My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

“My cock, Lanie. I want you to touch it,” I pleaded.

With a touch as light as a feather she began to outline the edge of the fully formed bulge in my briefs. I was rock hard now and my erection was angled off at a forty five degree angle.


“Here?” she asked innocently.

“Yesss,” I replied.

She was touching me now, finally, but with a feathery grip so light that I ached for more. Slowly, very slowly, she became more aggressive. Her palm cupped my balls and squeezed lightly before her fingers dragged up the length of my brief encased erection.

“Oh my, Michael. You’re a big boy. And you’re very hard, baby.”

I felt I had license to touch her now and my hand scooped around and cupped the softest boob I had ever had in my hand. My fingertips quickly found her distended nipple and now both of us were aching for more. Her reaction to my breast massage was a clear indication that she was beginning to enjoy this manual exploration as much as I was. I felt her give my dick a hard squeeze as she began to rub her palm up and down my length.

“Mmm, you’re so hard, Michael. Who knew my step-bro was so big and thick,” she gasped. “I like thick.”

Suddenly she threw the comforter back, sat up and swung a leg over my body. She pulled the comforter over her shoulders, covering us in a sort of tent, and straddled my lap. I felt her sit down on my cock and she reached down to straighten me out so I was straight up and down. She ground her pussy down on my rearranged cock and leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“I want you to touch me too, Michael.” As she said this she let go of the blanket and let it fall away. As she looked at me she grabbed the bottom of her tight top and began to pull it up. As the full bottoms of her breasts came into view, she stopped for effect. I was mesmerized and she was playing me for all she was worth. She jiggled them slightly and giggled. And then, with an upward flourish, she pulled her top up and released her breasts.

They flopped down with a fleshy bounce and I was suddenly face to face with the most beautiful pair of tits I had ever seen. They were full and round and swayed as she moved into position, hovering above me. She pulled the top up over her head and threw it aside, her breasts shimmying with each movement.

“Oh, my God, Lanie. I’ve been dreaming of what your tits would look like. They’re…” I was at a loss for words. “They’re beautiful,” I whispered as I cradled their fleshy softness in the palms of my hands.

Her breasts were certainly a solid D cup and hung provocatively from her torso. Her nipples were on the large side for such a slender girl and very smooth and pink. Her tips were visibly distended and looked like they were aching to be sucked. But, more than anything, it was the way her breasts hung and jiggled with each movement that had me totally transfixed.

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