Adarsho Paribar ( Ideal Family) : Ch 3

Shabana Azmi’s intimate relationship with her Nepali maid-servant Keki Pradhan was not all of a sudden and it occurred more than three months ago when she was spending her time leisurely by watching her bossom friend Sunidhi Chauhan’s 3X hardcore porn-film and reminiscing her first time involvement with Keki.

Adarso Paribar ( Ideal Family) : Ch 2


Shabana and Ashim had been married for 14 years with a boarding school daughter and they love each other deeply. They had only had sex a half dozen times before she got pregnant, but on their wedding night, over about a 12 hour period, Ashim filled her cunt with 12 loads of hot cum.

For the next three months or so he fucked her almost every night and talked her into sucking his cock a few times. She didn’t enjoy it and really disliked it the couple of times he shot his cum in her mouth. When she was approaching her eighth month and getting pretty big belly, he stopped his fucking, as he didn’t know if it was good for her or the baby at that point. They had a beautiful 13 yrs baby girl Anusree Bandyopadhyay.

Over the next several years they carried on a better than average sex life, fucking probably around five times a week on average. They continued a good sex life but he had to admit that it was better for him than for her. He didn’t last a long time and she didn’t get to orgasm but she still enjoyed doing it.

He got a blowjob once in a while and she always finished him off with her hand and made him cum on his stomach. It was only on his birthday that she would suck him to completion as a special birthday present. Then she would go to the bathroom and spit it out. She never swallowed. They did anal sex some times before which she enjoyed most.

They had been married about five years when Ashim talked her into letting him invite his dearest friend Balbir and his wife over to spend the evening with them. They swung occasionally with them for a couple years and one time he watched her go off with his two upper officers for a promotion. After about two years of swinging with his Punjabi friend, Shabana told her husband that she wasn’t really enjoying it and said she did not want to do it any more.

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About three years ago things started to change. Ashim’s sexual desire was as strong as ever but he didn’t get interest in sex with his wife. He started having fewer spontaneous erections and would go limp right after cumming and seldom was ready for seconds that night. At the same time Shabana was changing too.

She started enjoying sex more and started having stronger orgasms. Now as she did, her husband wanted to be sure that she got the most out of it, so because he couldn’t fuck her long enough to bring her to climax, he started giving more foreplay. He would rub her clit till she started to cum before he started fucking her pussy.

Over the last year or so he wouldn’t get a full hard erection. He would still bring her to orgasm without using his cock but he could tell that she wasn’t getting what she wanted or needed. A couple times Shabana told her husband how much she loved him and then requested him whether it would be all right if she went out and found a hard cock to satisfy her needs. She said that she really needed a good hard fucking, that it was filling her mind most of the time. He thought about it and had just about decided to tell her to go ahead when their problem was solved unexpectedly.

One day when he walked into the hall bathroom and their twenty yrs old Adibasi servant Ramu was sitting on the toilet masturbating his hard cock. He quickly apologized and left but soon started thinking about what he had just seen. He was equipped like a stud. In his mind he pictured the answer to his problem, if he could get him and his wife to agree.

He wouldn’t be worried about her finding another man or be anywhere near as worried about diseases or other people talking about his wife going out with other men which may create vulgar rumors and shattered his family’s reputation. Getting Ramu and his wife to have sex together would solve all the problems while getting her the sexual satisfaction that he was no longer able to give her.

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That night in bed, Ashim told his wife about all of his concerns and the solution that he had come up with. He told her what had happened that afternoon and how he thought that having Ramu fuck her would solve both of their problems. At first she said, “Hell no. He respects me as Boudi and he is much younger. Moreover he our lower-caste driver.”

But Ashim kept talking about all the things that worried him about her starting to date other men in order to get the satisfying sex that she needed. Finally she smiled, “Do you think he would be interested?”

Ashim said that he didn’t know but he would like to tell him the situation and see what he says. “OK, talk to him.” Ashim started to rub her cunt but she pushed his hand away. “Not tonight. I have to think.”

Even at Shabana’s age, she was still a beautiful young woman, 5’5″ and 58 kgs. Her 36″ tits didn’t a slightest sag now, they were still firm and topped with large nipples that still stood out and were easily got hard. She had a bubble ass, didn’t shave her pussy and had a thick mat of coarse jet-black curly hair covering her still tight cunt. She dressed nicely and turned a lot of heads when she was out.

The next afternoon during a ride to market, Ashim was talking with their Adibasi driver. He was nervous at first about what he was about to do. First he apologized again for walking in on him in the bathroom.

“I have something very personal and please don’t leak out, otherwise we have to commit suicide. I want to talk to you about something and if it bothers you too much just ask me to stop. Your Bhabiji and I are having a problem sexually. I can’t get an erection anymore, so she is not getting the satisfaction she needs.” Ashim said shyly.

Ramu interrupted his Malik, “Why are you telling me this, Dadababu? I’m your lower-class driver, we shouldn’t talk about this”

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“First, let me finish and it would all be clear. Are you still a virgin?” Ashim asked.

Ramu paused for a minute of thinking and then said, “OK, no I’m not, I have a close relationship with someone else, but why?”

“Would you be interested in having sex with your Bhabiji, I mean with my wife, in order to help her and me out?” Ashim requested.

Again the Santhali driver waited a minute before answering his Malik. “I’ll tell you the truth, Dadababu. Ever since I came to this house, I’ve often thought about fucking your wife. I’ve peeked at the two of you fucking and many of the times I jerk off thinking about her. I go on the internet and look at videos of boys fucking older women, thinking that they were Bhabiji and me. Did she say that it is OK with her?”

Ashim asked their driver if he would tell him about his sex life so far. “Actually my first sex was occurred two yrs ago at our village with a Adibasi labourer, then it was happened in this house with your widow mother. I first did it when you and Bhabiji were out and Memsaheb seduced me boldly on the very first day and we wound up having sex.”

That shocked Ashim like a bombshell. He had never pictured about his widow and respected mother in bed with their Adibasi driver. “After that I fell in love with your mother. Not only that we married secretly before the family Goddess and we fuck regularly. So, please Dadababu, if I commit any wrong, forgive me. We’ve done it a regular basis just like a couple. I never wear a condom because we both want a baby.”

“As a husband of my mother, from today you are father, so please don’t apologize to me.” saying this Ashim touched their Adibasi driver’s feet ( Pranam ). His mind pictured his beautiful matured Sati-saddhi mother on the bed with a man between her legs, fucking her hard, fast and deep.

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