My step-sister turned into a fox while I was gone

She hissed her approval through clenched teeth. “Oh, you dirty fucker, Michael. You’re tongue fucking my ass, brother! Fuck, that feels amazing.”

I flashed back to watching Lanie walk in the house just a week ago – my innocent young step-sister. Now she was bent back over herself and I was tonguing her asshole and she was loving it. I can’t say this is what I had expected on my visit home, but it surely was a pleasant surprise.


I reached back for the little pocket rocket she had left on the coffee table and turned it on. I returned to lick her ass and pussy and reached over her leg to guide the little vibrating cylinder directly over her clit. I needed to watch my handiwork at this point, so I replaced my tongue with two fingers and inserted them deep into her slippery hole as I slowly rolled the rocket back and forth over her clit. I curled my fingers upwards and found the forward walls of her smooth inner flesh. She was dripping and moaning as the little rocket buzzed.

Once I was dialed in I began to wiggle my fingers and move the vibrator ever so slowly, gauging her reaction and trying to find that perfect rhythm – just enough to tap into her own inner rhythm, but very conscious of not overdoing it. I could tell by the way her body reacted and her telltale moans that I had found just the right groove. I loved watching her clutch the cushions, her breasts shimmying as her body reacted strongly to the manual stimulation coupled with the buzzing bullet. She was chasing an orgasm and it was my full intention to get her there.

“Come for me, Lanie. Come for your bro,” I urged. Her eyes were shut tight and her mouth was open as she began to utter unintelligible moans of delight, urging me on. My fingers began to elicit that squelching sound that so often portends the juicy flow of a powerful orgasm. And as I talked softly to her, I felt her body tense and her hips rise up to meet me.

What a beautiful sight at that moment to see my step-sister in the moment before she let go. I could feel it coming and then with a shudder and guttural scream of delight, her entire body shook with a powerful climax that pulsed through every pore of her beautiful being. It was a rare pleasure to watch her orgasm at my hands. As I felt her throb through the final throes of pleasure, I pulled the rocket away from her groove, exposing the pink wet flower of her sex. Damn, she was fine.

I slowed my fingers to a crawl and then eased them out of her soaking wet cavern. I turned the rocket off and placed it on the coffee table before returning to my viewpoint between her long splayed legs. Her pussy glistened with the moist afterglow of a very juicy orgasm. Her inner thighs were painted with the evidence of her flow and I gazed at the open flower of her sexual core.

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