CUCKOLD: Officer helps his wife fuck a colleague

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Officer helps his wife fuck a colleague, cuckold story, The Decimator was on the second of its four year tour of the United System’s so-called unknown territories, which was about one hundredth of the adventure it sounded. It was a good, stable position usually given to relatively recent graduates into the Forces in need of basic experience, and involved little chance of actual battle; their mission was to identify and catalogue the contents of each of the star systems they entered, week after week.

“How was your shift?” Vesser asked, gathering their bowls and placing them in the incinerator. With a flash, the remains of their meal crumbled to dust and was sucked into the ventilation system.

“Good!” Nirenna said, leaning back precariously on her chair. The smudges of grease on the front of her crew’s uniform hinted that she had at least gotten some work done, rather than spending her entire shift doing manoeuvres and training hand-to-hand combat.

“We think we’ve found the source of that weird noise in the mess,” she added brightly, standing up. “Not a serious fault that will soon suck us all into space, I’m happy to report, but rather a worn fan belt. You should have a listen tomorrow at mid-meal.”

“Sure…” Vesser’s attention had long since drifted from what Nin was saying, to the fact that she had walked over to the bedroom entrance and removed the upper half of her uniform. Left on her upper body were a thin, white vest that hugged the generous curves of her large, round tits, tucked snugly into a sensible bra.

The loss of sexy underwear was one of the disadvantages of military issued clothes, but then again – Nin’s tits would look great in anything. She leaned down to unlace her work boots, trousers tightening around her perfect, round ass cheeks. She was definitely teasing him.

“Are you going to join me?” she grinned, turning to face him as she kicked off her boots and dropped her trousers like some kind of blue collar-themed stripper. “If you take too long, I might fall asleep before you get here.”

With that, she pulled the vest off, leaving only her black cotton panties and matching bra. Vesser could see her nipples outlined under the thin fabric; fabric that struggled to contain the entirety of her breasts. Raising his gaze, he could see her grinning at him, having clearly noticed what he was staring at. One dark eyebrow rose, but the reprimand was offset by the sparkle in her soft, brown eyes.

“Don’t just stand there, get over here!” She tossed her silky brown ponytail over one shoulder and turned, diving onto the large double bed. Tradition demanded that spouses who were deployed on the same ship were allowed to share quarters, and Vesser had heard rumours of friends getting married just to avoid the bunk beds that housed the rest of the crew. Married life was sweet – especially married life with Nin. Standing on all fours on the bed, she wriggled her panty-clad butt at him in silent encouragement to get undressed and join her.

“Damn it, Nin,” he said, unfastening the first of four buckles that kept his white officer’s uniform snug about his torso to regulation standards. “If – no, when – I get on the Admiralty Board, I’m going to have them redesign these things so that I can both decide to fuck you, and actually fuck you, within the same hour. There.”

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