Coupling Couples, Two mother son couples get together

Coupling Couples, Two mother son couples get together, Roberta didn’t like these annual regional conferences, but being a member of her professional association made her attendance at them pretty much obligatory. She almost never made any useful contacts at them, the lectures and seminars rarely introduced her to new and interesting research findings, and the social benefits of mingling with others who had similar titles on their business cards were over-rated.

But here she was for yet another year, in yet another basic black cocktail dress that showed enough of her mature curves to get the attention of men who were treating the conference as a vacation from their wives. She stood at the edge of yet another noisy crowd in yet another hotel meeting room, sipped yet another mediocre white wine, and pretended to be listening to the sales pitch of a man in an ill-fitting tuxedo who was, at the moment, trying to pick her up. He was doing all the talking.

The business card which she had just handed to the man, in hopes of bringing their one-sided conversation to an end before she actually fainted from sheer boredom, gave her name as Dr. Roberta E. Williams and confirmed her accreditation as a Clinical Psychologist. She dutifully accepted the other man’s card, slipping it into her purse as if she might actually want to look at it one day. The man finally grasped the fact that he was wasting his time. He gracelessly excused himself, and moved off in search of some other attractive woman to work his magic on.

Roberta had finished her drink, and wanted nothing so much as another one. She worked her way through the crowd toward one of the room’s temporary bars, pretending not to notice the not-so-accidental brushings of hands and other body parts against her lower body as she squeezed through the press of men who had skillfully positioned themselves to achieve the maximum number of such contacts. A couple of them had very good hands, she noticed.

Her cellphone chirped, and she paused to answer it, cupping one hand over an ear to try to block out the crowd noise.


“Hello? … Oh hi, darling!” she said. ” Yes, I’m in the middle of a noisy … sorry about … I miss you too, sweetheart … If you were here I’d be up in my room alone with you instead of here in this crazy mob scene … Yes, I’m wearing the black one with the slit up the left leg … I know you like it … I’ll model it for you again when I get back … think of me later when you jerk off … good night, darling … I love you … Bye.”

Roberta reached the bar and refuelled. She started to turn away, heading for a quiet corner where she could be left relatively alone, and promptly collided with another woman who was as much in a hurry to get to the bar as Roberta was to move away from it. Hasty apologies were exchanged. Fortunately no beverages had been spilled. Something about the woman caught Roberta’s interest and, without knowing quite why, she stayed where she was until the woman had gotten her drink and was headed back her way. Roberta had no idea why this particular woman might be someone she should get to know, but she knew better than to ignore these kinds of serendipitous moments. Serendipity was Roberta’s favorite word.

She smiled at the woman, transferring her glass from her right hand to her left so that they could shake hands. Roberta knew that her interest in this woman wasn’t like that of a man on the mating hunt, but she certainly noticed the other woman’s sparkling eyes, charming smile, well-looked-after figure, and sense of classic elegance in her attire that matched her own. Personal introductions were exchanged, confirming to Roberta what she’d always known, that the simplest of verbal greetings made much more sense than did the business card thing. The woman’s name was Helen. Roberta liked her instantly.

Roberta and Helen hit it off from the get-go. They had so much in common that it seemed a little freaky to Roberta, even though she’d intuitively guessed such a thing when she first saw Helen. Both of them had Psychology practices in the same city, both were divorced mothers, both had sons still living at home while going to college, and both were delighted to find an oasis of friendship in the wasteland of insincerity which surrounded them.

Ten minutes later they left the ridiculously overcrowded meeting room, together. The man in the dreadful tuxedo, who had tried unsuccessfully to pick up Roberta earlier, saw them leave and felt a rush of relief in knowing that his failure with Roberta was clearly due to the fact that the bitch was a goddamn dyke. He was wrong about Roberta, but then he’d been badly misjudging women for most of his life.

* * * * *

Roberta and Helen found a small table in one of the hotel’s lounges. They sat and talked and laughed and took turns signalling the waitress for more rounds. They talked about movies they’d seen, restaurants they’d been to, books they’d read, clothes, and the challenges of raising their sons. Roberta realized that it had been too long since she’d last had a fun talk about ‘girl’ things with anyone.

Their conversation was light and casual and wonderfully comforting to both women. It made both of them feel totally relaxed and very much at ease with one another, almost as if they’d known each other for years. When their hands accidentally touched on the tabletop, or their legs accidentally brushed together underneath it, the contact was strangely exciting even though neither of them consciously felt any romantic or sexual bond with the other. It felt strange, but strangely nice, too.

Helen’s cell phone sounded its musical phrase. Helen took the phone from her purse and, after glancing at it, told Roberta apologetically that it was a call she had to take.

“Hi, hon,” said Helen to the caller. “I’m fine … I should get away from here tomorrow afternoon … I’ll see you tomorrow night … I love you too … Kiss … Bye.”

“That was my son,” Helen explained, as if some explanation was necessary. “He’s over at a friend’s house watching a late movie and he didn’t want me to panic if I tried to reach him at home and couldn’t.”

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“Mine called me earlier,” said Roberta. “I don’t know how they survive without us,” she added with a laugh.

“I’d tell you about mine, but that would be too much like talking shop,” said Helen.

“I know what you mean, Helen. I feel the same way.”

“I doubt it, Roberta,” said Helen, her voice very slightly slurred by the drink. “I’ll let you in on a secret, and you’ll know why I need my professional training to help me deal with matters at home.” There was a long pause before she went on. “My son is bonded to me more than is healthy for either of us.”

Roberta looked at Helen for a moment before speaking. “So is mine, Helen. So is mine.” Coincidence after coincidence, she thought.

“I may have had too much to drink, but I’m going to tell you this anyway,” said Helen. “Frank – that’s my son’s name – is far more, uh, far closer to me than my ex ever was. So I doubt that your home situation is anything like mine.”

“My situation may be very much like yours,” said Roberta. “Have you ever wanted to have sex with your son? I have.”

Helen stared wide-eyed at her new friend. “I’ve wanted that too. In fact …” Her voice trailed off as she thought better about finishing her thought.

“I know what you were going to say,” said Roberta. “I’ve slept with my son, too.”

“Oh my God,” said Helen softly. “And I thought I was the only one…”

“If I didn’t have to get up early to take part in a panel session tomorrow morning, I’d stay up with you and talk about this all night,” said Roberta. “I never thought I’d meet someone who understood these feelings the way I do.”

They traded business cards, after writing their home phone numbers and home email addresses on the back, and left the lounge to go to their rooms. Helen gave Roberta a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek as they parted for the night, and Roberta returned it.

“I’ll tell you another secret, Roberta,” whispered Helen. “I love what Frank and I do.”

“You didn’t have to tell me that, Helen,” whispered Roberta. “I already knew that. I’ve been there too, remember? I love what Jeffery and I do too.

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They felt the kind of kinship that comes from unusual shared experience, and never again would they see themselves as being alone against an intolerant and unsympathetic world.

Roberta and Helen left the conference and headed for home the next afternoon, certain that they would have some contact with one another in the coming weeks. It was even possible that they might develop a longterm friendship, a friendship founded on that part of their lives which would have to remain their shared secret forever.

* * * * *

That contact started with an exchange of emails:

My Dear Roberta, You can’t imagine how much I appreciate what you did for me last week. You’ve given me a way to look at myself, and Frank, and the intimacy we share, with pride and confidence. Last night, as we lay in each other’s arms in the warm afterglow of good sex, I told him everything I know about you. He asked me what you look like and what you were wearing (you know how men like to reduce us to porn photos in their minds). I surprised myself by being able to describe you quite easily, and I rather naughtily left out none of the stimulating details I know he wanted to hear. Apparently that cute black number you were wearing and the lovely creature enticingly sheathed within it had an impact on me, and my description of it has now had quite an impact on my son. Frank even asked me if I’d tried to tongue kiss you when we said good night in the hotel elevator! Can you believe that? I was shocked by his question. But when I asked myself the same question I had no good answer for it. You are a gorgeous and sexually striking woman, Roberta, and I can understand Frank when he says that if he’d been in my position that night one of our beds would have been left unused. He’s a hunk, by the way, and a terrific bedmate. You’d love loving him as much as I do. If Frank had his way, I’d give you a chance to do just that. Don’t you just adore permanently horny young men? LOL. Love, Helen

My Dear Helen, I’ve just re-read your letter for the fourth time. I could have written it myself. From the moment Jeff asked me how the conference went I’ve been talking about you as if you were the only thing about the week worth mentioning. You were. I’m fairly sure that if either one of us had dared to slip her tongue tip between the other’s lips that night, Frank’s fantasy of the two of us sharing a bed might have become reality. I don’t doubt that Frank is a delightful partner for bedtime romps, and he’s begun to play a part in my masturbation fantasies, but I believe that you’d find Jeff to be just as much fun and everything you could want in a young fuckstud. He tells me he’d very much like to prove that to you himself. I want to talk with you again soon, Helen, if only to assure myself that my pleasant memories of our brief first meeting were accurate and worth pursuing. I’ve reserved a table for two for lunch on Wednesday at that wonderful Italian place I told you about – the one just a block south of my office. Twelve noon sharp. I hope you’ll find a way to join me then. Love, Roberta

Roberta was waiting at the restaurant when Helen came in. They greeted each other with the kind of almost-hug and glancing pecks on the cheek that women feel comfortable with in very public settings. They scanned the menu and ordered quickly. Then they picked up their talk where they’d left it the week before. But this time there was an important difference. They had opened themselves to each other in a way they’d never done with anyone else, and the heady blend of affection and eroticism which had grown from it was not to be denied. They showed each other pictures of their sons, and managed to convey their primitive carnal desires for their sons’ strong slender bodies without attracting unwanted attention from other diners seated nearby. They felt like young girls excitingly discussing boys they knew, eagerly sharing veiled hints about the naughty things they’d like to do if they were alone with the boys, and knowing that they were turning each other at the same time. The lunch was as delicious as was the conversation that accompanied it.

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A week later the women were taken out to dinner by their sons at a fashionably tacky diner-styled joint, a place that specialized in huge burgers, absurdly rich ice cream sundaes, and 1950’s music from a real jukebox that would still play Elvis’ “Love Me Tender” for a quarter. Frank unashamedly flirted continuously with both of the women, and Jeff found it easy to play the same game with them too. The women loved it.

Afterwards they went to a double-feature repertory cinema, and sat in the very back row of the nearly empty theater. The young men necked and made out with their own mothers, like hormone-crazed teens, all the way through a subtitled French art film none of them had ever heard of. After the intermission they tried exactly the same thing with each other’s mother, through another equally forgettable film. If the men hadn’t been masturbated all the way to orgasm by the women, at least once during each movie, they might not have been able to leave the theater without their rockhard erections causing them embarrassment and discomfort.

It took another two weeks and several exchanges of emails and phone calls, but it was finally arranged. The four of them would have dinner and spend an evening (and maybe the night) together. Helen offered to host the party, because her house was roomier and more private than was Roberta’s condo apartment. It would be a sort of extended doubledate with the added spice of swinging thrown in. The two women hoped to share and swap both their sons and themselves. It was that last element of the situation, the opportunity for Roberta and Helen to experiment with their ‘bi’ sides if they wanted to, that caused them to look forward to the party with equal measures of anticipation and apprehension.

* * * * *

On the big night, Roberta and Jeff arrived at Helen’s place dressed to party.

Roberta wore a man-styled casual shirt and the tightest pair of dark brown leather pants she could find at the ‘adult’ clothing shop she’d visited the day before. She’d found a pair of low boots there too. Jeff had gone along with her to the store. He had thoroughly enjoyed watching a cute salesgirl struggle to adjust the side zippers of the pants, as Roberta tried them on, so that the pants were relatively easy to squeeze into but extremely tight when in place. The way they fitted over Roberta’s ass cheeks and gently rounded belly was quite wonderful, he thought. He even considered coming back to the store later, to buy a pair for himself, just to let that salesgirl give him that same sort of hands-on service. Roberta had decided to wear just one article of underwear, a pair of white panties cut high on the leg but full in the seat. Roberta wasn’t a ‘thong’ person. She felt she could risk going bra-less in the shirt she was wearing.

Jeff wore a pastel blue pinstriped dress shirt, open at the throat, and dark slacks. He had also brought a blazer with him. He carried the blazer draped over his arm, feeling that he might need it later in the evening. It was late summer, but hints of autumn were already in the air and the nights had been very cool recently.

They diplomatically left their overnight luggage in the car. It would be there if it was needed, but it might be awkward to have it in plain sight in the house if staying the night just wasn’t going to happen.

Helen met them at the door, wearing a bright red knee-length sleeveless dress with a deep-cut ‘V’ bodice and an even more dramatic open back that nearly reached the crease that divided her buttocks. Underneath it she had on her sexiest lingerie, some items of which were exposed to view by the dress’ open back, such as a black nylon bra with red lace trim and black net stockings. Her other undergarments, glimpses of which were occasionally possible as she moved about in the dress, included bikini panties and a garter belt, both of which matched the bra. Wearing the panties over the garter belt would allow her to remove the panties without having to remove the belt. She knew that some men liked her to keep the garter belt and hose on during sex. She had on red spike-heeled pumps. Frank had barely been able to restrain himself from getting it on with her even before their guests arrived.

Helen gave Roberta a big hug and the first deeply sensuous kiss she’d ever shared with another woman. It felt good to her. Roberta’s smile as the kiss ended showed that it worked for her guest too. Jeff waited his turn, and when Helen was finished with Roberta she turned to him and they embraced and kissed wetly. Jeff’s hands slid down Helen’s bared back to rest on the uppermost slopes of her buttocks. Helen gave her bottom a bit of a wiggle to let him know she liked that sort of attention.

The three went into the Family Room, where Frank was preparing a tray of canapes and getting ready to pour an aperitif wine for everyone. He stopped what he was doing as soon as he caught sight of Roberta.

“Whoa!” he said, grinning at her. He took Roberta into his arms for a hug and a french kiss, during which he greeted Jeff by slapping palms with him behind Roberta’s back. Frank’s hands were all over Roberta’s ass in the tight leather. She was pleased that her new pants were having the desired effect on the young man, but she hoped he’d want her to take them off.

Dinner in the Dining Room followed, and then the four returned to the Family Room.

Some soft background music was put on, and coffee was served in mugs with a splash of liqueur in each one. The men were sitting next to their own mothers, on sofas facing each other. An erotic tension filled the room. Everyone seemed to be expecting someone else to begin whatever might be about to happen.

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Not surprisingly, Frank was the first to move. He reached an arm out, draped it around his mother’s shoulders, and pulled her closer. Her hips snuggled up against her son’s. She tilted her face up to his and their mouths met, at first gently and teasingly, and then more forcefully. Their tongues played together, and Frank’s hand slipped into the deep opening of his mother’s dress front and he moved a finger slowly in the deep crease between her breasts.

Jeff and Roberta watched for a moment and then they too moved into a close embrace. Jeff kissed his mother hard, and eased her onto her back on the sofa. He got his legs between hers and lowered his body onto hers. Roberta raised her legs and locked them around her son’s back and the two, while still fully clothed, assumed a position they often used for fucking.

Helen caught a glimpse of her guests dry humping each other, and tapped her son on the shoulder to call his attention to the exciting sight. They watched for a few minutes. Then they got up off the sofa and resumed their foreplay activities on the carpeted floor, close to the sofa where Jeff had mounted Roberta and was moving the bulge of his fully erect cock over his mother’s belly in her tight pants.

Roberta and Jeff joined their hosts on the carpet, and clothes started to come off. The four watched each other intently as both couples got closer to being totally naked. The undressing process paused, when the women still had their undergarments on and the men had just their briefs on, and more kissing and groping went on.

The sight of Helen’s garter belt and panties was more than Jeff could resist. He gave his mother a parting kiss, and went to Helen where his mouth began to trail teasing kisses over the flesh above her stocking tops. Frank saw what his new friend was doing, and moved aside to give him more room. Frank then turned his attention to Roberta, and found himself looking at two very beautiful breasts which at the moment boasted very stiff little nipples. Roberta lifted her breasts toward him, and his mouth and hands were all over them in a moment.

Helen’s bra came off, as did both women’s panties. The men went to work on their obviously aroused pussies with their lips and tongues.

Roberta shifted her body slowly, inching herself along the carpet without dislodging Frank from her crotch, bringing her face closer to that of her newfound girlfriend. When her head got close to Helen’s, she bent over and tickled Helen’s ear with her tongue. Helen turned quickly toward Roberta and their mouths met. Their tongues flicked at each other and their hands fondled and played with each other’s breasts.

“I love this,” whispered Roberta. “And I want to do more with you.”

“Oh, God, me too,” answered Helen. “I want to taste you.”

“Let’s get the men to fuck us until they need a break, and then we’ll have time for us.”

“Good plan, hon,” grinned Helen, and she pulled Jeff’s head up from her pussy to kiss him and position herself to be fucked. “Fuck me, Jeff darling,” she said. “Tonight I’ve got two sons to play with, and I want you to be first.” Jeff didn’t need to be asked twice, and soon he was thrusting vigorously into Helen’s skillful cunt.

Roberta pushed Frank to the side, and bent over him to give his cock a good licking and a quick sucking. Then she got up onto her hands and knees, and asked Frank to fuck her doggie-style. He was on her and in her in a flash.

The women let the men take them in a number of satisfying ways, urging them to greater and greater heights of carnal abandon and feeling more and more lewd and raunchy themselves. As Roberta had predicted, the men reached a point where they could no longer hold their semen back, and the women were flooded by wave after wave of the men’s powerful ejaculations. The women’s climaxes were triggered, too. Eventually all four of them were lying quietly on the carpet, their breathing gradually slowing to more normal rhythms, their minds and bodies feeling contented.

The reek of sex filled the room.

The women turned to each other. Roberta was totally naked, while Helen still had on her garter belt and stockings. Roberta slowly removed the last items of Helen’s clothing, kissing each part of Helen’s body as it was revealed in the process. The women’s bodies moved together, their hands and mouths exploring each other and pleasuring each other in ways known best to those whose bodies are themselves female. The men watched in voyeuristic delight, and when their cocks began to stir to life again they stroked themselves as they enjoyed the show before them.

Roberta moved herself into a classic sixty-nine position over Helen, and her mouth came down to minister to Helen’s pussy. Roberta lowered her hips to Helen’s eager mouth, and the complete act of mutual oral gratification was underway. It was a first for Helen, and Roberta hadn’t tasted pussy for many years, so it took a few minutes for them to get into it effectively. Their tongues worked their magic on their sensitive clits, and when Roberta felt Helen’s body starting to shiver and jerk in the beginning throes of orgasm she fingered herself and joined Helen in their shared moment of joy.

The men joined the women when their orgasms had subsided. The four of them, in a sort of freeform jumble of limbs and torsos, continued their play in numerous acts and combinations of body parts, for several hours, ending with an almost gentle final fuck which paired the young men with their own mothers.

And then Jeff went and got the luggage from the car. He and Roberta were obviously going to need it.

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