My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

As we finished up Lanie asked to look at the list of movies and I brought them up on my laptop. She chose one that we could watch and then said she was going to get comfortable for movie time and change into her jammies. She suggested I do the same.

“Hmm, well, I don’t really wear pajamas,” I replied.


“Well, what do you wear, then?” she asked.

“Nothing,” I said. “I sleep naked.”

“I see,” she said with sly smile.

“Why? What do you wear? I asked a little overanxiously.

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and see, bro. Why don’t you get the laptop connected up to the TV? I’ll be right back,” she promised, as she headed upstairs.

I cleaned up the kitchen a little and then got the laptop connected up with the television and dialed up the movie she wanted. It was a light romantic comedy, but I figured it would end up being background after a while. I was just settling into the big leather sofa when she came back down from upstairs. I stared in awe.

She was wearing a tight little black top with spaghetti straps and skin tight shorts, almost like boy shorts, that were deep pink with big black polka dots. It was casual, but sexy as hell. Her breasts were barely contained in the top and the shorts fit her like a second skin, highlighting the perfect curvature of her sinfully round butt. I stared as she moved about the room, seemingly oblivious to me, as she gathered up a few things, including her glasses and a big comforter. I marveled at the way her braless breasts bounced tightly under her sexy black top.

“Those are jammies?” I asked in disbelief.

“They are, indeed. Some of us wear them,” she pronounced.

She finally settled down on the couch next to me and smiled.

“Showtime?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Showtime already started as far as I’m concerned,” I said, as I took in this lovely creature settling in next to me for a movie.

“Well, that’s because only one of us is dressed in the spirit of a pajama party. Others of us are curmudgeons,” she teased.

I got up to throw another log on the fire and started the movie. I dimmed the lights and sat down again next to Lanie, but just a little closer this time.

We were only a few minutes into the movie when she asked if I’d like some of the comforter. I couldn’t pass up a suggestion like that, so I agreed and she threw half of the blanket over my body. In doing so she turned toward me and kind of cuddled up. I could feel those wonderful soft breasts pressed against my upper arm and just froze, hoping she wouldn’t move away.

As the movie progressed we got more warm and comfortable under the comforter. There was something about being covered up that allowed for a closer connection. I couldn’t describe why that was, but it seemed like we were a little freer about touching once we were both under cover, so to speak. Perhaps it was the feeling that you’re hidden from the outside world. But, whatever the case, Lanie liked cuddling and I wasn’t going to dissuade her in any way. At one point she moved her leg up onto mine a little bit. She was close enough that I could detect her subtle scent and hear her breathe.

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