Adarsho Paribar ( Ideal Family) : Ch 4

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(Next day at breakfast table, Ashim and his Muslim wife were having coffee and snacks where as Ramu and Keki were serving them. Anusree was in boarding house and Anuradhadevi was in her parental house with Bahadur) Adarsho Paribar ( Ideal Family) : Ch 3

“Keki, I’m going to come right out and say this and I hope it doesn’t shock you too much but if it does, we will understand. From when I was in my mid-teens, I have needed abnormal sex, a lot of sex. My husband can’t satisfy my excessive cravings. I was getting so bad that I was thinking about going out and finding other guys that would give me what I needed.” Shabana paused.

Rearranging the memories Shabana started again. ” I told my husband and we talked about it and came up with a solution. Ramu agreed to take his place in bed. It’s working very well but we thought you needed to know so you would not be shocked and disgusted when it happened but you caught us red-handed.” Shabana explained in detail and smiled.

Keki stared at her Malkin for a minute and then grinned, “I need to get my pussy pounded a lot too, or else I almost go crazy thinking about it. I don’t have and don’t want a steady boyfriend but I do have several what you would call friends with benefits, including one of my professors and he’s married with a daughter almost my age.”

With a wicked grin Keki restarted, “I believe that old saying, Why buy the cow when you can get all the cream for free. I was worried about how I would get along being home for two weeks but now I don’t need to worry. I can just tell you that I’m going out to find me some hard cock.” They both laughed.

When they went back to the living room, Keki sat on the couch and Shabana first went over and kissed her husband and then went over and kissed Ramu long and hard while letting her hand drop down and rest on his package. “Everything is all right, Keki understands and is good with our arrangement. She has the same needs that I do. Like Malkin like Maid I guess.”

That night nothing happened. The following night Shabana told Ramu that she needed him in her bed that night. Keki and Ashim stayed in the living room watching a movie. It wasn’t long before the sounds of moaning and hissing came drifting down the hall.

Keki looked at Ashim, “Dadababu, have you ever wondered if doing it with a different young and very attractive woman might stimulate your mind? I would like to give it a try if you’ll let me. I’m a really good cock sucker.”

“Well, I do think you are beautiful and I love you, so yes I would be happy if you would let me take you to bed. The bed in your room is only a single so I guess we will need to use Ramu’s room. He has a big bed.” Ashim eagerly told.

“Dadababu, I’ve got an even better idea. You might find it even sexier if we went in and did it on your big bed while Ramu and Boudimani are still doing it.” Keki proposed.

Ashim smiled and stood up. “We better get in there before they are done.” He felt a quick stirring between his legs as they walked hand in hand down the hall. When they entered the bedroom, Ramu had his daughter-in-law’s legs up over his shoulders and his hands on her tits and was pounding her hard, fast and deep.

Shabana was breathing hard and getting close to a climax but she managed to ask, “Coming to watch?” Ashim replied, “No, we’re coming to join the fun.”

Keki opened her Salwar and bra. She had the tits that her mother had when she was young with 34″ that didn’t sag a bit, big hard nipples and a deep tan that didn’t show any tan lines. Ashim leaned to her and took one breast in his mouth.

While he was doing that, Keki was unbuttoning his shirt. She removed it and then took her tit away from her Malik, slid down so that she could lick and suck his manly nipples while she undid his pants and dropped them and his shorts to the floor. From his soft size, she guessed that when he had an erection, he had a very sizable dick.

Keki removed her Kamiz along with the panties and placed her Dadababu’s hand on her cleanly shaved mound. His finger quickly found its way between her labia and into her tight fuck hole. “Oh Keki, I want to taste you so bad. Get on the bed.”

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