Tamil friend’s Mom and Me – part-3

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Hi all!! I’m Arun..!!
“Thanks sex4stories for the regular publish.”

Read the part – 1 Tamil friend’s Mom and Me – part-1 and part – 2 Tamil friend’s Mom and Me – part-2 before this part.


The movie night:

To give a great reading pleasure ,I’m going to share the mind voice or insights of Rani maa(When she was alone) which she shared with me ,after all wonders happened between us and in addition to that, my narration will be there too but that doesn’t mean I was present , it’s like third person view(Actually she is alone)..Hope you like.

To continue with part – 3…

“After coming back to my home, I was very anxious and hoped that she should watch the porn CD and things would go in a way what I thought.”

Same day night Rani maa mind voice and my 3rd person narration:

Rani maa: Seri Namma saptachi ,ella velayum mudinchurichi ,ippa oru nalla pudhu padam pakkanam ,indha pasanga nala padam edha vechurukangla nu paklam …

(Ok ,dinner and other works over, now I’m going to watch a movie ,does these boys kept some good movies ??,let’s see)

3rd person view:
Rani maa Tv ,DVD switch on panitu ,first laye oru CD iruke adhe podalam nu podra ,andha CD na innaiku kalaila vechudhu, CD ah DVD la potutu, remote eduthukitu sofa la poi okarura, na sexmex la pamela Rios oda amma ,magan padam approm Melanie hicks padam Indha madhiri kadhayoda iruka padam potuvechan adhula subtitles um irukum ,Rani maa ku sumara english um therium. Pathoda Starting la konjam pesitu irundhunga ,rani maa ennada english padam ah nu yosicha ,odane mathalam nu pogumbodhu , padathula “Amma na unna okkanam nu english la oru scene”…

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(Rani maa switched on TV ,DVD and looked for CD ,She got a CD on top which I had kept on morning ,since it was on top ,she thought it was a new movie and played it ,took remote and sat on sofa. I had kept Sexmex Pamela Rios mom and son , Melanie hicks and other friend’s mom kind of videos with subtitles as rani maa can understand english better . In starting there was bit of conversation in that porn and rani maa thought it was some english movie ,after sometime she thought to change it ,but suddenly in that Porn there was a conversation “Mom I want to fuck you now”.)

Rani maa: Enndhaa madhiri padatha vechitu poirunkaga paren indha poruki pasanga…???
(Omg!! What kind of movies this bad boys kept here ???)

3rd person view:
Ana rani maa padatha mathala , konjam kovama apidiye pathutu irundha ,konjam konjam ah padam avala edho paniduchi pola ,ava andha padathula pesra dialogue ah nala gavanika arambichita .” Avaluku sexual feelings romba varusham kazzich vandhiruku…So adhanla irukalam ”

(But rani maa didn’t change it , instead she was angry and reluctant, but after a point she was very much involved in watching those conversations in porn “As I said she was very much away from sexual feelings for yearsss ,so she could have got arousal”)

Rani maa: seriiiyanaa poruki pasanga (ana rani maa ku kovam koranchiduchi) ,idha dha leave la na illadha apo pathanungla , adhum adhula avan amma, payen ,avan friend moonu perum irukanga. Ethna nala ah Yena ippidi pakranunga nu theriyaalee…

(These 2 rascals are very bad boys (but she seem to be cool now) now I understand that these 2 rascals watched this only when I wasn’t there in home during holidays , and that too mom ,son and his friend ,three people are there ,omggg!! Don’t know since when these rascals have these kind of thoughts on me)

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