Stepsister – Stepbrother game, mom catches them and things escalate

Step sister – Step brother game, mom catches them and things escalate, The driveway was empty when I pulled in at the end of my academic school day. It was just starting to turn dark when I got out of the car and headed into the house, enjoying the calming sensation of the warm early summer breeze on my skin.
It was good to finally be home after a long day of studying.

I walked over to the front door, my heavy bag on my shoulder, and turned the knob. It was unlocked and I entered. I slid the car keys on the hanger near the door and headed up to my room, walking past the quiet empty living room and up the stairs. I continued to my room and just as I walked past the bathroom, the door opened loudly and my brat of a sister, Sam, walked out, her blond hair wet and her body covered in a towel.

Actually, that’s a bit misleading, Sam is really my step sister and not my biological sister.


I was just a baby when my mother passed away and don’t remember her at all. She left behind a husband, my father, my older brother Oliver who is 4 years older than me, and myself, Bryce.
Two years after she passed, when I was about 3 years old, my father remarried a 23 year old single mother named Melissa who had a 2 year old daughter named Samantha. Melissa’s first husband was out of the picture for all I knew.

I grew up in a happy family in spite the early life family tragedy. Melissa was a mother to me, I was a son to her, and Samantha or Sam for short was my sister as far as both of us were concerned. We would fight, play, talk and get on each other’s nerves at times, just like all siblings do.

16 years have gone by and I was just finishing my first year in college and still living at home with my father, mother and sister. I was hoping to get my own place next year if I manage to save enough during the summer.

Sam was finishing up her senior year at high school and going to college next year.

“Hey Bro”, Sam said as she walked out “how was school?”

I could smell the scent of her coconut shampoo and looked at my younger sister.
She was shorted than me by a little, probably around 5’9, had a slim figure, long blond hair, green eyes, full red lips and a pair of large breasts that were currently pushing against the towel’s fabric and giving me a nice view of her cleavage.

She was Hot! I don’t remember the first time I noticed this, probably a few years back when her body started to develop, but she undoubtedly was.

Still, she was my little sister and I tried not giving the way she looked much thought. It was hard at times like this, or when we would go to the beach or pool and she would be wearing one of her tiny bikinis to show off her body.

“Hi, Sam. It was okay” I answered uninterested, “Where’s Mom and Dad?”

“Mom’s taking dad to the airport” Sam answered, “He has a conference somewhere”.

“Right” I answered and continued towards my room while Sam continued to hers, shaking the thoughts I was having about her body out of my head.

I put my stuff down in my room, took my shoes off and headed to the shower. I was so tired after the long day I had and wanted nothing more than to take a warm shower and get into bed.

I entered the bathroom and turned on the hot water. After, I tiredly took off my clothes and threw them in the laundry chute that connects the bathroom to the laundry room situated just beneath it on the bottom floor, quite handy.

I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my naked body, examining my biceps and muscular hairless upper body I worked so hard to achieve. I continued by looking down and admiring my cock. It was larger than average and soft with black trimmed pubic hairs surrounding it.
I examined my body for a bit, then entered the shower, letting the warm water wash away my long day and the troubles it brought with it.
I toyed with the idea of masturbating but eventually decided not to, being too tired even for that.

After washing myself thoroughly I shut off the water and exited the shower reaching for my towel. I reached to where my towel was, not looking, but didn’t find it. I opened my eyes to look, and saw that there were no towels on the hangers.

I assumed my mother put all the used towel in the washer and walked, still wet, to the bathroom closet where we keep the clean towels. I opened it and saw that to my surprise it was completely empty, not even a small hand towel to dry myself with.

I cursed silently and decided to head to my room and get dressed there, not that I had much choice.

I open the bathroom door and headed to my room, wet, cold and angry.

Just as luck would have it, as I was walking towards my room at the end of the hall, the door of one of the rooms opened and out walked my sister, wearing pink shorts and a white shirt a size or so too small, stretching over her boobs and reaching only down to her naval.

She walked out of her room drying her hair with a towel and immediately froze when she saw me standing there naked.

She just stood there facing me, blocking the path to my room and gazed at me, her eyes moving from my short wet light brown hair, to my chest and abs and finally looking down at my limp but still visibly large cock.

“We’re out of towels in the bathroom” I tried saying to explain the situation, sounding apologizing.

She was still standing in the middle of the hallway blocking it, so I just continued walking towards her, expecting her to move aside, but she didn’t. I was inches from her but she just stood there, her eyes glued to my cock.

“Can I get to my room please?” I asked assertively after making a throat clearing sound.

Sam snapped back to reality and moved towards the wall blushing as I passed her and entered my room, closing the door behind me.

“Well, that was embarrassing” I thought to myself as I got dressed.

I opened the door a few minutes later fully dressed, Sam wasn’t there anymore and her room’s door was closed.

I walked over to the bathroom and brushed my teeth before getting into bed and falling asleep almost immediately.

I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and walked downstairs to the kitchen where my step mother Melissa, was making breakfast.

Now, even though I don’t like that word, the best word to describe Melissa would be “Milf”.
She was 39 years old but could pass for almost ten years younger. For the past few years she has been working as a personal fitness trainer and yoga instructor and had the body to show for it. She had the same blond hair as her daughter, and just now is was tied up in a high ponytail.

When I entered the kitchen she had her back turned to me and was wearing a sports bra, sneakers and jogging tights that were beautifully wrapping her tight ass.
By the way she dressed, I could tell she just came back from a morning jog.

“Morning mom” I said after entering the kitchen.

“Good morning honey” she said with a smile. Turning around to face me and allowing me to see the way her sports bra cupped her large tits, looking firm and lovely.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked turning back to the stove, continuing to cook breakfast.

“I did. How was your morning run?” I asked politely.

“It was very nice” she answered, “you can go ahead and set the table, the food will be ready in a bit”.

I was in the middle of setting the table when we heard footsteps walking down the stairs and my sister came in the kitchen. Surprisingly, she was wearing very different clothes than the ones she usually does. She was wearing very short jeans, barely reaching a quarter of the way down her thigh to her knee and a thin tang top with no bra under it, her tits nicely holding in place and the outline of her nipples clearly visible.

“Morning” Sam said walking in to the kitchen and sitting down at the table while I was still setting it.

“Great timing Sam” my mother said and brought the food to the table, sitting down. While all 3 of us ate, we had our usual around the table conversation. All the while, I couldn’t help but wonder if the way Sam dressed had something to do with what happened last night. Mom didn’t say a word about her apparel.

The rest of the day continued uneventful, I was mostly in my room studying and when I came down for lunch and supper Sam was wearing the same outfit and mom changed into her regular clothes, but besides her outfit everything was normal.

The next day my mom was out the entire day so I just grabbed some stuff to eat and spent the day in my room. In the evening I planned to meet up with some friends and started getting ready an hour or so before.

I just planned to go and take a shower when Sam beat me to it. I waited for her to finish but she was taking a while.

I knocked on the shower door “Sam, I’m in a hurry, can you finish up?”

“I’ll be right out” she answered.

I went back to my room and organized my clothes on the bed when I heard the shower being turned off and quickly after the bathroom door opening.

I quickly opened my door and before I could take a step towards the shower I was greeted by an astonishing image, my step sister walking out of the bathroom completely nude.

Her face was expressionless and she started walking down the hall towards me.
She was gorgeous. I could see her large round breasts tipped with small pink nipples and bouncing lightly as she walked, I could see her flat smooth stomach and finally I could see the front of her pussy, crowned with teenage wisps of golden hair. She walked towards me without saying a word. A couples steps in front of me she turned into her bedroom and closed the door after her.

“What just happened” I thought to myself continuing to the shower. I turned the water on and took my clothes off as I realized my cock was completely hard from the little show I just saw. I couldn’t help but masturbate to the recent image branded in my mind and I came hard while the warm water flowed over me.

I knew she did it on purpose, because of what happened two days ago, only I couldn’t understand why she would do that. I decided to repay her the same way, and even though I had a towel today, I dried myself off, opened the door as loud as I could and walked out naked. My sister got out of her room dressed and observed my naked body until it disappeared inside my room.

This odd encounter became a hot unspoken game between my step sister and me for the weeks after. I would come home at the end of the day and she would usually be home. One of us would go in the shower and come out naked while the other watched from his room and then the other would go take a shower and come out naked.

Whenever Sam would take a shower first I would always enter the shower just after her and masturbate wildly to the picture of her amazing naked body.

On the first time I was the one to take a shower first, I refrained from touching myself and walked out the bathroom with my cock fully erect. The moment I got out of the shower, Sam was already standing outside her room waiting. She went wide eyed when she saw me and I noticed her bite her lower lip and stare at my cock intently until it disappeared along with me inside my room.

That day she showered longer than usual and looked more flustered than usual when she walked out of the shower, giving me the daily dose of her nakedness. The relief I gave myself that day after she saw me completely hard for the first time and I saw her in return was one of the best I ever had.

The days after that we would each try and do something to turn the other on when putting on the post shower show.
Sam would spread her legs to give me a look at her sexy pink pussy on one day, the next she would enter her room but wait for a few seconds before closing the door to give me a good look at her ass as she gave it a sexy wiggle. One day she pulled her middle finger over her slit while looking me in the eye, and another day she fingered herself then took the finger out and licked it just as she was closing the door to her room. That almost made me cum on the spot.

I in return wood try to make my cook as hard as possible for her to see, sometimes stroking it, sometimes playing with my balls and once I just gave myself a trim down there.

We would never talk about those blissful few minutes each day whenever Sam and I would talk, we would just know they would come and wait for them craving, like a junky waiting on a fix.

The first few times we did this, our parents were out of the house, but on the fifth or sixth day, mom was home and Sam hit the shower first. I was very curious to see what she would do and opened my door as soon as I heard the bathroom door open.

Just like the days before, Sam exited the shower naked and put on a show as she walked to her room and closed the door. It was my turn to shower and I pondered on what to do.
I thought about it throughout my shower and when I finished drying myself off, I listened closely for my mother through the door but didn’t hear a thing. I knew my mother hardly came up to this floor, her room and bathroom being on the bottom one and followed my sister’s lead, walking to my room naked as my sister watched from the sideline.

My father was even less of a problem, whenever he wasn’t away on business, he would come home late, long after Sam and I would shower. On the weekends when he was home he almost never had a reason to go upstairs.

We continued our unspoken game for the first week, then the second week, not skipping a day even if our parents were home which to me only made it hotter. On the third week disaster struck, or so I thought. My sister showered first and after her walk of exposure I went in. I thought I heard a knock on the door while I was in the shower, but paid it no attention. I dried myself off and everything seemed quiet, both parents were out of the house when I entered. I opened the door, stepped out and when I turned to my room, I was surprised to see my sister wasn’t there. I walked over to my room confused when suddenly the door to my sister’s room opened and out comes my mom holding a laundry basket in her hand and in close range view of my unconcealed body.

“What the heck are you doing Bryce?” my mother blurted out upon seeing my naked body.

“I just finished taking a shower” I said trying to sound cool but on the inside wanting to search for the tallest building and jump.

“And?” my mom continued still shocked.

“And I’m going to my room to get dressed” I continued in the same confident tone, or so I hoped.

“But why are you naked?” mom asked sounding more annoyed.

I tried to think of a clever answer and this is what I came up with: “Instead of wearing the towel to my room, getting dressed and bringing it back to the bathroom to hang, it’s much more convenient to leave it there and go to my room”. I continued on the offensive side hoping it will help “I don’t see what the big deal is, I’m just getting out of the shower and going to my room to get dressed “.

By the expression on her face it looked like she bought it but she continued to gaze up and down my naked body. The only thing I was thankful for was that Sam took a shower before me today. Because of that I masturbated in the shower and my cock was limp, hanging in front of me for my step mom to examine. If I would have walked into my mom with a fully hard cock I would consider changing my name and moving to another country.

She looked at me for a few more seconds, and finally said “Ok Bryce relax it’s just not something you have ever done before and it’s not something common in every house, but if you’re fine and not embarrassed by it, then I guess I don’t really mind”.

“Ok” I said, and with that walked passed her and entered my room closing the door behind me and feeling the most embarrassed I have ever been.

Sam and I continued our game, after the speech I gave mom it would be even more suspicious for me to stop walking out of the shower naked. She “caught” me twice more over the next week and a half. The first of the two times, she was walking out of my room with a laundry basket again and said nothing about my absence of clothes, only examined my naked body with her eyes.
The second time was much worse. I got into the shower first and just before entering, I went down stairs and saw that my mom was preoccupied with her laptop. I seized the opportunity to give my sister a glimpse of my erect cock, something that I was somewhat frightened of doing after the second time mom saw me. I finished taking the shower and stepped out after drying off, making sure my cock was extra hard for the exhibition.
I turned to our rooms but she was not standing there like usual, I looked to my door, dreading that my step mom would walk out but she didn’t, so I walked over to my room quickly. I walked in to find my mom sitting on my bed with her laptop on her lap.

She looked up when I walked into the room and her gaze was instantly glued to my very swollen member, a look of awe on her face.

I could see her blush even though she was trying to hide it, and started talking, her eyes on my penis all the while, “Bryce, I really need your help with something on my computer”.

I was so embarrassed but tried to hide it as best I could, “Sure mom, I’ll just get dressed first” I said and walked over to my closet, putting on boxers, a shirt and shorts, feeling my mother’s gaze on me as I dressed and realizing that the clothes did little to hide the raging hard on I put on for my sister.

I walked over, sat down on my bed next to my mom and heard my sister’s door open and the bathroom door close just after. My mother started explaining her computer trouble to me, all the while I thought she was stealing glances at my crotch which slowly subsided and finally disappeared. Shortly after, I finished helping her with the last issue she had and she finally got up to leave.

She headed out of my room thanking me for helping her, which took quite a while, and just as she got to the door, I heard the bathroom door open loudly.

“Samantha, what in god do you think you’re doing” I heard my mom yell from my room.

“What mom, I’m just going to my room to get dressed”, Sam said and I couldn’t help letting out a quiet chuckle.

The talk they had continued similar to my mother’s and mine the first time she caught me, only Sam had a trump card I didn’t: “Bryce does it all the time and you don’t have a problem with it”.

My mother didn’t know how she knew but couldn’t say very much to that. “Ok, Sammy” she said defeated “I didn’t know my children were so liberal all of a sudden” she finished with and walked off.

We continued playing the game all the same, but without saying a word, brought it down a notch. I stopped getting hard and stroking my dick for my sister’s pleasure, and she stopped fingering herself and fondling her breasts for mine. Still, I enjoyed and awaited it every day, a few blissful seconds of ogling my step sister’s gorgeous naked body.

It was just another regular morning of me getting ready for school. Today, I needed to bring with me a specific book I knew we had in the house, but after searching around for it for a while, I just couldn’t find it. I went over to the entrance of my parents’ bedroom in hopes that maybe my step mom would know where it is.

“Hey mom” I called from the entrance, “do you know where the book I asked you about for school is?”

“I can’t hear you sweetheart, come in” I made out from her call back.

I entered the room but it was empty, the door to the adjoining bathroom was open and the light was on as I repeated the question.

“I put it in the den’s bookshelf” she answered as she walked out of the bathroom to her bedroom, her figure now fully visible.

She was standing in the doorway in front of me, apparently just finished taking a shower, and she was completely naked.

I looked at her body admiringly, taking it in, her wet hair, ridiculously fit figure, smooth legs, stunning pair of large round boobs, a bit larger than her daughter’s yet still perky, with beautiful pink areolas, small nipples, and a vagina that wouldn’t shame an 18 year old catholic school girl, the last decorated with a sexy strip of shaved golden brown hair just above it.

“Bryce, did you hear me?” she said snapping me back to reality after I lost myself in her beautiful body for longer than I should have.

“Yeah, thanks mom” I answered while turning around, my cock getting hard from looking at her.

That evening, our game took an even more inappropriate turn. Sam took a shower first and stepped out. I waited for her to put on her daily show, and wanted to get a drink of water before entering the shower. I ended up standing right next to the entrance to her room when the she came out of the bathroom, instead of at my door which was further away.

She stepped out, sexy as usual, and headed to her room, I couldn’t help but think of her mother’s naked body while looking at her, both turning me on so much. She walked up to where I was standing, and turned to her room, awarding me with a close up look at her luscious ass.

I don’t know what took over me, but I just couldn’t help myself. Just before she entered her room I gave her ass a playful slap.

My sister let out a very surprised sound, part gasp part moan as my palm met the soft white skin of her tight ass. She quickly entered her room and closed the door behind her, an astounded look on her face.

I turned around and headed to shower, the slapping sound still echoing in my head. There I masturbated frantically to the images of both my step mom and step sister, mother and daughter, and the sensation of my sister’s ass on my hand. I came in seconds, shooting a great load down the drain.

When I got out of the shower, my sister was in her usual place watching me intently. I walked towards my room like I do every day, my cock far from its peak after my shower session. I couldn’t look Samantha in the eyes after the slapping incident but when I walked passed her, instead of just passing, I felt her hand shoot out from her side and very gently brush my cock with her fingertips.

From that day on a new rule has been added to the game: one quick intimate touch allowed. It made the game however hot it was, so much hotter.

We now started touching each other’s naked body every day. I was brushing her back, stomach, ass, boobs, thigh, and she was touching my ass, chest and testicles.

During this time, my mom completely embraced our naked out-of-the-shower routine and took it even further than we had. She would take a shower and then stay naked after, usually just in her room but sometimes around the house too.

One day I even heard my dad make a remark to her about it: It was pretty late and I’m guessing my mother just finished taking a shower. I went downstairs for a drink of water and couldn’t help but overhear my parents talking, their bedroom door open.

“Babe, do you want something to drink from the kitchen, I’m going to get some water” I heard my mom say to my dad.

“No thanks hon” I heard my father answer “but aren’t you going to put something on?” he asked.

“No, I’m just going to the kitchen for a sec” she answered.

“But what if one the kids comes down?” my father continued.

“So they’ll see me naked” she answered, “who cares?”

My father didn’t answer as far as I heard, but I wouldn’t push too much if I were in his place, I don’t see any point in complaining about your beautiful wife wanting to walk around naked.

I tried to look like I haven’t been eavesdropping and walked to the kitchen after hearing my stepmother’s footsteps. I entered the kitchen and was greeted by a view of my mom’s sensual tight ass while she was pouring herself water. She turned around when she heard me step in the kitchen and smiled her usual smile at me, not saying a word and giving me a great sight of her lovely breasts and pussy, her golden bush a bit more wild than the previous time I saw her naked. I took a glass, poured myself some water and drank in silence, stealing glances at her incredible naked body before putting the glass in the sink and climbing back upstairs without saying a word.

I kept on seeing her naked every couple days. Sometimes just glimpses, like of her going into the laundry room and then quickly back to her room and sometimes she would walk around, organizing the kitchen or bring up laundry enjoying the naked freedom and not caring if Sam or I saw her. Maybe she even enjoyed it when we saw her, showing off her spectacular nude body.

Sam and I continued our unspoken game, the sight of my step mom naked every couple days in addition to the daily viewing of my sister made me horny all the time.

I’m pretty sure it affected Sam too and the new touching rule we added got bolder as we got more comfortable with each other. At the start, we would only touch the other lightly but it increased gradually.
Sam would now squeeze my ass, play with my balls and stroke my cock, which I would get up for her enthusiastically.
I in turn, would fondle her breasts, pinch her nipples and graze her slit, all drawing soft moaning sounds from her.

One day, after seeing my mother wash the dishes naked a few minutes before, I did the most extreme thing up until now. As Sam was walking out of the shower, awaiting her daily treat, I held out my middle finger and just as she stood beside me, I slowly inserted it into her warm tight snatch, fingering her as she let out a low, pleasure filled, close eyed moan before barely continuing into her room.

With the sensation of her warm pussy and its smell still radiating from my finger, I quickly entered the bathroom, undressed and let the warm water cascade over me. My cock was rock hard and I masturbated to the recent image, sniffing her scent on my free hand.

I came fast and hard. After, I kept standing in the hot water trying to calm myself from what I just did to my step sister. I couldn’t get the image and sound of her moan as I fingered her out of my head, and it drove me crazy.

I knew what we did until know was naughty but what I just did to my sister was in my opinion just wrong. Still, after getting this little taste of her, I had to get more.

The shower started turning cold. I turned it off and dried myself, thoughts of Sam still running around my mind.

I stepped out of the bathroom and just as I did, I heard footsteps climbing up the stairs. After a second, I saw my step mother carrying a stack of clean sheets that seemed to block her vision of me. She got to the top of the stairs and placed them in a closet in the hallway. Just then she noticed me. We were both as naked as the day we were born.

I looked at my step mother, my cock mostly limp. She was wearing her hair into a loose ponytail, her tits as lovely as always and her pussy freshly shaved, the well-trimmed strip of hair I saw the first time back in place. Probably a surprise for my dad who was coming back tomorrow from a week and a half long conference.

My mother looked at me back, focusing on my dick as it grew to its full length from the view of her naked body. She seemed shocked that her body could make my cock hard, switching her gaze between my eyes and my cock.

This was too much for me and I just lost it. I grabbed her by the shoulder and waist, and pushed her against the wall.

“Bryce what are you doing?” she said alarmed but without showing any physical resistance.

I slowly moved my right hand from her waist to her thigh, brushing and caressing her soft skin as I kept my left hand on her shoulder. I slowly slid my hand up her thigh and started rubbing my palm over her pussy.

“No Bryce, don’t, you can’t” she said when I started rubbing her pussy, but still she did not resist even a little.

“Ooohh oooohhhh, God” my stepmother moaned as I penetrated her cunt with my middle finger. I pulled my finger out slowly, feeling her wetness on it just before I pushed it back in.

She surrendered to me completely, only soft moans and sounds of pleasure leaving her mouth as I finger fucked her lustfully.

“Ooohhh”, “Sam!”, “Aaahhh” my mom suddenly blurted out between moans, trying to stifle the second one without succeeding.

I stopped fingering my mother, my finger inside her and I looked to my left, where my mom was looking. I suddenly realized that my sister was standing there, at her usual spot in the entrance to her room. She was naked and watching us, rubbing her pussy with her hand.

How long was she standing there? I thought to myself. Was she there all along? Did she stand there waiting for me when I exited the shower?

My mother started squirming, looking at Samantha with an embarrassed look and trying to get my finger out of her.

My sister closed the gap between us in a few quick steps and was standing inches away from her mother and me. Then, without saying a word, she took my hand from her mother’s shoulder and guided it with both hands towards her pussy.

I instantly understood her intention, and just as her mother managed to pull my finger out of her, I simultaneously entered my fingers into both pussies, raising cock hardening mother – daughter moans.

Samantha’s cunt was so wet and I pushed her a little so her back was against the wall, just like her mother.

I stood there feeling god like, my cock raging hard, each hand fingering a different pussy, one mother, one daughter, one in my stepmother and one in my stepsister, both smoking hot.

I inserted a second finger into each, now pleasing them with both middle and index fingers as their moans increased.

They both had their eyes closed in pleasure, and now, seeing both of them naked together and so close, I could note the differences between them. Melissa, my step mom, had a pretty but much more grown up face than her daughter, which had an innocent teenager’s face. They both had beautiful large round firm breasts, Sam’s being a bit smaller than her mother but with larger harder nipples and the skin more tight. They were both the same height but Sam was much skinnier where Melissa’s body was athletic and fit. Finally, they both had the most amazing pussies, my mom’s astonishingly almost as tight as my sister’s only topped with a darker strip of trimmed hair, where Sam had a teenager’s recently blossomed bush of soft blond hair.

A loud groan from Sam woke me from my mesmerized gaze over their naked female bodies.

I gave each a last deep thrust with me fingers as I slowly pulled them out, the two women floating back to earth and my fingers soaked with their sexual juices.

“Come on” said my sister, regaining her senses. She held us by the arm and pulled us through the nearest bedroom door to her room.

We entered Sam’s well lit room, my mother and sister looking hungrily at my erect cock, the sight and feel of their bodies only encouraging it to get harder and harder.

“Lay down” my mother commanded, speaking for the first time in a while.

I obeyed instantly and fell on my back on my sister’s queen size bed, taking one of her big pillows and placing them behind my back, my cock pointing up invitingly.

The girls sat down on both sides of me as my step mom took control. She grabbed my dick with her hand and started stroking it slowly. After a few strokes she drew her face closer to it and gently put the tip of my cock into her mouth. She gave the tip a warm lick and then removed her hand, slowly inserting more of my shaft into her mouth until it was over halfway in. She then started bobbing her head up and down, my cock being pulled out almost all the way and then pushing back in, sliding on her warm tongue almost to her throat each time.

I let out a quiet groan as my step mom sucked me masterfully, my step sister watching intently from just inches away.

After a few more times, my mom grabbed the base of my cock again and pulled her mouth off creating a large suction sound. She then tilted my cock, towards my sister, offering it to her.

Sam took my cock in her mouth eagerly and started sucking on it while my mother held it for her. She was not as good as mom, but what she lacked in experience, she made up for in enthusiasm, trying with each blow to take it in a bit more until at one point I felt the tip of my cock touch the back of her mouth.

Sadly, that was too much for her, and she made a gagging sound as she pulled off quickly, breathing in deeply.

I could see a sympathy filled smile on her mother’s face, maybe remembering back to a time she gagged on a guy’s cock, and continued sucking my dick herself.

Even though my mom gave a better blowjob, my sister’s was great and did most of the work. It only took a few more blows from my mother for me to feel my orgasm building up.

“I’m gonna cum” I called out.

My mother knew exactly what to. She gave me two more quick blows before pulling off my cock and reaching for something besides her. She grasped my cock tightly and started stroking its full length in circular twisting motions. “This is what you want to do when they cum” she told my sister, bringing over her other hand, holding my sister’s white bra.

She wrapped one of the bra’s cups over my cock while she continued stroking me.

I let out a long loud moan as the orgasm hit me, shooting my load into the cup of my sister’s bra as my mother stroked me, my sister looking fascinated by the whole ordeal. I moaned loudly to my mother’s strokes, pleasure rushing through me until the orgasm subsided.

“She can also let the guy cum in her mouth, and swallow it” I said jokingly after I finished cumming.

“Don’t listen to him” my step mom said to Sam, giving my drained cock a few more unnecessary hard strokes. Hurting me a little as a reply to my remark. Probably not what you want your daughter to be doing.

My mother wiped my cock with the other cup of my sister’s bra, and tossed it on the floor, my cock now limp.

I sat up on the bed between them, noticed Sam rubbing her pussy with her hand, and got up on my feet.

“I think it’s my turn now” I said looking down at them, “lay down next to each other”.

They moved around on the bed without saying a word and got comfortable. They were now both laying on their backs, looking up at me with lust in their eyes, their womanly mounds raising and falling to the rhythm of their breathing.
Their nipples were visibly hard and I noticed each had a different shade of pink.
As they finished getting in place next to each other on the bed, their legs towards me, they both gradually spread their legs, allowing me access and showing off their perfect pussies.
Sam’s was a bright pink while mom’s was darker but they both looked incredibly inviting.

I got on my knees on the floor in front of them and reached with my hands to both. I brushed each thumb over their pubic hair, mom’s shortly trimmed and prickly and Sam’s thin and wild. I continued moving my thumb down, rubbing the top of their pussies while trying to decide who’s to taste first.

I finally decided on my sister’s, the thought of her teenage pink cunt helping me make my final decision. I moved my head to between Sam’s legs, examining her enticing 18 year old pussy from mere inches away, inhaling her intoxicating aroma, all the while my left hand still rubbing my mother’s vulva.

Sam let out a long moan as my tongue made contact with her pussy lips. I ran the tip of my tongue along her slit all the way up and gently touched her clit with the tip of my tongue, causing her to let out another pleasure filled moan.

I took my hand off my step mother, not able not concentrate on rubbing her while working on my step sister. I put my hands on Sam’s legs and slid them up, caressing my sister’s soft thighs all the way up until I reached the outer folds of her pussy. My sister was so sensitive to my touch, moaning constantly as I caressed, touched and licked her. I used my thumbs to spread her pussy apart, inserting my tongue deeper as my palms still held her smooth white thighs.

I pulled my tongue out of her cunt as she released another moan and raised my head up from between her legs, looking up. Sam had a sexually entranced expression on her face, part shock part pleasure. My mom was looking at us wide eyed, apparently very turned on by the whole affair, touching herself on the same spot I did.

My step sister’s pussy tasted amazing, slick with her juices and sensitive to my touch, but now I wanted to taste a more mature one, my step mom’s.

I extracted myself from between my sister’s legs and placed myself in between my step mother’s. She stopped rubbing herself and moved her hand away, lustfully awaiting for me to eat her pussy.

I caressed her womanly thighs, thick and athletic from sports. I breathed in her feminine scent, noticing the difference between her and her daughter, before finally inserting my tongue into her vagina and getting my first taste of her.

My mom exhaled heavily, making me look up at her as she watched me intently, my tongue studying her private parts in the process. Her pussy was wet but nowhere close to as wet as Sam’s was and the skin around it not as tight, but I was extremely enjoying eat it nonetheless. I spread her lips apart and continued licking, inserting my tongue deep inside her, grazing her slit and licking her clit in circular motions with the tip of my tongue.

She let out a few quiet moans while I was licking her, but the effect of me eating her pussy was much less powerful than with Sam. Sam was so sensitive everywhere, moaning constantly as my tongue slithered around her cunt. My mom on the other hand, was an older much more experienced woman, judging by her looks and body, I was sure she had men go down on her more than a few times.

I tried to find her most erogenous spot, trying to stick my tongue deeper, trying shallow licks near the edge of her pussy and finally licking and sucking where her clit was, the area unsurprisingly seeming to bring out the loudest moans.

After thoroughly taking care of my mom’s vagina, I decided to go back to my sister’s. I raised my head once more and moved it back to between my sister’s legs. I kissed her soft thighs and the outer folds of her pussy before plunging my tongue back inside her, tasting once again the now familiar taste that was my step sister.

Samantha let out a high pitched moan, a wonderful sound I hoped I would cause my step mom to make, as my tongue entered her and started snaking around, exploring the interior of her feminine part once more. I slowly reached my hand up her body until I found one of my sister’s boobs and started fondling it, feeling her breast’s soft skin and running my finger over it.

“Aaaahhhh” my sister groaned loudly as my fingers blindly found her nipple, rugged and rock hard. I continued licking and sucking her pussy to her growing moans, fondling her other breast now and fumbling around for her hard nipple.

My sister’s breathing became heavier, her moans and groans louder and I could sense she was close to climaxing. I moved my tongue over her slit and searched around for here clit. When I found it, I gave a few soft licks over and around before pressing down on it with my tongue to finish her off.

“Oh God” my sister yelled out as the orgasm hit her with force. My fingers where still over her hard nipple which I pinched hard now. She let out another ecstatic yell and her entire body started shaking violently, the orgasm now surging through her body with full force.

I detached myself from her and got to my knees on the floor, watching my step sister’s body convulse in sexual ecstasy, tears forming in her eyes and uncontrollable moans leaving her mouth as the last waves of pleasure washed over her.

Her intense orgasm finally died out and she lay on the bed panting, her entire body motionless. By now my cock was back to being hard.

“I’ll be right back” I said to my mom and sister as I got up on my feet and left the room. I quickly paced over to my room, opened the drawer under my bed, and took out a wooden box from it. I opened the box and took out 2 condoms, hoping to use both and dashed back to Sam’s room with them in my hand.

I entered the room and saw that both ladies were now seating up on the bed. Sam seemed to be more recuperated but was still breathing heavily. My step mom was rubbing her hand on Sam’s thigh, I assumed helping soothe her body.

They both turned their heads to me as I entered the room and I showed them the condoms in my hand, explaining why I stepped out.

My step mom gave me an approving nod, proud of me for being save, before turning her head to her daughter.

“Are you a virgin?” she suddenly asked Sam still rubbing her thigh.

I was wondering the exact same thing for the past few weeks and all night, but was too embarrassed to ask. I wasn’t sure how deep I fingered her and if it was enough to feel if she was a virgin. By my mother’s question I realized that it wasn’t.

My step sister bit her lower lip and blushed slightly. She had a frightened look on her face and stayed quiet. She looked first at me, making eye contact, before turning to look at her mother and shake her head to signal she wasn’t. Mom looked surprised but said nothing.

This short moment of genuine concern awkwardly turned me on. It emphasized something I hadn’t quite thought of until now. These were not just 2 gorgeous women I was in bed with, these were mother and daughter, my step mom and step sister. My step mom had just witnessed her daughter orgasm wildly after having her pussy eaten, my step sister saw her mother being fingered and her pussy eaten also. These are sights almost no daughter or mother see, ever. The thought of this turned me on even more than I already was. I wanted to fuck them so bad and that was just what I was going to do.

I put one condom on the desk near the bed and looked at my mom, signaling her to come closer. She understood my signal and placed herself at the edge of the bed, laying back down and spreading her legs. I tear open the condom and rolled it over my fully erect cock, feeling my sister’s and mother’s eyes on it.

I grabbed my step mom by the waist and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, positioning her pussy right in front of my dick.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked my mom looking at her.

“Fuck me Bryce” she answered. I could tell she wanted me bad.

I gave the outside of her pussy a few rubs with the tip of my cock and then positioned it just below her shaved landing strip. I slowly pushed it in until the full length of my condom wrapped cock was deep inside my step mother, all the while of me penetrating her she was silent. I on the other hand, let out a loud moan.

Sliding into my step mother felt amazing, her pussy swallowing my cock deeper and deeper while pressing in around it. I stopped when my cock was all the way in, savoring the sensation of her cunt, enjoying the arguably most intimate act two people can do. I then pulled it out slowly and this time quickly thrust my cock all the way in, making my step mom moan loudly just like I hoped.

I started really fucking my mom now, pulling my cock almost all the way out and then thrusting back in quickly, letting her feel its entire length with each thrust. Her moans just increased in volume as I penetrated her continuously. I was fucking my step mom blissfully while she was on her back and looked down at her. I saw my cock disappear into the entrance to her cunt, marked by a shaved strip of bush hair, I saw her pleasure filled expressions as she moaned and I saw her heavy breasts bounce front and back with every plunge of my dick inside her. I reached down while fucking her and started playing with her tits, fondling them gently.

Meanwhile, my step sister calmed down and was watching lustfully as I fucked her mother, the image turning her on. She moved down on her bed and was now laying in the same position as her mother, making it perfectly clear she was ready me.

I was ready for her too, and although I enjoyed fucking her mother’s pussy immensely, I was dying to know what my little sister’s tight teenage snatch felt like.

I slowed down the pace of fucking my step mom until stopping completely and pulled out. The moaning stopped and my mother sat up as I stepped over to my step sister. I stood over her and before doing anything with my cock, I bent down and sucked shortly on each of her erect nipples, something I’ve been wanting to do for weeks. Sam let out a giggle and a small moan, apparently she was ticklish when it came to her nipples.

“Are you sure about this Sammy?” I asked my younger step sister.

She looked over at her mother who didn’t say a thing, and then back at me and nodded. I placed my cock, still in a condom, to the entrance of her vagina and very slowly pushed it in.
I now knew she wasn’t a virgin but I didn’t now with who she had sex and how big a dick it was. Chances are it was smaller than mine, so I took it slow.

Sam let out a moan as the tip of my cock entered her and I looked over at my step mom, sitting and watching with an incomprehensible expression on her face as she saw her daughter being breached for the first time, and by her own step brother no less.

My step sister’s pussy was soaked with her juices which helped my cock slide in easily. I slowly inserted my cock deeper inside her, getting used to her tight cunt while she was getting used to my large cock, until I was all the way inside her. I stopped and let her pussy get used to the presence of my cock, its incredible tightness pushing down on me.
After a few seconds I pulled it out slowly, both Sam and I moaning in the process. After only the tip of my cock remained inside her I repeated the action twice, inserting my cock and then pulling back very slowly, hushed moans escaping our lips. After that, I could feel her pussy get accustomed to my dick and on the fourth time, I quickly plunged my dick inside her tight pussy. The feeling was amazing.

“AAAAHHHHH” my sister screamed out in pain at my quick plunge into her pussy.

“Bryce stop, pull out” my mother yelled at me.

I obeyed alarmed, and pulled my cock out of my sister’s pussy completely.

“Are you okay baby?” my mother asked first, looking alarmed as well. She reached over with her hand and started rubbing her daughter’s pussy.

“Yeah sis are fine?” I asked shortly after, “I’m really sorry”.

“I’m ok” my sister answered looking a bit shaken, “I don’t want you to stop, it felt so good. Just don’t push it in fast like that until I’m ready, that really hurt”.

“You got it sis” I answered pleased. Moving back towards her pussy.

“Wait” mom said, “I have a better idea. Bryce lay down on the bed”.

I didn’t know what she had planned but did as she told, laying flat on my back on the bed between my mother and sister. My hard dick pointing up.

“Now honey, sit on top of your brother’s cock” mom said, “this way you control how fast he is fucking you”.

You got to hand it to her, she knows her way around the bedroom. Sam also seemed to like the idea, especially the part of her controlling how fast we fuck.

She got to her feet and climbed up on the bed. Then, she stood towering over me and slowly lowered herself down, facing me. She looked me in the eyes as she impaled herself upon my erect cock all the way down. I let out a loud groan.

My sister lifted herself off my cock and then impaled herself once more. She lifted herself up and down slowly from my dick a few more times, each time her tight beautiful pussy swallowing my dick and clamping around it.
After a bit of going slow she started to quicken the pace, until finally her pussy and my cock were used to each other enough for her to start quickly bouncing up and down on my cock.

She was going at full speed now, jumping frantically on my cock, making her amazing tits jiggle and bounce in all directions, feeling the full length of my cock glide inside her with every insertion until she brought herself to an orgasm. The feeling was amazing, the tightness of her pussy hugging my cock every time it entered her.

“Ooohhh fuck” my sister’s announced “I’m cumming”.

I grabbed her by the waist with both hands, her knees on the mattress and her pussy over my cock and then started thrusting my cock into her from below.

I was quickly plunging my cock into her when she climaxed. She let out a loud high squeal which didn’t stop me from fucking her. Then continued with a series of moans and groans that turned into her body shaking wildly. I stopped fucking her at that moment, my dick still inside her as her whole body trembled with the pleasure of a female orgasm.

It was lucky that I was holding her by the waist, because at the peak of her climax her body gave out on her and she could not hold herself up anymore.
I slowly lowered her down onto me and held her naked body tightly against mine, putting her head against my chest and letting the last of her convulsions pass as she let out little sobs from the overwhelmingly ecstatic pleasure.

After the last of her orgasm died out, I rolled her over to her back, pulled my cock out of her carefully and got to my feet. After I myself came twice already, my ability to last was high. Combine that with the condom I was wearing that dulled the sensation, and that was what made me last this long, fucking my step mom and step sister and making the second cum while my dick stayed rock hard.

I looked over to my step mom who was fingering herself intensely, so turned on by seeing her baby girl’s climax. A sexy smile formed on her face when she noticed my cock was still very much erect.

“Come on honey” my step mom said enticingly, “come fuck mommy”.

My step mom moved around the bed, she got on her hands and knees facing her sexually exhausted daughter, her firm ass held up invitingly, calling for me to fuck her doggy style.
I walked behind her and grabbed her luscious behind, squeezing and kissing it. I then got on my knees on the bed behind her and prepared myself for penetration.

“You can go ahead and take the condom off” my mother said to my delight, “you don’t need it with me”.

I peeled the rubber off my hard dick enjoying the air on it. I then repositioned myself behind her, holding her by the waist with both hands and looked forward viewing my step mom’s bare back, her matted hair and in front of her, my sister gazing at me as I entered my uncovered cock into her mother.

My mother let out a moan and arched her back as the full length of my cock penetrated her. I also let out a loud groan as my cock came in direct contact with the walls of her pussy for the first time. I pulled my cock almost all the way out and inserted it back in to the sound of another moan.

Slapping sounds echoed in the room between moans as I was fucking my step mom rhythmically, each thrust causing another slap as our bodies collided and I crashed against her ass. I was fucking my mom so hard now trying to make her cum and ready to climax myself.

“Oh God Bryce don’t stop” mom screamed out after a series of loud moans.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK, keep going” she said as she was finally overtook by an orgasm.

She let out a shriek and her entire body spasmed as the pleasure hit her. I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock as I held on to her and continued to fuck her throughout the orgasm. As the power of her orgasm increased, her hands gave out on her and she slowly dropped, falling onto her daughter’s lap.

As the last waves of her orgasm rushed through her, the most amazing thing happened. My step mom, resting her head on her daughter’s lap, suddenly took her tongue out and started licking her own daughter’s pussy.

Sam was completely astonished by this as was I. It was too much for me.

I let out a loud moan and called out “I’m gonna cum” to my step mother who was still buried in my step sister’s pussy.

I fucked her as fast as I could using the last of my strength as the orgasm hit me at full power. My cock burst inside my step mom, making me call out in pleasure as I shot my load inside her. I continued pumping her cunt as I was cumming inside her with all my might.

She stopped licking Sam when I climaxed, maybe experiencing another small orgasm herself and moaned hoarsely with the last of her strength.

This was the longest orgasm I have ever experienced, wave after wave of sexual pleasure hitting me while I was still inside my mom. Finally it stopped and I fell over onto the bed holding my step mom.

We lay on the bed all three of us, covered with sweat. My mom was in the middle and Sam and I on both sides. We were all quiet, laying there exhausted, taking in the sexual ordeal we just had. My mom had her back to me and was looking at Sam when I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later looking outside at the first light of dawn. The light in the room was still on, two sleeping females were still next to me on the bed and a heavy musk of female pussy was in the air. I got up to turn off the light and just before clicking the switch, I looked at my mother and sister. They were both so beautiful, sleeping there naked. My mom had her hand placed tenderly on my sister’s thigh.

I finally turned off the light and got back into bed. I lay there for a few minutes, pondering on the unique sexual experience I just had, fucking both my smoking hot step mom and my gorgeous step sister. I looked over to the side to make sure they were real, to make sure I hadn’t dreamt the entire thing, but they were as real as it gets. I knew that from now on things around the house would get a lot more fun.

Hope you enjoyed.

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