My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

I looked at Lanie a little differently on Christmas Day. She was perky and almost a bit preppy that morning. But I knew she’d been masturbating to beat the band only hours earlier. I had a new appreciation for the depth of my young step-sister’s sexuality. And I wanted to find out more.

It was at lunch on Christmas Day that my father informed us that he and Marilyn were going to go visit my Uncle Chester up in the Hudson Valley the next afternoon and that they’d stay up there for the night and return early the following day. Lanie and I were welcome to come if we wanted, but he’d understand if we wanted to stay behind. Lanie and I looked at one another like co-conspirators. We smiled at each other and both knew what the other was thinking.


“Thanks, Dad, but I think I’ll hang. I still haven’t seen Jeff or Phil and I know they’re in town tonight. Tell Uncle Chester I said hello, though. Okay?”

Dad turned his gaze to Lanie.

“Yeah, me too, Frank. I’m going to be heading north to ski in a few days and think I’ll take a pass and lay low. Hope that’s okay.”

“Sure. I’m kinda springing it on you anyway. Well, keep the home fires burning for us. We’ll head out tomorrow afternoon. I’m sure there will be plenty of leftovers, so you’re not likely to starve,” he joked. Lanie caught my gaze and winked. I felt a little shiver run down my spine.

That night our house was descended upon by every relative within a 50 mile radius and the small downstairs was overflowing with good cheer. I was able to visit with relatives that I hadn’t seen in some time and it was one of those loud boisterous family parties that just went on for hours as long lost relatives, neighbors and friends kept arriving. I was a bit sad that Jennifer hadn’t made it home for the festivities, but I was also secretly happy that her absence allowed me to hang more with Lanie. The thought of tomorrow was never far from my mind.

As the party began to wind down, I found myself leaning against the counter in the kitchen when Lanie walked in. She was wearing a festive red dress that hugged her body in all the right places and showcased her lovely physique for all to see. She gave me a knowing smile and sidled up next to me.

“So, bro. What should we do tomorrow night?” She took a sip of her beer and eyed me with a mischievous look in her eye.

“Well, we could hit a few clubs. Go hear some music. Maybe even go into the city. What are you interested in?” I queried.

“Hmm. I was thinking…” she started to say as she let her thought trail off and turned to me with a wicked smile. “How about we just stay in?” she suggested. “We could watch a movie or two, make a fire, sit by the tree, relax. You know, just hang out. It could be a slumber party,” she said as she clapped her hands in excitement. I smiled at her suggestion and didn’t want to appear too eager to agree with her idea.

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