Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

We had dinner and got our receipt to get in free, went back to the room and Debbie changed into her new outfit. Fucked up, we got to the club at 10:00PM. Four hours to play!!! Swingers!!!!!

There was no mention of Debbie’s cunt and ass being felt the night before. But plenty of anticipation of what tonight would bring. Bob and Shirley were there. Shirley’s top was totally see-through. Short skirt that barely covered her cunt. It put Debbie at ease with her revealing outfit. We took our seats in the back. Steve was there waiting when we arrived. He joined us and bought a round of drinks. He told Debbie how sexy she looked. They danced, humping slowly to the music. They fast danced, Steve swirling her around, showing her g-string. They took turns with her, all catching her tit when she swirled back to them and feeling her ass and humping into her butt.


The midnight break came. Bob and Shirley went out to our car and smoked with us. Debbie told them she was leaving her bra and g-string on so Steve could take them off while we watched. She asked how women took men’s underwear off without getting them naked. Shirley said they just undid they guys belt and unzipped their pants and pulled their underwear down below their balls. Shirley said they’d heard there was something special tonight that they’d done a few times before. And that all the locals had talked the owner into doing it tonight. And that Steve was in on it and Debbie was going to love Steve’s underwear. We went in, anticipating when Steve would take Debbie’s g-string and bra off.

Everyone danced, dirty. We watched. Shirley fuck danced with one of the guys at the table across from us. The girls got into a competition on who danced the sexiest. It didn’t take long before they were practically fucking on the dance floor. They got their cunts and asses dry humped. About six couples were watching and cheering them on. Eight horny women were fuck dancing. Husbands danced with other wives. Shirley’s big tits were felt. All the women got felt up, Debbie included. Her eyes closed and her head tilted back. Steve’s cock was sticking out, pleated pants. He humped her cunt and she humped him back. Her short skirt rose above her cunt. Steve was humping Debbie through nothing but her sheer g-string, which we could all see. Debbie came hard. She sat with me, panting. We watched Shirley get felt up and fingered. A lot of the women got fingered and stroked their partners’ cocks. Debbie and I watched the debauchery. Shirley grabbed me and we danced. Nasty. She stroked my cock. Steve led Debbie to the dance floor. He humped her ass. He slid his hands up her skirt, exposing her naked ass.

The commando police showed up. Debbie still had her bra and g-string on. We smiled at each other. Steve was going to get to take her bra and g-string off of her. While we all watched. Oh, shit. They were led to the middle of the dance floor. An emcee announced that they’d caught commando violators. Their punishment was that they had to strip each other to their underwear and dance in the cage for half an hour. Shirley laughed as we made our way to the cage, telling me that this was the “something special” and to wait until I saw what Steve was wearing.

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