Sexy married woman seduces his boss

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Cuck lets blonde wife spend night in black boss’s hotel room

Two years or so after my sexy little blonde hotwife got her first taste of the special eroticism of interracial sex, a significant new development occurred when my boss flew down south from Chicago to spend some time working with me. I had an idea that the real purpose of his trip was to have an excuse to visit his aunt, which he pronounced ‘awnt’ in New Orleans. When we’d discussed his trip on the phone, he had hinted at his true intent of wanting to spend more time with his aunt, who was a mother to him. She had raised him, briefly in New Orleans, then through high school in Chicago after emigrating north, before retiring to her hometown and Louisiana heritage.

Eager to be shed of him as quickly as possible, I had circumspectly suggested that I would gladly cover for him by setting appointments in New Orleans and reporting he’d made those calls with me. Grateful for my collusion in his little deceit, he offered to take Blondie and me to dinner.

What makes this story memorable is that Beauregard, or Beau, was black. In the current spirit of diversity in corporate America, he’d been promoted over older, more qualified, white candidates and had been my supervisor for a few somewhat uncomfortable months. Possessing the requisite degrees in business and finance, Beau had no field experience in our specialized marketing of a line of institutional financial products. Having no desire to relocate to cold, crime-ridden Chicago from the Gulf Coast, I did not covet the position myself, and thus made a genuine effort to familiarize my new, so-called supervisor with our market.

While somewhat suspicious of my motives, Beau seemed truly pleased, that I was willing to accept a younger, less experienced black man as my superior and help him learn the business. Not to say, however, that we did not have our differences. Out to prove himself, he frequently came up with ideas he thought were innovative, only to learn the company had previously tried similar programs that hadn’t proved effective. Being the senior, most experienced of Beau’s regional managers, it was generally left to me to show him this, so our relationship was a bit uneven.

Blondie had first met Beau at a managers’ meeting in Colorado a couple of months earlier, where wives had attended. She’d found him attractive and had remarked to me that she’d gladly fuck him if she got the chance. We’d been in a hotwife/cuckold relationship since early in our marriage, so her open lust didn’t surprise me, especially knowing how interracial sex turned her on. Since that trip, we’d fantasized frequently about her fucking Beau but had agreed it was a scenario fraught with risk. He seemed a bit of a puritan, married to an overweight, religious, straight-laced, tea-totaling schoolteacher. They had five, closely-spaced kids, indicating his virility and potency, another turn-on for my bayou belle.

In Colorado, Blondie had lamented that Beau was wasted in such a conventional marriage, so when she learned that he was coming to Mobile, she quickly informed me that if I didn’t want to shepherd him around, she’d gladly keep him occupied. I reminded her that my new boss seemed awfully straight-arrow and any attempt to seduce him might endanger my position. My short, little Cajun cutie smiled knowingly and purred,

“Well, you know, cher, it just might be the other way around if he likes what I do to him, hmm?”

My exasperated glance brought a smug murmur, “An’ have you met any black guys yet who don’t like what I do to them, hmm?”

I just grinned, shaking my head as she continued, “They always seem to want to come back and get some more of it, don’t they, sugar pie?”

“An’ I betcha your big ol’ good-lookin’ boss would be just the same way, don’t you sugar?”

Beau flew in late Sunday and took a cab to the Admiral Semmes, an old but stately downtown hotel. I met him Monday morning and we put in a reasonably pleasant, productive day. About 4:45 he suggested we knock off and return to the hotel. After making several phone calls and discussing more business for another hour, we repaired to the bar to await Blondie.

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