My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

I began to twitch with delight and I lifted my ass off the couch to give her full access to my dick. I was edging toward explosion and she knew it. She was in complete control. Between the licking sounds and her little whimpers of delight, I was inching toward a massive climax.

“Oh fuck, Lanie. That’s it – right there, don’t stop! God damn, baby…ahh, sis,” I shouted as I felt my body tense and my cock start to erupt.


The first spurt was a precursor; the second exploded up into the air, ropes of cum landing all over my chest as the even stronger third spurt erupted like a volcano. I managed a few aftershocks that added to the mess all over my body as Lanie never stopped her intense licking. As my spasms subsided she took my cock in her mouth and cleaned up any excess cum. Then she proceeded to kiss my stomach and chest, licking up every drop of my semen.

“Mmm, nice orgasm, bro. That was a lot of cum,” she observed, as she returned to gently touching and licking my somewhat flaccid cock. “And such a nice cock, too. I love it.”

“Well, you’ve had me going all week long,” I said. Then I threw something out to gauge her reaction. “Especially after listening to you the other night.”

“The other night?” she asked, furrowing her brow. “What do you mean?”

“The walls are thin, Lanie. What kind of vibrator were you using anyway?” I asked with a smile.

“You’re fresh,” she said with a light slap to my head. “Himm, I was trying to be quiet too. Oh, well,” she shrugged. “Oh, that’s just my little traveling buddy, a little pocket rocket,” she added. “I love it.”

“I could tell. Tell you what, I’m going to change up the music and add a log to the fire. Why don’t you go get your little toy and bring it downstairs? I’d love to use it on you.” I stood, my semi-flaccid cock dangling thickly.

“You would? Geez, I’ve never had a guy interested in doing that,” she stated somewhat confused. She stood and I gazed at the perfection of her almost naked body.

“Well, I had a girlfriend a year or so ago that loved her toys and I learned to love using them on her. So, scoot,” I said with a little slap to her cute little ass. “Oh, but we have to get rid of these first,” I said grabbing her shorts. She stood facing away from me as I slid the tight little shorts down off her ass, tucking them under her bubble shaped cheeks. God, she had the roundest little butt. I lightly spanked her cheeks, admiring their soft tightness, then pulled her shorts down and off. She was now naked and facing toward the couch.

“Bend over,” I instructed. She did as I asked, slightly spreading her legs as she placed her hands on the sofa cushion. I knelt behind her and spread her gorgeous cheeks. Her pussy and asshole peaked out at me and I ravaged them both with my tongue. I sucked and licked and probed with a pointed tongue and Lanie wiggled from the assault. I’d just had a small teasing appetizer and knew the main course would come later – and would be delicious.

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