Adarsho Paribar ( Ideal Family) : Ch 4

(Next day at breakfast table, Ashim and his Muslim wife were having coffee and snacks where as Ramu and Keki were serving them. Anusree was in boarding house and Anuradhadevi was in her parental house with Bahadur) Adarsho Paribar ( Ideal Family) : Ch 3

“Keki, I’m going to come right out and say this and I hope it doesn’t shock you too much but if it does, we will understand. From when I was in my mid-teens, I have needed abnormal sex, a lot of sex. My husband can’t satisfy my excessive cravings. I was getting so bad that I was thinking about going out and finding other guys that would give me what I needed.” Shabana paused.

Rearranging the memories Shabana started again. ” I told my husband and we talked about it and came up with a solution. Ramu agreed to take his place in bed. It’s working very well but we thought you needed to know so you would not be shocked and disgusted when it happened but you caught us red-handed.” Shabana explained in detail and smiled.

Keki stared at her Malkin for a minute and then grinned, “I need to get my pussy pounded a lot too, or else I almost go crazy thinking about it. I don’t have and don’t want a steady boyfriend but I do have several what you would call friends with benefits, including one of my professors and he’s married with a daughter almost my age.”

With a wicked grin Keki restarted, “I believe that old saying, Why buy the cow when you can get all the cream for free. I was worried about how I would get along being home for two weeks but now I don’t need to worry. I can just tell you that I’m going out to find me some hard cock.” They both laughed.

When they went back to the living room, Keki sat on the couch and Shabana first went over and kissed her husband and then went over and kissed Ramu long and hard while letting her hand drop down and rest on his package. “Everything is all right, Keki understands and is good with our arrangement. She has the same needs that I do. Like Malkin like Maid I guess.”

That night nothing happened. The following night Shabana told Ramu that she needed him in her bed that night. Keki and Ashim stayed in the living room watching a movie. It wasn’t long before the sounds of moaning and hissing came drifting down the hall.

Keki looked at Ashim, “Dadababu, have you ever wondered if doing it with a different young and very attractive woman might stimulate your mind? I would like to give it a try if you’ll let me. I’m a really good cock sucker.”

“Well, I do think you are beautiful and I love you, so yes I would be happy if you would let me take you to bed. The bed in your room is only a single so I guess we will need to use Ramu’s room. He has a big bed.” Ashim eagerly told.

“Dadababu, I’ve got an even better idea. You might find it even sexier if we went in and did it on your big bed while Ramu and Boudimani are still doing it.” Keki proposed.

Ashim smiled and stood up. “We better get in there before they are done.” He felt a quick stirring between his legs as they walked hand in hand down the hall. When they entered the bedroom, Ramu had his daughter-in-law’s legs up over his shoulders and his hands on her tits and was pounding her hard, fast and deep.

Shabana was breathing hard and getting close to a climax but she managed to ask, “Coming to watch?” Ashim replied, “No, we’re coming to join the fun.”

Keki opened her Salwar and bra. She had the tits that her mother had when she was young with 34″ that didn’t sag a bit, big hard nipples and a deep tan that didn’t show any tan lines. Ashim leaned to her and took one breast in his mouth.

While he was doing that, Keki was unbuttoning his shirt. She removed it and then took her tit away from her Malik, slid down so that she could lick and suck his manly nipples while she undid his pants and dropped them and his shorts to the floor. From his soft size, she guessed that when he had an erection, he had a very sizable dick.

Keki removed her Kamiz along with the panties and placed her Dadababu’s hand on her cleanly shaved mound. His finger quickly found its way between her labia and into her tight fuck hole. “Oh Keki, I want to taste you so bad. Get on the bed.”

“OK but I want some too.” They got on the bed in the sixty-nine position with her on top when Shabana and her father-in-law stopped and watched in fascination.

Ashim was excited. His tongue found its way between Keki’s inner cunt lips to her wonderful holes and her clit. Her clit came out of hiding and grew till it was about the size of the tip of his little finger. He concentrated in licking and sucking it while occasionally dropping down to push his tongue into her fuck hole or slide over her puckered little anus.

In the meantime Ramu went back to fucking his Muslim daughter-in-law but they both continued their watching where Ashim and Keki going at it.

Ashim licked, sucked and slurped at their Nepali maid-servant’s most private parts where as she sucked hard on his hard prick. She sucked his big hairy balls into her mouth and licked up and down his shaft. It wasn’t easy for her to take all of his huge cock in her mouth as she tried to deepthroat him. Ashim was good at eating her pussy and soon he brought Keki to an orgasm. She cried out and shoved her pussy tight to his face.

When Keki’s girl cum poured into her Dadababu’s mouth, she felt his cock throbbing more. She quickly rolled on her back, “Put your cock in me, Dadababu. Fuck my cunt. I love you and want you in my cunt.”

Ashim rolled on top and shoved his cock deep into Keki’s pussy and concentrated on his erection while he fucked into her savagely. Shabana looked at her younger Adibasi father-in-law and gave him a thumbs up.

Success, Ashim kept his savage pounding so that he could finish and at last he deposited a load of cum in his maid-servant’s fertile womb. Then felt out of her, exhausted.

Shabana excitedly rolled over and took her husband’s shrunken man meat in her mouth. She didn’t care that Keki’s cum was on it when Shabana sucked it. “The next time we try this again, Dadababu, when I get you hard enough, get on Boudimani and give her a good fuck.”

That is exactly what happened. Two nights later they were all in a king-sized bed together again. Ashim and Keki went sixty-nine again and this time so did Ramu and Shabana. Like the first time, Keki’s expert cock sucking combined with her looks and the thrill of the forbidding adultery brought Ashim to a strong hardness.

As soon as he reached that point, Keki jumped off and pulled Ramu off Shabana. Ashim rolled over and impaled his wife with his rockhard shaft and Shabana squeezed her legs tight around her husband’s prick and they started slowly fucking and kissing, till Ashim blew his nut. Shabana had a strong orgasm and it was from love not from physical pleasure. Ashim collapsed next to his wife and they cuddled and kissed.

Ramu had been sitting in a side chair watching and stroking himself. Keki walked over to him, “Well, it looks like my new lover is really a stud like a Nigro.” She dropped to her knees, put her hand around the base of Ramu’s snake-like black cock and put soft her lips over the head.

Neither one of them said a word. Keki kept sucking on the tip of Ramu’s Nigro prick and stroking the shaft till he released a cum-explosion in her mouth. She didn’t spill a drop and she showed her mouthful to her Adibasi lover before swallowing it in one big gulp.

Keki said, “Ramu dear, It’s kinda lonely in my little bed. Would you mind sharing your bed with me starting right now and whenever I come home?”

“It will be my pleasure, Keki darling.” They left the room hand in hand and soon Shabana and her husband were listening to the sounds of sex coming from Ramu’s room. He is now enjoying helping out as often as needed by his Muslim Malkin cum daughter-in-law cum Boudimani cum Bhabiji and they all looked forward to any time.


Bahadur had also lusted after his Muslim Malkin Shabana Azmi ever since he met her on his first arrival to the “Great Nibedita Bhavan” as a servant cum gardener. But before that he fell in love with his own sister Keki who was a University student as well as a maid-servant. And his mother Sahana helped her Malkin in cooking in this Holy house and resided at ground-floor in separate room of this huge bungalow.

There was something very sensual about Shabana’s outgoing personality, blossoming light-brown figure and her cute dimples that stirred up Bahadur’s young hormones. In fact, his sophisticated Muslim Malkin’s image stayed stuck in his head on the very first day. With each girlfriend Bahadur ever fucked, he imagined that it was his Bhabiji’s ( Malkin ) pussy he was plowing, her asshole he was filling with his sperm.

But when he’d finally open his eyes, he was always disappointed to see someone else beneath him. At last his long-cherished dream was fulfilled and his luck supported him also by winning his sister’s love.

“I’ve been attracted to you ever since your puberty”, Bahadur disclosed his love for his sister.
“Yeah, I know,” Keki said matter-of-factly, still looking straight ahead. “I always knew.”
“But how could you have possibly known that?” Bahadur became surprised.
“Cause you were drooling and I’d never seen a boy drool before, so I asked Bhabiji about it.”
“And what’d she say?”
“She said she hoped you’d find a girlfriend, so you’d stop acting that way around me.”

They both laughed at this, and when they calmed down, Bahadur said, “Well, I’ve got to know, Keki dear, How did you feel about me?”
“Oh, I’ve always thought you were cute, Bahadur,” she admitted. “In fact…” “What?” Bahadur said.
“Well, I’m a little embarrassed to say this, but I’ve even thought about the two of us…you know…fooling around and whatnot.” Keki went out with a mischievous smile.

Next afternoon Keki, wearing her pajamas, strolled into the living room and climbed into the easy chair, which was a few feet away from the couch. Bahadur smiled at her, and this time the smile she returned was engaging, with a wicked grin. With that she focused on his crotch, quickly unbuckling his belt and unzipping the jeans then, as he lifted up, tugging them and his boxers down until she was able to free his shaft.

“Wow!” she said, as it popped out as she held on to the base of it, formed her lips into a big, juicy “O” and plunged her mouth down on it.
“Oh, shit!” Bahadur said, stiffening and instinctively grabbing the back his sister’s head with both hands. “Oh, yes, Baby! That feels so fuckin’ good!”

Right away Keki began to bob her head up and down, forcing nearly the entire length of her brother’s straining wang down her throat then making her way up again until just the crown was in her mouth. Over and over she did this, picking up speed then slowing down again, even flicking her tongue over the piss slit, driving him crazy.

Bahadur was confirmed that she had done this before many times, because not once did her teeth accidentally scrape against his shaft, nor did she come up for air, breathing steadily and surely through her nose.

Soon Bahadur could hear the spit sloshing around in her mouth, as her silky bob-cut hairy head moved faster and faster. But when she began to fondle his balls with her other hand and eventually moved it down and stuck her finger up his asshole, Bahadur couldn’t take it anymore.

Keki’s very next attempt was downstroke, Bahadur closed his eyes and pulled her head down as hard as he could, while lifting his hips.

“Shit! Fuck!” He screamed, trembling uncontrollably. “I’m coming, Baby! Take it! Take it all right down your fuckin’ throat!” To his surprise, Keki kept her lips clamped around her brother’s prick, as he spurted wad after wad of sticky semen into her sucking mouth. Since he hadn’t gotten a chance to jack off in the last several hours, he had a heavy load, and he didn’t think his dear sister would be able to take it all.

But while she struggled to swallow the deluge of sperm, the sexy Nepali minx stubbornly stayed right where she was, determined to slurp down every drop her twin brother ejaculated. Finally, his orgasm subsided and his dick began to shrink inside the second-grade pussy.

But now Bahadur had an urgent need to piss, and he was too wiped out at that moment to pull himself off the couch and go to the bathroom. So he just kept holding on to Keki’s head then, taking a deep breath, flipped over.

With Keki now underneath his brother, and his flacid dick still in her mouth, he said, “I have a special treat for you, Baby. Just swallow like you did before, and keep swallowing till it’s all gone, okay?”

“Ungh hungh,” Keki responded, mostly through her nose. Bahadur then relaxed his loins and immediately felt a small stream of urine begin to flow out of him and into her mouth. “Mmmmmm!” Keki moaned as she began to swallow her twin brother’s warm piss.

“Yeah, drink my urine, my sweet sister,” Bahadur whispered. “Drink it down.” A few seconds later, it felt like a dam suddenly burst in his bladder. And what had been a small stream of urine, immediately turned into a rush of hot piss, straight down the twenty-year-old’s throat.

But again the young Nepali bitch didn’t miss a beat, she just kept swallowing the hot salty liquid, until every drop of her brother’s golden piss had found its way into her tummy to join the millions of sperm cells already there. After again flicking his piss slit several times with her tongue, this time to get the last drops of tasty urine, Keki pulled his dick out of her mouth and asked, “So did I do a good job?”

“Oh, yes, Baby,” Bahadur panted, smiling. “You did a wonderful job. You did the best job anybody’s ever done on my thing.”

“And did you like it when I drank your piss?” Keki grinned.
“Yes, I did, my dear sister. Not too many girls can do that, so I wasn’t sure you could handle it. But you did it really well.” Bahadur smiled.
“That’s because our old Principal taught me,” she bragged.

Bahadur smiled again, realizing how much he needed to thank her Principal’s dirty activities for all the important lessons he’d taught her.

“Okay, now my turn!” Keki suddenly said. Immediately she scooted from beneath her brother and told him to lie down. When Bahadur did, she took off her pajamas, climbed over her brother’s face, braced herself against the armrest then, making sure her pussy was right above his mouth, parked her beautiful heavy butt squarely on his face.

The first thing that struck him was Keki’s pussy-odor. He had smelled a lot of pussies since he’d started having sex, but they had all been mostly mature. Never had he sniffed the fragrance of a girl whose genitals were so young and fresh, and he savored the familiar but very different odor that filled my nostrils.

“Ohhh my dear brother!” Keki yelled, and she began to buck her huge ass back and forth on her brother’s face, sliding her pussy from his nose to chin, smearing him with her pussy-juice. After several seconds of this, she slowed down, upon which he grabbed her fleshy thighs, to steady her, then poked his tongue as far as he could into her slit.

“Ooooo!” the twenty-year-old Nepali slut moaned. “That feels gooood! My pussy likes your tongue!”

Bahadur pressed his lips against his sister’s pussy, covering her whole puffy hairy box, and went to work on her with his tongue–licking, slurping, even occasionally flicking it against her tiny clit, making the young girl swoon. Keki alternated between holding still and gyrating her bottom on her brother’s face, as she continuined to moan in pleasure and approval.

After sucking the young Nepali whore’s pussy for several minutes, Bahadur realized her sister suddenly stiffened, then sat on his face as hard as she could. “Eeeeeeee!” she shrieked, and he could feel her whole pussy pulsating against his mouth. Afterwards, she slumped over on the armrest, taking most of her weight off his face, then said, “Now I have to pee. Can I go in your mouth?”

Just hearing those words made Bahadur’s re-hardening dick grow another inch. “Of course, my darling. I’d love to drink your pee.” To keep things from getting too messy, he gently guided her ass back down onto his face and again covered her entire pussy with his lips.

It took a few seconds but finally a warm, acrid yellowish liquid began to flow out of her. Instead of letting it fill his mouth, Bahadur began immediately to swallow at the back of his throat, eagerly drinking the twenty-year-old’s pee, while trying to keep up with the increasing force of her stream. A couple of seconds later, the slut’s piss was gushing into his mouth and he was swallowing steadily, surprised at just how much her bladder was able to hold.

After a while, Keki’s piss stream decreased again, until just a dribble of piss rolled out of her. Bahadur had just swallowed the last of it and was cleaning out her pussy with his tongue when he heard a noise. Turning his head, he was delighted to see his great Muslim Malkin Shabana Azmi standing there staring at them. “You have a hell of a way of messing with nasty odor,” she finally said.

Pushing his sister off his face and sitting up, Bahadur and Keki both explained to Shabana the incidents thoroughly. After a second or two of this, Shabana held up her hand. “Listen,” she said, ” Just lay there.”

She then smiled and beckoned to Keki. “Come on, Keki, your Bhabiji got a special treat for you.”

When Bahadur heard “special treat,” he thought, No, she COULDN’T mean the same thing he meant by that. But when a smiling Keki ran over, lay down on the carpet, and opened up her mouth, Bahadur just sat there dumbfounded.

Peeling out of her loose Salwar-Kaamiz (she wasn’t wearing any underwear), Shabana Azmi said, “Well, Bahadur, in case you haven’t already guessed, you would soon found out the our secrets.
I’m just glad our tastes are so much alike.”

Shabana then carefully stepped astride Keki and squattted down until her smooth light-brown huge ass was hovering only inches above her Nepali maid-servant’s pretty face. Wanting a better view of the action, Bahadur got off the couch and crawled over until he was only inches away from the two voluptuous females.

“Make sure you catch it all, Baby, ’cause I just cleaned the rug, okay?” Shabana cautioned.
“Ok Bhabiji.” Keki replied.

Bahadur still couldn’t believe what was about to happen, until he saw the first few drops of urine began to fall out of his Malkin’s puffy hairy pussy and straight into his sister’s mouth. Those drops quickly turned into a steady stream, then suddenly, the piss was shooting out of the famous Bengalee Singer’s cunt so fast that it made a hissing sound and began to foam up as it rapidly filled Keki’s mouth.

But just as it was about to overflow, Shabana sat down on the Keki’s face, sealing her pissing pussy to her Nepali maid-servant’s open mouth. “That’s right, Baby, drink your Bhabiji’s sweet piss!” Shabana yelled. “I had to go when you were in the University, but I held it till you got home, so that I could use my favorite potty instead!”

All Bahadur could hear now were gurgling sounds as the Nepali girl gulped down what seemed like a gallon of salty piss. When her bladder was almost empty, Shabana lifted up a little, allowing Bahadur to watch the last squirts of pee come out of her pussy. Then, totally without warning, she farted right in Keki’s nose. The foul odor made Keki frown at first, but then she was amazed to sniffing it in, filling her lungs with the awful-smelling gas.

Smiling down at his sister, Bahadur moved his face even closer to hers so the twin Nepali could both savor the shitty aroma of the famous Muslim singer’s foul fart. Bahadur then urged his Malkin to lean forward. When she did, he spread her ass cheeks apart and speared his tongue into her smelly anus.

“Oh, shit! Yeah, Bahadur, do it! Lick my asshole ! Lick the shit out of it!” Bahadur tried to do exactly that, as he slurped around in her not-very-clean asshole until it was dripping with spit and dissolved shit.

Meanwhile, below Bahadur, her sister took care of their Malkin’s pussy, eagerly tonguing it and sucking at the clit until Shabana was moaning in ecstacy. A couple of times, Keki and her brother locked glances and smiled at each other, and once.

Instead of washing down the sophisticated Bengalee Singer’s dirty asshole, Bahadur just kissed and licked it, while collecting saliva in his mouth. When his mouth was full, he moved his head down and kissed his sister. Keki was surprised and excited when her brother pushed the blob of shitty extract into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed it, and her tongue probed her brother’s mouth to search out whatever he might have missed giving her.

With the exciting essence of Shabana Azmi’s shit all over Bahadur’s lips and tongue and the smell of her fart still lingering in his nostrils, he was at the height of his horniness. Pulling back, Bahadur jacked his super-hard prong a few times then moved forward again and pressed it hard against his Bengalee Malkin’s spit-slick poop chute.

“Ooh!” Shabana gasped as the head of her Nepali servant’s rock hard dick popped inside her anus. Bahadur stopped and held on to her hips, waiting for her to get used to the feel of the solid hot rod, then eased forward until the cock was lodged snugly inside her rectum.

“Bhabiji !” Keki suddenly said, “I can’t see  anymore, just his testicles!”
“That’s because your brother’s cock is all the way in my ass, Baby,” said the great Bengalee singer wickedly, “and it feels just like a great big turd stuck up in there!”

That exchange between Shabana and Keki just made Bahadur all the hornier as he slowly pulled out of his Malkin, until only the head of his dick was inside, then again pushed all the way in. Her asshole was so tight and hot that he had to do everything in his power not to come prematurely.

Finally, though, he calmed down and began to establish a steady fuck rhythm. “Yeah, Bahadur!” Shabana suddenly yelled out. “Fuck my shitty ass! Fuck it raw!”

And Bahadur tried his best to satisfy his Malkin’s wishes, as he repeatedly plunged his nine inches pole to the bottom of her rectum, his crotch slapping against her ass and his balls bouncing off her pussy-lips with every downstroke. A couple of times he just leaned back, while Shabana bucked her ass against him, impaling herself on his cock.

Whenever that happened Bahadur was able to look down and see his yellowish shit-stained dick plowing in and out of his Orthodox Malkin’s anus. Not only that, every time Shabana pulled off her servant, he also got glimpses of his sister’s face below them, as she gazed up in fascination at the anal penetration (perhaps wondering how it felt).

As if all that wasn’t enough stimulation, Bahadur soon felt something wet trailing along the underside of his dick and realized, to his astonishment, that Keki was licking his shit-smeared shaft every time it emerged from his Malkin’s dirty backdoor. After several minutes, the velvety tightness of Shabana’s asshole, along with the fleshy persistence of Keki’s tongue, proved too much for him.

“Fuck! I’m coming!” Bahadur yelled. He fired his first load of sperm deep into his Muslim Malkin’s bowels, then wanting to share his triumph with his sister who had helped to lubricate him continuously, he pulled out and shot the next two loads on his sister’s face. Finally he stuck his shit-coated rod into his sister’s mouth and spurted the remainder of his semen down her throat.

Afterwards Keki went to work on her brother, giving him a thorough tongue bath, cleaning all of their Malkin’s foul shit off him. When she was done, he pulled out of her mouth and shoved his still semi-erect dick into his Malkin’s pussy. Leaning over her back until his mouth was close to her ear, he let her in on what he planned to do.

“I gotta go, and I’m gonna give it to you, okay?” Shabana responded by turning her head to the side and sticking her tongue between his lips. Concentrating to keep himself from getting hard again, he finally relaxed enough to piss, and a stream of urine began to pour out of him and into his famous Bengalee Malkin’s cunt. Once it started, it quickly increased until Bahadur was blasting a river of piss into Shabana’s pussy, refilling the place where Anusree had been born, turning it into a common urinal.

“Mmmmm! Yeah, Bahadur, do it to me!” Confused about what was happening, Keki asked, “What’s he doin’, Bhabiji?” “He’s pissing into my pussy, Keki! He’s filling it up with his hot piss!” Shabana moaned feeling the hot stream into her cunt.
“Ooo, Bahadur, can I have it?”
“Yes, Keki, but it’s gonna come out too fast for you to drink, so get into the bathtub, so that I can give it to you in your face, okay?”
“Okay, Bhabiji,” Keki eagerly replied, and she quickly came out beneath them and scurried off to the bathroom, her plump ass jiggling cutely as she darted away.

The very thought of what Shabana was going to do to his sister turned him on so much that he started getting hard again and was finding it difficult to finish peeing into her cunt. Bahadur had to take a deep breath and focus to make his dick shrink enough to empty his bladder. When the last drop of his piss inside his Malkin’s tight pussy was finished, he started to pull out, but Shabana quickly stopped him.

“No!” she said. “If you pull out I’ll lose your emptied piss in my pussy. Stay inside me and let’s walk to the bathroom together.”
Bahadur said “OK” and eased back inside her. Since he was getting hard again anyway, his erection was serving as a good stop-cock to hold his warm piss inside her cunt till they got to the bathroom.

“Now just hold on to my hips while I stay bent over and walk with me,” directed Shabana. Seeing them walk into the bathroom that way, Keki, who had been lying down in the bathtub, bolted up and began to giggle.

“You guys look like some kind of weird animal from outer space!” Shabana and Bahadur laughed at that, but things got more serious again. Without breaking their connection, they stepped into the bathtub, and with Keki lying down again, positioned their bodies until their combined-genitals were directly above Keki’s face.

“Okay, Keki dear, get ready,” Shabana said. “And don’t waste the mixture, try to drink it as much as possible.”
“Okay, Bhabiji.” Keki replied.
At Shabana’s signal, Bahadur eased back until his semi-soft prong slipped out of her urine-filled pussy.

Immediately a torrent of golden piss mixed with pussy-juice gushed out of her cunt and splashed directly into Keki’s face, soaking her whole head and washing into her hair. Keki had her eyes closed, gulping the mixture thirstily, her face scrunched up in a frown as she endured the downpour.

Bahadur got so turned on watching his graduate sister getting drenched in piss that he immediately developed another full-fledged boner, and as the last of his urine dripped out of Shabana’s pussy, he jammed his joint up his Malkin’s snatch and began to fuck her in a frenzy.

“Yes, Bahadur !” The great Muslim singer screamed in nasty ecstasy. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

Then, turning her attention to her maid-servant, she asked, as calmly as she could, “Keki, Baby? Can you see?”
“Yes, Bhabiji.”
“So where is your brother’s cock NOW?” “In your whore cunt.” Keki grinned.

“You’re gonna get to suck all of your brother’s thick, nasty cream right out of my cunt, ’cause you’re my special girl, and I want you to have everything, SHIT! FUCK! I’m coming!” And as Shabana Azmi trembled through an orgasm, her pussy throbbing madly, it triggered her servant’s own.

Thrusting his huge rod as far inside her as he could, Bahadur held her hips tight against his crotch and groaned as he began to shoot his load.

“FucK! Take it, Shabana, my darling Malkin ! My whore! My slut!Take it all in that hot whore pussy!” Having already come twice, Bahadur didn’t think he was capable of producing a third load of sperm so soon.

So he figured his sister wouldn’t be finding too much “cream” in her Malkin’s pussy. But our body can surprise us at times, especially when it’s in the throes of horniness, and that’s just what happened to Bahadur, as he shot glob after sticky glob of semen into great Bengalee Malkin’s hungry snatch.

By the time Bahadur was done and had pulled out, her fuck hole was a slimy mess with gooey strings of come dripping out of it. It would be more than enough for Keki to consume, and Shabana was going to make sure that Keki got every drop, as she again squatted over her face. Then adjusted herself until her pussy was poised directly above her maid-servant’s lips.

Even though it was hard to maneuver in the narrow bathtub, Bahadur managed to reposition himself, so that his head was close enough to Shabana’s ass and Keki’s face to get a good view of the procedure.

“Now open wide and stick your tongue out, Keki, so you can catch all the cream, okay?” Shabana directed.
“Okay, dear Bhabiji.” Keki said.

Bahadur watched in fascination as a small white blob suddenly appeared from between Shabana’s cunt lips. The blob got larger and longer, becoming a slimy rope that oozed out of her until, after just hanging there for a few seconds, it slowly fell onto Keki’s tongue, which was trembling in anticipation.

The twenty-year-old University female-student eagerly swallowed the piss mixed semen then opened her mouth for more, which her Malkin gladly fed her. In fact, four more gooey gobs of mixture found their way out of Shabana’s slit and into Keki’s hungry mouth before Shabana’s pussy went dry, upon which she again lowered herself to seal her pussy to Keki’s open mouth, so she could clean the remaining sperm out of her.

For the next several hours, Shabana, Keki and Bahadur engaged in every kind of dirty sex in every combination they could think of, beginning with Keki getting rid of her belly full of her brother and her Malkin’s piss by standing over them in the bathtub and peeing in their faces while they kissed.

At last he ended up shooting so much sperm inside her sister’s cunt that, even with a lot of it overflowing, it still took nearly half an hour for it to drain out of the bruised opening (and onto Shabana’s tongue, by the way). After that last episode, the three of them just conked out on Shabana’s bed, and by the next morning, they were all so sore they could barely get up or get dressed in time.

End of Ch 4

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