Wife exposed and fucked in Denver dance club

I could tell Debbie was surprised and a little embarrassed. But also incredibly turned on. Steve and Debbie entered the cage and it was lifted to where their crotches were just below eyeball high to everyone on the dance floor. Steve eased Debbie’s halter top up over her big fucking tits, his hands lingering on her tits and squeezing them. She closed her eyes and arched her back, offering them to him completely while we all watched. He knelt and unbuttoned her skirt and slowly slid it down, caressing her ass. His finger teased her virgin ass hole, naked except for the thin string. She pressed back into it. He stood and turned Debbie around, slowly, twice, exhibiting her for everyone.

Debbie took Steve’s shirt off and licked his nipples. She knelt in front of him. Our eyes met. Filled with lust. She undid his belt and pants and eased his zipper down, slowly. She worked his pants down his ass. His nine inch cock popped out, hitting Debbie in the face. It was huge, thick and curved. Everyone cheered. Shirley laughed and stroked my hard, pulsating cock. Steve had on a white, totally sheer, stretch knit ball and cock sock. His cock oozed precum. Debbie stroked Steve’s huge curved cock and ran her finger across his prick head smearing his precum around his cock head. Everyone was yelling for her to suck his cock. Steve’s cock was poised directly in front of Debbie’s mouth. He pressed the head against Debbie’s lips. They parted and we could see her tongue lick Steve’s prick head.


Shirley said Steve was a regular there and had danced in his ball and cock sock many times with many unsuspecting wives. And, that it had been arranged that he would dance with Debbie in the cage on Thursday night. She also said that all the regulars wanted to see Debbie naked. They all wanted to see her tits and pussy. Debbie had been set up.

Debbie got up and they danced, dirty. Steve’s cock ground into Debbie’s practically naked cunt. He placed his cock head directly against her fuck hole. He felt her tits and ass. Steve turned Debbie around and humped her ass. He got his cock head right on her butt hole. He got half of his head into her butt hole. All that stopped him was her tiny string. They danced wildly for half an hour. Men reached into the cage and felt Debbie’s ass. The cage was lowered so that her tits could be felt, also. Steve stuck his cock between Debbie’s legs from behind. His big curved cock stuck out in front of her cunt about 4 inches. It curve to up and stroked her entire cunt and clit. Debbie rapped her hand around it and stroked it, pressing it into her cunt and clit. Steve stroked Debbie’s cunt and she stroked his cock with her cunt and hand. Debbie came all over Steve’s cock, really hard.

They dressed and Steve took Debbie’s bra off, caressing her naked tits, his hands inside her halter top. The cage was raised to just above eye level. He knelt and put his hands under Debbie’s skirt. He lifted her skirt, tucking it into her waist band. Everyone could see her pussy and ass. Steve worked Debbie’s g-string down to her butt hole. And, then the front of her g-string. His right hand was between her thighs, his middle finger stroking her sopping wet naked pussy. He moved his drenched finger to her virgin butt hole. He slid his entire finger up her ass. Steve pulled Debbie’s cunt into his mouth and ate her to a monumental orgasm. Everyone cheered them on. Steve was ramming his finger in and out of Debbie’s ass hole. Debbie came and almost collapsed onto Steve.

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