My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

I was half laying down on the sofa, my head propped against the back cushion and my feet firmly planted on the floor. Lanie knelt above me and sat down on my cock, snuggling down onto my length. I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy as she ground down on me. She leaned forward so we were face to face, her lips inches from mine. I felt so close to her at that moment.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you from the moment I saw you standing in the kitchen the other night,” she whispered.


“What’s stopping you, then?” I replied. She smiled.

“Nothing.” She leaned down and our mouths met in the gentlest kiss possible, our lips barely touching. At the same time it was like we’d plugged into some kind of underground electrical pulse. As our kiss slowly increased in intensity, I felt her begin to grind her pussy ever so subtly against my raging erection. Her tongue came out to greet mine and our kissing began to gain speed like a runaway train. We turned our heads ninety degrees so our mouths meshed perfectly. We were both starting to breathe heavily now and our bodies rocked together, though still separated by her shorts and my briefs.

She pulled away from the kiss, still straddling me, and sat up straight. Her magnificent breasts were once more there for the taking, protruding so perfectly from her slender frame. Her tits curved seductively and her large nipples sat high on her upturned breasts. I was in heaven. She cupped them gently and bounced them up and down a few times. They were too big to be cradled by her small slender hands. I moaned my appreciation and she giggled in response. She let them go and leaned forward so they dangled right in front of me.

My hands reached up to fondle and squeeze the beautiful orbs that jiggled and hovered above me. I cradled her flesh and pinched her nipples, eliciting a whimper of arousal from my incredible step-sister. She continued to grind down on me and started to move back and forth, almost sliding along my flattened shaft.

“God, Lanie. You have the most beautiful tits. They’re incredible,” I gushed as I gazed in awe at her lovely breasts. I couldn’t stop touching and feeling them; their softness and pliancy defied description. She was offering them to me and they were mine to play with on this wonderful evening.

“Lord, the guys at school must love these,” I opined.

She smiled. “I haven’t had any complaints that I can think of,” she joked. “They’re very sensitive,” she said as I continued to play with them. I was alternating between feeling and fondling the soft fullness of her breasts with grazing and pinching her distended nipples. She clearly delighted in the attention. I loved slapping them ever so softly and watching them sway back and forth. She moaned her approval.

“Merry Christmas,” she giggled.

“Best present EVER,” I replied.

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