My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

Two incidents from that trip home still resonate strongly with me. The first incident was accidental and momentary, but will be a visual memory that will stay with me forever. Lanie and I were sharing a bathroom and one evening after I’d been reading in bed for a bit, I got up to go to the bathroom. The light was on and the door was ajar, so I assumed it was empty. I pushed the door open and there stood Lanie, brushing her teeth. She was wearing a tight pink top that was low cut and embraced and accentuated her luscious cleavage. She stopped as she turned to look at me with the toothbrush still in her mouth. As we stared at one another over those brief few seconds, a dollop of toothpaste spittle dropped from her lips onto the bulging upper slopes of her breasts. She didn’t turn away and didn’t smile. She just looked at me.

I was embarrassed and enthralled at the same time. She looked so innocent, but so fucking sexy. My eyes went from hers, to her mouth, to her breasts where they stayed for a moment too long. I finally muttered some kind of apology and backed out and closed the door. The sight of that white foamy saliva dropping onto her bosomy flesh is an image engrained in my brain for all time.


The other incident occurred the next night on Christmas Eve. My father and step-mother had gone off to bed. Lanie and I sat by the tree, admiring the lights and talking about Christmas and our memories from childhood. It was a sweet conversation, but a short one, as we both headed to bed before it got too late. A quick and unexpected kiss on the lips and a sexy smile sent me on my way. I was just about to fall asleep when I was stirred by some sort of weird sound. I thought I heard a buzzing of some sort and awoke enough to give a careful listen. As I listened intently I detected a soft whimper from next door and realized that my next door neighbor was playing with a vibrator.

My room was pitch dark so my senses were on high alert as I was suddenly wide awake and turned on by the very notion that Lanie was pleasuring herself only a few feet away from where I slept. I knew our beds shared the same wall, so I strained to listen and tried to figure out what she was doing.

The low whine of the vibrator sounded like it was somewhat muffled; like it was tucked tightly between her legs. And her soft moans were obviously being stifled by a pillow, as they sounded muted and plaintive. I was suddenly and completely aroused and my hand went down to gently stroke my cock as I listened intently. I wondered what she was fantasizing about and secretly hoped it was me.

I knew I was going to come, so I timed my release the best I could to be in sync with Lanie’s. Even through the wall I could detect the final crescendo of her arousal and a deep muffled groan and a shake or two of the bed against the wall were all I needed to release myself. I shot a huge load all over the sheets and bedspread as I collapsed into a deep slumber.

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