Hooked Up Neighbor For My Wife – Part 2

Let’s continue from where we left last time. Hooked Up Neighbor For My Wife – Part 1

My wife slept in parts that evening. She got up after 2 hours but stayed laid in the bed. She was thinking about accidental sex with Ranveer because after few minutes she was in tears again and slept while crying.


She got up again after 1 hour but slept back with tears in her eyes. I felt pity on her. I knew that now she was repenting. This is what I wanted and I planned it so well that she lost her morality and did not come to know that I planned it. I was the happiest man in the world that moment. I knew that my life would be better now. I thought I would gain my lost respect, my wife would not suspect me and she would always feel guilty about what happened today. With that thought I started packing to go back to Pune but all of sudden something happened. I saw in my laptop that someone has entered my bedroom. I stopped packing and came back to my desk. I sat on the bed to see who was there and I was surprised! Ranveer entered my bedroom. My wife was awake. He set next to my wife. He said:

Ranveer: I am extremely sorry whatever happened today.

My Wife: kept quiet and did not say anything.

Ranveer: I am extremely sorry, I did not come to your bathroom with that intention.

My Wife: Tears were rolling out and she was quite

Ranveer: Please don’t cry, I am sorry. If you want I would speak to Ranveer (me).

My Wife: Please!!! No!!! Don’t tell him about this. Please!!!

Ranveer: Okay…okay! I would not tell anything to Ranveer, but please don’t cry. I am feeling very guilty.

My Wife: wiped her tears but kept quite

After a silence of few minutes…

Ranveer: You did not eat anything, let me order some food for you.

My Wife: No. I am not hungry.

Ranveer: I know that you are angry but please eat something since you have not eaten anything today!

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My Wife: No! Please!!! I don’t want to eat anything.

Ranveer: I insist, eat something.

My Wife: No (little loudly)!

Ranveer: Sorry, I won’t insist any more.

My Wife: I am not angry with you, but don’t force me to eat at this moment.

Ranveer: Okay.

My wife got up to go to washroom but as soon as she got up she fell off coz of weakness. She was crying throughout the day and did not eat anything. Weakness overtook her body and she was looking pale. Before she could fall back Ranveer held her by his arms and helped her to sit back on the bed. He offered his help to use washroom but she said she can go on herself and after a minute she slowly got up and went to washroom.

After few minutes she slowly came back and set on the bed. He asked if there is anything he can help to which she nodded in no. He got up and said that she can call him any time if she needed anything. She did not respond. Ranveer moved towards door to step out of bedroom.

As soon as he stepped out he heard her crying. He could not resist and went back in. He sat very close to her and tried to calm her down. But to no avail. Ranveer moved closer to her and put his hand on her solder and tried again to console her. Guilt was not leaving her. Mere thought of me knowing all this was scaring her. She was murmuring something but he could not understood. He put his second hand on her hand and tried to pacify her. She was in pond of tears. Finally he put his hand on her head and pulled her towards his solder. Her head resting on his solder, his one hand on her solder and another one on her hand. He was consoling her like a kid. My wife’s head stayed laid on his solder for quite sometimes. I thanked Ranveer in my heart for doing this.

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But what happened next was really a surprise for me. I did not expect this to happen. After she became quite he slowly kissed on her head. She did not realise that he had kissed her as tears were still rolling out of her eyes. Since she did not oppose to his kiss, he kissed her again. Second kiss was more intense, she felt warm touch of his lips on her skin! She was completely taken aback. In a state of shock she moved her head from his solder and just looked at him. Ranveer thought she is ready for another! Before she could say anything he held both her arms and took her in his arms and pulled her in his lap. He passionately kissed on her cheeks.

Without waiting for another reaction he started kissing all over her face. My wife put resistance by trying to get rid of his clutch but could not do so coz of tight grip of his big arms. She wanted to say something but before she could open her mouth, he put his lips on her lips. He gently took both her lips in his mouth. He slowly bit her lips. He always saw her lips but never got chance to kiss, today he was having her in his mouth! He became rock hard. His big tongue locked her both lips in his mouth. He was passionately smooching. After a minute of resistance my wife gave up, after all she is also human. She let her body lose and let him smooch her.

Ranveer’s passionate smooch aroused my wife. She put both her hands on his back. He now knew that she would not put any resistance. He unlocked her lips after an intense smooch and looked at her face. Her eyes were closed and she looked relaxed. He again put his lips on her lips and smooched her.

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After a warm smooch his lips moved down to her neck. He started kissing on her neck. After a few kisses he opened his lips and let his big tongue out. He started licking her neck. She moaned. His tongue moved towards her left ear and he slowly bit her. He licked her ear passionately. I knew my wife would be in ecstatic heaven as this is the most sensitive part of her body. Whenever I bit her ears she would always hold me very tight.

After licking her left ear he moved towards right ear. He completely swallowed her right ear. She moaned again. He came back towards her lips and started licking. He opened his big mouth and took both her lips in. My wife’s tongue was in his tongue.I was socked! I did not expect this to happen. Two hours ago she was crying coz accidently she had sex with a stranger but now she is allowing him to kiss her all over. I felt like there was no ground beneath my feet! But I could not put blame on her. I said to myself, why to blame her when I planned everything. Though Ranveer was quite a decent guy but when it comes to sex, we all are the same, so I did not blame Ranveer either. All I wanted is that my wife should enjoy another man and this is what happening. I thought anyway it is the same guy who I fixed for her and he is good guy. I saw Ranveer moving towards her breast.

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