My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

“Mmm,” she moaned under her breath. God, I needed to taste this girl.

I took the few steps to the couch and leaned over to whisper in her ear.


“I want to taste that sweet pussy, Lanie. I want you to come in my mouth,” I suggested.

“You know where it is,” she whispered in return.

I worked my way south, nibbling under her ear and along her neck before licking my way over her breasts, pausing briefly to suck each nipple. I descended further, taking my time as I wended my way down over the taut curves of her belly. Her hip bones were delicate protrusions, adding to the allure of her flat stomach and accentuating the glorious rise of her hairless mons. I could feel her lift her hips; giving me access; inviting me home.

I pulled back to just take in the glorious beauty of her delicate pink pussy. Her wide spread labia framed the most beautiful inner lips imaginable. Her pink hood was allowing the pearl of her clit to poke out ever so slightly. Her lips cascaded down either side, splaying open in furled ridges of succulence. It was such a tasty sight to behold.

Two of her fingers formed a vee and gently pulled her lips apart, displaying the deep intoxicating tunnel of her sex. I blew on her lips and then leaned to each side to softly kiss her inner thighs. If she could take her time, I could take mine too. And I was enjoying this display of womanly flesh far too much to rush things. I blew gently on her pussy and told her how beautiful she was. She responded by smiling and sliding two fingers back into her juicy hole. She held forth her retracted fingers for me to taste. I obliged and took my time sucking her fingers.

But I needed to go to the source. No second hand pussy juice for me, thank you very much. I leaned down low and looked up into her sultry eyes with my lips barely an inch from her sex. I reached out my tongue, as my eyes locked on hers and, ever so gently, licked her clit with the very tip of my tongue. She squirmed with appreciation as she lifted her hips up further. My hands slipped below to cup her soft ass cheeks as I opened my mouth and French kissed her wide open cunt.

She gasped and ground her groin into my face as my tongue began to probe and explore her depths. I was noisy, moaning with delight and slurping on the mingling of saliva and female lubrication. God, she tasted good.

I pulled back, put one hand under each knee and pushed back. I knew she’d be flexible, and she was. I pushed her back so that her pussy and asshole were on complete and unfettered display. Her inner lips were distended with arousal and her entire pussy shone with the flow of her juices. Suddenly my mouth was everywhere – licking her juicy hole, sucking on her flared lips, probing deeply into her hot core. And I couldn’t stop there. The tight sphincter of her puckered little asshole was too alluring to ignore. I buried my tongue as deep as it would go and began to tongue fuck her sweet little anus with gusto.

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