigger dick than this little white girl has ever had.” Turning back to me, she murmured,

“Honey, like I told you at the bar, we’re going to put on a real excitin’, real sexy show for you tonight…” Squeezing his cock, she winked at me, “Before we send you home…”

“An’ I think it’s time to get things movin’. So, right now, Dickie boy, I want you to just sit back and enjoy what time you have left, ’cause it’s gonna be hot, cher, real hot.”

Grinning wickedly, she said to Beau, “He got real turned on out in Colorado when I told him if I ever got the chance I wanted to fuck you. I knew it would get him goin’ ’cause he’s always had a thing about watchin’ me screw a black guy. So don’t you worry about him, baby, he’s not gonna get jealous…he’s just gonna get horny…an’ it for sure won’t be the first time he’s watched me screw someone else.”

I stayed in character but I wanted to laugh. Hell, I’d watched the little slut fuck several dozen guys, a number of them black. Still, I wasn’t sure that I cared for having so much information about our private sexual shenanigans imparted to my new manager. But the whole inconceivable scene was just so extraordinarily erotic that, for the moment, I really didn’t care. I took a long, thoughtful pull at my drink, finally saying,

“Hey, you two have been salivating all over each other since you said hello this evening, and I’m definitely not one to stand in the way of true lust. If you guys want to fuck each other, get it on, but you better believe that I’m staying right here and watching you do it. If a man lets his boss screw his wife, he should get to share in some of the fun hmm, Beau?” I paused before reminding Blondie, “But aren’t you forgetting one thing?”

When she looked at me quizzically, I grinned and said, “Garterbelt and nylons? A little dirty dancing before the screwing starts, perhaps? I imagine Beau might like to see that too.”

Giving me an indulgent smile, Blondie backed away from Beau, saying playfully, “See, didn’t I tell you? He’s cool with us fuckin’ but only if I wear the garterbelt and nylons.”

She moved over to the radio, switched to a disco station and turned up the volume. Moving to the throbbing beat, she danced back over in front of Beau and began doing bumps and grinds as she teasingly pulled her pink bikini panties down her lower belly to a point where the upper half of her inverted, pubic triangle came into view. Turning, she let him have a good look at her shapely ass. Smiling over her shoulder through her platinum hair, Blondie cooed,

“You like that, Beau? That’s all yours tonight, stud-muffin, all yours, but you’re gonna have to wait a little while…I have to keep my husband happy, too. I don’t suppose you want me to put on somethin’ sexy and dance, too, do you?”

He beamed and replied, “Oh hell yeah, gorgeous, you know I do!”

Picking up her drink from the table, Blondie winked at Beau, saying,

“Well, don’t you go anywhere, mon gros beau goujon…I’ll be right back,” and disappeared into the bathroom. I told him she’d just called him her big handsome stud.

Beau looked at me for a long moment, seemingly at a loss for words, then finally exclaimed,

“Holy sheeit, man, that is one hot woman! She is a stone fucking fox and she is stone fucking hot…I’ve never ever seen a ‘sistah’ that hot and sexy…I mean, Blondie just radiates sex…you are truly one lucky dude, Rick. I mean, I kind of suspected in Colorado that she was flirting with me and I admit I thought about fucking her, but I sure as hell didn’t expect anything like this to happen. I mean this is like a seduction scene out of some high class porno flick!”

I grinned and responded, “C’mon, Beau, this is no seduction. You were just as hot for Blondie as she is for you. True, she liked what she saw when she met you in Colorado, especially after I told her you were heavy hung.”

He gave me a ‘What the hell?’ look and I laughed and said,

“Hey Beau, it’s okay, man; I’ve seen you unlimber that hog in men’s rooms a few times.” I continued, “When I told her you were coming down, she joked about doing something like this, but I didn’t take her seriously. But it’s still a two-way street, boss. You’re the one who got the raging hard-on out on the dance floor and rubbed it all over my wife.”

He grinned and said, “Hey, Rick, any man don’t get hard with your foxy wife rubbin’ her sexy body all over him, has to be a sissy or a dead man!”

I freshened up our drinks and filled him in on going over to New Orleans tomorrow. When Blondie stepped back into the room, Beau let out a small gasp of appreciation, looked at me and said, “Holy shit!”

I laughed…unable to count all the times I’d heard that when guys got their first look at my little Cajun hottie in her lingerie. Actually, when I thought about it, it was just about every time.

She’d chosen a black lace negligee and black accessories for this night’s entertainment: a black shelf bra which left her nipples exposed…black lace bikini panties…a black garterbelt with eight short garters attached to pinpoint-patterned opera hose which ran all the way from her groin down to black patent-leather platform heels on her dainty feet. She was wearing a flashy rhinestone choker and long, dangling rhinestone earrings.

She’d applied a heavy coat of hot pink lipstick and gone well outside her lip line, making that already delectable mouth even more luscious and I smiled, knowing what she intended to do with it. It occurred to me, as it usually did at such moments, that my alluring mate looked hot enough to be a top echelon porn star. This was quite the prize I was giving Beau tonight…I hoped he’d show me some appreciation in the future…and I was awfully sure he would because once he’d had his first taste of her loving, he’d be champing at the bit to get more. That of course was the downside—that he’d then be looking for excuses to come to Mobile more frequently.

Moving across the room, Blondie picked up the tempo from the radio and began to dance just for Beau, who was sitting in the other chair with his hard dick in his hand. Untying the silk belt of her negligee, Blondie pulled back the lace fabric and let him see it all, erect, pink nipples and the dark shadow of her pubic mound through her black lace panties, as she maintained her gentle bumps and grinds. I marveled that here I was, watching my beautiful wife dance nearly naked for my boss while he masturbated…wondering just how many men had ever had an employment experience like this.

Watching Beau stroke his stiffening cock, Blondie turned to me, giving me a pouting smile, as if to say, “Oooh!” in clear anticipation of getting it inside her. As she moved about in the small area between the table and the entryway, strutting her stuff, she shrugged the negligee off her shoulders and let it fall to the carpet, dancing for him in panties, garterbelt, hose and shelf bra. Her nipples, which she’d coated with frosted pink lip gloss, were swollen with excitement and lustrously glowing like hard pink pearls.

After a couple of songs, she moved in closer to him, reaching out and taking his right hand. Guiding it to her damp crotch, she let out a moan when his long middle finger slid inside her. Hunching against his finger in time to the music, she cupped her breasts and massaged her nipples with her thumbs. Looking down at him through slitted eyes, she cooed,

“Oh oui, oui, oui, bébé (Oh yes, yes, yes, baby), oh oui, oui, oui, that feels so good,” as she humped his hand faster and faster.

Pushing in even closer between his legs, she pressed increasingly harder against his hand until he leaned forward and put his face in her crotch. Pulling her panties down to her ankles, he grasped her buttocks with both big black hands and began licking her clitoris. Blondie stepped out of her panties, smiled gloatingly at me then suddenly responded explosively. Grabbing his head in both her small, white hands, she ground her cunt into his face, her hips thrusting at him jerkily for the next several minutes until she suddenly threw her head back and wailed loud enough to be heard in the next room,

“Oh yes, baby! Oh fuck yes! Oh yes, oh yes, I’m comin’, baby, I’m comin’, Oh God yes, I’m comin’! Don’t stop, baby, don’t stop! Make me come, lover, oh God yes, make me come, Beau, make my sweet little white pussy come, you black devil you!”

I was thrilled to death…Beau was already making her come and the night was just getting started. I knew she was now putty in his hands, game for whatever he wanted. He’d done a very smart thing getting her off right away…now he could play her like a fiddle. He didn’t know it yet, but I did. From past experience with other black guys, I knew he had just made my wife his little white whore…his for whatever he wanted her to do to him or for him. When she finally stopped shaking and moaning from her orgasm, Blondie backed away from Beau, gave me a wobbly, smirking smile, licked her fabulous lips, and said in a sultry drawl,

“Now, I told you this was going to be a special situation, didn’t I, Dickie boy?”

Pulling Beau up from the chair, Blondie dropped to her knees in front of him. His semi-hard cock was hanging out the front of his shorts and she gave it a quick kiss on the head. With both hands, she grasped the waistband of his red jockeys and pulling them down to his ankles, lifted each foot to remove them, then removed his long socks. What a sight that was, watching my soul mate, on her knees, stripping my boss while his big, black, semi-erect cock bobbed just inches from her face. Pushing his clothes aside, she took his cock in her hands, looked up at him and said huskily,

“Yum, yum, yum…à ton tour maintenant, chérie (your turn now, darlin’) à ton tour (your turn). “

Jacking him off insistently now, Blondie turned to me, licked those luscious lips again and gave me a devastatingly diabolical smile, taunting,

“Oh yeah, Dickie boy, look what mama’s got to play with. I told Beau you’d want to see me give him more than a hand job, and you do, don’t you, mon cocu (my cuckie)? You want to see me give your boss a blowjob, don’t you, cocu, hmm? You do want me to suck this big ol’ black dick, don’t you, mon mari cocu (my cuck husband)? Come on and tell me, Dickie boy, do you want me to suck it?”

I tore my eyes from hers and glanced up at Beau who was watching me intently. I smiled at him and said,

“Yeah, baby girl, you go for it–you suck that big black dick, sweet thing—suck it good! Make Beau feel real good, honey…show him your best Southern hospitality, girl…suck that dick!”

It was the first really good look I’d had of his penis, and like most of the black guys she’d hooked up with previously, it looked to be around nine to ten inches long and thick. It was circumcised and very dark. It looked to be about the same length as Tommy’s, the first black guy she’d fucked, but it was somewhat thicker…a true horsecock…what she so liked about black guys.

Adding her other hand, Blondie began to stroke it two-handed as she licked and kissed the big purple head and when she took it into her mouth and began blowing him, Beau let out a groan and looked over at me rather guiltily. I just grinned at him and motioned for him to hold her blonde hair back so I could see the action. Pulling back her platinum tresses, he looked down at her intently and whispered,

“You are one beautiful, sexy, surprising woman, you know that?” Blondie paused in her blowjob and smiled up at him, her hot pink lipstick smeared,

“An’ you have a beautiful cock, baby, you know that? An’ you can’t believe how badly I wanted to do this in Colorado…” then giggled, “I’ll bet if I had you’d have been down here to work with my husband long before now, n’est-ce pas (right)?”

Beau smiled and groaned, “Oh yeah, pretty girl, you better know it! Oh fuck yeah I would have!”

A few minutes later, Blondie complained that the hard, commercial carpet was hurting her knees. Getting to her feet, she sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled Beau over to stand in front of her. Grasping that huge black dick in both hands she resumed the blowjob, picking up the tempo, with both mouth and hands. He was standing legs spread, one hand holding back her hair for my benefit, the other on his hip…moving his hips back and forth in response to Blondie’s fevered ministrations to his cock. In fact, he was literally fucking her mouth—I was sitting here watching my black boss fuck my beautiful blond wife in her very receptive mouth—what a fantastical scene and it was about to get better.

When Beau began a steady low moaning, Blondie paused and looked up at him, asking,

“You wanna come like this, darlin’?”

When he confirmed that with a moaned, “In your mouth? Oh fuck yeah, baby,” she looked over at me while continuing to jack him off, smiling a devilish smile, asking me with faux innocence,

“Want me to let him come in my mouth, Dickie boy? I’ll bet you’d love to see your boss come in my mouth, cher, wouldn’t you?”

When I nodded my agreement, Blondie looked up at Beau smiling and crooned sexily,

“Hear that, lover? Mon mari cocu (My cuck husband) wants me to be real nice to you, chéri, an’ let you come in my mouth while he watches. That work for you, baby?”

As those full, hot-pink lips engulfed the head of his cock again, Beau moaned, “Oh yeah, baby, oh yeah, oh fuck yeah!”

With a look of concern, Blondie asked him, “If I do are you still gonna be able to come in my pussy later, sugar?”

Beau grinned wickedly and gasped, “Oh yeah, mama, just give me a little while, okay?”

With that reassurance Blondie resumed her enthused sucking until suddenly Beau made a sound like “Aahhrrgg!” and began bucking his hips into her face, fucking her mouth with a fury. Immediately, a small bloom of pearly liquid erupted from the corner of her luscious mouth. She made a loud slurping noise and a large, pearly white dollop of semen escaped over her full bottom lip onto the bedspread between her legs then ran down to the carpet between his feet. I realized that in his orgasmic frenzy, Beau was pushing that big dick so far into her mouth he was gagging her and she couldn’t swallow his cum fast enough.

I said forcefully, “Back off, Beau. You’re choking her!”

Startled, he jerked back so abruptly, that the head of his cock popped from Blondie’s mouth, still pumping out a streamer of hot semen. In rapid succession he fired two more jets of his seed onto her face and neck and into her hair. I sat fascinated as my lovely spouse held that throbbing, black cock in both hands, aimed at her face, willingly licking away the diminishing dribbles of hot liquid she had milked from this black man with her succulent mouth.

I had never seen a man ejaculate on Blondie’s face. I had watched guys pull out at the last minute when fucking her and shoot their loads on her belly or her breasts, but never her face. Nor had I seen many men come in such quantity…she was a total mess…bathed in semen…but she was smiling as she lovingly rubbed that huge, softening, black cock all over her face and neck. She licked and kissed it and took the head back into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it, evoking more groans from her newest lover.

Retrieving a damp washcloth and a towel from the bathroom, I handed them to Beau. He bent down and began to gently wipe Blondie’s face, neck and the tops of her breasts. Bending down beside her, he kissed her softly and said,

“Thank you for that incredible experience, Blondie…I’ve never had a woman do that before…I’m sorry if I choked you but I just couldn’t help myself. That was the most mind-boggling climax I’ve ever had. I just lost it there for a second and I’m sorry, okay, pretty woman?”

He had said exactly the right thing: as she stood up, Blondie just melted into his arms and began kissing him with undisguised affection. Watching, I realized exhilaratingly that this show was just getting started; they’d both had orgasms already and they hadn’t even fucked yet.

As if reading my mind, Blondie broke away from their kissing and looked at me, smiling lewdly as she said, “I told you we’d put on a super-hot show for you, didn’t I, Dickie boy?”

Grinning at Beau, she murmured, “And we’re just gettin’ started aren’t we darlin?”

When he didn’t immediately respond, she asked with gentle concern, “Hey, baby, that wasn’t it for the night was it? You said you’d come inside me…you promised.”

Pulling him close, she kissed him lovingly then murmured, “Oh mon Dieu, I want you to make love to me, bébé. I want to feel that big, black dick inside me and I want you to come in me. Can you come again, lover? I want you to come in me, tu sais mon amour (you know)?”

Beau smiled at her straightforward language, reassuring her that, given a little recovery time he could still perform. Hefting his soft cock in her hand, she licked his mouth sensuously and said,

“You’d better, goujon (stud) ’cause I’m not leavin’ here tonight…” She paused, fixing me with a meaningful look, “Make that dans la matinée (in the morning), ’til you’ve come in me at least once, sugar. I’ve been imaginin’ for two months now how fuckin’ good it was gonna feel to make you come in me an’ tonight we’re gonna do just that, lover, d’accord?”

Pulling away from him, she glanced in the dresser mirror and reacted with exaggerated horror,

“Good grief, Beau, you really did a number on me! Looks like you really haven’t come for a month, have you? My word, you sure made a mess of this ol’ girl!”

Giving him a quick kiss, she grinned and said, “But this ol’ girl loved every minute of it, darlin. Now you rest up, mon amour, while I go repair the damages, d’accord?”

With that, she headed into the bathroom to make repairs and I followed, telling Beau I had to take a leak. Blondie was standing at the mirror using comb and washcloth to get the remnants of semen from her hair. Closing the door behind me, I said, “Boy, that was certainly exciting!”

She grinned, replying softly, “Our first time an’ he gets an’ all-the-way-blowjob…betcha he’ll be comin’ back south a lot more often now, don’t you?”

Leering at me in the mirror, she winked bawdily and confided, “You’re right though, that is hot—I almost came again when he started comin’ without him even touchin’ my pussy.”

Eyeing me in the mirror as she picked at and tucked her hair, she spoke very quietly, “Well, was I right about him or not, hmmm? Didn’t I tell you he’d go along with it? I knew he had the hots for me…I could tell he did out in Colorado, tu sais?”

I just grinned at her reflection and she continued somewhat smugly, “Well tell me, am I takin’ good enough care of your boss, hmm?”

Again I just grinned and her lovely flushed face took on a more thoughtful expression as she whispered,

“You know, he seems like a nice guy, basically…I mean, I know you two’ve had your differences, but he’s by far the classiest black guy I’ve fucked. I like him…he’s gentle an’ yet strong an’ I really do like him, you hear, cher?”

She paused then murmured, “God, I can’t wait for him to fuck me—I wanna make that big ol’ black dick come in me—I been waitin’ on this for waaay too long, babe.”

She was silent as she made a generous application of glossy hot-pink lipstick on her full lips. Turning from the mirror with that mocking gleam in her eyes again, she stepped into my arms, kissed me lightly on the mouth and briefly slipped her tongue between my lips, running it around my teeth. Pulling back, she looked intently into my eyes, teasing,

“Taste that good ol’ love stuff, Dickie boy…taste what your little ol’ hottie white wife just sucked outta your boss’s big ol’ black balls.”

Sure enough, her mouth had a residual saltiness of semen. She lifted her eyebrows and asked in a mocking tone, “Maybe you’d like a little better taste of that—maybe my big ol’ stud husband would like a little taste of creampie when his boss gets through fuckin’ me, think maybe?”

Smiling, I replied, “Maybe, but I’m not so sure I want him knowing all of our little tricks and bad habits, you know, hot stuff?”

Blondie grinned wickedly, murmuring, “Sugar, he already knows you like to watch other men fuck me, so what’s the big deal if you like to clean me up afterwards, hmm?”

Admittedly weakly, I said, “I don’t know—it’s a guy thing, I guess.”

Turning back to the mirror to repair her smeared lipstick, Blondie murmured,

“I think fuckin’ Beau is one a’ the sexiest things we’ve ever done, don’t you? When we talked about it in Colorado, I never really thought we’d ever actually get an opportunity to do it, but I was sure hopin’ for a chance.”

“My God, think about it, Richard: I just gave your boss a blowjob and I’m about to go back in there and fuck him…your boss, honey…I’m goin’ in there an’ get on that bed and fuck your big ol’ good-lookin’ big-dicked, black boss…your fuckin’ boss for cryin’ out loud.”

Fussing with her hair, she said, “You know, fuckin’ my husband’s manager from the corporate headquarters in Chicago would be excitin’ enough even if he was just some older white guy, but my God, when he’s a nice-lookin’ young, black stud with a dick like that…omigod!”

She grinned lewdly and said, “Gotta tell you, babe, my pussy’s absolutely tinglin’ just waitin’ to get it in me, ’cause this little ol’ white pussy knows all too well how good a dick that big feels way up in there an’ my experience has been that dicks that big are usually black.”

Kissing me lightly again, she murmured, “I’m bettin’ that boy knows how to use it real well if he can fuck as good as he kisses. I promise you one thing—I’m gonna fuck him so good he won’t be able to keep from comin’ again tonight. An’ more ‘n just once I hope.”

“I’m gonna do my best to get him off again while you’re still here, but if I can’t, you’re just gonna have go on home an’ wait ’til tomorrow…” She smirked, “An’ I got a feelin’ you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see him come in me, mon mari. If it’s up to me, I can promise you will, vous m’entendez (do you hear me)?”

“An’ even if I can’t make him come again tonight before you have to leave, you’re still gonna get a hot show, babe, ’cause your I’m goin’ back in there to give that boy the screwin’ of his life.”

Pushing her ass back against me, Blondie winked mischievously at my reflection and took my hand, guiding it to her groin, knowing that letting me feel how wet she was for another man was a huge turn on for both of us. She whispered,

“Feel my pussy, Dickie boy…think I’m not ready for some black dick?” She was lubricating copiously. She got a devilish look in her eyes and whispered,

“Wanna make it even sexier, Dickie boy? Why don’t you put his cock in me, like you do with Victor sometimes? That’s so damned sexy an’ would be so totally, completely an’ deliciously decadent: you puttin’ your boss’s dick in your wife’s pussy, wouldn’t it, cher?”

I just smiled and as I left the room, told her over my shoulder that Beau and I would be awaiting her entrance. It was quite obvious that my voluptuous vixen was deriving a particular thrill from the idea of seducing a man her husband was subordinate to and took his working orders from. I wondered if it had something to do with the fact that aside from these occasional sexual liaisons when she played the contemptuous hotwife humiliating her cuckold husband, I was normally the dominant personality in our marriage. Now, for the first time ever, rather than in a pretend sense, I was actually, officially subservient to the man she was fucking. That she characterized it as me giving her to him, the beta male offering his mate to the alpha male for breeding, seemed to support that conjecture.

When she clicked off the bathroom light and stepped back into the dimly lit room a few minutes later, Beau sat bolt upright and exclaimed, “Oh hell yeah!” Except for her heels and pearls, Blondie was totally nude and beautifully so, with her hair and makeup repaired to a pre-blowjob state. She went straight to Beau and plopped her bare butt down on his soft cock. Surreptitiously I glanced at my watch, pruriently curious as to how long that penis could remain flaccid with her soft naked ass squirming around on it.

Kissing him tenderly, she looked into his eyes and inquired, “You okay with me stayin’ all night, darlin’?”

When he glanced at me, I said, “Hey, that’s up to you two—I’ve got her until I fly out next Monday so I can spare her for a naughty night out I suppose. But I need to know if you’re planning on working locally with me tomorrow or do you want to go on over to New Orleans to see your aunt? If so, I’ll have to change our reservations.”

Blondie squirmed her ass enticingly, kissed his cheek and suggested, “Whyn’t you stick around here another night, baby?”

She joked playfully, “An’ I’ll cancel all my other dates for tomorrow night, okay?”

Putting the long pink nail of her forefinger under his chin, she tilted it up for a soft kiss. “Matter of fact, I’ll just call in sick if you feel like keepin’ this little party goin’ all day when we wake up tomorrow mornin’.”

Looking at me, she plucked the roach from the ashtray and put the Bic lighter to it, and after taking a couple of deep hits, said lazily,

“Actually, I think I’m gonna do that anyway—an’ maybe see if I can’t persuade you gentlemen to spend the day with me, just enjoyin’ ourselves, either here, out by the pool, or in the hot tub down at our place. Betcha I can keep both your minds off business for the day, no problem.”

She held the joint for him as he took a couple of deep tokes then she handed it to me. We lived in a bayside neighborhood about ten miles south of downtown, with views of the bay from the hot tub sunk into the deck on the backside of our very comfortable contemporary home, a well-appointed, perfect, sexual playpen.

Blondie said, “You can stay with us tomorrow night, baby—we got plenty of room—with a real comfortable spare bedroom…” she fixed me with a level gaze and purred,

“Where I’m sure mon mari cocu won’t mind sleepin’ for a night or two while you an’ me share the master bedroom with the hot tub right outside the slidin’ door. She eyed me, “N’est-ce pas vrai (Isn’t that right) sugar?”

While the idea giving up my bed to my boss didn’t hold much appeal, the idea of my cuddly little Cajun kitten sharing it with him most certainly did, so I’d keep my mind open. Knowing Blondie, she’d use such an experience to flay some cuckold flesh from her husband’s hide.

The fresh dope hit me suddenly as it must have her, because she twisted her upper torso, her naked breasts pressing into Beau’s chest, and pulled his face to hers for a long loving kiss. His arms enfolded her, mashing those pale, pink-tipped cones into his ebony pectorals and I was again mesmerized by the erotic vision of muscular black arms contrasted against Blondie’s creamy torso.

After but a couple of minutes of increasingly impassioned kissing, she let out a long, soft and quite evidently pleased moan. She grinned at me,

“I do believe somethin’ I’m sittin’ on is tellin’ me Beau’s ready to get this party goin’ again.”

Putting her small hands on his chest, she pushed away gently, saying, “C’mon, darlin’, let’s get on that bed an’ do what we came here to do.”

Sliding an arm under her thighs and the other around her waist, Beau leaned forward and rose to his feet, lifting my 115 pound wife effortlessly, causing her to squeal delightedly before kissing him again as he lay her gently on the bed. Scooting across the spread, she patted it, saying,

“C’mon an’ lay down, baby…let me do this my way, okay? I wanna let mon petit cocu share this special moment by helpin’ us get started, lover.”

Beau responded, “You keep using that word, cuckoo and those words, moan petty cuckoo and Rick hasn’t translated them for me—what do they mean, baby?”

Straddling his thighs, Blondie took his almost fully erect cock in hand and chuckled,

“No, honey, it’s mon petit cocu,” and spelled it for him. “It’s French for my little cuckold.”

That left us in a momentary and awkward silence which she broke with, “It’s a little game we play when we have this kind of sexy little party an’ he’s watchin’ me an’ another guy. I rub his nose in it that he’s a cuckold, lettin’ his wife fuck other men an’ how much his wife enjoys fuckin’ other men…”

She tittered, “Which just happens to be true, very true, if you haven’t been able to tell.”

“It’s just a game, a little game that involves me bein’ in the dominant bitch role an’ talkin’ trash, humiliatin’ him in front of the guys I screw, makin’ him wait on us an’ help us out with certain things…” she said in a soothing voice, “Kinda like what I want him to do right now.”

Turning to me, she said, “Dickie boy, get that lotion outta the bathroom an’ bring it in here.”

I knew what was coming, because we’d done it with her big-dicked black lover in New Orleans and he had absolutely loved it…plus she’d mentioned it in the bathroom. But I wasn’t so sure Beau would be comfortable with his male employee rubbing expensive moisturizing lotion on his cock and then holding that cock in proper alignment while the employee’s gorgeous little slutwife impaled herself on it.

It took me a minute or so to find the emollient and when I stepped back into the room I started to protest as I approached the bed, saying, “Blondie, I don’t think this is such a good id…” when she interrupted, saying smugly,

“Just do it Dickie boy—I just explained to Beau that it makes me hot to have you put another man’s cock in me an’ that I think it would be really, an’ I mean really, hot to have my husband put his boss’s cock in me.”

She giggled, “Sure…he thinks we’re kinky but he’s cool with it. As I ‘splained to him, if we weren’t kinky, we wouldn’t even be here an’ I wouldn’t be here in his bed gettin’ ready to fuck him, now would I?”

Rising to her knees, she positioned herself over his cock, snickering, “Truth be told, cher, I think the idea of you puttin’ his cock in your wife kinda turns him on, too, ai-je raison (am I right), grand patron (big boss)?”

Her use of French left me in the position of having to translate, adding a bit to the embarrassment of having more of my sexual foibles revealed to my corporate superior. However, as I well knew, if you’re going to engage in kinky sex you must learn to disregard embarrassment.

Getting on the bed, I pumped a double dollop of lotion into my hand, tentatively placing my creamy palm on the head of that impressive member. As I played my fingers over it, coating it with a rolling motion of my enclosing palm, Beau actually moaned…a moan that continued as I gripped his cock and moved my hand slowly to its base, then slowly back up its full length.

Blondie gleefully chirped, “Ça fait du bien n’est-ce pasbébé (Feels good doesn’t it, baby)?”

I suddenly realized the conniving little bitch was setting me up, speaking French to Beau to put me in the position of having to repeat “Feels good doesn’t it,” to him, intensifying my servile, beta male role and his superior alpha male virility in this undeniably homoerotic part of our little game. When he didn’t reply, she bent down and kissed him tenderly, persisting in her game with a whispered,

“Est-ce que ça fait du bien bébé (Does it feel good baby)? est-ce que tu aimes ça (do you like it)?” again compelling me to be the one, through translation, to make those most intimate inquiries. When he finally groaned his affirmation that it did, in fact, feel very good, she twisted her head back to me with a smug smile and gave me a pronounced “told you so” wink, saying,

“Give it a few more strokes to get it good an’ hard then put it in me, Dickie boy.”

I followed her instruction and began jacking him off more briskly, noting that Beau was reflexively lifting his hips ever so slightly in subtle response. Blondie saw that and cooed,

“Well, well, now, I do believe your boss likes that hand job his employee’s givin’ him, Dickie boy, an’ we both know that you like givin’ it to him, n’est-ce pas (don’t we)?”

She scratched my scalp lightly with her long nails, saying mockingly, “Go ahead an’ jack ‘im off for a coupla minutes, sugar, since you’re both enjoyin’ it.” Shifting her soft bottom further up his abdomen giving me more room, she finally lifted her leg over me and lay down beside Beau.

“Mama can wait a little bit, while my mon mari cocu has a little fun. I don’t mind in the least watchin’ Dickie boy prime that pump a little for me, hmm, sweetie? We’ll let him get those big balls back to work producin’ another load a’ that hot stuff for me, okay, baby?”

It pains me a bit to admit it, but she was right that in my stoned state I was enjoying the obvious homoeroticism and dominance/submission aspects of giving my young boss a handjob with my wife watching. Beau’s moans and thrusts were indisputable indications of his acceptance of the undeniable bisexual aspects of what we were doing, and to have her just lying there watching us with that knowing smile on her face, definitely kicked the level of depravity up another notch.

Reaching over, she turned his face to hers and kissed him then murmured, “He makin’ you feel good, baby?” and when he moaned his agreement she tittered, “Well maybe we’ll just have to get him more involved, hmm?”

Looking directly into my eyes, she smiled wickedly and purred, “I think it would be awfully excitin’ to watch him suck that thing, you know, honey?”

I knew she was drunk and high but I still snapped, “Blondie now that’s enough of that crap!”

She just giggled, “Well it would be!” and when I just sat there glaring at her, my hand still in motion, she taunted, “Well you don’t seem to mind doin’ that, so how much more of a big deal would it be to suck it a little before he puts it in me? You know, like gettin’ him all nice an’ wet an’ ready to go in your wife.”

When I didn’t respond she leveled that wicked smile at me and said quite matter of factly,

“Well at least massage his balls an’ get them in gear cause mama wants to milk ’em here in a little while, d’accord?”

I looked at Beau, who had gone silent, not issuing a moan or contributing a word since she’d mentioned sucking and he just gave me a silent whatever look and shrug. Blondie, still giving me that devilish smile, whispered, “Do it, Dickey boy, just go ahead an’ do it!”

Shifting my seating on the bed I switched hands and began pumping his dick with my left hand and reached for his testicles with my right, noticing that he accommodatingly spread his legs slightly to give me better access. Cupping my palm under his scrotum, I hefted his large balls, surprised at their considerable weight. I had no idea how to massage a man’s balls except for how I’d do my own when on a long drive, so that was the technique I applied, cupping his scrotum and gently rolling the two enclosed orbs between my fingers. His balls were easily twice as large as mine.

He liked it, making me wonder whether or not my manager might be bi. I had become less uptight about sexually touching other men after I had witnessed Blondie in several lesbian liaisons with other beautiful women but I had not become so liberal about it that I was willing to accept that I was anything but lightly bisexual. The extreme of my bi activity was lubricating and putting cocks in my wife and cleaning her with my tongue after she’d had intercourse with other men, and that was only a sometime thing. Blondie had never before coerced me into any bi activity though she had encouraged my doing it more than a few times.

I figured what was driving her tonight was the uniqueness of her new lover being her husband’s supervisor and how that fit right into the sub/dom game we sometimes played with black guys. Now here was Beau—black and her husband’s corporate superior—a perfect situation for some husband humiliation games. She lay there alternately kissing him and amusedly watching me masturbate him for several more minutes before I reminded her of the time and she rose straddling him again. I squirted more lotion on his cock and liberally coated the entire shaft before telling her,

“Okay, Blondie, it’s ready…come on back and lower your butt a little more…I’ll line it up and…hold it…right there, babe…now just sit back on it.”

As she eased down onto it, I held Beau’s now rock-hard phallus in place so that her rosy pink inner lips spread over its purple head smoothly. They both groaned with the indescribably delectable pleasure of mating with another human being for that very first time, sharing with a relative stranger that most personal and sensual human activity. She wasted no time—before I could return to my chair, she had captured that dark member in its entirety inside her abdomen and had begun a slow riding motion on his hips, both of them moaning with a degree of shared sexual pleasure I could only sit there and try to imagine.

Glancing at my watch, I saw that it was well past midnight and realized I’d better head for home fairly soon…not looking forward to that drive down the Dauphin Island Parkway to our home, but we had pets to feed and they’d be ravenous by the time I got there. Yet I found myself held in place by the entrancing spectacle of my fair-skinned Southern belle enthusiastically riding those many inches of stiff, black manhood, her frequent yips, gasps and groans an ongoing audible testament to the pleasures it was providing her.

Reluctantly yielding my front row seat to this sexy spectacle after several more minutes of watching, I stepped to the bed and when Blondie noticed me, tapped my watch, raising my eyebrows in question. She threw me a quick look of irritation but then must have realized that I needed to be leaving soon, asking him,

“Beau, honey, you think it’s gonna take a while to get you off? Rick wanted to see me make you come but he needs to be gettin’ on home, so…”

He muttered, “Too soon, baby, need more time…” causing her to look back at me with obviously insincere sympathy and mocking pleasure as she chortled,

“Sorry, cher, but you heard the man—maybe if you make it back early enough in the mornin’ we can finish the show for you then.” When I answered that with just a “Yeah sure” look, she grinned, again totally insincere and unsympathetic, and mockingly consoled me,

“Quit worryin’ about it, cher, you’re gonna get plenty of opportunities to watch him come in me before he heads back up to Chicago, d’accord?”

As she leaned forward and looked down at Beau for corroboration, he reached up with both big hands and captured her swaying breasts, grinning his agreement, “You bet, beautiful.” She crooked her left index finger, summoning me. When I bent over the bed, she clasped his hands to her breasts and gave me a long wet kiss as she kept grinding her impaled pussy against his groin.

She muttered against my mouth, “Don’t worry, sugar bear, you’re leavin’ your wife in very good hands.” Then after giving me another taste of teasing tongue, she whispered “Bonne nuit bébé, je t’aime (Good night baby, I love you)—drive carefully, tu m’entends (you hear me)?”

At the door, I looked back just in time to see Beau flip them over, staying inside her, thrusting into her forcefully, evoking from her an explosive “Yeasss!” and a gasped, “Oh yeah, fuck me, baby! C’mon! Give it to me good, lover—give it to me good ‘n hard!”

In the twenty-minute drive south I couldn’t get that image or those words out of my mind. Was it just more of her taunting? Sticking the needle in as I walked out the door? If so, it was certainly effective, further stimulating the cuckold thrill of leaving my eagerly willing mate in the bed of another man for the night…and…if I were to be candid about it…a thrill that was magnified by the fact of that man being my corporate superior.

Could she also have been giving me a glimpse into how she might be even more responsive to her lovers out of my presence? Or was it both perhaps—her offering me a tantalizing preview of how wanton she intended to be spending the night for the first time with a black lover without my distracting presence? I could only wonder as I pulled into our long, circular driveway without my wife, certain I would learn more when I returned to the hotel in the morning.

And I did…and the adventures that transpired subsequently will be told in future stories.

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