Journey of becoming a Cuck

Hiii, I am Akash, it’s my story of how my wife Madhu turned me into a Cuck, it’s about 4 yrs ago when I was 31 Nd she was 28, Madhu is a sex goddess with a natural figure like a Heroine, her boobs were so big that I cud’t hold them with single Hand, Where I am a average 5.8 inches good looking Guy working in a Big private firm, our sex life was Good but not as I want, In bed Madhu was Very active, I use to give all my Power with my average 5.5 inches Dick to satisfy her but after Sex I use to become totally exhausted where from her looks it seem that she’s not finished yet, I slowly realized that to satisfy a woman like Madhu a dick of minimum 8-9 inches with rock solid thickness is needed, my average rod was not sufficient for her, things were going like this when a new Person joined our Company as my senior, his name was Deepak, 6 ft tall, slight dark skinned, perfect Handsome guy in his 40’s, but still unmarried, he was a very friendly person so we became friends within few days, the biggest coincidence is that he took rent in our opposite flat and became our neighbour, so one day I took him to our flat, as soon as Deepak saw my wife he couldn’t remove his eyes from her, it was not a new thing but what surprised me is that Madhu was also staring at him, from her look I realized that she found him Attractive, due to his friendly and charming nature Deepak became close to Madhu also, we became so close that Deepak sometimes use to come to our flat for lunch or Dinner, sometimes if he needed some house work related help he use to call Madhu to his flat, now In office sometimes Deepak use to give me some extra assignment and tells me to complete them, I couldn’t understand why suddenly he became so strict and indirectly forcing me to stay in the office at night, one day I somehow managed to complete all the work in a short time, my mobile’s battery was very low so I didn’t informed Deepak and left office, as soon as I reach my flat I saw Deepak’s flat was locked, so he didn’t came home, I took the master key from my pocket and opened the door of my flat, as soon as I entered I heared noises from towards our Bedroom, I slowly started walking without any noise, the noise became clear, “Ahhhhhh slowly Tiger, You are soooo Big Ahhhhh, please have mercy on meeee Ahhhhh” It was Madhu’s voice Nd what is happening even a Child can say, I became furious and wanted to catch her red-handed so I slowly came near the Room, the room was locked so I peeped from the Keyhole and what I saw just shocked me as hell, my Boss Deepak was pounding my wife Madhu, both were naked, Deepak was fucking her with Superhuman force, Madhu has wrapped her legs against Deepak’s Waist and pulling him towards her while holding his shoulders tight, Deepak was giving animalistic strokes and kissing her lips occasionially, with each thrust her Boobs were bouncing, the most seductive part is that Madhu ‘s wearing her Mangalsutra Nd have Sindoor on her forehead, my temper suddenly decreases Nd I became horny by the sight of my sexy wife being fucked by my Macho Boss right in front of me, the look of intense satisfaction on Madhu’s Face while Deepak’s thrusting her make me realize that this is the Fuck she was looking for after our Marriage, the thought that my Boss make me stay at the office at night just to come to my house to fuck my Wife in our Bed made my Dick Erect, I started stroking my dick while Deepak was giving my Wife the thing which I couldn’t give her, after he gave her 5-6 orgasms now he started to fuck more furiously, Madhu was moaning in extreme pleasure, “Ahhhhhh Ohhhhhh You will kill meee, Ahhhhhh pleaaase not inside agaiiin,pleaaaase Ahhhhh” Deepak rejected her pleas and with a huge Grunt deposited his Seed inside her Body while kissing and Biting her Lips, both were in 7th heaven, here I also cummed in my pants, after their session was over Deepak pulled his Dick from inside her, now I saw his whole Dick it was twice my size and Thick like a Pole, I understood Why my Unsatisfied wife Cheated on me, Deepak lied on his back while Madhu lied on him and started playing with his semierect Cock, then Deepak ordered her to go down on him and give him a Blow job, Madhu obeyed and started sucking his Dick like a Slut making it Hard again, within minutes Deepak was charged again, now he made my Wife sit like a Doggy and shoved his Huge Pole inside her Pussy from Behind, again he started pounding her like there’s no tomorrow, I was totally taken out by his stamina, that night Deepak filled her Womb with his Manseed total five times while I watched silently without them knowing about me, in the morning I left from my flat so that Deepak can go to his flat without knowing about me, after few time I went back to my flat and found Madhu cleaning the Bedroom,wearing a Saree like a pure Sanskari Wife, I immediately hugged her, kissed her took her to made, removed her dress and started fucking her while telling her that I saw everything last night, she became shocked and starts crying, I kissed her and told it’s OK I’m not angry with her, she asked for Forgiveness and told me that she still loves me but I cudnt satisfy her, one day she Accidentally saw Deepak naked in his Flat after seeing his Dick she couldn’t resist herself, that was the starting of a Full time affair between them, I became so horny hearing this so I told her to continue her relationship with Deepak but not to tell him that I know about them, I installed secret Cameras in my flat so that I can watch them making Love when I m in Office, that was the starting of my Cuckold life, slowly Madhu stopped having sex with me as she was totally addicted to Deepak, restricting me only to Handjob, I had no problem with that as I enjoyed more by jerking while watching my Boss fucking her, Madhu remained his Mistress for almost two years while being Pregnant within 3 months and giving birth to a beautiful girl after 9 months, I gladly gave the baby my name and became Father, Madhu became slightly Fat due to the Intense amount of Cum Deepak deposited inside her Body for 2 years and also because of her pregnancy, I also got huge raise in my company thanks to Deepak due to the Hospitality he got from my Wife, After two years Deepak got transferred to Canada so he left from our Life, till than Madhu has changed into a total slutty Woman, right now she’s having affair with a Black Negro Guy named Frank who has came to our Society also she’s pregnant with his Child, she told me that she wants four Children from four best Man of different species, when I asked her that if I ever would have luck to become the father of her child she replied, “You will always be the father of our Children, but legally financially😉”

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