My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

The next few days were a wonderful mix of catching up with my father and old friends in town and flirting with Lanie. She had that deadly combo of innocent looks and a devilish mind. We had a great rapport and the nine year age difference felt like nothing to me. We were constantly making eye contact and causing the other to grin at some silly joke or move. She had a wicked sense of humor, yet she had a good mind as well. In fact, that, more than anything, was what I found so attractive about her. We just had this connection that was undeniable. It wasn’t really a family thing because we were not related by blood, nor had we ever really lived in the same house. But, there was something there and I have to admit, I found her intoxicating.

And, most importantly, I sensed that she felt the same way. We both had our own agendas while we were home: she was off seeing her old friends, as was I. But when we were in the house, we were tuned into one another, and if we weren’t joking with one another, we were having a serious conversation about some current event or timely topic. I was becoming enraptured with this young lady and it felt like the feeling was mutual.


She was never dressed provocatively, but had the kind of body that was impossible to hide. And she showed it off, nevertheless, in subtle ways. If she wore tight clothing it accentuated the supple curves of her figure. When she wore something looser, it was cut just enough to provide a provocative peek into her delicious cleavage or show off her long lean thighs. She never wore anything overtly sexy, but she didn’t need to.

Now, I’m not exactly a slouch myself. I may be a few months from entering my thirties, but good genes and an active lifestyle have allowed me to keep the slender profile I was born with. I didn’t tower over Lanie at six feet, but I loved thinking that a good pair of heels would bring us onto an almost even playing field. My brown locks were lighter than Lanie’s and I needed to visit a barber soon. But it was getting so I didn’t want to miss any opportunity to be around Lanie. Who knew when I might see her again?

Our cat and mouse game continued through the Christmas week. Light touches and sexy giggles became the norm. One evening when I was on cooking duty, she leaned up against me to see what I was doing and I felt the generous flesh of a big soft boob press against my elbow. Another time she leaned over in front of me in a loose sweater and I saw the soft round globes of her luscious breasts bulging out of a low cut black bra. Again, there was never anything overt or overstated. Our flirtations were under cover and masked in subtlety.

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