My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

The second thing I was aware of was her touching me. She moved her right hand all over my chest. She started out with just a little exploration, but as we continued to watch the movie, her hand began to wander far and wide.

“Mmm, you’re in good shape, Michael. Tight abs there, bro. Do you work out?” she inquired softly.


“There’s a gym in our office complex. So, yes. I spend a fair amount of time there,” I responded.

“Well, it shows.”

Her hand slid down to my hips and she touched my briefs.

“These feel silky smooth. I like touching them,” she stated as she slid her hand along my side from the waistband to the bottom at mid-thigh, only inches from my now hardening shaft. Her soft touch was beginning to arouse me and I was starting to hope she’d keep exploring and eventually touch the growing bulge in my underwear.

“Isn’t this more comfortable than those stuffy old jeans?” she asked.

“Definitely,” I agreed. “I think I’m becoming a cuddle convert.”

“Good,” she replied. “Nothing like being under a warm comforter with a nice fire and a sexy man.”

“For you, maybe. I’d rather be under the comforter with my sexy step-sister,” I joked. She laughed in return and gave me a squeeze.

Her top had ridden up a bit given her position, so my right hand began to explore the exposed flesh of her side and tummy as we both pretended to watch the screen. But, the truth was we were both getting preoccupied by the other’s touch. I could have easily reached around to cradle the fullness of her right breast, but I resisted being too forward until the time was right. But that time felt like it was approaching rapidly. Even now I was beginning to graze the soft swell of her right boob as my hand wandered up and down her side. I was dying to feel the weight and fleshiness of her bosom.

“Yeah, this cuddling stuff is alright. Long live pajama parties!” I cheered.

“See? I told you so. Glad you’re enjoying yourself, Michael. This is a nice way to spend the holidays.”

Her touching was getting to me now. Her fingertips were lightly grazing up and down my body, but avoiding my hardening cock and I was now aching for her to touch me there. I encouraged her with my own touch and nuzzling my lips in her hair. I knew she was going to get there eventually, but she knew how to tease and work slowly; that was for sure.



“I want you to touch me,” I whispered.

“I am touching you,” she replied, tongue in cheek. I couldn’t play this game anymore. I needed her to touch my cock.

“I want you to touch me everywhere,” I stated for the record.

“Mmm. I don’t know, Michael. Should I?” She was a merciless tease as her hand came closer and closer, just grazing the edge of my thickened member. “Where is it that you want me to touch you, bro? Tell your little sister.”

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