My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

“You sure you don’t want to have a wild party while Dad and Marilyn are away?” I replied, knowing what her answer would be.

“Nope. Tonight is enough company for me. Let’s just hang tomorrow night and maybe have too much to drink,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.


“Okay, sis. You’re on. I’ve got a bunch of movies on my laptop. We can talk more tomorrow. We should get back to our guests.” And we did so, but now both of us were charged up about the potential for a private pajama party the next evening.

I slept like a bear that night. I don’t think even vibrations emanating from the next room were going to keep me up after a long Christmas Day. I awoke the next morning and went for a run, then spent the remainder of the morning and early afternoon doing a few errands and visiting a friend or two I hadn’t seen yet. I returned to the house around 4:30, just as Frank and Marilyn were packing the car and getting ready to go.

“So, there are plenty of leftovers for you two and more than enough beers left in the fridge. Have a good time, keep safe, and we’ll see you mid-day tomorrow,” said Marilyn, waving as she got in the car and closed the door.

Lanie had been inside and came outside to join me on the porch as we waved good-bye to the departing Jeep. She was wearing skin tight jeans and a tight pink cashmere sweater that she’d just gotten for Christmas. It hugged her bust in a way that made it quite clear that this young lady was naturally stacked. Once the car was out of sight I just stood there looking at her breasts, wondering what she’d look like naked. She turned suddenly, saw me eyeing her profile, and smiled.

“You like the sweater Mom gave me?” she asked innocently enough, but with a wicked smile.

“I do, indeed. It fits you very well,” I replied.

She put her hands behind her back in a sort of innocent pose, pushed up on her toes and back down again. As her heels hit the floor her boobs jiggled in the most impossibly provocative way. I made no bones about where I was looking and she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I was quite sure the little bouncing performance was completely for my benefit. My eyes moved back to hers.

“In fact,” I added, “it may be my most favorite sweater of all time.”

She giggled provocatively and suggested we head inside. As she started prepping dinner, I made us each a drink with bourbon, figuring we’d start with a little buzz before returning to beer. I made a nice fire and turned on the Christmas tree lights. We turned on some non-Christmas music and drank and danced as we heated leftovers. We had a veritable feast and were both heartily enjoying our party for two. I would have gone anywhere she had wanted to go on this night, but I was very happy she’d chosen a night at home. The fire was cranking and things were heating up in more ways than one.

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