Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

We got married in June.

We went to Denver for a weekend, arriving about 7:00PM Thursday evening. I’d researched some motels and found one with mirrors in the rooms that catered to horny couples. It had a good, slightly expensive restaurant, and private, members only, dance club down the street that was a pretty much no holds barred swingers club. I wanted to watch people fuck. And I got off on showing Debbie off. Debbie loved the room.


We fucked at the motel for an hour. There were mirrors everywhere and we watched ourselves fucking, Debbie commenting on how much she liked watching herself fuck and suck. Like the women in the pornos. Debbie wore an incredibly low cut bra and blouse and a mini-skirt when we went out. Her turquoise tulip bra was underwired and had push up, push in pads that started at the middle of the bottom of her tits and wrapped half way up the outsides of them. The pads were covered in satin. The rest of her bra was sheer with small lace rosette appliqué. It exposed her tits right to the edge of her aureoles at the top and the insides of her tits. The pads arced up and were only two inches wide at the widest part, exposing most of her tits through the sheer bra. It was the most cleavage she’d ever exposed and it turned us both on. Looking down her blouse, from just the right angle, I could see inside her bra. Half her naked aureoles were exposed to the edge of her nipples. She’d never let anyone but me see her naked aureole and nipples and said she’d have to be careful. Her panties were matching turquoise sheer lace in the front with the rosettes and totally sheer in the back. String bikini, tiny in the front, showing some cunt hair, and only covering half her hot fucking ass. Her blouse was burgundy, sleeveless and only went down to just above her belly button. It was a wrap blouse and gaped open when she was twirled when she danced. Her wide set tulip bra straps showed out the shoulders of her blouse and her bra showed out the sleeves of the arms holes of her blouse when she raised her arms while she danced. Her blouse was scoop necked, exposing her chest to a quarter of an inch of her bra top when standing upright. Bent over, everyone could see down her blouse to her sheer bra, aureole and nipples. Debbie’s skirt was mini, dark grey, thin satin, see through with the light behind her, mid-thigh, draping into her ass crack. Sitting down, it raised up to just below her pussy. Dancing, with her arms up around my neck, it raised up to the bottom of her ass cheeks. She wore sheer dark grey thigh-high stocking and platform heels that aligned my cock with her cunt while we danced.

We’d had almost two bottles of wine while we fucked. We were pretty fucked up when we went to the motel restaurant. We drank more wine at dinner. The waiter (another Steve) devoured Debbie with his eyes while he served us. He recommended a dance club (the swingers’ club) and said to show the doorman our receipt and we’d get a free membership which usually cost $50 per couple. It was 10:15PM when we got there. We were seated clear in the back at a two person table on a side wall. A guy was seated directly across from Debbie at another two person table, giving him a direct shot up her skirt. Another guy was at a table to the side of our table, giving him a shot up her skirt every time she got up to dance. At 11:15PM the waiter and a friend of his showed up and sat with the two guys at the tables across from us. Our waiter and his buddy had a clear shot up Debbie’s skirt while she was sitting and the other two had a clear shot up her skirt when she got up to dance. We were both drunk and horny by that time. They switched tables for different views of her panties. They took turns dancing with Debbie, looking down her blouse when they came to ask her to dance. They looked up her skirt from about five feet away when she got up.

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