Sex In A Public Shower

Hi Marc again. I figured since my first story has been up for a while now I’d post another one. This takes place a little less than a year after my first one. Bonnie and I were on summer vacation, and I was visiting her in my parents hometown, where her family had moved for work. There isn’t much to do out there, besides going for drives and going to the beach on nice days.

So one day we were extremely bored and decided to go to the beach. We went out into the water and after wading out a bit, I teased her by pinching her butt under the water. She thought it was a fish and screamed, and when I said I did it she called me an asshole. We made out a bit and she decided to up the ante by pulling my dick out underwater and jacking me off. In return I slipped my hand into her bottom and teased her clit. It started raining unexpectedly so we got out of the water and went to the showers. The showers are in a big building, each contained in their own room which locked from the inside.


We got inside and locked the door, picking up where we left off. I pulled the strings on her bikini and it fell to the floor. She pulled my shorts off and my prick stood up waiting for her to play with it. We decided to wash our bodies as foreplay, leaving our genitals for last. I washed her pussy, massaging her clit and lips, then turning her around and rinsing her ass, biting it gently and licking it. When I was done she sat on the bench and pulled back my foreskin, first washing it, then she started sucking, taking the full length of it. After several minutes she told me to turn around, and when I did she spread my asscheeks and soaped my cheeks and crack, then rinsed it. I thought she was done and was about to turn around when I felt something strange. She had her mouth on my asshole, and was furiously tonguing and kissing it. I was lost in this new pleasure and I didn’t realize what was coming next.

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She stopped and I felt her fingers massaging my now relaxed anus, before the sharp pain of her fingers entering my virgin hole. She felt around for several minutes before finding my prostate, which she then began to rub gently, yet hard at the same time. She told me to turn around which I did, and she took my cock in her mouth, sucking the head. I wasn’t sure how long I would last. I told her to stop and stand up. Still fingering my ass, I pushed her against the wall, lifting her up and sliding my cock in her. we fucked until we couldn’t hold out any longer, and we came together. When we finished we quickly washed up again and as we opened the door we saw that a mother and two children were waiting for us to leave. I hope they didn’t know what we’d been doing, but part of me was turned on by the idea that at least the mom might’ve knew.

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