An incest birthday

An incest birthday, this is my first story, let me know what you think, positive and negative vote welcome..

Ever since i can remember, me and my twin sister were like best friends. We’ve done everything together since we were kids, go to the movies, play basketball, go to the mall, anything fun we did it. We tell each other everything, theres nothing we dont know about each other, at least, thats what we thought…

Let me start by describing us. My sister Rita is 5’6, blue eyes, blonde hair, a gorgeous smile, and a figure to die for. She has a wonderful body, 115 pounds, size 32B bust, and a perfect ass. As for me, my names Randy, im 6’1, 185 pounds, blue eyes, and sandy brown hair. Were both 17, but im older by an hour. I always thought by sister was pretty, but i never saw her in a sexual way, that is until two days before our 16th birthday when an “incident” happened that would change our lives forever.

It was a typical saturday, we were eating breakfast together as usual…

“Hey Randy, wanna try out the new super mario bros. i just got? I heard its pretty good”, she said.

Now my sis was good at video games, but compared to me, she was am amateur. “Sure”, i said, ” but dont think for a second im gonna go easy on you”.

“Oh whatever!” she said with a competetive look, ” you cant beat me if your life depended on it”. With that, we finished our breakfast and went to her room ( her room has the wii, mine the xbox 360) to play the game.

We were playing the game for well over 15 minutes, and im surprised to say she was beating me pretty badly, but then she got a little too cocky and started losing. After a while, i finally beat her, and i wasnt gonna let her hear the end of it…

“Haha, you lose!” i screamed, “once again i beat you! How does it feel to be second best?”

That must have been the last straw. Rita may be little, but she is almost as strong as me, if not stronger. As i stood up to leave, she picked me up and threw me one her bed and started tickling me. I am extremely ticklish, and she knows that, its the only time she has power over me, and she always used it.

“Stop it, stop it!”, i yelled laughing histerically, but to no avail. ” Whos second best now?” she said tickling me like crazy, ” I am I am, you win i surrender!” She would not stop. So i took matters into my own hands. The only way to get her off is to overpower her, so thats what I did, and thats when “it” happened. Since she was on top of me on her bed tickling me, i shifted all my weight to one side and we both fell off the bed onto the floor, me on top of her. We were laughing then it just grew silent, I looked in her eyes and she looked in mine. Then all of a sudden i leaned down and kissed her full on the lips. I dont know why i did it, but im kinda glad i did, her lips were so soft. I was expecting her to push me off her and slap me, but she kissed me back . Then all of a sudden she pushed me off of her…

We looked at each other awkwardly, then i bolted out of her room like i was on fire. I couldnt believe what just happened. I kissed my sister! Did i just ruin the relationship we had? What would she think of me? Would she tell mom and dad? I had so many questions and was quickly regretting what i did. How could i look her in the eye again? I stayed in my room the rest of day, not even coming out to eat and use the bathroom. I did have a great masturbating session before i went to sleep though, i came 3 times at the thought of her.

The next day was even more awkward. At breakfast i kept my head down and said nothing. I could tell she was a little mad, but still i said nothing. Our parents immediately knew something was up since they didnt hear us laughing or playing with each other. I told them everything was fine (which was a HUGE lie) and they thought nothing of it. I finally worked up the courage to confront Rita of our ” encounter”.

Me: Rita can i please talk to you

Rita: i guess so, but keep your distance

Me: fair enough, Rita im so sorry i kissed you

Rita: why did you do it?

Me: i dont know, i looked in you eyes and something told me to kiss you

Rita: i wanna be mad at you, but…

Me: does that mean you liked the kiss?

Rita: THAT DOESNT MATTER DUMMY! were brother and sister! thats incest

Me: i know, and i dont care. I love you

Rita: i love you too, but im not sure if i love you like “that”

Me: as pretty as you are you can have anyone you want, but u choose to spend all your time with me, doesnt that mean something?

Rita: what it means is tha… you think im pretty?

Me: i think you are beautiful, thats why i cant stop thinking about that kiss, it was amazing

Rita: its still wrong Randy! we cant do it again

(it felt like a weight fell on top of me when she said that)
Me: please Rita, think about it, how wonderful would it be to lose your virginity to the person you love most?

Rita: (after thinking for a minute) its still incest Randy, it cant happen

I looked at her with hurt in my eyes and left. I didnt get her but at least i got the kiss from her, its something to masturbate to at least. And that i did, 4 times before i went to sleep.

That night i woke up around 2:00 because I couldnt sleep so i decided to get something to drink. As i walked past my sisters room i could hear faint noises, so i decided to check it out. She had left her door cracked a little bit so it was easy to look in without attracting attention. What i saw amazed me. My sister was masturbating herself to a pair of my boxers, i couldnt believe it! She was completley naked laying on her bed with my boxers in one hand and was sucking her nipple with the other hand. I pulled my cock out and started stroking it slowly, not wanting to cum yet. Her titties were perky and her nipples were hard as a rock. She had two fingers in her pussy and pulled them out to suck off the juices, i almost came right there, but i held off, barely. I heard her say ” oh Randy that feels so good, fuck me with your cock, oh god that feels so good”. When she said that i let out a little moan, and she heard me and jumped up. I was caught, and i didnt care, i wanted her, so i went to get her.

“How long have you been there?” she said trying to cover up. ” Long enough to know you feel the same way i do”. With that i walked over to her, dropping my clothes in the process and kissed her. At first she resisted, then she gave in and kissd back. I knew i had her. I layed her down and said “relax, this is gonna be special for both of us”. I started to suck on her left nipple while i massaged her right. ” oh Randy that feels so good,” she said as i then switched to sucking on her right nipple and massaging her left. I kissed my way down her chest and over her stomach until i came face to face with her pussy, and it was a beautiful camel toe with nice full lips. I thought id tease her a bit so i kissed around her pussy for a few minutes, then i felt a hand forcefully grab my head. ” Since you got lost, i thought id give you a hand” she said seductively. Then she shoved my face right in her pussy, and i started eating her out like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh my god, Randy, eat my pussy, stick your tongue in it, oh fuck! that feels so good!”

“SHH!” i said, we dont wanna wake mom and dad!

“u shouldnt make me feel so good then” she said breathing heavily.

I opened her lips and licked her clit, her body started to spasm out of control as i flicked my tongue across it. I knew she was close to her orgasm as she pushed up off the bed and grinded her pussy on my face.

“Oh god im cumming! im cumming! im cummmmming! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

She drowned me in her pussy juice, and i lapped it all up just as fast as she squirted it out.

“You taste so good Rita” i said licking all the juice off of her i can.

“Ive never cum so much in my life! Now its my turn to make you feel good” she said as she layed me down.

She grabbed ahold of my 7 inch cock and started stroking it, first slow, then picking up speed. Then she pushed me back on the bed and took my cock in her mouth. First she sucked the tip of my cock doing a swirling motion with her tongue which felt so good, then she took my whole shaft in her mouth and started sucking up and down at a fast pace.

“Oh shit Rita that feels so good! suck it, make me cum”

After a while i couldnt hold it in anymore and said “Im gonna cum! She just kept right on sucking and picked up speed until i blew my load in her mouth. I must have cum a gallon in her mouth, but she didnt spill a drop. She looked up at me with the most seductive look and instantly i was hard again.

“I want you to fuck me now” she said as she climbed up and mounted me. “Show me how much you love me”.

She grabbed my cock in her hand, rubbed it over her pussy lips, then sat down on it full force shattering her hymen. I quickly brought her down and put her face in the pillow to muffle her screaming. After a couple minutes she sat up with a look ive never seen on her. “Fuck the shit outta me Randy! Fuck me like you’ll never get to fuck me again!” she said. Ive never been so turned on in my life. I grabbed her hips and started driving my cock in her with force.

“Oh fuck yes! fuck me, Randy, fuck me! Harder! Harder! yes! oh god yes!

She got up and got on her hands and knees in front of me. I wasted no time and slid my cock back into her hot pussy. Her ass was bouncing off me from being fucked so hard. “You like fucking your sister from behind dont you? Sliding your cock in and out of my pussy. Fuck me, fuck me!” she screamed. At this point i didnt care if our parents heard us, and neither did she.

“I love fucking you, sis” i said. “I love eating your pussy, i love when you suck my cock, i love when you squirt in my face, and im gonna love cumming inside you”.

I flipped her over missionary and began plowing her harder than i did doggystyle.

“Oh big brother you fuck me so good” she said short on breath. “I want your cum in me, i want you to fill me with all yout hot jizz, i wanna feel it pouring inside me” she panted.

Hearing her talk like that i knew i wouldnt last much longer, so i mustered up the last of my strength and began one final assault on her worn out pussy.

“Oh yes youre fucking me so hard! yes! i love you, Randy! I love you! I love you!” she screamed.

After a few minutes a felt the familiar tingle in my balls and screamed “im gonna cum!” I pushed in her as far as i could go and exploded all of my seed into her. After what seemed like a minute of filling her up i we both collapsed on her bed exhausted.

We both lay there and held each other. I looked at her clock and it read 4:37. After a while she looked at me and smiled. I kissed her on the lips and caressed her.

“So does this make us boyfriend and girlfriend now?” she said with a smirk on her face

“Yes and so much more” i said

Before we could say anything else we both saw a light hit the hallway, which meant our parents had cut their bedroom light on, since i never really shut the door when i came in Ritas room, so i grabbed my stuff to leave before we got caught.

Before i got out the door, i heard Rita call me. “Randy” my sister called out, “yea” i said

“happy birthday” she said as she winked at me. I smiled as i went to bed happy, awaiting what the rest of the day has in store for me.

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