Extremely Erotic Cuckold story – 5

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Hi All
This is imaginary story, don’t take it personally or religiously, I have another story with muslim cuckold and hindu bull.
So just relax and enjoy this extremely erotic Cuckold story.
You can let me know your feedback on [email protected]

Part 5

Fast Forward 16 months to Shock Day.
Our families planned Baby shower and everyone was very happy as we were finally going to become parent. Function was planned at my native place. Shilpa insisted to me that she wanted Javed to be there for the function and we decided to invite him as a family friend.

On Baby shower day, everything was going normal, family, relatives and friends were meeting and greeting us. Then all the rituals were performed, after that photographer started photo session of Shilpa with me. During photoshoot Javed came and whispered to Shilpa that she wanted to click some photos with her. After sometime Shilpa said she wanted to go tot washroom, I took her to one room and Javed followed us silently. I was nervous thinking is they have planned something else here would ruin the function. Javed quickly handed over his phone to me and asked me to click some pics. Shilpa started posing with him just like she was posing with me as a father of a child. They clicked 8-10 photos in signature poses which will predict Shilpa and Javed as parents of a child. Javed then slowly slid out of the room. We then came out after some time and function proceeded successfully.

After the function, my mother-in-law came with us to take care of Shilpa and her delivery and post-delivery, so she will be staying with us for quite some time now. Shilpa and Javed were nervous as they won’t be able to meet till my MIL stays with us.
After returning to Thane, next day itself my MIL said to me and Shilpa that she wanted to talk something very important to us. We thought it would be related to Shilpa’s pregnancy. After Breakfast we 3 were sitting in living room and MIL inquired about Javed, She didn’t know his name but said who was that man in room with two of you in Baby Shower. We were shocked to hear this as we thought nobody knew what happened in that room except me, Shilpa and Javed. I said nobody was there except me and Shilpa. MIL replied, don’t lie, I have seen everything that happened in room from the window. The way he was clicking photos with Shilpa, only baby’s father does it. I wanted to catch him and summon all three of you then and there only, but I didn’t want to spoil the function and spread our family issue to guests.

Then Shilpa Started explaining her mother about Javed, how he came in our life, how he saved her from getting gang raped, how he changed our lives financially and gave us this comfortable and luxurious life. She even said to her mother that, If javed had not been there that night, today she would be a rape victim, and they still will be living that middle class life in that small flat and be childless for the entire life. She started crying, after sometime she said to her mother that her own husband means I can not even protect her, can’t give her a child and moreover couldn’t satisfy her at night. Don’t you want your daughter to be happy mom?

My MIL was educated and retired bank professional, she understood the situation and started consoling her daughter. Then she asked if someone else is aware of all these things happening in our life. We denied jointly and said you are the 1st person to know all these except three of us. And we want to keep this secret with you only. She agreed and alerted us to be careful and not exhibiting anything in public. She asked Shilpa to invite Javed for lunch tomorrow and said she will cook the food for him. I thought in my mind like Shilpa’s mother mentally accepted Javed to be her real Son in Law. Shilpa excitedly took her phone and called Javed and invited him for lunch, Javed replied he is busy with elections and can’t manage to come for lunch but he agreed to come for a dinner. After some time, Shilpa went in Bedroom, called Javed again and informed everything that happened just now. Both of them sounded very happy as their worry of not being able to meet each other for next few months vanished.

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