My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

Suddenly she pulled the comforter off of me.

“Okay, Mister. This isn’t working. You have way too many clothes on and your jeans feel rough against my legs,” she stated emphatically. “Stand up for a minute,” she demanded.


I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I complied with her wishes. I stood in front of her as she threw the comforter aside and sat up in front of me. Without any hesitation she grabbed my belt buckle and began to undo my belt. I looked down into the deep delicious cleavage allowed by my angle from above and her skimpy top and felt a rush of arousal snake through my body.

“These are coming off, mister. I hope you don’t mind,” she stated for the record.

I didn’t mind, but I’m not sure I could have put up much of a fight even if I had. She wasn’t doing this in a particularly sexy way; she just wanted me out of my pants and was determined to make that happen. She unzipped the fly, grabbed the waistband of my jeans and pulled down. I could tell it wasn’t the first time she’d removed a pair of jeans.

I was wearing a tight pair of light gray boxer briefs that were one of my favorites. They were super comfortable, but I also loved the way they collected my cock and balls into a tight round contained package. This fact was not lost on Lanie as I saw her eye the considerable bulge tucked neatly away beneath the smooth stretchy fiber of my underwear. I wasn’t hard by any stretch, but I was beginning to get somewhat aroused. I stepped out of my jeans and she tossed them unceremoniously to the side.

“There. Is that better?” she asked as she scooted back to where she’d been under the comforter. I saw her eyes wander down and ogle my package with a lusty grin. She held up my side so I could settle in next to her.

“Much,” I agreed. This time as she cuddled up next to me again, I put my arm over her head and around her far shoulder and arm. This allowed her to snuggle much closer as she slid her leg up on mine again, her head resting on my chest. Now we were skin on skin and much closer than before.

“Mmmm,” she cooed. “I love to cuddle.”

“I can see that. Cuddle all you want, Lanie. I’m at your service.” I was now wearing only my briefs and a tight white tee shirt. We went back to watching the movie, but now I was very aware of a couple things.

First, my right arm had a lot more freedom of movement now and I could touch her side, her hips, her arms and her shoulder. I could even touch her hair. And I did all of that as we lay there. I loved feeling the tautness of her fine body underneath the little top she was wearing. She felt so warm snuggled up against me.

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