My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

“Damn, you’re a naughty big brother,” she admonished as she pulled away and headed for the stairs. I watched the tight jiggle of her ass cheeks as she retreated, then tended to my duties. She returned a few minutes later with a tiny vibrator in her hand. Her tits bounced so free and loose as she returned to the sofa. As I poked the fire I told her to scooch down to the inside corner of the L-shaped couch.

I finished up and came walking back toward her, by cock swaying loosely as I walked. I saw Lanie watching me dangle. I sat down on the corner of the coffee table, facing Lanie; my legs spread and my cock hanging thick and full between my thighs. Lanie eyed me hungrily.


“Sit back and spread your legs, sis. I want to see you,” I instructed. I think she liked being told what to do, so she reclined into the corner of the couch with a smile. She spread her long slender thighs and placed a foot on the edge of each cushion, opening her sex wide to me.

“I want to look at you, Lanie. Show me,” I said.

She put her hands on her thighs and framed her glorious pussy. Her outer labia were two thick ridges of smooth hairless flesh, framing a pair of pale pink inner lips that were slightly splayed and barely hiding the cutest little button of a clit. She pulled the glistening pink skin slightly, opening herself up to me. I could see she was enjoying being on display and was not embarrassed in the slightest to be showing off her juicy cunt for my enjoyment.

“Here’s your other Christmas present, Michael. But you’re going to have to come and get it,” she chided.

“Oh, I intend to, Lanie. But I’m enjoying looking at you. You have an amazingly beautiful body, sis. Has anyone ever told you that?”

“A few people, yes,” she whispered, as she pulled on her lips and opened the depth of her hole. Her spread thighs were framing one of the most beautiful views I had ever witnessed. Her hole glistened with arousal and a bit of creamy juice had even dripped down into the tight light brown sphincter of her asshole. She looked incredibly edible, and I fully intended to taste her in good time. But watching her, for the moment, was a huge turn-on.

She touched her pussy as she watched me watch her. Any modicum of modesty was long gone as she spread her lips and opened her holes to my gaze. She rubbed her clit languidly and looked at me with lowered lids. Her pussy was gorgeous and she knew it. She curved her middle and ring finger together and stuck them far into her vagina, extracting them slowly, showing me that they were wet, then bringing them up to her mouth to taste herself. She looked into my eyes, then down at my dangling balls and shaft, hanging full and ready to re-engage.

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