Hooked Up Neighbor For My Wife – Part 1

My name is Ranveer and I am 25 years old. I am happily married to a beautiful girl for the past 3 years. My wife Kritika is 6 years younger to me. She got fair complex, big eyes, long face with long hair and fairly good height of 5.6. I work for a MNC as chief executive engineer which involves lots of travelling. We live in Pune and I usually travel to Mumbai every month for my work. My wife is house wife. When I am not around she passes her time by watching movies and reading books. She is a very charming and loving. Only thing she hates in this world is cockroaches. She is very scared of cockroaches. She has given me maximum pleasure in bed and I never complained. But since I travel a lot and I am away from her every month for at least 10 days and sometimes even 15-16 days and I am left without sex for those days. During my travel when I have strong desire to have sex I go to a pub and look for a temporary hook up. Since I am good build with a good look, I easily get girls. I usually delete all the communication texts/calls/emails details with these girls before heading home so that my wife does not get to know about it. I have sex with other girls not because I am not happy with my wife or she is not beautiful. She is the most beautiful girl I could have ever got. I never had sex with other girls when I was in Pune. I was very happy person – good job, beautiful wife, lot of travelling and sex with other girls was an extra incentive until one day!

I was in Mumbai for work and hooked up with a girl for. Usually I delete all texts but this time I forgot to do that. When I returned my wife accidently checked my phone. She read my texts. I was caught red handed! I did not have any excuse because those texts were very explicit in nature and no explanation could pacify her. I thought it is better to confess and say sorry with a promise of not doing it again but she was not ready to listen. She did not talk to me for a week and it was becoming unbearable. I loved her very much and could not bear her anger. For the entire week she was in tears and whenever I try to talk to her she did not let me. She declared that she would never allow me to sleep with her! Finally I broke. I was repenting but she was not looking at me at all. I cried like a kid. I explained to her that it was just a one night hook up and I would not do that again. She gave in. She could not bear to see me in tears and finally forgave me (but she never forgot what I did).

My life was not the same now. Whenever I would go out she would always suspect me. She would always check my phone and emails. When we would go out and if she found me staring at other girls, she would sneer at me. Even at home for every now n then she would remind me about that one night stand. It was agonising for me. I loved my wife very much and could not tolerate the way she was treating me. One day I thought I should get my wife’s background checked because she is very beautiful and must have had a boyfriend or at least a brief affair. I knew that she did not have sex before marriage as she lost her virginity to me on wedding night! I contacted some of her friends and tried my best to get any information related to her past but unfortunately she never had any boyfriend or any affair. She is from a very traditional family where these things are forbidden. She never went outstation without her family not even for a collage trip! I was disappointed. I was very scared whenever my wife would check my phone. I have completely stopped going around with other girls. I’d lived in that atmosphere of fear and anxiety for three months. Finally I thought that I need to do something.

I thought that my wife never had any affair or sexual encounter before marriage but what if she gets hooked up with another man for one night stand! This idea just excited me. But I was apprehensive coz it was very dangerous thought. First I could never bear another man having sex with my wife! Secondly there was a risk of losing her if other guy turned out to be a good one! But on the other hand I did not want to be treated like a dog and my wife suspecting me all the time. Not only mine but her own life became equally miserable. It was natural for her to suspect me whenever I was in Mumbai. I thought I have to do it even if it involves risk of losing her. And it was a risk worth taking!

I knew that if I tell her to go for one night stand she would never do it and would make my life more despondent. But somehow I had to get her ready for this and I discreetly started working on it. One day I teased her that what she would do, if she gets someone who is better than me. First she was surprised as she did not expect this kind of question from me. To my disappointment she replied that she is not characterless like me! And I got ended up with a long sermon on morality! But I did not give up. I started talking about other guys in bed with her. It was little awkward for her. Once when I came back from Mumbai I told her that I had a dream that she had sex with a very handsome guy in my absence and I felt betrayed. Since I have been talking to her about other guys and already asked her what she would do if she gets someone better than me, my wife laughed and said that at least I realised how bad I felt with mere a dream of her with another man! And jokingly asked me how I would feel if she actually does that. I took her in my arms and kissed her and I said “My Love. I know you would not do that”!

Now every week I would cook a dream and would tell her that I am seeing her with other men in bed! She would just laugh and sometimes she would tease me saying that she actually might do that! This encouraged me as I was going in the right direction. My life was changing for better. My wife would mention my dreams often now and not my affairs with other girl. As n when she would suspect me when I come back from my trips, she would threaten me that she may sleep with another guy! Every now n then she would tease me going with another man! My idea was working.

Now next task was more challenging – hooking up another guy for her. I never thought in my life that I would have to search another guy for my girl! It was very difficult for me, but I had to do it to get my lost respect. Now I started looking out for a decent guy. I had to be very careful in choosing right person. I wanted a decent guy for a brief relationship with my wife. Secondly I had to look for a good looking guy coz my wife is very pretty and I did not want any rough guy to bang her. So I was looking for a decent plus good looking guy with good family background so that he does not become demanding later on. I went to different websites and I spoke to couple of guys. I went through dozen of profiles but all in vain! I did not want to give up. I started looking for guys around me. I knew couple of guys with good look and decent background but they were either my friends or colleagues. I did not want to hook up someone known for apparent reasons.

One day my wife was not at home and I was in the showers. I heard someone singing “I wanna pussy tonight…I wanna pussy tonight”! I closed the shower to see where this sound was coming. He was my new neighbour and incidentally his name was also Ranveer. I jumped with excitement with the mere thought of hooking him up with my wife coz he was very handsome! He just moved in few months back on the first floor. He lives alone. He is well build and taller than me. He regularly goes to gym and has muscular body. He is educated decent guy with a good look.

The building I live in has similar design for all the flats. Bathrooms are built on the same side with glass windows, which are usually open for ventilation. So if anyone sings or takes bath his immediate neighbour would get to know if he is also in bathroom. I did not know much about him, so I decided to investigate more about him before taking any decision. That very same day I ran into him and just said hello to him. To my surprise he said that he has seen me in Mumbai! He said he is from Mumbai and got new job of architecture in Pune. His parents live in Mumbai. I told him that we are living the same lives as I leave my family here when I go to Mumbai and he left his family to work here! We both laughed and went our ways. I was convinced that he is the perfect guy for my girl. Now I made a point to say hello to him whenever I ran into him and he also reciprocated.

One day I was going to super market in my car and I saw Ranveer walking on the street. I stopped my car and scrolled down window pen and asked him where he was going. He was going in the same direction, so I asked him if he wants to hop in. He readily came and sat with me in front seat. We started chatting about how the life is going on and moved from topic to topic. All of sudden an idea struck my mind. This was the best time to show him some of my wife’s pics. I gave my phone to him and asked him to click my pic with a driving pose. He readily agreed and took my phone to click pic. When he exited camera he saw my wife’s pic on phone’s wallpaper. In this pic my wife was wearing beautiful short black dress and was looking very hot. He asked me who is she. I told him that she is my wife. He complemented me saying that she is very pretty. I thanked and asked him if he wants to see more pics he can go to photo gallery. He did that. In photo gallery I had lots of her pics in different poses and backgrounds. There was one pic in which she was wearing shorts and vest. Her big breasts was quite visible through vest and could erect anyone. Ranveer stared at that pic for few minutes and I could see big bulge in his pants! After a while he said she is very beautiful and added that he wish if he can also get such a beautiful wife! It made me very proud of my wife. I said he would definitely get a nice girl. Ranveer’s destination came and before he got down I invited him for a cup of tea this coming weekend and he readily agreed.

I was eagerly waiting for weekend. On Saturday morning I told my wife that how gorgeous she looks in that black dress. She blushed. I knew she is going to wear it today. She was falling in my trap and she wore that black dress after shower! I did not tell her that Ranveer was coming otherwise she would never wear it. Around 11 am when Ranveer came she was surprised as she did not know him. I introduced him to her and apologetically said that I forgot to inform her about his coming. She angrily left for the kitchen. When I followed her she said why not I told her before and said that she would change her dress. I stopped her and tried to make her understand that it would not look good as he has already seen her in that dress and it would look very rude. Reluctantly she gave in. I went to drawing room and started chatting with Ranveer. My wife fetched tea and served. Ranveer was constantly staring at her breast and semi-nude legs. I was glad to see that he was staring at my wife. I told my wife that Ranveer is an architect. My wife looked at him and started asking him from where he studied architecture. Both were chatting about it for long time as my wife also studied architecture. After an hour Ranveer left and I started talking about him that how decent he was. My wife did not say much at this point.

Next day when I was leaving for Mumbai I ran into him again. He thanked for tea and said that he really enjoyed with us. I told him that when I come back from Mumbai I would invite him for lunch. He became very excited and said that he would look forward to the same. While going I gave him Master key of my house to him for any emergency. He said he was honoured with my gesture and gave his flat’s master key to me for the same reason. When I came back from Mumbai I invited him for lunch. My wife prepared good food and she talked to Ranveer for hours about architecture. After spending entire afternoon Ranveer left. When he left my wife said “He is decent guy”! I knew this is the time I should take next step.

But it was not an easy task. I did not know how to ask Ranveer about this. I was afraid that what he would think of me that I was offering my wife to him! Though he would be pleased to have sex with my wife but I would not be able to make any eye contact with him in future! So I gave up idea of directly approaching him and started planning something other. Finally I got an idea. I knew that Ranveer takes bath around late morning on weekends as he is at home whole day. I thought if my wife takes bath at the same time, there is a possibility that something can be done. I bought 5 spy cameras and one battery run cockroach toy. I fixed cameras in each room including one in bathroom. I also hid cockroach toy behind a wooden bat in the corner of my bathroom. Since I had access to Ranveer’s flat I fixed one camera in his bathroom when he was not at home. I could watch any activity anywhere in my flat on my laptop. I could also watch over Ranveer’s bathroom! I did my homework well and was waiting for this coming weekend. When Friday came I phoned my wife to inform that I have to go to Mumbai for an emergency meeting. I came home rushing, did my packing and left for Mumbai.

Finally next morning D day arrived. I was very excited as well as anxious. I was ready by 10 am and switched on my Laptop. I called my wife around 10:30 am and said that my meeting would get over late in the evening so I would be able to come by mid-night. I asked her to be ready for great sex and be prepared as I am going to eat her pussy badly. This was indirect sign to get her pussy shaved so I could suck her. She blushed and said she is very busy. I knew she would directly go to bathroom to shave off her private parts. She did exactly the same. She started removing her clothes. She removed her night gown. Her breasts were looking very tight in pink bra. The moment she undid her bra, her big boobs jumped out of it. Her nipples were pink and soft. She removed her panty. Her white big ass was looking gorgeous. She started removing pubic hair. After cleaning her pussy was looking pink. I was hard. It was going to be 11 am. I was just hoping that Ranveer should come to his bathroom. Meanwhile my wife finished shaving her armpits and started taking shower. She put shower gel on her body and gently rubbing it all over her body. Water drops were drizzling from her body. I started rubbing my member. Then there comes Ranveer. He removed his lower n vest. He was wearing thongs. After brushing teeth he removed his thong to take shower. For the first time I saw him nude. He has really worked well on his body. He got wide chest with broad shoulders. His arms were really looking big. His six pack was not very bulgy but looked good. He got big bubble butts and strong thighs. Overall he was looking like a hunk. His dick also looked big. It looked like that recently he had shaved his pubic hair, his clean shaved dick and balls were looking great.

He started applying shower gel on his body and I thought it’s time now. I pressed on remote to make cockroach toy move towards my wife. I could see toy was moving towards my wife and it looked like a real one. My wife was busy taking shower and all of sudden she screamed when she saw it. Her scream was very loud. Ranveer stopped taking bath to see who was screaming. My wife screamed again. Ranveer correctly figured out that it was my wife. Ranveer ran out of washroom hurriedly covering his waist with towel. Ranveer already had master key for my flat so he directly rushed towards my flat. Water drops were falling on stairs from his body. He almost slipped but did not fall. He reached my flat and quickly opened the door with master key. Since main door was closed my wife did not close bathroom door. Ranveer direct rushed towards bathroom from where screams were coming. As Ranveer entered bathroom he was left stunned. He saw my wife standing nude. He never imagined that he would see her nude. He saw my wife was trembling with fear. As soon as she saw Ranveer she again screamed and fingered towards cockroach. Ranveer just looked at cockroach and smiled. He took a wooden bat lying in the corner of the bathroom and crushed him. Poor toy was dead. Ranveer threw it in commode and flushed it. Then he went towards my wife and she ran towards him, she almost slipped but Ranveer forwarded his big arms. She fell on his arms. Ranveer pulled her up and made her sit in his arms. He was holding her with his strong arms and she clung to him like a kid.

In this commotion, Ranveer’s towel fell on the ground and he was all nude. My wife was still scared and trembling with fear. Ranveer tried to console her saying that cockroach is dead and no more there. But she was very scared to look back. She held his neck tightly and tightened her grip on his back. Ranveer still had soap gel all over his body and coz of this my wife was slipping from his arms. He would pull her up whenever she would slip down. While doing so her breasts were falling on n off on his face. He never thought that his neighbour’s beautiful wife would be in his lap all nude! He tightened his grip on my wife’s body. Her body’s warm touch aroused Ranveer’s sexual desire. His cock became hard and was looking very big. I was surprised to see such a big cock. His cock was bigger than mine. He must be 10+ inches. My wife was continuously slipping from his soap soaked body. Whenever Ranveer pulled her up her breast felled on his face. Her big boobs were very close to his lips. He could smell her pink nipples which were almost touching his face. He liked soft touch of her boobs on his face but he did not dare to take her boobs in his mouth.

When my wife calmed down a little he asked her if she wanted to get down from his lap. My wife did not say anything, probably she was not calm yet. Ranveer’s cock was becoming restless and he was unable to control himself. After a few minutes my wife asked Ranveer to lose his arms so she can get down. Ranveer loosened his arms and she started slipping from his chest. When she reached little down her pussy touched Ranveer’s thick cock. Ranveer liked the first hot touch of her pussy. He inhaled long breath. His cock was throbbing like a wild animal. He desperately wanted to push his cock in my wife’s hot pussy. When she slipped little more down he could not resist. He still had soap gel all over his body and his soap soaked dickhead entered into outer lips of her pussy. His dickhead was very thick and needed a hard push. But he was scared to push himself on her. It was such an awkward situation for him. He was full of pre-cum and this helped him.

At first my wife did not know what was happening but when she realised hot dickhead on lips of her pussy, she came to know that Ranveer was nude with hard cock. Before she could react, it was too late. Ranveer pushed his hips forward and left both his arms loose. My wife flat fell on his hardened cock and her vagina was filled with his huge cock. My wife screamed in pain. She did not know what just happened. She was so scared that she needed someone to take care of her. Ranveer’s cock was in her pussy. My wife was still in state of shock and before she could react Ranveer slowly started moving his hips. My wife unknowingly liked that. After few moves Ranveer stopped for few seconds, my wife did not oppose him as she did not know how to react to this. Before she could come back to her senses he started moving his hips in a rhythm again. My wife tightened her grip on his back. Ranveer also reciprocated and tightened his grip on her hips and started moving his hips again. He begun from slow thrust to fast one. She liked those slow thrusts becoming faster. She was silently moaning and Ranveer was thrilled to have his cock in her wet pussy. After a few strokes Ranveer leaned towards wall to take back support as he was holding my wife in his lap for quite sometimes. After resting his back on wall he was feeling more comfortable and continued thrusting his hard cock in her pussy.

After 45 to 50 strokes my wife was becoming uncomfortable as she was tired of sitting in his lap. She desperately tried to get down from his lock. Ranveer realised that but did not want to stop. He slowed down his speed and bent on his knees and lower my wife on the ground. When she reached closer to ground he laid her on the floor and sat on his knees. It was a big relief for her as she was looking relaxed. Her eyes were closed. Her breasts were swelling up and down because of her high breathing. While laying her down Ranveer’s cock came out. He moved closer to her pussy again with his big cock. He kneeled down between her legs and put his dickhead on the lips of her pussy and saw white pre cum coming out of her. He rubbed his cock on her pussy and soaked his cock with her cum. My wife’s pre cum made Ranveer’s dick completely white wet. He gently pushed his wet dickhead and easily slid in. My wife grinned in pain. Ranveer started pushing his hips towards my wife taking her to another world. His cock was coming in and out and it looked like his huge cock took bath in white cum. With each stroke more cum was coming out and few drops fell on pussy lips. It seems my wife had her first orgasm. She was shuddering with each stroke.

After few strokes Ranveer laid down on my wife’s body with his wide chest pressing her breasts. He reached her neck and put his lips on her neck. My wife liked his lips touch on her neck. She put her both hands on his back and held him tightly as she liked his weight on her body. Ranveer liked soft touch of her hands on his back. This made him wild and he started pounding her pussy vigorously. His huge cock was going in and coming out in speed and my wife seemed to enjoy every bit of his cock’s entry into her pussy. His big cock was still out even after entering deeply in her pussy. He did his best to push his cock completely inside but he was too big. He increased his speed. His 10 inch cock was ramming her pussy. He was continuously pumping his cock with great thunder. My wife moaned in pleasure. She held his muscular body tight while he was thrusting his cock. His initial thrusts were soft and slow but later his thrusts became wild and hard. My dream came true. I wanted someone very handsome guy to fuck my beautiful wife and this was happening!

Ranveer continued with his aggressive thrusting. He changed his position again. He sat down again on his knees and rested my wife’s legs on his legs and started fucking her. With each stroke my wife’s breasts were moving in circle. He desperately wanted to take her breasts in his mouth but was hesitant. He did not want to take any risk of coming out from her pussy. He just liked the sight of her big breasts moving in rotation. Ranveer’s big cock was burning with sensation but he wanted to just fuck. With each stroke he was becoming wild. After 5 minutes of missionary stroke he leaned again on my wife’s body and pressed her breasts with his wide chest. This time my wife’s boobs were pressing against his muscular nipples. She liked touch of his nipples on her breasts. Ranveer also liked soft nipple against his hard nipples. He completely left his weight loose on my wife’s body. She moaned as she liked his weight on her. She put her hands on his huge hips and tightened her grip on it. When his hips would go up after each stroke she would press his hips hard to bring him down towards her pussy. Ranveer also liked soft hand on his big hips. My wife’s tight grip made him horny and his trusts became wilder.

My wife was enjoying every stroke. Sometimes Ranveer would slow down his speed and next he would speed up. Whenever he would slow down my wife would move her hips with his speed. He would know that my wife wants him to pace up and he would fasten his move. She held Ranveer’s hips tightly and started moving her pussy fast. Ranveer knew that she is about to cum. He wanted to give her maximum pleasure and wanted to cum with her so he fastened his move. He was fucking her fiercely. After few strokes my wife cum with a loud moan. Ranveer continued fucking and his hips paced up and down like a machine. He held my wife’s arms tightly and fastened his pace to fullest. After few strokes he also cum with loud moan. My wife felt hot stream of cum in her pussy. Ranveer shot his cum in my wife’s pussy. He cum in large quantity. His cum spilled out of my wife’s pussy like milk spilling out from a pan! Mixture of my wife’s cum and Ranveer’s cum became thick and spilled out like flowing Thick River. Ranveer’s cock was bathed in cum river. Ranveer continued fucking her. With every stroke more cum would come out from her pussy. Combined cum was spilled all over her outer pussy lips and his big cock and balls were drenched in white cum. With each stroke cum drops were falling on the wet floor. After 40 – 45 stroke Ranveer completely drained out. He stopped and stayed laid on her. My wife was crushed under his heavy weight but she enjoyed him on her. Both were relaxed.

Few minutes later Ranveer got up and helped my wife to get up. He put on shower and both stood under shower. They were silent. Ranveer helped my wife to complete her bath. After bath Ranveer closed shower tap and took my wife in his arm and came out of bathroom. He took my wife to bedroom and put her on a wooden chair. He asked her where is towel to which my wife signed towards Almirah and he took out a towel. He helped her to get dried. Then he dried himself and wrapped that towel around his waist because his towel got wet in bathroom. He again went towards Almirah and took out a dress and gave it to my wife to wear it. He asked her if she needed anything to which my wife nodded in no. He left saying that she can call him if she needs any help. My wife laid down on the bed. She was thinking what just happened. She was recalling entire incident in her mind. She was very disturbed while thinking all this. After few minutes she started crying. Probably she realised what she has done. She was morally very strong and she was not able to come with the term that she had sex with another guy though unknowingly. She was thinking how she is going to face me after this. Her worst fear was that what would happen if I came to know about it. I could see guilt on her face. She was in tears and fell asleep with tears in her eyes.

For me it was a great live porn and I enjoyed watching it. I was very happy for two reasons. First that now my wife would not be able to question my moral character and secondly I did not have to face any guilt from Ranveer. I hooked him up with her without his knowledge for one time sex! I thought now I would have upper hand as my wife lost her morality! But it was not to be so. What happened next that night really surprised me. I would write that in the second part of this story.

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