CUCKOLD: Officer helps his wife fuck a colleague

Officer helps his wife fuck a colleague, cuckold story, The Decimator was on the second of its four year tour of the United System’s so-called unknown territories, which was about one hundredth of the adventure it sounded. It was a good, stable position usually given to relatively recent graduates into the Forces in need of basic experience, and involved little chance of actual battle; their mission was to identify and catalogue the contents of each of the star systems they entered, week after week.

“How was your shift?” Vesser asked, gathering their bowls and placing them in the incinerator. With a flash, the remains of their meal crumbled to dust and was sucked into the ventilation system.

“Good!” Nirenna said, leaning back precariously on her chair. The smudges of grease on the front of her crew’s uniform hinted that she had at least gotten some work done, rather than spending her entire shift doing manoeuvres and training hand-to-hand combat.

“We think we’ve found the source of that weird noise in the mess,” she added brightly, standing up. “Not a serious fault that will soon suck us all into space, I’m happy to report, but rather a worn fan belt. You should have a listen tomorrow at mid-meal.”

“Sure…” Vesser’s attention had long since drifted from what Nin was saying, to the fact that she had walked over to the bedroom entrance and removed the upper half of her uniform. Left on her upper body were a thin, white vest that hugged the generous curves of her large, round tits, tucked snugly into a sensible bra.

The loss of sexy underwear was one of the disadvantages of military issued clothes, but then again – Nin’s tits would look great in anything. She leaned down to unlace her work boots, trousers tightening around her perfect, round ass cheeks. She was definitely teasing him.

“Are you going to join me?” she grinned, turning to face him as she kicked off her boots and dropped her trousers like some kind of blue collar-themed stripper. “If you take too long, I might fall asleep before you get here.”

With that, she pulled the vest off, leaving only her black cotton panties and matching bra. Vesser could see her nipples outlined under the thin fabric; fabric that struggled to contain the entirety of her breasts. Raising his gaze, he could see her grinning at him, having clearly noticed what he was staring at. One dark eyebrow rose, but the reprimand was offset by the sparkle in her soft, brown eyes.

“Don’t just stand there, get over here!” She tossed her silky brown ponytail over one shoulder and turned, diving onto the large double bed. Tradition demanded that spouses who were deployed on the same ship were allowed to share quarters, and Vesser had heard rumours of friends getting married just to avoid the bunk beds that housed the rest of the crew. Married life was sweet – especially married life with Nin. Standing on all fours on the bed, she wriggled her panty-clad butt at him in silent encouragement to get undressed and join her.

“Damn it, Nin,” he said, unfastening the first of four buckles that kept his white officer’s uniform snug about his torso to regulation standards. “If – no, when – I get on the Admiralty Board, I’m going to have them redesign these things so that I can both decide to fuck you, and actually fuck you, within the same hour. There.”

Boots kicked off somewhere around the second buckle’s unclasping, he tossed the jacket onto the armchair by the door with a soft tinkle of the handful of medals he had managed to earn in his three previous tours, then spared them the indignity of what they were about to see by covering them with his trousers. Lightly toned and with a certain delicate beauty about him though he was, the presence of underwear on his form did not enhance his appearance in the same way it did for Nin, and so he left his boxers on the polished metallic floor before joining his wife on the bed. He groaned as he closed in behind her, hands moving to begin unclasping the tense fabric of her black bra, while his naked cock pressed against the soft, warm cotton covering her round rear.

“Gods, I’ve been wanting to see these all day,” he said, countering the playful wiggle of her butt by letting the unclasped fabric go and instead giving one of her panty-clad cheeks a gentle smack. A moment later, he landed on the bed beside her, pulling her down against him, her dislodged bra pinned between their forms as they kissed.

“Know what else I found out today, besides the worn fan belt in the mess?” Nin said, her pretty face taking on a slightly more serious look. “Kardo got sprayed with oil, so after we got back he jumped in the shower.”

Despite himself, Vesser ears pricked at the mention of Kardo. Nin’s fellow Junior Mechanic had been flirting unsuccessfully with her ever since he got on board a few weeks ago, and though nothing had happened his increasingly inventive propositions had been the frequent subject of dirty talk between the couple.

“I didn’t think much about it, just went about filling out the report, but then he said ‘Hey look!’ and I turned without thinking. He had opened the door of the shower cubicle and was just standing there, naked, with the biggest prick I’ve ever seen. And it wasn’t even fully erect, just sort of… half at attention. And he must have seen me staring, because he grinned and said ‘Sure you don’t want a taste of this, Nin? Vesser doesn’t need to find out.’ And damn it, I really wanted to just say yes and join him in the shower.” Nin chewed on her lower lip, a mix of frustration and arousal on her face.

Vesser slipped his hand down the front of her panties and was not exactly surprised when his fingers found the entrance of Nin’s tight, hot slit and it was sticky with arousal.

“Maybe I should request a shift change before I do something stupid?” Nin said. “But it’s sexy too. Fuck…” She rolled over on her side and pulled Vesser closer, planting a hot, eager kiss on his lips. “What do you think? Maybe I should just fuck Kardo and get it over with?” Though she did her best to sound like she was just talking dirty, there was an undertone of real temptation in her voice. However much Vesser enjoyed fantasising about his sexy, big-busted wife getting screwed by her colleague, he knew that Nin got off just as much from imagining Kardo cornering her after a shift change and having his way with her. Seeing him naked and finding out just how well-endowed he was just the latest in a long list of temptations.

“I…” Vesser opened his mouth to speak, but nothing more than a vague, non-specific noise came out. That Nin’s story – and subsequent musings – had turned him on intensely could be of no surprise to either of them, and he pulled his hand back from her panties, enjoying Nin’s little gasping moan as his retreating fingers grazed her clit.

“I did not realise I had it in me to be this turned on,” he said honestly, staring at his wife’s flushed, pretty countenance with a small grin. He was not sure whether the news of his wife’s newfound intense and thoroughly practical temptation made him feel more enthusiastic, bemused, or simply deliciously hesitant.

With a throb of excitement in his prick and a twinge of exhilarating discomfort in his stomach, he lowered his fingers back to her pussy, slipping under the black cotton of her panties and purposefully slipping two digits knuckle-deep inside her. He slid them back and forth for a few moments and brought them back to glisten between them in the warm light of their bedroom.

“So, how much of this is down to me, and how much to him? How long have you been stewing, thinking about him?” If Nin did not already know her husband’s tells and predilections to an encyclopaedic degree, the line of precum dripping from his prick to the dark blue regulation bedsheets made clear what answer at least part of him wanted to hear.

Nin’s blush deepened, and she leaned forwards to take the fingers into her mouth and suck them clean of juices while she considered her answer.

“Mostly him,” she finally admitted. “I’ve been thinking about his prick the entire evening. What it would feel like to touch it, to have it inside me. You know that time he said he could make a girl cum in less than five minutes? I think he might have been serious.”

Her own hand travelled down as well, to wrap around the base of Vesser’s cock and start stroking it, rubbing the fresh precum into his skin the way he imagine it might feel to fuck her after she’d been fucked by someone else. Like Kardo. Purely hypothetically, of course. Without really thinking about it, Vesser moved his hand back down Nin’s panties and resumed his rubbing, though more aggressively now, making her moan and buck her hips up against his grinding, probing fingers.

“Fuck Vesser, I really want to screw him! Or for him to screw me. I don’t know.”

Vesser swallowed hard before he responded, shuddering slightly both at the thoughts filling his imagination, and the sensation of his wife’s frantically stroking hand. Equal parts sick with nervousness and turned on beyond comprehension, he delayed saying the words with another brief, hot kiss before pulling back and taking the plunge.

“I want you to do that, Nin,” he breathed. He turned away for a moment to grab the spare communicator from his nightstand, seeing Nin’s gorgeous brown eyes widening in his peripheral vision as he pulled up the Maintenance Crew comms contacts on the circular holographic display.

“If you want to do it, you can do it.,” he began, his juice-sticky fingers offering the communicator to her. “I’ll… fuck, I’ll go in another room, or up to the Officer’s Mess, and you can invite him up here and cheat on your husband.” His lightly toned chest was rising and falling quite rapidly, now, as sure a sign of his excitement as the hot, diamond-hard shape of his prick in Nin’s hand. “Give him my beer, fuck him in my bed, blow him in my shower.”

He shivered at that, an effect only previously achieved when Nin had filled her pussy with warm lubricant to simulate sloppy seconds for her husband some months ago.

“Are you sure?” Nin looked up at him, a mixture of concern and anticipation on her pretty face. At his sharp nod, she took the communicator and tapped Kardo’s name.

“Kardo? This is Nin.” She was careful to angle the communicator so that only her own face could be seen. Above the display, Kardo’s square was hovering in the air, eyebrows raised.

“I’ve been thinking about earlier,” Nin continued, too quickly for him to have time to speak. “And I’d like you to come over. Vesser is out having a beer with some friends, so we’d have the apartment to ourselves.”

Kardo’s mouth quirked up in a confident smirk. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” he asked. “You’re offering me a full tour?”

Nin swallowed hard. “Yes I am.” She angled the projector to zoom in on her breasts, threatening to fall out of the black bra.

Kardo whistled. “I’m coming right over,” he said. “Why don’t you lose that bra in the meantime, honey?” His face disappeared, replaced by the logo of the United Forces.

“Alright, you need to go,” Nin hissed. “Get dressed! Or no, put on your pants – you can bring the rest and get clothed in the elevator.” She jumped off the bed, tossing a pair of civilian trousers at Vesser while scooping a shirt and jacket from the closet. “I’ll call you once we’re done!”


Vesser spent the next three hours drinking soda after soda in the officer’s mess, wishing desperately that he could have something stronger for his nerves, but just as determined to stay sharp so that he could absorb every aspect of returning to his quarters to find his wife recently fucked.

When his wristcomm finally chimed, it was not a call, just a simple message – “Come back” – and a hasty picture of his wife’s spread pussy lips with a pearly liquid leaking out from between them. He had never been so glad that the door was tuned to both of them as when he entered the quarters and saw the naked form of his wife stretched out on the bed. Her dark hair was tousled and her beautiful face glowed with an energy that he had only seen a few times before after particularly intense fuck-sessions. She looked up at him with a stunned grin, one hand absentmindedly touching a pert nipple, her porcelain skin flushed with exertion.

“Holy shit, Vesser,” she said, voice giddy with excitement. “That was amazing.”

“Wow… Fuck,” Vesser groaned, drinking in the sight of his wife’s splayed out, well-fucked form. His prick, already stiff, now returned to the potent ache that had dominated it when he had left their quarters hours ago. He undressed in record time, barely remembering to take his shoes off before his trousers, and climbed on to the bed beside his wife. He shuddered with pleasure at the faint dampness that met his hands and legs against the bed, a slight clamminess to the sheets borne of a couple sweating against them. The scent of his wife’s arousal – so much stronger than when he had left – was combined unmistakably with a muskier scent.

Nin smiled at him, moving closer across the sweaty sheets so that her tits touched his chest, warm and slightly sticky with sweat like the rest of her. When she kissed him, he could taste the sharp flavour of spunk on her lips, on her tongue, making his dick throb even harder.

“So?” he said, his hand reaching out to stroke along her back, finding it slick with sweat as though he’d visited her while she was hard at work. “What happened?”

“He arrived pretty shortly after you left,” Nin answered breathlessly. “I barely had time to finish undressing…” Kardo did not waste any time – as soon as Nin had let him inside, he pushed her up against the wall with an eager kiss, one hand slipping down her back to cup a round ass cheek. Nin moaned into the kiss, relieved and eager to finally act on all her wet fantasies and bedside talk about fucking a virtual stranger. Kardo might be a colleague, but she barely knew him outside work – apart from the knowledge about his massive prick, which burned in her mind as the front of his trousers pressed firmly against her naked crotch. Resolutely, she reached down to unbutton his trousers, pushing them down to reveal his boxers.

‘Well, aren’t you eager.’ Kardo grinned down at her, tossing his sandy blond hair out of his eyes. ‘Did you have a fight with your husband or something? Looking for a way to… punish him? I’m happy to help.’

‘Nothing like that,” Nin shook her head. ‘I just… I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a while, and after I got home tonight I just couldn’t stop thinking of… Of your cock.’ She blushed, but she also pushed down his underwear to find his prick hard and sticky with precum.

‘Well, in that case I see no reason to dawdle.’ Grabbing her waist with both hands, Kardo lifted her effortlessly, making Nin instinctively wrap her arms and legs around him for support as he carried her over to the bed. They both fell onto the dark blue sheets, Kardo on top and Nin still clinging to him. The older mechanic did not seem to mind, though. He reached down to adjust his prick against Nin’s naked pussy, and before she knew it the tip of his prick was inside it.

“It felt even bigger than it looked,” Nin told Vesser, her hand finding her husband’s prick as if talking about Kardo’s dick had brought about a need to feel it, to compare the size and girth of the two. Vesser realised with a throb that he was uncertain of the outcome – or rather, he suspected that the comparison was not in his own favour. “It was like my biggest dildo and a bit more, only warm and throbbing and smearing precum all over my crotch whenever he slipped out…” And given the relative sizes of Nin’s tight, young pussy and Kardo’s thick cock, it did slip out a few times before Kardo found a good rhythm, pushing deeper into Nin’s wet heat with each thrust.

Soon, Nin was moaning, enjoying Kardo’s hands roaming across her large tits, playing with a dark, firm nipple, bending down to leave a playful hickey on her tit as if wanting her husband to find evidence that his wife had been getting it from another man. Nin was too ecstatic to notice, however, her hands exploring Kardo’s muscular back, drinking in the musky scent of his arousal, the hair on his chest tickling her skin as he rocked on top of her, each thrust bringing him deeper inside her, grinding against her. Before she knew it, she was cumming, and cumming hard, despite the lack of her usual method of rubbing her clit while getting fucked.

“And damn, Vesser, it felt so good I could barely believe it, but Kardo barely seemed to notice. He just kept pounding into me, leaning down to suck on my tits, his breath feeling like it was burning my skin…” Nin was gasping, her hips shooting up to meet her colleague’s thrusts, any thoughts of her husband wiped away by the sensation of Kardo’s prick slamming into her snatch, pinning her to the bed with his thrusts, his heavy balls slapping against her with a lewd sound of skin against naked skin. In that moment, if he had asked her to come with him back to his own bunk and stay there as his fucktoy forever, she would have happily accepted if it meant that she could keep feeling his dick inside her, filling her tight cunt to its limit and then some.

‘Fuck Kardo, you’ve got to cum inside me,’ she moaned, surprised by her own forthrightness. Fortunately, judging by Kardo’s responding groan he found it sexy.

‘Do you promise to suck me off tomorrow after our shift, in that case?’ He pulled out – he actually had the nerve to pull out, to hold his big, delicious prick just out of reach of her throbbing, wet pussy, making her whimper with need.

‘Yes, I promise!’ she hissed impatiently. ‘I’ll swallow your load too, if you like.’

‘I’ll hold you to that.’ With an annoyingly self-satisfied grin, Kardo slipped back inside her, making her gasp with relieved pleasure to be filled again. Nin reached up to kiss him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, longing to feel his taste fill her mouth. She was dimly aware that her colleague was slowing down, focusing more on depth than speed, and then he was cumming inside her, his hot, fertile seed splashing into her, filling her until it was seeping out of her opening to tickle the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

‘Hope you’re on birth control, or you might end up having an awkward conversation with your husband,’ Kardo smirked, his prick dripping cum onto the sheets as he pulled out.

‘It’s… That’s fine.’ Nin licked her lips, eyes darting down to Kardo’s cum-smeared member. Even in its current state it was enormous, the musky scent of sweat and cum tickling her nostrils and making her pussy throb despite her recent orgasm. She desperately did not want him to leave, not yet.

‘Would you like a beer?’ she asked.

In the present, she looked up at Vesser, her stroking hand faltering for a moment against his cock. “That’s okay, right? I mean, you sort of suggested it, and in that moment, it seemed really hot to have him sit in your armchair, drinking a beer while I…” She hesitated for a moment, caught between excitement and shyness. “While I sucked him off,” she finished.

Kardo watched her walking naked across the room, her tits bouncing slightly with each step as she fetched him a beer, then brought an opener, then disappeared off to find a hairband to tie back her long, dark hair.

‘Leave it,’ Kardo said. ‘I like your hair. Come here.’ Switching quickly between the TV channels he found a porno; a blond woman with huge breasts sucking the cock of a sitting man.

‘Nice tits,’ Kardo commented. ‘I like yours more, though.’ He squeezed a large, naked breast, making Nin groan.

She knelt between his spread legs, vaguely aware that he was watching the film while sipping the beer, one hand gripping her hair and wrapping it loosely around his fingers until she could feel him tugging at her scalp, keeping her firmly in place over his big, thick prick. It was only now, with his smooth cockhead already inside her mouth, that she realised the practical difficulties of sucking a dick this huge. That did not stop her from trying, however.

Quite the opposite – the effort required just to open her mouth wide enough to fit his entire width inside her was making her wet once more, and she slipped a discrete hand down to rub her clit while she bobbed her head up and down his long, hot shaft. Usually, she did not like hairy men, but somehow the smell of sweat, cum and… something else, something primal, from Kardo’s crotch was making her pussy tingle.

‘You like sucking cock, don’t you?’ Kardo said. He shifted, angling one leg between hers so that it was pressing against her crotch. Responding to the unspoken suggestion, she started rubbing herself against him, fuelling the fire in her crotch at his taste, at his smell, at the way he just sat there, drinking her husband’s beer and having complete control of her cunt up to the point where she was grateful just for a chance to suck his dick. She was already looking forward to doing the same thing tomorrow, for a chance to do better, to make him want her as desperately as she wanted him.

She could hear him groaning, the sound accompanied by the taste of precum entering her mouth. The salty flavour turned her on more, pushed her to thrust his cock deeper, to open her mouth wider, to hump even harder against his leg in an effort to sate some of the burning fire in her crotch. Then she was cumming again, shuddering against him, her lips tightening around the musky base of his cock, and she felt the first spurt of cum enter her mouth, spilling down her throat as she swallowed eagerly, desperate to milk him of every drop of cum that she could coax from his prick.

‘Fuck, you’re wasted on Vesser,’ he groaned, his grip on her hair tightening as he thrust up, making her gag as his prick forced its way deeper into her mouth, yet that only seemed to turn her on more. Her head was spinning with the taste of his cum, with the primal, manly scent of his arousal, with the way he was fucking her mouth as if it was nothing, filling it with his seed, and then letting her go as suddenly as he had grabbed her, leaving her to clean his prick on her own accord.

‘That’s a good girl,’ he said, emptying his beer. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow at work. Say hello to Vesser from me, will you?’ With a final squeeze of her tit, he pulled up his trousers and disappeared, leaving her, still panting, to stagger his way to the bed and message for her husband to return.

“Fuck, I can’t wait to blow him again tomorrow!” Nin gushed. “That is,” she added with an anxious glance at Vesser, “unless you would mind? You wouldn’t, would you?”

Vesser actually laughed out loud at that.

“It’ll be uncomfortable, a bit past four, to know you’re blowing him and have to make sure no one at the officer’s meeting knows how hard I am,” he said. “I love all this, Nin. Fuck! I love knowing that he came here and just… owned you, that he’s probably twice the size I am, that he fucked my wife in my own bed, that he makes you cum like it’s nothing. I’m so turned on by the fact that I pale in comparison to him, and trust me, Nin, you don’t have to shy away from reminding me about any of that.”

It was getting too much for him – looking down at her still-spread entrance, lewdly oozing thick, creamy cum, his heart rate felt as though it doubled as he realised he was about to get true sloppy seconds for the first time in his life. And how…

Nin shyly returned his smile, her dark eyes bright with arousal as she, too, glanced down at her used pussy.

“Oh, that won’t be a problem,” she said, licking her lips while she regarded her horny husband. “I’m just glad I don’t have to hold back from telling you how amazing his cock felt inside me. I’ve always wondered if it was a mistake to get married and settle down before I’d fucked more people, and now I know I’d definitely miss out if I’d resign myself to only get fucked by you for the rest of my life. As long as you’re okay with it, I want to keep fucking Kardo, and maybe some other guys too.” She blushed slightly. “I’ve checked out a few of your friends when they’ve come over to watch the games, you know. Most of them seem to be bigger than you.”

She glanced down again at the cum oozing out of her snatch, a devilish glint in her dark eyes.

“Actually…” she said, shyly at first but gaining in confidence as she kept speaking. “I’d like you to eat me out, rather than fuck me. Just to rub it in that your wife just got stuffed with someone else’s cum. Maybe,” she added, “if you try really hard you can make me cum at least half as many times as Kardo did.”

Vesser groaned, his cock dripping precum onto the sheets, as Nin grabbed the back of his head and pulled him down to her crotch. It was hard not to see the parallels to what Kardo had done earlier – only now he was being ‘forced’ to lap another man’s cum from his wife’s pussy. His arousal was only heightened by Nin’s satisfied sigh as she settled in, clearly expecting him to keep at it until he had swallowed every drop of Kardo’s load.

“You know, I thought of something,” Nin said, with the same devilish smile as before. “If I’m going to keep fucking Kardo, he’ll figure out sooner or later that you know and are okay with it. We might as well have some fun with it, don’t you think?” She picked up her wristcomm from the bedside table. “While you clean me up, I’ll record a video of that to send him. He seemed to like the idea of fucking someone else’s wife, so I think he’ll be thrilled to see you cleaning up after him.”

Vesser froze, every instinct telling him that he should refuse, that it was bad enough that he was letting someone else bang his wife. To let Kardo know that he knew but chose to do nothing about it? That would rub the humiliation in even further, which… which made him about ready to cum just from the thought. He nodded quickly, before he could chicken out.

“Go ahead.”

Nin’s excited grin made it clear that she was almost as turned on by the thought as he was. She lifted the wristcomm, pushing his face down against her messy, cum-smeared opening with the other.

“Hello Kardo,” he could hear her saying. “Vesser came home before I had a chance to clean up, but he didn’t mind you coming over. Especially not once I told him how much bigger your cock is than his, and how much more I enjoyed it. By way of thank you for fucking his wife, he has offered to clean up after you.” She nudged Vesser with one foot, and he realised that he had been listening to her talking rather than cleaning. “Look into the lens and thank Kardo for fucking me,” Nin demanded, her voice wavering slightly with uncertainty, but that did not stop her from holding the camera up to his face.

“I… Thank you for fucking my wife,” he said, struggling to keep his composure despite the desperate throbbing of his cock, “and thank you for making her cum so many times. I… I don’t have your size, so I’m happy that you can give her what she needs instead. I’ll be happy to clean her up whenever.”

“Good,” Nin grinned, “I think you’ll be doing that a lot in the future.” She moved the camera back and Vesser got the hint that he should start eating her out, beginning by giving her clit a few licks before he moved down to her slit, digging his tongue as deep into her warm, cum-salty tunnel as possible. This time he was unable to keep back a moan at the sharp taste filling his mouth, the scent of cum filling his nose.

“Oh yeah, you really enjoy eating another man’s cum from your wife’s cunt, don’t you?” Nin crooned. He could feel her foot stroking his stiff cock, her bare toes running up and down his precum-sticky skin. “Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever felt you this hard before. And that’s just from eating me out. I can’t imagine how hard your prick would feel if you’d actually fuck the sloppy seconds. Or maybe you prefer to clean? I’m certainly not feeling any need to get fucked any more today – I’ve had more than enough mind-blowing orgasms already, and I doubt you’d be able to add any more. Not with the memory of Kardo’s prick fresh in mind. It’d be too hard not to compare, and you already know that wouldn’t come out very favourably for you.”

She moaned as Vesser moved back up to her clit, sucking and licking, his face covered with a sticky mixture of Nin’s pussy juices and Kardo’s cum.

“Fuck, I really can’t wait to suck his cock again tomorrow. Just the thought of his big, thick dick stuffed into my mouth turns me on. Keep going Vesser, I think I might cum again, I-” She moved a hand down to scoop up some cum, closing her eyes as she sucked her fingers clean, her cum-smeared crotch pressing against Vesser’s face as she imagined Kardo fucking her, and then Vesser could feel his wife moan against him, cumming again at the thought of getting fucked by another man.

His face was burning with humiliation, but even stronger than that was the intense arousal, stronger than anything he had ever felt before, and before he knew it he was cumming hard, his face and tongue still buried in the cum filling his wife’s pussy as he blew his load all over the already cum-stained sheets.

A short while later he pulled away with a long, low groan of mixed exhaustion and satisfaction. He rolled onto his back on the filthy bed, giving his wife a small, tired grin and beginning to catch his breath. It was going to be a long tour…

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