Boy next door peeking at women

Mick had just turned eighteen, he was a gawky lad with blonde hair and long legs.

He walked around the garden in a pair of shorts and not much else.

Mick was always peering over the fence at me as I worked and looking down the cleavage as I weeded. His eyes seemed to look through whatever I wore so I hatched a plan to either make him stop or make him a slave.

Two weeks ago I got together with the girls and I laid out the plan to sort out this little irritation. We would all get together in the garden showing quite a lot of cleavage and some would wear skirts and stockings and be a little indiscrete about how much showed to lure him in.

True to form Mick was in the garden and we were shamefully exhibiting ourselves to him. He had an obvious hard on and I let the skirt slide along my legs showing off the stockings. He was locked in. Gloria walked up beside the shed and leant around the edge to catch him.

He was surprised and tried to hide but I called out to him to come on over and see up close. All the ladies joined in and eventually there he was at the gate to the garden, all long and gangly with a tent pole pushing his shorts out.

I called him in and he sheepishly came into the bear pit. At first we were all solicitous of him, I offered him a drink and he asked for a Coke.

The poor lad, he was still not drinking and so shy. His cock started to go down as he relaxed. We asked him about school and sports etc. and he was chatting away until Sharon asked him about girlfriends at which point he got tongue tied and mumbled something about liking Jane but she was out of his league. Sharon said he shouldn’t be shy, if the display he had put on was anything to go by he had plenty to offer. All the girls laughed and he went all bashful and tried to apologise. I told him he had nothing to apologise for and we all liked the view. In fact we wanted a better view.

Mike asked what I meant and I told him that we enjoyed CFNM and he was to be our subject.

He was mystified until I spelt it out that it meant Clothed Female Naked Male at which point he was protesting and wanting to get away. I asked what was wrong and he said he couldn’t do that. I asked him if he had liked seeing all these MILFs showing off for him and if not why he had a hard cock. He kept saying he would be too embarrassed and he would probably be soft and small.

I said to him that we wouldn’t be upset but his earlier reaction said something else and if he didn’t do it I would be asking his mum about him ogling me and the others and what she would do about it as he had made them uncomfortable.

He argued about this but was caving in, until I told him to stand up in the middle of our circle and take off his shorts. He was very reluctant and I asked if he was naked under them but he said he had his underpants on. So I told him to get the shorts off so we could see him and if he didn’t then four of us would hold him while he was stripped by the rest. He eventually just undid the shorts and slid them down. I asked him to hand them to me and he did. He looked cute in his little bikini briefs in white and he started to get hard again. You could even see where his pre-cum had soaked into his briefs previously.

At this point Allan arrived home and walked into the Garden. He spoke to Mick and said that he thought Mick would get this eventually. He apologised to the women present as he didn’t know they were there or he would have come out naked as he ought to. He then stripped completely, much to Mick’s shock.

Allan explained to Mick that whenever the ladies were in the house he had to be naked. Cynthia then leant over and grabbed Allan’s cock and Allan told Mick that he was theirs to play with. Mick couldn’t believe what was happening and asked why Allan allowed it. He told Mick that he enjoyed being their toy but they always liked a new toy so he should get his kit off and let them do what they will.

Mick was struggling with this until Audrey walked up behind him and pulled his briefs down and then made him move his feet out of them. He immediately covered his cock with his hands but I told him to move them so we could all see. He did, reluctantly and there he was. Just a little hair and about five inched of nearly flaccid cock. I told him to slowly turn so that all the ladies could see him properly and by the time he’d gone through 360 degrees he was quite hard, probably as much as Allan but not as thick.

Some of the ladies said he had to be punished for peeking at them in all their glory and he should be spanked over a knee. He was manhandled by his cock over to Gloria and put over her knee at which point she gave him ten whacks on his bare arse. His cock started to shrink but soon sprang up again as he realised he was leaning up against her tits. His hand was on her thigh and his cock was against her other leg. She let him up and asked if anyone else thought they would like to spank him.

Luckily for him there weren’t but now they started to caress his body starting with sliding their hands up his thighs and just stroking his balls until he got fully hard and matched Allan’s nearly eight inches in length.

Mick was flushed across his entire body and his face was bright pink as he stood there being scrutinised by a load of women his mum’s age. The ladies did not let him recover but kept calling him over and then touching him. Mick jumped every time they touched his cock or balls and even more so when they played with his butt crack. He was driven mad by this and started with the pre cum. A lot of the ladies commented on it and this merely made Mick blush more as he realised that he was unable to control himself.

Once it was obvious that he had blue balls they reduced the amount of touching to a minimum so he would not come but started to talk about him as if he wasn’t there. They made comments such as ‘Mick’s cock is rather nice’ and, ‘He can’t keep it down’ and, ‘I’m going to suck him dry.’ The last would happen in due course but not today. Every time he seemed able to cope the stimulation would increase until he was begging for release.

We discussed this in front of him and there were suggestions about his arse being used by a strap-on, which seemed to terrify him and many others but we decided he should ask each women while on his knees for release. He was reluctant to actually beg but knowing that they might keep him this was for hours he did it.

After this Cynthia said they would let him come but he had to wear a cock ring. She slid it on and started to really work him over. He was finding it difficult to come and he was passed from one to the other who all told him he should come as he had wanted to. His pain was obvious and I removed the cock ring and told him to finish off for our enjoyment. Almost as soon as he started to wank he blew the lot in three mighty spurts. He was wasted from all the effort and attention and collapsed into a chair.

After he had recovered a little I told him that if he came into the garden and was alone he should always strip if he saw me and that he should visit my house often and would be expected to be naked. What he didn’t know was that Amanda, his mum had known about the games we would play with him and approved. We had just added another man to the stable and probably for use by many others.

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