Bengalee Film Queen 27

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Episode : 27

Although her performance made Kader satisfied, Nilay decided to take some trial and finalise the dancing scene and some interaction with Pranab who was playing the role of Sreelekha’s son in “‘Boudimoni” on next day with the help of the cameraman Jakir. However Kader wouldn’t be able to present during her final take up which he intimated to both.

Next day Sreelekha arrived at the same venue in her favourite Saree-blouse as both of them welcomed the hot actress. Jakir immediately arranged his HD camera and standing behind it, he nodded Sreelekha to start where as Nilay took a seat nearby.


Nilay’s voice echoed through the room at one point after watching a scene of thoughtful wandering of Sreelekha as she sat on a sofa. It was an actual set that was to be used as Gitadevi’s apartment in the coming film ‘Boudimoni’, as Nilay rose from his chair suddenly.

Next Sreelekha stood up from the sofa she had just sat down at the last moment for the scene. This was just an audition for her special scene, but she was pretty certain that both the director and cameraman would be pleased at last like Kader.

“Alright, Aunty. You’re doing great so far as we expected,” Nilay told her. ..

He was the director responsible for the film overall, so his word was all that mattered. “Aunty, go change into the next outfit. Jakir, please go with her and show which room is for her.”

Jakir nodded and waved for Sreelekha to follow him and left the room. They walked into the next room ( Room No. 304 ), a huge room where arrangements of shooting was already created. In the room, just outside of the set was a strange door, she hadn’t noticed before. Jakir reached for the keys and opened the door on the right.

“Alright. Just come back out to Nilay when you’re ready. Your outfit should be in that drawer over there,” Jakir said and pointed to a black chest of drawers across the room.

“Thanks,” Sreelekha responded and shut the door.

One of the walls was a full-body mirror. She stopped to check if her hair and makeup needed any brushing up. The role she was fixed for, a widow mother Gita Mukherjee, was quite a slutty character.

This was certainly reflected in the director’s choice of outfit, a thin synthetic white Saree and a matching blouse with a neckline that showed just the right amount of her deep cleavage to be classy, but not too sexy.

Damn! she looked hot and even more sexy. If she wasn’t at work, she would definitely masturbate right now. The makeup looked great, and the hair was fine as well. Time to get changed.

Sreelekha opened the drawer to find an outfit that was, if at all possible, even sluttier than the last one. A white miniskirt that probably stopped about third of the way down to her knee, and a sleeveless pink blouse with matching brown details. She got out of the dress and into the new outfit.

She had chosen just the right underwear for this next outfit. Her panties was in the exact same shade of white as the skirt, and her 40″ lace bra was a slightly darker brown so that it could be clearly seen through her thin pink blouse.

She took this opportunity to change her white heels for beige ones as well. A quick brush through her hair and she was ready to go. As she returned to the previous set ( Room No. 303 ), she noticed that Nilay was sitting on a chair behind the camera. Behind him, in another chair, sat a stranger while the cameraman Jakir wasn’t seen anywhere.

“Aunty, this is Pranab, will play in this film as your son and brother of Porimoni. He will also help me in direction and will be joining with us for the next scene,” informed Nilay.

Pranab stood up, moved forward and touched the great actress’s feet. Sreelekha pulled him with her hands, blessed him and gave him an affectionate kiss on his forehead, in which the young guy smiled in response.

“Alright, let’s get started,” Nilay said. “Pranab, please.”

“Aunty, as you may know, Gitadevi is quite a slutty character in which she has to play as a call-girll cum cabaret dancer,” Pranab said. “Throughout the film there are some scenes where she has two bed-scenes with her customers, naturally…. sex is implied.”

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